especially in season 3

@lances-legs mentioned something about needing a Klance selfie? But it seems it didn’t go so well.

ok lemme just

what canon/platonic klance is: a relationship where there’s a lot of back and forth bickering and teasing, but in the end they’re part of a team and are supportive of each other and encourage each other and will always look out for each other

what it is not: lance being super jealous of keith, them always wanting to one-up each other all the time, and keith thinking lance is actually an idiot

fix your fics esp reader-insert


#Gotta love seeing Meredith supporting Jolex AND Jo (✿◠‿◠)

Season 3 Predictions

  • The Lost Sister episode was meant to set up season 3. Especially considering Kali’s number is 8 and Jane’s number is 11 there’s obviously a 9 and 10 and 1-7.
  • The “gate” may be closed but the shadow monster/upside down are still there. The way the shadow monster loomed over the school creeped me out. My guess is they’re going have to destroy the whole upside down at some point to really be done with it.
  • A jopper romance, obviously.
  • Hopefully more of Steve “babysitting” because I’m so fucking here for that. Him and Dustin were so adorable.

i can’t get over how in season one it felt like all sun had was her dog? and her connection to the cluster primarily consisted of saving their asses. and suddenly she has her prison family, her teacher, even the fucking detective assigned to steal back her freedom, surrounding her with love and acceptance on all sides.

and from the holiday ep, the cluster converged, all for her. she’s not just Jean Claude Van Damme Korean Lady, the one who supplies physical labor for nothing but an occasional thank you. she’s precious to them. without a second thought, they save her from assassins, break her out of prison, put together a legit heist to end her quest for vengeance.

and all along they  tell her we’re here. we got your back. we love you and we’re not going anywhere.

it just makes me really emotional

First of all, we get to go to Edom. […] There is someone named Asmodeus, you might be familiar with him, and we get to kind of slightly peel back the onion of that, which is super interesting. I wish Harry was here too, because he’s crushing it this year. He has also this new set, this apothecary. And he really had to deal with the ramifications of Season 2B of siding with the Seelie Queen and with all the warlocks behind him, this is the right thing to do. Magnus, that wasn’t the right thing to do. You messed up. […] We really deal with the reality of ramifications and bad decisions. You know, people on TV, they do it all the time and it’s like, ‘Oh, everything’s fine now.’ Life’s not like that, you know, and these characters, especially him, he has to really go through a whole metamorphoses in Season 3. It will rock your world. It’s amazing; it’s so good.

!Halla! This is my SKAM shrine. I’ve put all SKAM media into one organized (I hope) easy to navigate place. So basically, everything revolves around this very masterpost. The masterpost links to everything SKAM. Not only are there clips, translated texts, and Instagram posts, but also bonus stuff, like speculation on the symbolism of the show, or links to the actors’ social media and information. 

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i think it’s very ironic how smug atheists and philosophy fuckbois love rick and morty considering one of the big morals especially in season 3 is that nihilistic and conceited views against optimism are toxic and make you a shitty person to be around

I’m praying for Lance’s well-deserved character development in season 3. I need to see more of his skills as the team’s sharpshooter™. I need more Klance, preferably with Keith getting worried or jealous for whatever reasons and Lance only the one not noticing. I want Lance’s insecurities to be exposed to his world the team and, of course, for it to be solved, but I don’t want it to be easy (like sitting ‘round the table and talking about it). It has to be… angsty and long-lasting.

So, basically I just want and need more Lance I’ll sell my soul for this to happen.

clone shiro is good news

hear me out. as a few people have pointed out kuron is literally the japanese word for clone (subtle, dreamworks), he has a subject number instead of a prisoner number like our shiro, and shiro hasn’t been gone long enough to have a year’s plus worth of hair growth, etc etc:

we know from haggar and ulaz that the galra always valued shiro to a weird degree and intended to use him for some greater purpose:

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