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No sé si se puede expresar con palabras nuestro agradecimiento por todo lo que nos dieron. De verdad, no tienen idea de cuánto cambiaron nuestras vidas, nuestros valores, nuestras creencias. Desde el principio, vimos en sus ojos algo más, vimos seis jóvenes con todas las ganas de escribir historia, en un mundo donde nadie se atrevía a hacer una diferencia. Toda la magia, toda la verdad que transmitían nos hizo hacer parte de la generación rebelde. Y lo que ustedes nos dieron a cambio fue un tatuaje que no hay tiempo que pueda borrar, un tatuaje de amor. Por eso, les damos las gracias. Gracias por enseñarnos a ser fuertes, a luchar por lo que creemos, por las palabras, por ayudarnos a mantener la fe. Gracias por enseñarnos a ser tolerantes, a respetar la libertad. Gracias por cada sonrisa, por cada lágrima. Gracias por salvar vidas tan sólo con ofrecer su amor. Gracias por hacernos una familia. Muchas gracias, por tanto y por todo, RBD. ♥

04 de octubre de 2004 – ∞

i know we’re all tired of the election, but seriously, please vote if you can. hillary clinton may not be your first choice, okay, but third party candidates have no chance of winning. this election is so close now, and we need all the votes for hillary we can get. i don’t want a man who constantly insults people of color, women, the LGBT+ community, and religions (specifically islam) to be our president. i don’t care if he has a good economic plan. this country will just go into ruin if he becomes president; this man who encourages war and violence is not meant for the presidency. he also constantly denies any wrongdoings he has committed. he doesn’t care about you as people. he cares about power, and that’s why he’s running. why else would he want to run the country as a business, as he has stated many times?

i’m seeing so many trump signs in front of houses nowadays that it is actually terrifying me. as a female bisexual in the united states of america, trump is not fit to be my president, or anyone’s for that matter. he’s lied so many times and promotes so many racist and sexist policies. he discriminates against veterans and muslims, too; and he wants to represent this country? he’s a madman.

so yeah, you’ve heard this all before, but please vote for hillary. trump is not a good choice for president. i can only hope people come to their senses in these last few days. 

tl;dr: trump is a sexist and racist man who has no idea what he’s doing and he only cares about power. please vote for hillary.


“What’s happening to us?”
“They’re erasing me. But you knew that already.”

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Sirius strode into the dormitory, storming past his own bed and going straight to Remus.

“No,” he said, planting himself in front of the werewolf.

Remus didn’t look up immediately, and kept reading.

“I said, no,” Sirius repeated, slightly impatiently.

Remus sighed, turned the page, then marked his page and set the book down. “No, what, Sirius?”

“You,” he said, “are not going alone.” Sirius motioned wildly to their calendar (with helpful pictures for where the full moon was, although Remus never needed it). Written on December 14th were the words “ANOTHER GODDAMN SUPERMOON”.

Remus sighed. Despite his protests, the three wanted to come with him, knowing full well the dangers, especially during the supermoon. “This is the third one this year, Sirius,” Remus said tiredly. “Nothing has changed. I still don’t want you going with me.”

“And nothing has changed for us,” Sirius insisted. James and Peter had already made their attempts on Remus, to no avail. Remus rejected them completely, not even considering their idea. Sirius was the last attempt. “We still want to be with you, because it’s a supermoon. Did you ever consider that?” Sirius crossed his arms smugly, seemingly assured in his argument.

Remus looked down and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Look, my answer is still no. I refuse to be the one at fault for injuring, or worse, killing you. Did you consider that?”

Sirius knelt down in front of Remus, looking up pleadingly into his boyfriend’s eyes. “It’s not you,” he said, softly, grabbing Remus’ knees. “It’s not you.”

“But it is!” Remus exploded,  standing up quickly, knees hitting Sirius. “I’m the one who’s at fault every month! I’m the one who hurts you. I’m the one that you have to make excuses for every full moon. I’m the burden and it’s all my fucking fault! I can’t stand waking up in the hospital wing every month, not knowing if I’m going to look over and see someone I care about so deeply in the bed next to me. All of this is on me!” Remus stopped, unshed tears burning in his eyes. He looked down, barely able to make eye contact.

Sirius sat still on the floor, sitting in front of Remus. “Moony.”

What, Sirius? What could you possibly have to say to me right now?”

“Come with me.” Sirius scrambled off the floor, less graceful than usual, but determined to take his Moony with him. Remus followed after a moment of indecision, trusting his Padfoot. “Close your eyes,” Sirius said gently, tugging Remus by the hand. Remus obeyed, following blindly.

“Come on,” Sirius giggled. “Watch your head there, it’s the bed - oop, there’s a trunk there, sorry Moons…” Remus laughed slightly at Sirius’ antics but continued to follow with his eyes closed.

Soon, Remus stood with his spine pressing into something. “Okay, Moons, you can open your eyes now.” On Sirius’ command, he opened his eyes and raised his head. He stood squished in a doorframe, with Sirius standing inches away from him.

Remus raised an eyebrow skeptically. “What a wonderful doorway,” he said, voice practically dripping with sarcasm.

“Aw, come on, Rem,” Sirius pouted.

Remus’ eyes softened. “Wanna tell me what this doorway has to do with you coming with me to the supermoon?”

Sirius pointed up. Hanging from the top of the frame was a small sprout of mistletoe. “This,” he said gently.

“It’s mistletoe,” Remus said with a shrug. Realization suddenly crossed his face. “Siri-”

Sirius cut him off all at once. He surged forwards and caught Remus’ mouth with his own. Sirius pushed Remus against the doorframe, intensity surging through both of them. Remus pushed back,  biting at Sirius’ lower lip. Sirius moaned into the kiss, arms reaching up and around Remus’ neck, burying his hands in Remus’ hair. It was a battle for dominance, neither able to completely win against the other. Suddenly, the kiss changed, intensity fading as the two began again, kissing gently. Remus cupped Sirius’ face with his hands, pushing his hair out of his face. All too soon, they separating, slightly out of breath.

“Now do you see?” Sirius whispered. He stood straight, as if he were trying to be as tall as Remus, something he could never do. “I can’t leave you alone like that.”

“And I couldn’t ask you to put yourself in that much danger for me,” Remus said, looking down at the ground.

“You’re not asking me,” Sirius argued softly. “I’m doing this because I love you. You’ve already asked me not to go twice. I couldn’t bear to let you go alone again.”

Remus sighed. “I’m not getting rid of you on this one, am I?”

“Nope,” Sirius smirked, crossing his arms.

“Fine,” Remus conceded. “On one condition.”

“Anything,” Sirius blurted quickly, then blushed slightly at the implications.

“You have to be my boyfriend.” Remus blushed slightly too.

Sirius blinked once, then grinned. He stood on his toes to press his smiling lips to Remus’ once again.

“Is that a yes?” Remus smiled at Sirius’ kiss-swollen lips, how beautiful he always was.

“Of course, Remus,” Sirius said. “I could never say no to you.”

“Well, then, we have some things to do,” Remus said, grabbing Sirius’ arm and pulling him down the hall into their dorm.

I need to hang some more mistletoe.

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well it was nice knowing you anchan

I always get excited to see Kags taking more of a leadership role in Karasuno. He can (and probably will, eventually, in his second and especially third year) become one of the leaders of Karasuno guiding the team to victory.

Kageyama has progressed from focusing on his own game to combinations with Hinata, then to successful teamwork with everyone in Karasuno, and now he’s finally starting to learn how to orchestrate the game overall (in some moments, not all the time, but he’s getting there).

I believe that with time Kags may have a position in Karasuno similar to Kenma in Nekoma: not just an amazing setter, but someone who has a deep impact on the play of all of his teammates, who can observe the game impartially and give really good advice to his teammates (Tsukki too, he was the mastermind of Karasuno’s defense in the match against Shiratorizawa, and will probably continue to improve as the team progresses in the nationals).

My actual dream for next year would be for Kags and Tsukki to act as leaders during Karasuno’s matches (in defense and offense respectively), while Ennoshita as official team captain would be in charge of keeping first-years in check and handling other captain duties that Kags and Tsukki might find too tedious.

taking it back to the gifs I tagged @barbabangme in a little while ago…ok first off, HIS EXPRESSIONS THEY ALL JUST SCREAM “I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll feel it for days” AND HIS FUCKING HANDS IN ALL OF THEM ARE DRIVING ME INSANE ESPECIALLY IN THE THIRD ONE AND U G H that third one I’m just imagining his s/o making some snarky remark and Chilton goes into complete dom mode like “want to say that again?” and adios


Anon said: “since youre taking requests, could you please make some phone wallpapers with Donut? and if you have time, some with Doc? thanks <3

Dear Disney


P.S. I understand that with how Alice Through the Looking Glass is doing can very much decided whether there will be a third… but DEMAND IS A THING RIGHT????

P.S.S. When you decide to make a third one please fix the characters. [Especially Hatter!!!]

P.S.S.S. Just… Please. With a cherry on top.

With love,

Me and a bunch of people that probably agree.

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Anastasia Rasputin

So that’s the latest set of commissions I’ve done for David N. @osmiumalloybadass 

He and his friend Alejandro Garza came up with this character based off of established Marvel character genealogy: she is daughter of Piotr Rasputin (Colossus) and Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat). It’s been a ton of fun to draw her, especially this third one where I was able to put a kind of Lockheed tatoo on her back.

- Dima

Inktober Day 8 - The Professor Layton Series

Gosh, these games. I love all of them (especially the third one). I found out about them around the time that the second one was about to be released in the U.S. and I’ve always been so very glad that this series was with me all through highschool.

Waiting for each release was fun, and difficult, and gave me lots of time to replay them. They helped fuel my love of puzzles and puzzle games c:


sometimes I forget how much her expressions in this scene mean 2 me personaly.. I just identify so hard (especially her face in the third picture, i feel this one is very underrated)

themod444  asked:

What do you think of the non-human races within the games? Like the Forest Folk in the first or the Deep Ones in the third? I'm especially interested in knowing what you would do with the Winged Ones if you were to involve them in a story.

I’m either brave or reckless for admitting this; but the Forest Folk and the Deep Ones didn’t particularly interest me too much. I mean, I did find them interesting, but not enough to think of any ideas for them. I liked the Winged Ones at lot more. Maybe because you could interact a little more with Canaan in the eo2 version. Or maybe my bias is just showing through :3

I would like to have my CtS characters interact with Canaan and the Winged Ones, but I’m not entirely sure how to work them into the plot. The CtS series is more character based rather than labyrinth or game based.

The introduction of Canaan would likely follow that of the game, but the guild will interact more with the winged ones and Canaan on a personal level. Visiting them often and asking questions about the labyrinth and how the winged ones live within Yggdrasil. Perhaps have some of the winged ones suffering from an illness and Lynus to the rescue? Too cliché?

I would like the CtS crew to befriend one of the unnamed winged ones and they sorta, kinda adopt him. It would be cute with him trying to comprehend the ways of an explorer and the guild trying to comprehend the mentality of a winged one. The little kiddie winged ones would adore the guild, I’m sure.

I want to write the type of interactions that would actually justify Canaan’s fondness of the guild, to the point he would willingly defy his God and have the guild try to defeat Ur-Child instead of him unleashing it upon the world.

Until I can find a plot I’m happy with, it’s all just a pipedream for the moment.


When I was in my mid-teens I would sit on the window ledge of my bedroom, listening to Tied Together With A Smile and I’m Not Okay on repeat, and think about what it would be like if the wind blew me away. Particles disappearing all over the world, flurries of what-used-to-be-me, but believe me I’m fine, but I’m lying, I’m so very far from fine (and you’re tied together with a smile, but you’re coming undone//I’m telling you the truth, I mean this, I’m okay-)

Darkness has a very strong narrative role in twenty one pilots’ music – especially so in Vessel, their third album, but it makes an early appearance here, I’ll keep the lights on in this place/‘Cause I don’t wanna fall, fall away. Everything seems more tangible in daylight, when the world isn’t made up of varying degrees of darkness and when your feet don’t disappear into the shadows below the window sill. I used to stay up late with nothing but the light of my phone to keep me company, falling asleep on the desk in school preferable to being alone at night. I used to plug my headphones in and curl up on the floor, the wooden boards hard against my skin, because sometimes a mattress felt too much like sinking, too much like floating away.

I can feel the pull begin/I feel my conscience wearing thin/And my skin/It will start to break up and fall apart.

Mentality is so intrinsically connected to physicality, a big smushed-together ball of stuff (I never claimed to be a scientist), and when your brain starts to act up, so does your body too, like a particularly invasive form of dominos. My friend was talking to Frank Iero about this a few months ago, about the way your brain and your body seem to conspire together, like, if one of them is going to kick up a fuss the other one has to join in too, I can’t walk and I ain’t the same – but, but: I don’t wanna.

I don’t wanna fall away, I don’t wanna –

And that’s what matters, in the end. I don’t want to fall away, and if we don’t want to fall away together, then we can hold each other tight, nails digging in until it feels something like living again.