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I find it weird that AA hasn't had an episode focusing on how Tony became Iron Man in this universe. All the other original Avengers have one, with the exception of Sam, who's shown getting his powers in the series. Thor too, I don't think we've had an episode properly explaining why he came to Earth either, I just notice it more with Tony because the show really likes its arc reactor angst, but hasn't shown us how Tony got it. Am I wrong about this?

You’re right, that is pretty strange! What I find even stranger is that AA!Tony, despite being the “heart” of the team (and arguably the series), is missing many pieces of his typical storyline: for example, both Pepper and Rhodey are nonexistent in this universe, and we hear next to nothing about Stark Industries, let alone Tony’s role as the head of the company. It’s as if his only function in the AA-verse is to be the leader of the Avengers. Odd, don’t you think?

@lances-legs mentioned something about needing a Klance selfie? But it seems it didn’t go so well.


i can’t get over how in season one it felt like all sun had was her dog? and her connection to the cluster primarily consisted of saving their asses. and suddenly she has her prison family, her teacher, even the fucking detective assigned to steal back her freedom, surrounding her with love and acceptance on all sides.

and from the holiday ep, the cluster converged, all for her. she’s not just Jean Claude Van Damme Korean Lady, the one who supplies physical labor for nothing but an occasional thank you. she’s precious to them. without a second thought, they save her from assassins, break her out of prison, put together a legit heist to end her quest for vengeance.

and all along they  tell her we’re here. we got your back. we love you and we’re not going anywhere.

it just makes me really emotional

I’m praying for Lance’s well-deserved character development in season 3. I need to see more of his skills as the team’s sharpshooter™. I need more Klance, preferably with Keith getting worried or jealous for whatever reasons and Lance only the one not noticing. I want Lance’s insecurities to be exposed to his world the team and, of course, for it to be solved, but I don’t want it to be easy (like sitting ‘round the table and talking about it). It has to be… angsty and long-lasting.

So, basically I just want and need more Lance I’ll sell my soul for this to happen.

girl half-drowns in a sea full of stars,
body aching in time with the tide / glittered hands
curled close to her chest.

girl learns how to swim. learns how
to uncurl each finger / how to stretch weak arms
for the surface / this reach for salvation, uncalculated,
desperate. oxygen levels so low she forgot
she ever knew how to breathe.

girl learns that salvation doesn’t always come
in the shape of emergence, that sometimes
there is no way to fight through the water / skin
salt sticky and stinging / like how sometimes
you fall without wings; flying was never an option
and so instead you must learn how to land.

girl learns that letting the water into her mouth
isn’t about giving in or letting go.
it’s about moving on.


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I think it's really fascinating to compare Barry and Cisco in terms of how they use their powers. Barry got powers and started running around saving people and learning more and more what he could do. Whereas Cisco was terrified of his powers, tried to hide them and I think still has times when he doubts his control and worries he'll hurt people. Barry could do just as much damage if he lost control but he doesn't dwell on it whereas Cisco does.

There’s some major differences in worldview and experience going in to that divergence, I think. 

Barry is… such a Gryffindor. 

Rushes in, has to be taught the value of a plan, chivalry and honor are where it’s at, saving people. Reckless and daring. The dude got powers and a day later was like “I’m gonna run into that tornado!”

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That’s not normal. 

But it makes sense, given where he’s coming from. First off, he has no reason to fear powers because he knows he’s not evil, and since they haven’t met any evil metas or dopplegangers or anything of the sort yet, he’s really got no reason to believe his powers might lead him down a dark path. So there’s no red flags associated with powers.

Second, Barry was the kid who got bullied but still tried to save other kids from getting bullied (this is canon). 

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And though he got bullied and beat up for it himself, he was rewarded at home for that behavior, with attention from his mother and grins from his father with fake admonishment. “Do the right thing” in the Allen household meant “stand up to bullies and help others”. You do what you can, what you have to, in order to help other people.

And in the West household that would’ve been similar. Barry spent half his life being raised by a cop, so “fighting bad guys” is sort of inherent within his worldview from that as well. He joined the CCPD with the skills he has because he believes in helping and saving others, including his father. 

Barry’s nature means he rushes in toward danger to save people. Runs to save a kid from bullies (then has to run himself lmao), runs after the guy who stole Iris’s bag before he had powers, runs toward a tornado once he does have those powers. It’s really not about the powers, it’s just who he is.

(Which is why he keeps repeating this damn line).

The fact that he can hurt people… is something he has to learn later. For all the negative associations he gets because of his powers, all the people who die and the bad things that happen, the good came before the bad ever did, and saving people is whole worldview. That’s why he jumps in, goes too far, and that’s why he had to learn about the dangers of his abilities, that he can end the world by accident, or do great evil without intending to. 

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That’s the lesson from S3, from Flashpoint and Paradox and Savitar. But that was never his starting point.

But Cisco is coming at his powers from an entirely different perspective.

First off, the guy gets his powers activated from literally dying and the timeline changing. Ouch. That’s enough reason alone to have a bit of a discordant relationship with your powers. The first emotional association he has with them is death and pain. Even if he can use logic to work around that, his first and strongest feeling from them is… death.

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And he didn’t even know he had powers. He thought it was just nightmares, until he found out that dream wasn’t really a dream, and that Barry changed the timeline. And what an uncomfortable realization that would’ve been. Cisco realizing he freaking died thanks to this person that he loves and who has mentored him? 

And no one else really clues in that Cisco can remember because of meta powers, they just sort of accept it, until he tells Wellsobard, who doesn’t apologize for killing him but does tell him he has powers. Not only does that confirm Cisco’s fears (”it was really he really did kill me this isn’t in my head that was real i died i died i died–”) but Wellsobard, the dude who killed him, seems proud and excited for him. That evil motherfucker thinking it’s great Cisco has powers? Would not feel like a positive or ringing endorsement, right then.

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So all of Cisco’s early associations with his powers were death, danger, and endorsement from someone he hates. It’s no wonder he didn’t want to talk about them and even hid them, especially because he probably knew that his friends would encourage him to explore his powers deeper, and if exploring meant seeing more death or negative and traumatizing visions, or making Wellsobard more proud of him… why should he?

Unlike Barry, Cisco didn’t spend his entire life chasing after bad guys trying to play the hero. “Some people achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” – yeah, Cisco had it thrust upon him, at least in the realm of heroism. He was great already at the things he was aiming at - science, innovation, technology. He got to save the day with those, and that’s where his identity and his core contributions felt strongest.

Sure he probably daydreamed about being a hero in the more classic sense, but I mean, his few tastes of it in season 1 included bluffing with a vacuum cleaner to save Barry and later getting kidnapped and his brother getting seriously hurt. Again, that last one? Not super encouraging. Not to mention helping Joe chase down Grodd and Joe getting caught, right? Ouch.

But then, finally, Cisco is exploring his powers. In his more Ravenclaw way, he learned about them could articulate a bit of what he does and how it works by the time he was talking to Barry and Caitlin about them, experimenting on his own, gathering information. 

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But it’s not long before the team is pushing him to do things outside his comfort zone and his powers are getting him into situations like visiting Earth 2 and meeting his evil doppleganger. Who almost kills Barry. Again, not a ringing endorsement. On this Earth, Barry and Iris aren’t evil, Joe’s not evil, even Wells from here isn’t evil. But here he is with powers and being evil. And then dead. Again.

No wonder he’s hesitant to open a breach to bring Zoom back to fight them after seeing how much damage his powers can do, how he can kill with them if he wanted to, how big his ego and hubris can get under the wrong circumstances.

No wonder he’s scared, after all that trauma and death and all the negative associations that have come out of his powers and the PTSD symptoms that are attached to triggering his visions at the outset. And it’s not even long before powers are being turned against his oldest friend. And he had visions of that happening, too. No wonder he was wary - he really could kill her if he lets go too hard.

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So it’s sort of the opposite for Barry, who started on a high point with his powers and had to learn restraint and the damage they can do. Cisco saw the bad side to his powers from the outset. And while he had some visions in there that weren’t terrifying and bad, the majority were, at least for a long time, and he had to learn over time and through control how to find the good in his powers, the ways that they help. Had to save Barry’s life and have his powers help Barry save Tina McGee and had to save HR from Cynthia, had to really push himself, to find all the good feelings there inside that can be associated with his powers.

I guess the take away from S3 is that Barry learned just how dangerous his powers are even within himself, and what not to do with them. And Cisco learned how good his powers can be and how much positive strength he has while wielding them, the good that he can do with them.

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Arguing the Case For Dennis Reynolds’ Return

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not known for being a kind show to its characters. We’re supposed to derive enjoyment, or at least a sense of schadenfreude, from seeing how miserable the Gang’s lives are and how rarely they achieve happiness. That said, making Dennis leave now, after the events of this season, seems needlessly cruel to me–and not just to the characters, but to the show’s audience, as well.

Dennis Reynolds is a rarity among television characters. To see a mentally ill character depicted so boldly, his disorder named and his characterization consistently written to match that diagnosis, is a very unusual thing to see in television. And for that diagnosis to be borderline personality disorder, instead of the more commonly-seen depression and anxiety, makes it all the more meaningful, especially to mentally ill viewers who don’t often get to see themselves depicted so honestly on television.

It’s been so wonderfully gratifying to see the arc of Dennis’ mental health throughout the show, culminating in him going on meds this season and making real progress in dealing with his emotions. It sends a message of hope and recovery to other people suffering from mental illness and disorders. After all, if a person as “irredeemable” as Dennis Reynolds can seek medication and therapy to improve his mental health, surely the rest of us can as well.

On a narrative level, it seems a shame to ditch Dennis permanently now that he does have this more profound level of emotional depth. His outburst about his “big feelings” in The Gang Tends Bar was an incredibly touching thing, and very faithful to the experiences of real people who have BPD. With so much more depth and room for Dennis to grow now that he’s able to admit and talk about his feelings, sending him away the way he left tonight feels like a cheap ending to one of the most satisfying character arcs I’ve ever seen on television.

This isn’t the only reason I ask the writers to consider bringing Dennis back, however. There is another reason having him leave now is unnecessarily cruel to the audience, especially the (surprisingly large!) LGBTQ following that Sunny has attracted.

As early as season 3, subtext has been laid that, not only is Mac gay, but that he’s in love with Dennis. What started as a simple, joking “I love you” in The Gang Gets Held Hostage has become so much more.

We all thought it was doomed to staying in the realm of subtext forever, though; one of the main conceits of Sunny is that the characters will never develop and improve. Thus, it would be impossible for Mac to ever truly accept himself and come out of the closet as the series wore on, made evident by his false coming out in the season 11 finale.

But then, something incredible happened. We complained about how cruel it was to out a character and then force him back into the closet when that’s a narrative that’s all too common in real life. Sunny is cruel, but it shouldn’t be needlessly so, and in a year that went on to bring so much worry and strife into the lives of LGBTQ people, putting Mac back in the closet felt like salt in the wound.

The incredible part about our complaining is that the writers listened. Charlie Day recently said in an interview that bringing Mac back out of the closet in season 12–permanently, this time–was the right thing to do, considering the social climate we’re living in right now. Furthermore, he said that they did it partially because of the feedback they received after the season 11 finale. They defied the show’s main conceit to do right by the LGBTQ community.

As momentous as Mac’s staying out is on its own, it brought with it an exciting new possibility: the possibility to confront his feelings for Dennis head-on. His closeted status was the only thing ever really stopping the writers from really delving into it before. And, as we’ve seen from the second half of season 12, they’re not at all afraid to explore the topic in a more indepth way, as Mac’s PTSDee dream sequence and his heartfelt gift to Dennis in The Gang Tends Bar showed. More interesting than even that, though, was the possibility that Dennis might return those feelings.

More than once, we’ve seen that Dennis does care about Mac much more than he usually lets on. And we know that Dennis is probably bisexual, both from statements made by the showrunners at ComicCon and from Dennis’ behavior within the show itself. Since Mac came out in Hero or Hate Crime?, the possibility of Mac and Dennis’ relationship existing in a more romantic context has been explored, culminating in the two of them actually pretending to be together in tonight’s season finale, and all-but open confirmation that Mac is in love with Dennis.

This is why, I believe, it’s so needlessly cruel to permanently remove Dennis from the equation now. I do not mean to imply that I want to see Mac and Dennis in a happy, committed relationship–that’s never been the Sunny way. But it seems unfair to me that Dee and Charlie got their moment of romance in The Gang Misses the Boat, when Mac and Dennis have it torn away from them just as it becomes possible for them to have it in the first place. At the risk of sounding like an impassioned young gay man, it hurts to see a romantic relationship between two men dangled in front of me and then torn away like this. More than painful, it’s practically queerbaiting, an incredibly harmful practice that’s sadly all too common in today’s television landscape.

On the off chance that anyone involved with the writing of Always Sunny reads this: firstly, thank you for getting this far. Secondly, I urge you to consider, again, the social implications of making Dennis leave forever just as he makes a huge breakthrough in his mental health and just as it becomes possible for his relationship with Mac to be explored in a more romantic context. Dangling Mac and Dennis in a relationship (literally) before viewers, only to yank that away, is incredibly painful to watch, especially for us young LGBTQ viewers who often struggle enough with staying positive just living our daily lives. And I personally know a great many people with BPD who have found themselves in Dennis– which isn’t something they can say about many other TV show characters.

I know that, as young LGBTQ people and as young mentally ill people (and oftentimes, both), we are not the core demographic for Sunny, and I know that we never will be. However, I also know that the showrunners do want to do right by us, and that they do have our best interests at heart as allies. It is with this knowledge that I ask, if any of you are reading this, to consider bringing Dennis back in season 13, whenever that may be.

I know that Sunny will not have a happy ending; it completely goes against the show’s thesis. But Mac coming out for good in season 12 has proven that the show’s thesis can be defied in special circumstances, especially when it’s for the greater societal good. I am not asking for Mac and Dennis to get married, but I am asking you to consider the cruelty of resolving more than a decade of Mac’s romantic feelings for Dennis in this way, just as it became possible for them to become something more. And more than that, I am asking you to consider the impact Dennis Reynolds has had on the lives of so many mentally ill people, who almost never get to see themselves represented on television as accurately as they have with Dennis.

I trust all of you as artists and writers, and as well-meaning and thoughtful people in general, to consider my words as you move forward with planning for season 13. Again, if you made it this far, thank you for listening, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds, whatever that may be.

Ok. Its like, 1 in the morning but I gotta get this out because its been on my mind all day tbh.

So, about Lance piloting the Red lion

Like I said, it’d be really bad for both Red and Lance. Their bond would be very forced, and they just. Wouldn’t work safely together.

But now I’m thinking about the metaphors that would come out of their bond. Lance is the guardian spirit of water, and Red’s element is fire.

What happens to water when you heat it up? It boils and evaporates into steam. There is a lot of symbolism in that if you think about it.

steam is /way/ more dangerous than hot water, because it is hotter than the water to the point it has turned to a gas and will burn you way more than scalding you.

Lance’s insecurities have already begun to heat up, especially towards ending of season 2. Once season 3 hits, he will one way or the other reach a boiling point because Shiro picked Keith to lead and with the lion shuffle Lance will most likely be forced to leave his lion.

Lance might (not saying he will) end up piloting Red, and by that time he, metaphorically, will have become steam at that point. Unstable, dangerous, and painful…


!Halla! This is my SKAM shrine. I’ve put all SKAM media into one organized (I hope) easy to navigate place. So basically, everything revolves around this very masterpost. The masterpost links to everything SKAM. Not only are there clips, translated texts, and Instagram posts, but also bonus stuff, like speculation on the symbolism of the show, or links to the actors’ social media and information. 

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“Copy that, Copycat”

Because I wanted to draw Lance to the Vocaloid Song ‘Copycat’ after seeing this animatic.

I really love playing with the character of Lance and all of his insecurities. especially after season 2 pushed him aside and increased them. I need season 3 now before I hurt my son lance even more.

@mangami cause they told me to stop ;3


alright so I know a lot of people hate vauseman and think it’s unhealthy and toxic. well yeah, honestly I agree. In the past it was definitely unhealthy, especially season 3. Yikes that shit was wack. But in season 4, Alex and piper both went through stuff that changed them. Alex killed someone, piper was ostracized and branded. When they got back together, it wasn’t like all the other times they did. They relied on each other, and actually built a foundation of TRUST this time instead of resorting to sex every 2 seconds. and in season 5, we see a much healthier, happier version of vauseman, and i think it will stay that way. they changed as people, and they learned that they really do need each other. im honestly rooting for them, it’s so relieving to see how much they’ve grown.

i’m hurt. and angry. and bitter. and filled with resentment. and sad.

let me be.

what is going on? what … what is this mess of a season? after the high of s3, and the way julie wrote, directed, shot, edited, and gave us s3 … seriously? this is what she is giving us in s4 now? this????

where even the social media updates are so damn sloppy, that they have to keep on deleting them, taking them down, fixing the errors, and then reposting them. why such a low level of care and lack of attention to detail? why? this is your final season, this shouldn’t be happening?

if you’re gonna have a muslim woc as your final season main, when you KNOW how huge of a deal islam and the ill treatment of islam and the escalating levels of islamophobia that are on the rise bc of the current political climate we live in, when you KNOW all these things, when you KNOW you have muslim poc who are pining their hopes and dreams onto you for correct portrayal and accurate representation of them, when you KNOW all of this …

then, why? why is this season not even focusing on islam or sana?

this is not your “i’m gonna tie up loose ends and dump *spins wheel and rolls dice* ah!, sana as my main for it” season. no.

julie, if you can address huge topics like homosexuality, (internalised) homophobia, mental illness and ableism as well as you did last season, then you most CERTAINLY can do the same for islam, islamophobia, racism and xenophobia.

i am hurt, as a muslim woc, with this season. and all of you know how much i love skam. how much it means to me. but this? what is this? this isn’t sana’s season at all! this is STILL HAVING NOORA and her never ending sob story of a waste of time storyline about her bullshit flop romance, that is eating and eating and eating away at the minutes of screentime that should be focusing on sana.

i get it. you wanna show sana as lonely. you wanna show all the girls seperate from her. you wanna show islamophobia in the sense of how your own friends can’t even accept you. but … atleast show some more islam with it too? islam isn’t just the salah and the adhaan app sounding. islam is so vast and huge, that you could have EASILY generated discussion or slipped in a topic here or there about things in islam.

episode 1 was so promising. so, so promising. i thought to myself, finally … finally. but its just gone downhill from there.

having a non muslim character in yousef recalling events that don’t even primarily involve him, and then that causing islam to have a bad name bc of his “bc mikael’s very religious” and then showing him drinking??? and not even providing us answers??? making mikael so ABSENT when he plays such a central role in this story?? and mikael was the one who was breaking up the fight between elias and mahdi, so he clearly doesn’t do violent confrontation. what is up with this laziness of half showing mikael and half not??? not giving us answers for elias’ recent strange behaviour??? THIS IS THE CONTENT we wanna see being addressed, julie, not noora and the russebuss, SO WHY AREN’T YOU DELIVERING?????

and then … “i’ve taken the best parts of religion and dropped the rest”, “if religion is so good then why does it split society?” … what the fuck??? and ever since then, this had fed into this constant running theme of muslims vs the gays, and i’m sick of it. it is testing my patience now. when islam IS being shown, its being shown like this???? especially after sana last season said to isak “hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear” …. WHAT IS GOING ON????

all this suffering sana is going through. it is one thing to show sana lonely. but … i can’t believe she STILL hasn’t corrected vilde as of yet? yes, sana is a girl of few words, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t speak up. so, why has she still not yet?

pitting the white woman vs the woc? seriously julie? seriously? are we really fucking doing this?????? really??? this UGLY ASS age old trope, why julie? WHY? i thought you’d be the LAST writer to use this trope.

i’m just … so, so, so disappointed. so disappointed with the way this season has gone. i feel cheated, betrayed, hurt, as a muslim fan. i know julie can write better, especially after season 3. so why now? why are you not coming through? this isn’t what us muslim fans wanted.

sometimes i giggle because i think about how iain probably signed up for agents of shield thinking fitz would be the nerdy science side and comic relief, not really seeing himself as a romantic action hero type. and he didn’t want to kiss liz and even denied the sure signs of romantic fitzsimmons right up until bucharest, basically. but now? sure clark and chloe are basically the main leads of the show… and sure philinda is rising and mackelena is a great side ships. but the romantic male lead? after season 3, and especially after brett said goodbye, there is no doubt in my mind fitz is literally the romantic male hero of the show. he;s the guy most of us would swoon for, half of the show’s biggest ship, the best actor on the show, and he carries so much of the emotional weight. and iain had no idea… he couldn’t have ever guessed this would happen. he probably still thinks fitzsimmons are like brother and sister despite being all but married. hahahahahahahaha.