especially in the wedding scenes

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What are your favorites parts of all the books? Those parts that you usually re-read? I'm totally in love with the part when Claire gets shot and all the Jamie's POV. Also, I really love when at the end of the third book Claire falls from the ship and breaks her leg and jamie jump after her and hold her for hours. Sorry if you've been asked this before, I've just discovered your blog and I really like your answers and the way you think :)

anon 2 asked: What was your favorite chapter or happening from each book?

Hi anons - thanks for your ask, and for your kind words!

Here are my favorite quotes/scenes/passages/chapters from each Book:

Outlander: When Claire chooses Jamie at Craig Na Dun. Because it’s where their story - where their marriage - truly begins.

Dragonfly in Amber: All of chapter 17, “Possession”

Voyager: The reunion at the printshop - and later, the reunion of another kind in the room at the brothel

Drums of Autumn: All of chapter 16, “The First Law of Thermodynamics” - especially the strawberries scene

The Fiery Cross: Jocasta’s wedding - especially the scenes of Jamie admiring/lusting after Claire from afar

A Breath of Snow and Ashes: Just any of the wonderful domestic scenes of day-to-day life on Fraser’s Ridge. I especially like the part where Jamie teaches Jem how to swim, and Jem kisses Jamie’s scars to make them better

An Echo In The Bone: When Jamie and Claire return to Lallybroch, and he shows her his cave

Written In My Own Heart’s Blood: The last few chapters - the return to Fraser’s Ridge, what Jamie actually does on his “hunting trip,” the achingly beautiful words that Jamie and Claire say to each other about the depth of their love (“Sassenach—I am the true home of your heart, and I know that…I have loved others, and I do love many, Sassenach—but you alone hold all my heart, whole in your hands…and you know that”) and the wonderful, wonderful closing paragraphs of the book

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so when are you going to do a pjo office au? Hm? HMMMMMM?

you know what though

Percy is such a Jim, all of the staring into the camera, playing pranks, flirting with the cute receptionist - *COUGH* Annabeth - because he is so completely in love with her despite the fact that she has a fiance - minor detail he’ll work it out.

and - you can thank Jane for this - Jason as the Ryan who Micheal is obsessed with because he’s so hot and smart and less of an asshole than ryan actually is. but he has this on-again-off-again thing with Piper who is Kelly but less annoying

i’m picturing Frank as Stanley because DID I STUTTER? but then again, Hazel as prudish angela with the love triangle thing cracks me up

oh lord, the possibilities are endless

Hawaii was one of Elvis’ favorite places to vacation. We went out there many times during the years. He loved going back and back to the Coco Palms Hotel because he stayed there while he was making Blue Hawaii.
Behind the hotel was a row of royal Hawaiian huts. Over the beds were crossed ceremonial spears. Each of the huts had its own indoor bath along with an outdoor bath carved out of lava stone. They were shielded from prying eyes by high bamboo fences. Sometimes they caught girls trying to climb the fence behind Elvis’ hut. Still the huts gave you the feeling of being native. Royal native.

“We’ll take the whole row of ‘em,” Elvis said. “It will take that many to put us all up.”
Joe and Joanie took the first hut. Elvis and Priscilla took the second. Lisa Marie and her nurse took the third one. Then came Patsy and Gee Gee. I moved into the last hut in the row.
You can see Elvis’ hut in the background of some of the Blue Hawaii scenes, especially the wedding barge scene.
The hotel’s restaurant and lounge were on opposite sides of the entrance. Both opened onto a little stream running past the hotel. You could sit inside and pitch bread crumbs and cracker bits to the fish. You had to walk across a little bridge to get to the huts.

Elvis loved all the Hawaiian ceremonies and pageantry at dinner time. To announce dinner, the hotel set signal fires among the trees. They cooked pigs and fruits and vegetables wrapped in palm leaves in outdoor pits heated with hot coals.
“All this place needs is the Peabody ducks,” Elvis said. The ducks were known around the world for playing in the fountain of the Hotel Peabody lobby in downtown Memphis.

After we would finish dinner, the Hawaiian band would move back across the foyer and into the hotel lounge to play for dancing. Elvis would get up from the table and walk out in the foyer and sign autographs for people who had been waiting on him out there. Then we would all go over to the lounge for a while.

Elvis enjoyed sitting and listening to the Hawaiian songs the men sang with their high voices and beautiful harmonies. Nobody in our group would be dancing so I would get up and ask Priscilla to dance. Just to break the ice. I’d come back with her and take Patsy out on the floor. Then I’d dance with Joanie.

Finally, the guys would get up the nerve to dance. When a slow number began, Elvis would get up and ask Priscilla to dance with him. Then, pretty soon, he’d say, “Cilla, I guess we better go see how the baby is getting along and put her to bed.”

The other hotel guests sitting around in the lounge would usually hold back to see how Elvis and the guys did on the dance floor. Then they’d come out and join them, even try to start conversations with them. The Memphis Mafia couldn’t scare you with their dancing.

Lisa Marie of course, would be getting along just fine. She had her own royal hut to play around in. She had her own maid. She was treated like an island princess.

But Priscilla would nod when Elvis suggested they take a look. She would get up. “I think you’re right.”

Charlie Hodge, Me ‘N Elvis

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I can't believe Mackenzie married ryan especially after that awkward scene at Macy's wedding where he said he picture Maci to look different on her wedding day. It's just so weird to me. J mean she must have been desperate to marry him for some reason

Hopefully she wasn’t just desperate to stay on 🎥

Let’s talk about the contrast between real!Connie and dream!Connie.

Dream!Connie is just that–a fantasy.  Other people are never quite real in your fantasies, even–and, honestly, especially–sweet little cute things like imagining a wedding scene.  They lack the things that make them them, and while there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little self-centered fantasy once in a while, it’s important to keep a distinction between those and what’s real.

And…what’s real about Connie is everything Steven loves about her.

She is clever.  She is independent.  She is imaginative.  She is assertive.  She is his equal–not his inferior or superior, just different–and because she isn’t some pining waif who orbits him, he loves her all the more.  Their relationship is a celebration of everything two people can bring to love; different perspectives, different hopes, different dreams and talents and ideas that all mesh together into one beautiful whole.  While imagining Connie in a wedding dress is cute, she’s far more likely to show up to the ceremony in full battle regalia, and that’s one of the things Steven loves about her.

Seeing her take on her insubstantial fantasy double is going to be awesome.

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Yes! This is what I love most about Joker x Harleen. This man, this murdering psychopathic loveless (until Harley) man. This is the same man that gets his happiness from guns, destruction, and murder, and it’s the same man who touches her so gently and kisses her so softly. Until he doesn’t. But the thing is, Joker is aggressive with everyone and with Harley but the ONLY person he’s soft with is Harley. And that speaks so so much.  


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It's very upsetting to see malec fans try and portray Magnus as someone who would purposely out Alec, or force him to do something he doesn't want to do? I think it's incredibly insulting to both characters. Especially since this wedding scene has come up, people are coming up with ridiculous theories that always end with Magnus as the 'bad guy' in the situation. Magnus is there, giving Alec a choice; and it's Alec who will make that choice on his own.. no one is forcing him to do anything?

THANK YOU! I’m so sick of people attacking Magnus.


“I waited too long and you fell in love with Eddie.”


She’s in love with Barry! But she doesn’t tell him because she knows he needs to go save his mom, and telling him how she truly feels, would probably change his mind. He’d stay for her. Because he’s so in love with her. She can’t do that. She lets him go. Love is selfless. And Iris acted selflessly in this moment. But she’s in love with Barry. You could tell the entire episode. Especially during their scenes and during the wedding when she looks at Eddie with such an uncertainty that you know the only future she can see, is with Barry.