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I’m not crazy, y’all. Dragonball Supers animation is bad on a basic level.

Not sure if the Animation Director or the story-artist is more at fault but regardless, the product is bad and someone should have known better.

(scans from the book “Character Mentor” by Tom Bancroft)


President Obama will make one last appearance on The Daily Show as President of the United States

Obama’s Daily Show interviews are known for being particularly candid and in-depth, and in the past, Stewart has challenged the President where it seems called for. This interview should be especially juicy, as it is taking place under unusual circumstances at one of Obama’s own digs.

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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Today i want to send big hugs to everyone who is lgbt+ and lives in or comes from China. 

It can be tough to live openly everywhere as there are sadly hateful people everywhere - but some places make it especially tough and China is one of them. 

With this letter i want to not only send a “I see you, i believe you” message to chinese lgbt+ kids, i also want to shine a spotlight on the problems that many of you face*: 

- No anti-discrimination laws, neither in employment nor anywhere else (including anti-hate-speech laws)

- No legal recognition of same-sex relationships or marriage 

- “Conversion therapy” 

- a ban of lgbt+ relationships on tv 

- many people view lgbt+ as a mental illness

- changes in birth certificates not allowed 

- lgbt+ are expected to enter fake hetero relationships/marriages

- high suicide rates 

* Please note that those may depend on where exactly you live in China and may, as in many countries, be worse in rural and/or more conservative places

Let’s not forget that there are lgbt+ people everywhere and so the fight for lgbt+ rights is not over until we can live happily and safely everywhere! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

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Boys reaction to a chocobo chick at Wiz's outpost being super loving and clingy to their s/o who is showering it with cuddles? A bit too loving since it pecks then when they try to touch their s/o.

Noctis thinks it’s cute at first that the chocobo chick is so clingy, but it soon gets tiring. He tries to get you to go for a walk with him around the outpost, but the chick won’t stop trailing behind, and it doesn’t help that you keep feeding it attention. He’s grumbly about it for a while, but you press a kiss to his lips and tease him that he can’t always be the centre of attention. He huffs until the chick nuzzles him too, and he forgets why he was annoyed in the first place.

Prompto loves all chocobos, especially the small ones, but this one won’t even let him touch it. It’s burying itself in your arms, and Prompto half-thinks that you’ve imprinted on it. You’re still cuddling it when he reaches an arm around you to pull you closer to him, and the chick pecks him hard, nearly drawing blood. You put the chick down and scold it before directing your attention back to Prompto. He holds his finger out with a pout, and asks you to kiss it better. Obviously, you oblige.

Gladio just stares at the baby chocobo with his arms folded over his broad chest. The chick stares back at him, almost in a challenging manner. You roll your eyes, petting the small animal on the head and chastise Gladio for being such an alpha male, especially with something so small and adorable. Gladio dodges an attempted peck and mumbles something to himself about how this chocobo chick is stealing you away from him. You make sure to shower him in affection later on in the day.

Ignis becomes irate when the chick bobs its head out and snatches his glasses off his face. You try not to laugh but fail miserably, as the baby chocobo relaxes in your arms and you scratch behind its neck. Ignis half-glares at you, asking you if you’re going to retrieve his spectacles for him. You shrug half-heartedly and pretend to walk away. Ignis drags you back towards him, and when the chick notices Ignis trying to steal you away, moves to peck him. But in that instant, it lets his glasses go and Ignis swipes them out of midair before wiping them off and putting them back on his face. You kiss him on the cheek and he continues to glare at the chocobo chick out of the corner of his eye.

something that should be a thing: blogs that compile the physical descriptions of characters we get over the course of various novels, especially when said descriptions are spread out and not all loaded in one place.

Just Hold On Hoodies

How great would it be if we could get a hoodie of the Just Hold On cover art and have the proceeds go to Steve Aokis foundation and the hospital Jay stayed at? Maybe we could somehow get Steve to see a tweet about this or post? I know I would for sure buy one especially if I knew the proceeds were going to good places.

Edit: I’ve had people telling me about running to copyright issues and thanks for looking out, my mistake for not specifying that I meant that Steve put it in his official store. Thanks again. :)

I genuinely feel bad for all the boys on this site and there’s not nearly enough positivity posts so to all my male followers I just wanna say:

You are not ugly, gross, selfish, rude, sexist or inherently a bad person just because of your gender. Your gender alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you get everything handed to you, that your feelings aren’t valid or that you don’t face any problems. Whether you’re cis, trans, gay, straight, bi, ace or anything in between, you matter and you are always worthy of love and acceptance, and please don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that you’re not. ♡

I love this community

I have loved the JSE community since the day I entered… Jack is interactive with us, he makes us happy and is a positive influence on us… and the people here are amazingly talented and funny, and ever so sweet…… Then came the Pewdiepie incident. Jack made an explanatory and completely valid video about the situation, and his points on it… and I support Jack 100% in making this video the way he did…. People had been pressuring him for days to make this video… and I was proud of him for doing this video the way he did… but today I woke up to a Tweet from Jack saying he regrets the video? And people tearing at him, especially one person… The community has been all over the place ever since this video… So I have 2 questions 1: are we really about to bring back the “leave Britney alone” kinda thing? Instead of just supporting and respecting each other… 2: can I please please PLEASE have the happy, fun and positive community back soon?

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Dating Lucy Westenra would include

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● Looking at each other across the ballroom.
♢ Her eyes softening when her eyes meet yours.

● Everyone thinking you’re best friends.

● Playful teasing.

● Lucy laughing when you get jealous after Dracula kissed her hand.

“Love I’m sure you’ve noticed he isn’t my type.”

● Reading books together.
♢ Her making sure to distract you every now and again by kissing you.

● Flirting.
♢ Especially by the way she looks at you while biting her lip.

● Hickies.
♢ Only in appropriate places where no one can she.
¤ Especially your shoulder, chest and thighs.
♢ If you were only in the presence of John and Mina she would comment on your slightly visibly hickey which could your dress didn’t completely cover.

● Going to the theatre together
♢ If it was boring she’d drag you into the darkness of the alcove.
¤ Lucy beginning to suck at your neck.
▪ Her hand occasionally sneaking up your dress.

● Facing each other while sleeping.

● Cheek kisses.

● She initiated your first kiss.
♢ She was terrified you’d reject her.
¤ You were sitting next to her in her carriage, laughing at a joke she told you.
▪ Lucy thinking you look absolutely breathtaking, so she gently connected your lips.

● Extravagant dinners.
♢ Lucy holding your hand underneath the table.

● Holding hands.

● Sneaky kisses.

● Cuddling on her bed.

● Lucy finding you adorable when you’re sleeping.
♢ She’d wake you up by planting kisses all over your face.
♢ If it was late and you didn’t wake up she’d open the blinds.

● Always getting flowers from her.

● Her constantly playing with your hair.
♢ Also Lucy moving your hair behind your ear as she kisses you.

● Puppy dog eyes.

● Her getting jealous.
♢ She’d subtlety insult who was flirting with you, and glare when she looks at them leading them to walk away in embarrassment.

● Inside jokes.

● In public she’d kiss your cheek, dangerously close to your lips.

● Her telling you Dracula turned her into a vampire.
♢ Convincing her to give you the bite.
¤ Staying together for the rest of your immortal lives.

Tom Cruise in Legend will always make me smile. Too many childhood memories and stories.

itsenäisyyspäivä // Independence Day

Finland’s Independence Day is a national public holiday and a flag day. It is held on 6 December to celebrate Finland’s declaration of independence from the Russian Republic in 1917 after the revolutions in Russia gave Finland an opportunity to withdraw from Russian rule.

Finnish Independence Day celebrations include:

     - raising the Finnish flag
     - remembering the Winter War (1939-1940) and the Continuation War
       (1941-1944) and honouring the veterans and the casualties
     - parades and torchlight processions
     - visiting cemeteries and war memorials
     - religious services
     - burning blue-white candles, and especially placing two of them in one’s 
     - Linnan juhlat (”the Castle Ball”) = the Presidential Independence Day
       reception at the Presidential Palace (which is broadcast on TV)
     - a TV broadcast of the movie adaptation of Väinö Linna’s war
       novel Tuntematon sotilas (The Unknown Soldier / Unknown Soldiers)

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää! // Happy Independence Day!
Suomi // Finland
itsenäisyyspäivä // Independence Day
6. joulukuuta // December 6th
kansallispäivä // National Day
liputuspäivä // a flag day
Suomen itsenäisyysjulistus // The Finnish Declaration of Independence
itsenäisyys // independence
itsenäinen // independent
itsenäistyminen // the act of becoming independent
itsenäistyä // to become independent 

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a strange prompt

Nomen Railmore and Sevras Loone gallavanted freely along the dry riverbed. Nomen tossed ancient coins between hands, as Sevras sought to perfect her whistling of the hymns to the gods.

Nomen’s fingers were slippery eels, and Sevras was slightly jealous, as her hands were rough and calloused. Just slightly.

One might think, especially after seeing the many strange places where their footprints were left, that this might be a tale of Nomen and Sevras’ relationship, or perhaps of their past adventures. They’ve known each other since birth, after all.

But no, dear reader, it is not that. It is not that at all.

so. what is it about then? tell us. continue this strange tale.

12x12 Thoughts

I’ve been reading through some incredible blog posts about last nights episode - most of them delving into the Reservoir Dogs/Tarantino connection, which was fantastic and made this episode one of my top 5 favorites of all time. The pacing and storytelling was top notch!

I have a few notes to add to what is already out there:

  • Let’s go home.” Dean stated matter-of-factly while staring directly at Cas.
    • By definition, Home means:

The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. 

    • On a Destiel level, both Dean and Cas have always been nomads - either by trait or necessity, depending on the circumstance. So HOME is a powerful word for both of them and when Dean has used it in the past, in relation to Cas, its context is not lost on me. Beyond “I love you.”, “Let’s go home.” is just as showstopping. 
    • Supernatural continues to drive the point home (haha) that Cas is part of the family now, a member of the household. 
    • They also continue to hit their viewers over the head that there is a CONNECTION between Cas and Dean. If it’s not obvious after these last few episodes (let alone the last 8 years)…
  • Here is a transcript of the sermon that Cas was listening to on the radio in the truck:

“Each of us has a time when the physical body dies and we all face God’s judgement in the end. There’s not one of us alive walking on this earthly plane that will not pay the consequences of our actions. The Lord will hold us in the palm of his hand and he’ll weigh our souls, brothers and sisters, are you worthy?”

    • This could be taken in so many different ways. From Cas’ POV, it can allude to the Cosmic Consequences mentioned in 12x09 that more than likely still weigh heavily on his mind. 
  • I’ve never watched a show before Supernatural that blatantly showcases FEELINGS between men and from men. I appreciate this so much on a personal level. I married into a family in which all 3 men (my husband, my father in law, and my brother in law) wear their hearts on their sleeves 100% of the time. I have come to cherish men who are okay with crying and telling other men that they love them. Be it platonic, eros, philia, or agape love - love is love is love is love is love
    • Cas said, “I love you.” TO DEAN. It is officially CANON. I do not care that he wasn’t looking Dean in the eyes right when he said it because when he continued with, “I love all of you.” the camera WENT TO DEAN who understood RIGHT IN THAT MOMENT that the “I love you.” was meant for him. Sam also figured it out, because Sam is pretty intuitive and has been waiting for it to happen. 
First Kiss {Reader x Claire Novak}

Title: First Kiss

Author: Jaimee

Word Count: 711 Words

Requested by: Imagine originally posted by @supernaturalimagine

Warnings: None

Description: “Imagine being Sam and Dean’s teenaged sister and them walking in on you kissing Claire Novak”

Being a hunter had never been an easy thing. It’s even worse when both of you older brothers are two of the most notorious people in the hunting world. Certain things were expected of you and you were treated a certain way. But it was a tough life, especially for an eighteen-year-old girl who had never stayed in one place for long enough to make any permanent friends. However, there was one person you had met through the years and managed to stay friends with. 

Claire Novak. The daughter of Jimmy Novak, the vessel of the Angel Castiel. You had met her on a case with Sam and Dean and had hit it off immediately, staying in contact even after you went your separate ways. You hadn’t seen her in years but finally, she had come to visit you at the bunker. With Sam and Dean out, finishing up a hunt they had spent the last couple days on, it was just you two and you had chosen to spend some time in your room. You sat cross-legged at the head of your bed while Claire mimicked your position at the foot. After talking for almost an hour, you had fallen silent and your eyes had gone downcast. 

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Claire asked, and your gaze flicked up to meet hers. She was concerned. “Oh..uh, it’s nothing,” you said to her, doing your best to fake a smile. “Y/N, I’ve known you for years, I can tell that’s something’s wrong. Now, what’s on your mind?” the tone in her voice told you that you wouldn’t get out of this without saying something. “Okay so, I have to tell you something but promise me you won’t hate me?” your voice was small as you spoke. “I promise,” her brow furrowed in concern as she spoke. 

A lump had grown in your throat those couple seconds and you forced yourself to swallow, “Claire, I…I’ve known you for years and I’ve been thinking. It’s just, I really like you and I have for a while now but I just haven’t known how to say it.” There was silence from Claire and you couldn’t bring yourself to meet her eyes. “Y/N, look at me,” Claire’s voice was quiet, so of course you looked at her. As soon as you lifted your head, soft lips were against yours. 

For a second, your mind went blank before you jerked back in surprise. You could feel heat in your cheeks as you stuttered out an apology, “S-sorry it’s just that….” You couldn’t even finish your sentence and your cheeks began to burn again. Confusion clouded Claire’s face, “You’ve kissed someone before, haven’t you?” Now your entire face was burning. A snicker from Claire caused you to reach over and smack her leg, “It’s not funny! I’ve been with Sam and Dean my entire life, I can barely get close to someone, let alone kiss them.” 

Claire coughed, trying to stop herself from laughing, “Sorry, sorry. It’s not funny, alright but you don’t need to be so awkward about it. It’s just kissing,” your gaze fell back to your lap and you heard a sigh from Claire, “Y/N, look at me.” “Claire,” your voice was once again soft but you kept your gaze on you lap. “We’ll stop if you want, you can’t be kissing shy forever,” she told you. She was right, you knew it so, you looked back up at her. 

You felt her hand brush against your cheek before her lips met yours. They were so soft and seemed to melt against yours. You mimicked the movement of her own lips and leaned back against your headboard as you felt Claire move closer to you. It was your first kiss and it was with the girl you had slowly fell for since you first met her. 

It felt as if the world was just you and her, that is, until you heard someone clear their throat and an all too familiar voice spoke up, “Y/N, Claire?” You two jumped apart, breathless and both of your faces red. Standing in the doorway was Sam and Dean, looking at you in disbelief. “Oh, hey guys,” Claire said, letting out a nervous laugh while you were mute with embarrassment.

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Spotlight question (NSFW): Secret kinks of each member of the family.

Admin: Made by  @sasuketheuchihasfaith with the help of @emeneska-chan


Sasuke: Dirty talking, Rough sex, Hair pulling, bondage. Basically all the adrenaline he had in Army, but better. Would love to roleplay as his OTP

Izuna: He loves cross-dressing, loves cosplaying and sometimes likes to get high as he fucks. “Quickies” are also one of his favourites, especially in studio or in small places like KFC. He loves when his partner (Tobidick) take his artist brush and tease him with it, as well.

Itachi: Likes when his partner pulls his hair. Obviously, he likes to be a DOM because he can do what he loves the most: order people (poor Suké). He is also a fan of exhibitionism and quickies, particularly at his office, where he can bend his partner and fuck him on table, and well… Doctor stuff…

Shisui: He likes a bit of exhibitionism (especially in pool), like quickies (Bathrooms and offices), likes biting a lot, 100% doggy style and he also likes when his partner (Bitchistoria) wears his clothes. The king of dirty talking, excuse you.

Madara: All S&M and bondage might not be enough. He likes everything rough and painful, even leaving bruises and scars. Also a fan of dirty talk.

Obito: He doesn’t really have many kinks, but he loves to be a SUB, he has daddy kink and loves dirty talking.


Naruto: Pro at dirty talking, loves biting, scratching, hearing his partner moan and trying to “escape” from him as he fucks or is being fucked. He is like a wild animal in bed.

Suké: Actually kind of lazy. Like sit back and let Itachi do everything. He is a SUB too. Once in a while, when he has good days, he gets more passionate and having an upper hand on his partner.