especially in the third one

Headcanon that the reason why the information in the three Journals wasn’t separated between them in any sort of chronological order is because Ford kept losing one or the other of them and just scribbling things down in whichever one came to hand first.


No sé si se puede expresar con palabras nuestro agradecimiento por todo lo que nos dieron. De verdad, no tienen idea de cuánto cambiaron nuestras vidas, nuestros valores, nuestras creencias. Desde el principio, vimos en sus ojos algo más, vimos seis jóvenes con todas las ganas de escribir historia, en un mundo donde nadie se atrevía a hacer una diferencia. Toda la magia, toda la verdad que transmitían nos hizo hacer parte de la generación rebelde. Y lo que ustedes nos dieron a cambio fue un tatuaje que no hay tiempo que pueda borrar, un tatuaje de amor. Por eso, les damos las gracias. Gracias por enseñarnos a ser fuertes, a luchar por lo que creemos, por las palabras, por ayudarnos a mantener la fe. Gracias por enseñarnos a ser tolerantes, a respetar la libertad. Gracias por cada sonrisa, por cada lágrima. Gracias por salvar vidas tan sólo con ofrecer su amor. Gracias por hacernos una familia. Muchas gracias, por tanto y por todo, RBD. ♥

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Ernest Hemingway & alcohol: Chapter 8


Russian names: pet names

As in, names for loved ones, not for pets, although those are fun, too.

(I’ve been considering a post like this for a long time, and then I got an ask requesting it, so I decided to go ahead and pick up my drafts. Dear person who requested it, I’m very sorry, I accidentally clicked “send” before I took note of your URL, that’s why I’m not tagging you. Credits for prompting this are yours, anyway.)

Most Russian partners and spouses address and refer to each other by the diminutives or their first names, sometimes using a slightly different version than everyone else (Vitka or Vitenka, rather than just Vitya, Yurka or Yurochka rather than Yura), but generally, they use the same names for each other as their siblings and close friends use for them.

Also, Russians in general (especially Russian men, Georgi Popovich notwithstanding) are a little (okay, a lot) more reserved than people in a lot of other countries; ending every phone call with “I love you”, making sure there are always fresh flowers in the house and bringing each other breakfast in bed isn’t something that happens very often, not even in novels.. 

Therefore, not a lot of Russians make up pet names for each other, call each other something new and sweet every day or even explicitly say “I love you” at all. 

That said, pet names still do exist, and people do use them - sometimes sincerely, and sometimes jokingly or even in mocking.

Before I begin my three-page rant on Russian nicknames, I’d like to make sure we’re clear about three things.

First, my transliteration isn’t the only correct way to spell it. There’s often no right way to transliterate some words or letters, so if you see and like some other way to spell some word - go ahead and use that, it most possibly doesn’t matter. Just watch out for o/a and e/i in unstressed syllables (it’s YurOchka, VitEnka), because those, if spelled wrong, look like spelling mistakes rather than alternative transliterations.

Second, YMMV. Russia is huge. Dialects exist. People are different. There’s a good chance someone may use some words differently, and that’s okay.

Third, I hope everyone’s aware that it’s also okay to use any words you like in your fanfic, even if they only sound Russian, or don’t even sound Russian at all; it’s your text, you’re the one who’s creating the universe your characters live in; the Russia in your fanfic doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the Russia that exists in our world.

If, however, you want to stick to the real-life Russian pet names, this text is for you.

The first thing that’s important to remember when picking a Russian endearment is gender. A lot of Russian words aren’t gender-neutral, and using the wrong gender makes it hilarious if the person is secure in their gender or offensive, if they have gender-related issues. So please, make sure you pick a gender-neutral word or use the correct version of a gendered one. I marked all feminine words with an f, and all masculine with an m, and explicitly stated if the word is gender-neutral.

The word most frequently used in fanfic, “дорогой(m, dorogoy)/дорогая(f, dorogaya)” is, indeed, the equivalent for “darling”, but in real life it’s hardly ever used as an endearment. Instead, it’s more of a word for old married couples: “Dorogaya, you ruined my life, - You’re not exactly a gift yourself, dorogoy!”. It’s used ironically or jokingly much more often than as an actual way to address someone you love. It’s also the same word as “expensive”, so statements like “Moya dorogaya is very dorogaya, that’s the third silver necklace this week” aren’t unheard of.

Much more often used is “милый(m, miliy)/милая(f, milaya)”. It basically means the same - “dear/darling” - but sounds more gentle and intimate. Young women use that, along with lubimiy, on girly forums to refer to their boyfriends (”Last night miliy said that I…”).

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Autistic and trans Peter Parker stimming with his short curly hair as trans Ned and agender MJ and he all watch the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films and laugh at all the American Flags because Cap

“i can’t believe they made movies about you,” ned laughs, putting in the spider-man dvd and settling back onto the couch with peter and mj, kicking his feet onto mj’s lap.

“it’s a dvd from a different universe,” peter chimes in. “dr. strange was talking about the multiverse and he said there was a universe where none of what we know is real, but the ideas are and they’re just made into comics and movies.”

“that’s so awesome,” ned says, shoving more popcorn into his mouth. “i wish we could have gotten our hands on some of the comics – the AMAZING spider-man haha.”

peter laughs then groans. he’s on his period and his cramps are bothering him, so he’s curled up with mj and she’s rubbing her hand soothingly over his abdomen. she notices peter’s hands twitching at his side and he reaches up pull at his hair, but she grabs his hand before he can do anything.

“hey, don’t play with your hair – you know that you’ll end up pulling it out,” mj says softly but firmly. she snaps her fingers at ned to get his attention and gestures for ned to toss one of peter’s stim toys over. he chooses a tangle and throws it gently at peter, who catches it without looking away from the television screen.

twisting the toy in his hands, peter sighs and rolls his eyes. “that guy doesn’t even look like me!! he looks like a frog!!”

ned snorts. “eh. he kinda does look like you, just extra amphibious. looks more like you than that other guy they had play you in the reboot. that universe can’t stick with one actor, i guess.”

mj runs her hands through peter’s hair and kisses his cheek before settling back into the couch. “isn’t anyone else wondering why peter isn’t trans, where the avengers are, who the hell harry osborn is, where the fuck ned is, why may and ben are so goddamn old, and why the hell flash and i are white??”

“maybe that universe isn’t so awesome,” ned laughs, and peter hums in agreement as he loses himself in his tangle.

they spend the rest of the night laughing at the three spider-man films, especially at the third one. peter tries to push down the anxiety at the corny villains like the goblin, sandman, venom, doc ock, and whoever this harry is. he know’s about oscorp, but he’s never met harry. he’s painfully aware that while these movies may be fiction in the universe they came from, they’re very real in his universe. and that somewhere out there, those people are waiting for him – even if they aren’t quite the same as these movies depict them.

but for now peter just tries to enjoy his time with ned and mj, laughing and being happy. he tries not to think of what warped future these films could be hinting at.


Finally reblogging these three ones together. I’m still overly fond of them, especially the colors, sice they didn’t run (running colors are my NEMESIS).

The third one is still a little my favourite~ it has a lot to do with Credence’s hair, honestly. And his Hufflepuffle socks (Newt is still looking for them) (yes Newt has Hufflepuffle socks)