especially in the wedding scenes

Let’s talk about the contrast between real!Connie and dream!Connie.

Dream!Connie is just that–a fantasy.  Other people are never quite real in your fantasies, even–and, honestly, especially–sweet little cute things like imagining a wedding scene.  They lack the things that make them them, and while there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little self-centered fantasy once in a while, it’s important to keep a distinction between those and what’s real.

And…what’s real about Connie is everything Steven loves about her.

She is clever.  She is independent.  She is imaginative.  She is assertive.  She is his equal–not his inferior or superior, just different–and because she isn’t some pining waif who orbits him, he loves her all the more.  Their relationship is a celebration of everything two people can bring to love; different perspectives, different hopes, different dreams and talents and ideas that all mesh together into one beautiful whole.  While imagining Connie in a wedding dress is cute, she’s far more likely to show up to the ceremony in full battle regalia, and that’s one of the things Steven loves about her.

Seeing her take on her insubstantial fantasy double is going to be awesome.