especially if you drive a truck

Yell at one of my employees? Enjoy your over-priced meal.

I work at a fast-food restaurant in a small town. More specifically, I’m the manager of that store (I don’t own it, but I run it).

As is common for most small towns, we often get customers that come through our drive-thru in those stupid jacked-up diesel pickup trucks, and those things are LOUD, especially when played through a headset directly into your ear.
Not only do those trucks sound like a school bus that hasn’t had a muffler in 12 years, but they make it reeeaaaally difficult to hear the driver through your headset, especially when the driver thinks you can hear their order that’s spoken at normal conversational volume.

One night, one of those douchenozzles rolls into the drive-thru and leaves the engine running, which makes it incredibly difficult for the girl taking his order to hear him (sometimes people will cut the engine as they know this is the case). After several requests to repeat himself to understand his mumbling, the customer gets angry and yells at her, calling her a “deaf-ass b*tch” and saying “How hard is it to f*ckin’ listen.” Needless to say that made me very angry.
Well wonderful Mr. Fecalweiner the store manager also had a headset, so I decided to chime in and tell my employee that I’d deal with it.

I eventually figured out what he wanted, but instead of ringing it up as the Meal with his fries and drink upsized to large sizes, I rang every item up separately. When it’s a “meal,” the system automatically includes a slight discount in the total; when everything is rung up separately, it can almost come out to be $3.00 more expensive than if it’d been made a meal. He never noticed the sizeable change in the price, and I was even able to sell him a couple pies for being “understanding” about the situation. The order taker girl couldn’t stop laughing in the break room after that.

Basically, don’t be an a*shole to people in the drive-thru because they can’t hear you over your stupid truck, or you’ll end up paying almost twice as much as you should for the same order.

The Classic Drive-In Movie Date | Simby {past}

It’s a surprise, Ruby. You know, the kind of thing you don’t go telling someone?” Simone reminded the redhead with an amused smirk as she stared forward and onto the road. The girl hadn’t stopped guessing where they were headed, especially after Paulie had loaned them his old pickup truck. But Simone only shook her head, matching the other’s stubbornness, Nope. Better just sit back and enjoy the ride hun, ‘cause these lips are sealed. Eventually, after driving an hour out of London and into Paddock Wood, Simone pulled down a back road which lead through a spot of trees before coming onto a clearing where the giant sign gave away their destination: Moonlight Drive-In Cinema. It was the largest in the UK, and a place Simone knew all too well.

She peeked over at the younger woman now and bounced a dark brow, Did I do a good job or what? It’s even a horror movie. I know they’re your favorite - probably because you know how much of a scared-y cat I am. You evil thing.This making her own lips twitch. The chef stopped the truck into a spot which wasn’t too crowded with cars, reversing so that the pickup bed was facing the huge screen. After getting out, she set the back end down and reached for a blanket rolled up in the corner, fanning it out and grabbing the bundle of snacks she had hid behind their seats. I can’t believe you haven’t been to one of these,the older woman teased as she situated herself on her own side, keeping her back against the back window and snuggling into the blanket, All us old timers used to come down every weekend for something like this. I’m sure a ton of kids were made here.


So my friend lives in Birmingham, Alabama and he’s driving up state to Florence. Some rednecks with a confederate flag flying out of their truck noticed the equality sticker on his car. And they got up beside him while driving and pulled a gun on him.
He’s ok. He got away from them on the road and called 911. But people need to be aware there’s a heightened risk right now and extra caution is needed.
Please be safe! Especially if you’re going to any pride events. And especially if you’re in the south.