especially in season 3

“Zero Hour” Overview

The stakes have never been higher as Grand Admiral Thrawn descends upon an unsuspecting Atollon as rebels prepare their attack on Lothal.

I have to be honest – this episode really ranks up as one of my favorites of the series. Not only has the build up to this season finale been one of my favorites so far as well, but it felt like it balanced the plot and its characters. Ezra, who has been on a rocky road since the events of Malachor, is a changed person from the beginning of the season. His emotions are more controlled in that he doesn’t angrily lash out and the call to the dark side is effectively silenced following the defeat of Maul.

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I’m praying for Lance’s well-deserved character development in season 3. I need to see more of his skills as the team’s sharpshooter™. I need more Klance, preferably with Keith getting worried or jealous for whatever reasons and Lance only the one not noticing. I want Lance’s insecurities to be exposed to his world the team and, of course, for it to be solved, but I don’t want it to be easy (like sitting ‘round the table and talking about it). It has to be… angsty and long-lasting.

So, basically I just want and need more Lance I’ll sell my soul for this to happen.


Everything Wrong With Carmilla Season 3

Join me and my obnoxious accent one last time on this sarcastic ride as we (nit)pick the last season apart. (subs available)

Many thanks to @carmillaseries and its cast and crew for not only tolerating me making fun of you three years in a row, but actually encouraging it. So much has changed since the beginning of this show, but it has been beautiful to watch you learn, change, and grow. 

girl half-drowns in a sea full of stars,
body aching in time with the tide / glittered hands
curled close to her chest.

girl learns how to swim. learns how
to uncurl each finger / how to stretch weak arms
for the surface / this reach for salvation, uncalculated,
desperate. oxygen levels so low she forgot
she ever knew how to breathe.

girl learns that salvation doesn’t always come
in the shape of emergence, that sometimes
there is no way to fight through the water / skin
salt sticky and stinging / like how sometimes
you fall without wings; flying was never an option
and so instead you must learn how to land.

girl learns that letting the water into her mouth
isn’t about giving in or letting go.
it’s about moving on.



Peggy & Daniel throughout season 2

mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [30/30] TESCO AU

As far as young Sherlock Holmes is concerned, Tesco is absolutely perfect for running experiments. It’s full of stuff he can use and he can always be sure Mycroft will rather just pay for everything than show up personally in that kind of establishment.

Sadly, Sherlock doesn’t consider one of most annoying Tesco employees - Greg Lestrade, who either is taking his job way too seriously or has a crush on Mycroft. Sherlock finds both options equally disgusting.

I know future seasons of Skam will be goddamn amazing but i am not ready to let go of season 3. I loved season 1 & 2 but season 3 is so important. It’s so special. It is truely beautiful, no other tv show will ever be able to do anything compare to Skam this season. Isak & Even’s storyline is just so beautiful even writing this i am crying. I’m sad because next season we might not even get to see Isak & Even AT ALL :(

Applause to the Skam writers for doing an amazing job with season 3, and especially to Tarjei & Henrik for playing these two roles wonderfully, for bringing these two characters to life.

Argh, my emotions are all over the place right now. afksjfghhgiusrlg. Yes we have one more episode. But like STILLLL.


“Did you draw these? They’re good. Very funny!”

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the art in the background behind Isak on the season 3 header, especially how it’s definitely Even’s doodles. ♥

Just a warning: I recommend not watching the show Black Mirror if you experience dissociation of any kind unless you are willing to.

This show is very good, however it delves deeply into the human condition and occurs on many plains of consciousness.

It has caused myself and others to dissociate and forget where we are multiple times throughout the duration and after the show.

I also do not suggest watching it, especially season 3 episode 2, if you have paranoia or psychosis as it experiments deeply with hallucinations and fear.

If you do choose to watch it, be safe.


Isak+Even ♥ Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy

I love love love Troye Sivan. He is such an angel, and his music is pure perfection. I also love the SKAM soundtrack, but I kind of wished Troye’s music was included. Especially for season 3, it would have been perfect!

His Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy is so beautiful! (if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor), and I feel like the theme and story of the trilogy fits Isak and Even’s story so well… So yeah. I kind of made my version of it! So if you wanna give it a watch, then start from the top.