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underrated book rec list; dublin murder squad

Don’t fool yourself: we all have a cruel streak. We keep it under lock and key either because we’re afraid of getting punished or because we believe this will somehow make a difference, make the world a better place.

Donna and Gordon Clark’s daughters, Joanie (played by Morgan Hinkleman as a kid and Kathryn Newton as a teenager) and Haley (Alana Cavanaugh and then Susanna Skaggs), are the next generation of liberated women. Cam lives with the Clarks after Mutiny moves to California, and her influence on the girls is palpable. A few quick time jumps land us in the mid-’90s by the fourth season, when the sisters are in high school. Teenage Joanie is a classic rebel, smoking cigarettes and getting into trouble and, yes, listening to punk. (The band name Shonen Knife, she explains to her father, basically means “dick” because “shonen” is the Japanese word for “boy.”) Haley is a budding web development star whose taste for PJ Harvey and riot grrrl helps her come to terms with her queer sexuality. A giddy scene midway through the season finds her bonding with her crush, a waitress, over Bratmobile and Heavens to Betsy.

Music becomes more essential to the show than ever in its fourth and final season. There are moving syncs that have nothing to do with Cam, like when an unmoored Donna gets pulled over for speeding while singing along to Pat Benatar’s “We Belong,” and when she plays Dire Straits’ “So Far Away” after Gordon’s sudden death. But the alternative, indie, and riot grrrl music Haley and Joanie listen to—Gen X’s version of the punk bands whose fierce spirit Cam helped instill in them—is the core soundtrack of these episodes. Golubić cements the connection by pairing Cam’s scenes with some of the 1990s’ most iconic female-led anthems: the Breeders’ “Cannonball,” Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl,” Hole’s “Doll Parts.” Just as X-Ray Spex and their peers helped pave the way for women in punk, Cam sets a precedent for girl programmers like Haley.

—  Judy Berman
Throwing Insults

Rating: All ages
Pairing: Ten x Rose
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Amy Pond (with references to Rory)
Find it: AO3
Summary: When Rose’s morning gets disrupted by a rude bloke in a hurry, the last thing she expects is for him to be her soulmate.
Tags: Soulmate AU, telepathy, not an angsty soulmate fic :D 
Words: 3,190
Author’s Notes: Hey, look at me! I’m finally writing a Soulmate AU! I’ve been wanting to write one for ages and ages. When I saw this prompt, I had to write it. And it’s Soulmate Month at @doctorroseprompts, so this is for that as well!

I’m still trying to figure out how to make it work for a canon based fic, but for now, have this fun little Ten x Rose AU. :D I hope you enjoy it, as I certainly had fun writing it! It’s my first time writing Amy, and her appearance was a bit of a surprise. Silly muse.

Thanks very much to the lovely @aimtoallonsy for the beta.

Rose shivers as she steps outside her favorite coffee shop and takes a sip of her freshly brewed hazelnut latte, closing her eyes as she savors the warm, caffeinated drink.

Thinking she’d been late to work this morning, Rose had sprinted from her flat to the bus without her usual dose of necessary caffeine. However, upon arriving to work at Henricks, she’d discovered her alarm clock had been a hour off, so she’d taken advantage of the extra hour for an infrequent treat.

With the first taste of coffee on her tongue, Rose steps forward to retrace her steps back to Henricks, and without warning, a brown blur of pinstripes and wild hair bumps into Rose, sending her coffee cup flying into the air.

“Oi!” she shouts, stumbling forward slightly. “Watch it!”

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Chibs x Reader

Summary: An imagine where you’re Eddys’ (Half Sacks) older sister, and Chibs’ old lady and Chibs tell you that your brother is dead, and has to stop you from going out and trying to kill Cameron (The Irish guy who killed him).

Authors note: When I talk about Eddy, I’m not talking about Edmond Hayes, I’m talking about Edward (Half Sack).


We were on Lockdown; that meant that all of the people that were family to the Sons of Anarchy had to stay in the clubhouse so that we they were all safe. Half Sacks my little brother, and I’m Chibs’ old lady; that’s why I’m here. I worry about them, not just Chibs and Eddy, the others aswell…because whatever’s going on isn’t good…it didn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out..

“Sweetheart, stop worrying so much, we’re gonna be fine” Chibs whispered into my ear, sensing my worry.

“You keep telling me this Chibs-”“Then maybe ya should listen to your old man for once, huh baby?” He interrupted, with a slight chuckle in his voice as he placed a quick kiss on my lips. I sighed in defeat, knowing that I should be used to this by now, the guys are always out doing risky shit…I just didn’t want anyone else to get hurt; especially not after happened with Donna…

“We’re gonna be alright, sweetheart, nothing bad is gonna happen,” he said as he pulled me into a hug.

“I love you,” I said hugging him back tightly.

“I love you too, darlin’, I’ll see you in a few hours,” he said as he pulled away from the hug and quickly kissed me before getting on his motorcycle along with the other Sons and riding away.

Time skip-half an hour later

“Where are you guys going?” I asked Gemma and Tara as they walked towards the car.

“You should be inside,” Gemma reminded me.

“So should you, both of you should,” I countered. Gemma knew me all too well and before I knew it she was walking over to me.

“Sweetie, you gotta stop worrying so much;we’ve got Half Sack coming with us, we’re gonna be fine and we’ll be back in a few, we’re just gonna run a few errands and plus it gets Abel out for a while, might even send him to sleep” Gemma said reassuringly, kissing my head “Now go back inside,” she said before turning around and walking back to the car. Before I walked back into the clubhouse I was stopped as Eddy pulled me into a hug.

“I’ll look after them sis, I promise,” Eddy reassuringly whispered to me.

“Just make sure you look after yourself too bro,” I whispered back.

“I always do,” He said, pulling out of the hug and jumping on his bike; and I watched them drive away,and headed back inside.

Time skip-that night

I heard the door to the clubhouse open and in came Chibs and the others,if I’m honest I was surprised that Eddy wasn’t with them…I hadn’t seen him, Tara or Gemma since they left to run errands hours ago.

“Hey guys,” I said as I walked up to them, they all mumbled a ‘hey’ back, except Jax; he seemed pissed and I knew better than to ask him what was wrong-if I was meant to know then someone would tell me. It was odd though none of the guys made any eye contact with me, not even Chibs. I knew then that something bad had happened.

“Chibs, what happened? Where’s Half Sack?” I asked as I walked up to him. The guys all turned to look at him, and that’s when Clay came up to him and whispered something in his ear, all Chibs did was nod, before grabbing my hand and leading me into a the room where all the church meeting were held.

“Chibs?” I asked, worry filling my head.

“Sit down sweetheart,” he said, but he still didn’t look me in the eyes.

“Chibs, you’re worrying me, what’s happened?” I asked, the worry from my head now filling my voice.

“Shit sweetheart..a lots happened,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper as he let out a big sigh.

“Talk to me baby,” I said reassuringly placing my hands on his.

“That Irish bastard took Abel, and Gemma is now on the run because she apparently killed his son and Zobelles daughter…” He explained-well that explained why Jax was pissed, losing Abels probably broke his heart, and having his mum on the run makes it worse…But that’s when I remembered that Tara and Eddy were with Abel and Gemma.

“How’d Cameron take Abel? He would’ve been with Tara and Eddy,” I stated. And that’s when for the first time since he came back, Chibs looked me in the eyes-I noticed that his were slightly filled with tears.

“Cameron tied Tara up in the nursery..” He said slowly.

“What about my brother, what did he do to Eddy?” I asked panic and worry coming over me.

“I’m so sorry baby girl…” Chibs whispered as he kissed my hands which he was now holding.

“What are you sorry for…he’s okay, he’s gotta be okay..” I whispered as tears began to cascade down my cheeks-he couldn’t be dead, he couldn’t.

“There’s was nothing anyone could do, sweetheart…” Chibs said a few tears falling from his own eyes.

“NO! NO…he can’t be dead,” I sobbed, rising from my chair.

“Y/N/N..” Chibs whispered as he walked over to me, trying to pull me into a hug, but I just pushed him away as I stormed out of the room. As I walked out of room all of the guys went silent, and Chibs was walking after me. I walked over to my bag and grabbed my gun from my bag and swung the door open before walking outside, ignoring all of the pleas from the guys to come back inside the clubhouse.

“Y/N/N, baby girl, please just come back inside,” Chibs begged as he ran and grabbed my arm.

“Y/N/N, cmon, think about this,” Clay said as he walked behind Chibs; Jax and the others following closely behind him.

“No! That Irish bastard killed my brother, my baby brother, so I’m gonna find him and put a bullet through his skull!” I snapped, the tears running down my cheeks.

“Y/N/N, I wanna do that too! He took my son…my baby boy, believe me he’s gonna pay for what he’s done, to both of our families,” Jax said as he stepped closer to me, his eyes filling with tears as he spoke about his son.

I didn’t say anything all I did was give Chibs my gun; he passed it to Clay as he pulled me into a tight hug, stroking my hair soothingly, as I cried into his chest

“He’ll get what’s comin’ to him baby girl, I’ll make sure of it.” Chibs whispered to me, as we pulled out of the hug Clay walked up to me and hugged me.

“We’re all gonna make sure of it kid, this guy messed with the wrong family,” Clay said as he placed a hand on my shoulder, pulling away from the hug ; as he looked between myself, Chibs and the group, especially Jax, Jax looked me straight in the eyes and I knew that he and the other guys were gonna make him pay for what happened to my brother, and make him pay for taking Abel as well. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about this family, it’s that you don’t mess with us and get away with it.

clydeandjanie  asked:

If Hyde had been in character since the begining of the show, his season 2-3 self would had a crush on Donna and treat Jackie that bad?

Yes and yes, lol. Now, let me explain:

- The Crush:

I hate it a lot, but I know it would happen anyway. The difference is that he won’t act like such a creep over her. He would back off the second she said no and would not act over it again after seeing Eric and Donna are going for each other, and only each other.

So inted of forcing her into a kiss and stalking her, being agressive towards her and imposing his feelings, he would just, maybe, pine after her at the distance, maybe banter about it with Fez some time, and that’s it.

He would get over it, especially after seeing Donna so happy with Eric. He would probably had the chance to talk it out with her, because of course Donna would care about his feelings, she just doesn’t feel the same way. And she doesn’t want to lose her friend, alright.

After The Talk™, things will eventually get normal again.

- Being an ass to Jackie:

What made Hyde stop being an idiot to Jackie was realizing she is a human being, like him and his friends, who has her own problems and feelings, and who had been hurt by the guy he was so jealous for because she took all his attention away.

Yeah, I said that.

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Intro to Upper Class Culture, Part 1: The Opera

Alright so one thing I did when I started sugaring is I tried to become more “cultured” and “sophisticated”. I took some art classes, I read, I watched, I lived and breathed in culture. I see and hear POTs talk about how much they love various upper-crust cultural things all the time so I’m going to start writing mini lessons on various elements of high class culture, because honestly they aren’t as intimidating as you think! 

So tonight’s lesson will be: The Opera! I thought I would absolutely hate opera when I was forced to attend a showing of it for a class in college, but I ended up loving it. Why? Because the opera is melodramatic and at times ridiculous and it makes no apologies for that. It is an art form intended to be over the top and as an Eastern European woman I can appreciate gaudiness when I see it.

A brief history: The first opera, Dafne, was written in 1597, during the Renaissance, in Italy. Its writer, Jacopo Peri, was a humanist, which is very significant to the rest of opera’s story. If you don’t know what a humanist is, I’ll break it down for you. Before the renaissance, during the “dark ages”, little worth was placed onto the individual, life centered around God and if God made you into a peasant, you were supposed to stay that way. Then, humanism (which was inspired by Greek and Roman philosophy) took hold. Humanism places worth on the individual and an individual’s autonomy: now people are worth something, even if they are born a lowly peasant, and, they can change their fate. To us this sounds obvious but back then it was pretty cutting edge stuff (they call it the dark ages for a reason). You’ll find a lot of the stories behind great operas reflect humanist ideals! (As a matter of fact, one entire genre of opera, a verisimo, is defined as: a realistic style of opera that depicts the seamy underbelly of life.)  

Why is this important? Although, like many art forms, opera began as entertainment in the court, it quickly morphed into an art form for the upper middle class and, eventually, the working class. Yes, that’s right, snooty white glove opera was the art form that championed the middle class. And, like Shakespeare’s plays just before them, they were often very funny, and quite vulgar. As a matter of fact, operas were banned in Germany for a while because of their vulgarity (as if we didn’t already think Germans were wound a little too tight).

Now, assuming you’ve gotten over your preconceived hatred of the opera (good for you, try something new!) you might be a little nervous about actually attending your first opera. Lucky for you, there isn’t really too much etiquette behind it! 

First, there is the dress code. You don’t have to dress that nice to go to the opera. You can! If you want to wear a ball gown and a fur coat and diamonds go for it. More than likely there will be other people there doing that, especially if it’s opening night. My friend told me that her grandmother took her to the opera every year and they dressed to the nines and it was her favorite part about going. You do you girl. But if you want to be more low key, that’s ok too. I would say don’t wear anything you wouldn’t wear to church or a nice brunch; keep it decently classy, no yoga pants. 

Second, what do you do during the show? Make no noise. Seriously. Zero noise. Why? The singers use no amplification, and it’s amazing how much sound they produce. But, if someone makes a noise (whether it’s with a cellphone, you rummaging in your purse for chap stick or your fancy little binoculars or whatever) it’s super distracting for everyone within earshot and can drown out the amazing performance. So sit back, and relax. And don’t. Make. A sound.

Third, when is it ok to make noise? Before, during intermission and after, lol. And also when clapping! When should you clap? you might be wondering. Generally, when everyone else is clapping, at the very beginning when the conductor is on stage, at the end of an act and at the end. And when you’re clapping it’s appropriate to yell “bravo” when celebrating a man, “brava” for a woman and “bravi” for a group. 

Alright, a little opera vocab for you and then we’re almost done. 

aria: An emotion-expressing song in an opera; the big number.

bel canto: A style of sweet singing, taught to singers even today, that emphasizes breath control, a beautiful tone, and great flexibility in dynamics

cadenza: A moment near the end of an aria for the singer alone, with lots of fast, high, difficult notes, designed for showing off. (bonus tip: use this to sound fancy, it’ll impress your date)

libretto: The script of an opera.

opera buffa: Funny opera, especially from the 18th century.

opera seria: Formal, serious opera, especially from the 18th century.

prima donna: The singer who plays the heroine, the main female character in an opera; or anyone who believes that the world revolves around her.

recitative: (“ress-it-uh-TEEV”): Speech-singing, in which the singer semi-chants the words, imitating the free rhythms of speech.

Singspiel: (“SING-shpeel”): A German opera with spoken dialogue (instead of recitative) between arias.

Tips On How to Make the Opera More Enjoyable: 

1) Read the plot of the play beforehand. Read it fairly thoroughly, not just a two sentence summary. I promise it will make it more enjoyable if you know what’s going on.

2) In the US a lot of opera houses provide translations on some sort of screen behind the singers (since most of us don’t happen to speak German/Italian/French etc.). But if they don’t it’s ok. I know the idea of sitting through a series of odd sounding dialogues in a language you don’t understand may sound frustrating (welcome to my first year in America!) but it really isn’t that bad. Enjoy the sound of the opera, don’t worry about the dialogue. The music is what is infinitely more important. 

3) Appreciate the other elements of the opera! Whether it’s the lighting, the set, the costumes, the acting, there is so much going on in the opera! Opera, fun fact, literally translates into “work” because it takes so much work to put on an opera (that very last part might be a joke from my opera singer friend, but it might be true).

4) Appreciate how much effort goes into opera singing! It is AMAZING. It is the olympics of breath control. It’s athletic and beautiful and artistic and takes so much practice and work you can’t even imagine. My friend has been singing opera for 17 years and still considers himself an amateur. They project their voices without any amplification and use every single inch of their body to make that much noise and if you don’t find that impressive then I dare you to go try opera singing and come back to me.

Anyway, that’s all I really have! So whether it’s for a date, or a class, or just because you want to try something new that’s outside your comfort zone, hopefully this post will leave you a little more educate on the opera and make you want to experience it for yourself! 

Now go get yourself a ticket and impress someone with all your newfound opera knowledge!

cheerleaderjackie  asked:

You think Jackie would be ok if Donna was bi/gay? How do you think she would react to the news?

Well, it depends on the moment of her life this revelation is given.

Season 1 Jackie is harsh but more accepting that season 4, part 7, all of 8 Jackie. While half season 2 and first half of season 3 Jackie is almost as good as her season 5 and 6 self. 

Let’s say this happens around season 4 when Donna and Eric are broken up. Jackie’s character in season 4 is kind of a mess. Her relationship with Michael makes her stupid. There’s this theory I agree with in which we say she make herself stupid on purpose to pair on with Michael, that way she thinks they may work out better.

So if Donna goes to her with the news, this can go two ways: “Donna, that’s great! It explains why you like skinny and femenine Eric!” or “Oh, my God! Do you like ME!?” like a total moron. It can be even a convination of both.

But, in the 70s the world was opening and sex revolution was yelling in everyone’s ears one way or another. She likes Bowie and Elton John, she likes disco that is one of the areas lots of LGBT+ members felt safer during the time (and even now), and there are some ocasions in the show in which, compared to the rest of the cast/show/situation, her reaction to slightly “gay stuff” and actual gay people (Buddy Morgan, who she didn’t thought was gay because she couldn’t see it, but she didn’t had a problem with the possibility of it being true).

I think Jackie would support Donna, especially because their male friends may react weird to it. Men tend to sexualize all kind of wlw people and relationships, thinking a woman loving another woman is for them to enjoy. I can see Kelso and Fez being these jerks they always are towards Donna possibly having a girlfriend at some point.

While Eric may be jealous at the beginning, and Jackie is an expert at protecting Donna from Eric’s stupidity. I’m not talking about Hyde because I think he would be as accepting and chill as he always is in general. But the other boys? Yeah, Jackie would totally be on Donna’s side.

Maybe she will tell her she can introduce her to some girls she thinks (or even knows) are wlw in her cheer squad, maybe that way Donna will finally accept a make-over or somehting, lol.

those70scomics  asked:

How do you think Jackie and Donna would've been (personalities, behavior, etc.) had they been raised by the other's parents?

Ow. Jesus, that’s weird to think about.

Donna has a very strong personality but is also a girl of her house, even when she tries to deny it. Her encounter with feminism was brought from Midge, so I see two options her: Her inclination to reading may inspire her to find it in herself and by herself, or she would never.

I’m worried about what kind of relationship she may had have with Pam, but it all depends on what Pam is raising her. If it’s the Pam from season 1, Donna may turn out just as we know her, but maybe with more traditional femenine fashion taste.

Now, if the Pam raising her is the one from season 6, BOY. I’m sure they may have not have a great relationship as she grow older and realized her mother is– not a good one. Her parents would not divorce, but she would had been abandoned since forever.

So… if she reacted by smoking, answering to her parents, then dating an ass, etc. by them fighting (and then Midge leaving), I’m very worried what this basement gang-less Donna may do. Which is where her friendship with them and Jackie Pinciotti enters (more on that later).

What would def change is her dynamic with the gang. She and Eric wouldn’t had grown up together, and she would had grow up in a different social circle. I’m sure she would always feel like if she didn’t fit with the other girls she may hang out the most before she started to hang at the basement.

I don’t see her dating Kelso, I don’t see her actually dating anyone to enter their group of friends. I’m thinking in, Eric does has a crush on her. She’s freakin’ pretty and probably popular (rich kids are always popular, even when they don’t want to), so I bet the boys would thinks “that chick’s hoooot”. 

Right now, what comes to mind, is them having to teamup for a class assigment and the spark going from there, or something. 

What I think won’t change that much, is Jackie wanting to be friends with Donna and she kinda not wanting to, at the beginning.

Jackie would had grow up with both her parents and Eric in front of her house. Midge is present all the time and has some similarities to Jackie, they are both femenine and pretty, and are treated as dumb. But coming to this AU, Jackie would ha grow up as an even bigger daddy’s girl.

Bob would had spoiled the hell out of her as we see him spoiling Donna. But because of Donna’s more closed personality (when it comes to showing affection and doing family stuff), it wasn’t as obvious as with Jackie. The difference betwee this daddy’s girl Jackie and her real self, is that she won’t hero worship Bob as she did with Jack.

She seeks for attention and normality that’s who Jackie is in the show; but in this case, her search for normality would be similar to Donna’s in the show. She has parents that didn’t love each other enough to make it to forever together, or have a more– intimate marriage, so the constant fights of her parents may drown her more into the basement than not.

I can totally see her growing up not shallow but… annoying. Bitchy. Like Laurie, but without being– well, that open with her sexuality. And I don’t see her being best friends with Eric, lol. I mean, I can see her growing up seeing them play and going over from time to time, since Bob and Midge will still be friends with the Formans.

But as they grow up, I think they would… have this phase in which they hate each other and Eric would bane her from the basement, and Kelso and Hyde would be like “don’t be an ass”, especially because Kelso would try and be with her.

Which I don’t think would happen. This time, Jackie woudl know him in a different way, and she would know the kind of moron he is. So maybe after she rejects him, he would agree with Eric to bane her from the basement, and that’s when she starts getting close to Hyde. 

After Donna and Eric gets closer (I’m thinking, Buddy and Eric style), Jackie would absolutely try to be closer to her. She may not be shallow, but a chance to have a girl in that stinky basement? Yes, thank you. And now that I think about it, maybe Donna getting closer to Jackie may put her in front of Midge and her feminism, something I think Jackie will absorve but not be as passionate about it as Donna in the show.

Her take on it, I think it would be interesting to explore, especially in the case Donna may absorb it too and notice how fucked the society she was raised in is. I wonder if Pam’s education would get too much in the way as it did Jackie, or if she would wake up from it sooner than her.

What I do think is that Jackie would had been happier and Donna would had gotten way more chances at what she wants for herself than what she got in the show. Man, studying out? Absolutely. Getting to see the world? Every summer. 

I do wonder how she would take Jack going to prison and how Jackie would deal with Midge leaving. I’m not sure how Eric would try to help Donna about it… (It’s more easy for me imagine how Hyde would help Jackie, which isn’t too far from what he does for Donna. The interesting thing for me there is, would they be together as a couple by that moment or would they be only friends that obviously have a crush with each ohter?).


Tentative Titans (not Teen Titans but young-adult Titans) fan cast so far:

Freida Pinto as Raven, Alexandra Daddario as Donna, Amadeus Lundberg as Dick and Kali Hawk as Kory.

I am a partner by trade and a mother and a sister by design. I am so proud to be on this journey with you.

Donna Emerson

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Don’t Underestimate the Winchesters

Title: Don’t Underestimate the Winchesters

Author: @sea040561

Beta’d by: @sofreddie

Pairing: Sam x reader

Summary: Sam runs into a problem while showering

Word Count: 2664

Warnings: vampires (mentioned), some sexual situations (not much), humor

Author’s Note: For @thecuriouscrusader’s #Crusader’s 1K Challenge. My quote was “I think you’re kinda overdoing the manscaping”.

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clydeandjanie  asked:

Do you think the gang would had take it bad if Donna had dated someone else who wasn't Casey? And outside of the gang, of course.

Eric would had made a scene no matter who Donna dated, even if she dated a good guy. Because Eric is petty as fuck during most his break up with Donna, especially when it comes to the prospect of her seeing someone else, let alone when Casey appears. 

Because the writers wanted us to side with him and take her as a bitch, they wanted to show us how much better Eric was for her, even when in real life those dudes that call themselves the ‘good guys’ are assholes, most times fuckbois and what not.

So if Donna had found someone else outside the gang, I bet Jackie would had supported her as she always did. While Kelso and Fez wouldn’t had truly cared unless there is something about the dude to be an asshole about, so they can burn her. As for Hyde? He would first meet the guy, see if he’s truly fine for Donna and not an ass and after confirming he isn’t, he would be fine with that.

He would become Eric’s support and also voice of reason (or try to). I believe with good writing, Eric would had understood he needs to calm the fuck down, Donna doesn’t belong to him (or to anyone for that matter) and she doesn’t owe him anything. It would hurt, of course it would, but with time I think he would accept it.

Probably by being passive agressive as he is with Jackie, or directly an asshole like, again, with Jackie. This would cause conflic between him and Donna, and Hyde is not going to defend him. Maybe Kelso and Fez would, but Kelso will be called out by Jackie and he would lowkey leave it. While Fez, Donna is not afraid of him so she won’t truly care.

In the best case scenario, he understands eventually and they can become friends at some point. And with them, I mean Donna and Eric. Maybe he could date someone else too. 

We all know they are going to end up together, but honestly? I would had liked if they dated, like truly dated, other people.

Now that I think about it, it’s an interesting scenario, man.


Twinkle, Twinkle~

“I knew that we’d become one right away
Oh, right away
At first sight I felt the energy of sun rays
I saw the life inside your eyes

So shine bright tonight, you and I
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky
Eye to eye, so alive
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky

Shine bright like a diamond”

~Diamonds by Rihanna

DON’T LOOK AT ME FOR THE SONG. Every time I see shiny and sparkly stuff, that song plays in my head. XD And shhh… That’s like my KoryDonna song. HEHEHEHE.

Thank you, nightwinglover for prompting Donna! I’m glad I get to draw my goddess in all her sparkliness~ (●´□`)♡ Haha!

Also… The color palette looks like it’s for “American Vampire” covers. XD IT DOES, RIGHT??

Check out the other color palette meme fills here! 

My favourite donut

Summary: When Dean first met Donna, he didn’t know they would become more than just friends someday. Hunt after hunt they started growing closer together until it finally happened. Even if Donna tries to hide getting hurt as much as she can when someone is talking bad about her, Dean notices. And he decides to finally take a step forward and show her just how lovely she is.

Words: 1333

Pairing: Donna x Dean

Originally posted by samdreel

Warnings: protective!Dean if that’s a warning, fluffy smut, oral sex(female receiving), unprotected sex

A/N: So this idea came while talking with @written-inkcompetence about supernatural, especially Donna and Jody and well so shoutout to her for that ;P And I know I didn’t really hit Donna on character so sorry for that, lol.

@ohfora67impala @spnashley @leviathanslovedick @spnfanficpond

The front door swung open and Dean couldn’t wait to see Donna’s reaction to see him here. Usually Dean would be somewhere around the country for cases, but what Donna didn’t know was that he and Sam actually decided to take a few days off. And Dean wanted to spend that time with Donna. He hid behind the door to the living room, waiting for Donna to pass it. Once she did he jumped out and shouted “Surprise!” but other than other people would have reacted, she pointed her gun at Dean.

“Damn, Dean you scared me!” Donna stated.

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Unpopular Dr. Who Opinion

Let me be clear—I love the Ponds and Clara.

HOWEVER (and this is my personal opinion)

I just don’t think that The Ponds and Clara had the same emotional impact than previous companions—especially not Donna Noble. 

It is just so upsetting every time the Doctor calls Amy Pond or Clara his best friend— and I get it, they travelled together for a long time and were definitely important to his story.

But, I just don’t personally see either of them as his “best friend” 

Honestly for me, Donna Noble is the only companion who had that “best friend” dynamic with the Doctor. Amy and Clara were both too caught up in the whole traveling through time and space to actually solidify that relationship.  

Also there was that whole underlying sexual attraction thing that really just didn’t work for me. 

I can appreciate them as characters and love their dynamic with the Doctors—but I just don’t feel that emotional pull that I did with Donna Noble or other previous companions. 

For me, Donna Noble is and will always be the Doctor’s true best friend.

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