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Have a ghost jackal that believes in the power of a reblog.

Ways that Reblogs help artists: 

Their followers see their art.If you reblog the artist’s work, then your followers can see their work too. Say if I have 79 followers, and then if you reblog my art 500 more people see it! (If you have that many followers, of course.) But even one extra person seeing it can mean having a commission or another person to morally support the artists work.

Reblogs might equal commissions. And we all know how hungry and starving artists are most of the time.

Reblogs mean more attention on their characters, especially original characters.It is a HUGE confidence boost to hear when someone likes your oc’s. Small things like that can actually drive an artist to keep trying, to keep practicing and possibly even get better as they do. 

You can help them connect to other artists and get advice and critique.

You can connect to an artist and possibly gain another friend. c:

Thanks for the read cats, I hope you all have a great day.

psa to new followers

i ship tony (esp. 616) with good characterization and a dynamic love life. that’s it


Hey everyone! 

So as you might know, I’m not doin’ too hot money wise, especially right now with my mom not working n everything, and I’m in need of some money for food for the upcoming school year so I’ve opened a Redbubble!! 

It’s right here

It’s mostly stickers, pillows, and totebags right now, but I plan on doing a few more designs soon! I’m also open to any ideas y’all wanna request! 

I also do commissions!!

I will be reblogging this a few times in the future but I’ll be tagging it “self reblog” 

One last thing, I won’t get a check from them if I don’t make at least $20 in a month, so If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind reblogging this? I’d really appreciate it if a buncha people saw this!! <3 

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Hey! It's been almost 2 weeks that my summer break started and I've been lagging behind, procrastinating all the things I have planned to do. I just can't sit down and get to study and waste time on stupid things. Please help!!


Studying is difficult during the summer break since our brains like to take a well-deserved break. For this reason, focusing is slightly more challenging especially for long hours like the amount cram studying that is done before the finals examinations.

·         Best way to study is to get started on it. In your case, I would highly recommend using some kind of timer(Pomodoro Timer, 30/30 app(IOS), kitchen timer…) and study in shorter blocks rather than long 2+ hours at a time.

·         Set the timer for 25 minutes. During these 25 minutes, just focus on studying and nothing else. It will be difficult at first, but it will get easier with practice. After 25 minutes of studying, take a 5 minute break as a small reward. And, repeat about 4 times this 25/5(work/break) minutes cycle.

·         Afterwards, take a long break of 15 minutes. *You might not be able to focus for a long time, but 25 minutes should not be too much of a problem.

·         Visually this is how it would look like:

·         Study Block #1: 25 minutes

·         Break #1: 5 minutes

·         Study Block #2: 25 minutes

·         Break #2: 5 minutes

·         Study Block #3: 25 minutes

·         Break #3: 5 minutes

·         Study Block #4: 25 minutes

·         Break #4: 15 minutes

For ways of minimising distractions: Minimising Distractions

Listening to music can help you get in the study mood. Before starting to study, set up a playlist or choose one from 8tracks, Youtube.

If you do not want to listen to music, some alternatives are background (white noises) like Coffivity(café noise atmosphere) and Rainymood(Raindrops sound generator to create the rainy day atmosphere)..

Best of Luck.

5110) I've had a job for the past 6 months and most of the people there are really nice. But recently all I want to do is quit, because if I come out there I can be fired & my state doesn't have any laws against it. So I'm stuck wearing a name tag with the wrong name & being called "she/miss/her/*birth name*" every time i set foot in the place & it's slowly killing me. My dysphoria's been getting so much worse, especially my chest, & I'm considering wearing a binder 24/7 so I won't cry all the time
PSA to All Role Players, Especially Newer Ones

For goodness sake, please take the time to read an RPer’s headcanons and about page (as well as rules, but that should be an absolute given, right?) before interacting with them and their character.

The person had worked very hard to come up with them (possibly had to do a lot of research as well!) to flesh out their character and possibly come up with a back story and everything, and it’s embarrassing and awkward and very disappointing for the other to ignore it just for the sake of “keeping it canon”.

And if you can, RPers, please have an about and headcanon page so others can know what yours is about!


Hey guys it’s June, or tumblr user uglycetra

So I just got discharged from Dominion (Mental Hospital) and like honestly I feel way better than I did going into the place. You would think that being cut off from society would make a person a lose their mind but actually it helped taking a step back and just looking at how the world is. Busy, constant and always moving; especially in this technological era where most of us are on our screens all day. 

 This honestly cuts down the time we really spend with others we just care about and with all these distractions we got goin on in our lives it takes on a great deal of stress toward the mind and body. I used to be scared to ask for help, I used to think that I would be considered crazy. I would cry myself to sleep about temporary things when all along, all I needed to do was just take some time off and just relax. I’m a very violent person but I’m also fragile and quite emotional. 

You are no less of a man or woman just because you need someone else to let your feelings onto

And if you feel helpless 

If you feel like nobody is there for you I wanna let you know that you are wrong. Do not wait for someone to help you and just go ask. I promise you that there will always be a way for you to smile. 

I love you.

Schizophrenia May Be the Price We Pay for a Big Brain

See on - The future of medicine and health

Plenty of us have known a dog on Prozac. We have also witnessed the eye rolls that come with the mention of canine psychiatry. Doting pet owners—myself included—ascribe all kinds of questionable psychological ills to our pawed companions. But in fact, the science suggests that numerous nonhuman species do suffer from psychiatric symptoms. Birds obsess; horses on occasion get pathologically compulsive; dolphins and whales, especially those in captivity, self-mutilate. And that thing when your dog woefully watches you pull out of the driveway from the window—that might be DSM-certified separation anxiety. “Every animal with a mind has the capacity to lose hold of it from time to time,” wrote science historian and author Laurel Braitman in her 2014 book Animal MadnessBut at least one mental malady, while common in humans, seems to have spared other animals: schizophrenia, which affects an estimated 0.4 to 1 percent of adults. Although animal models of psychosis exist in laboratories, and odd behavior has been observed in creatures confined to cages, most experts agree that psychosis has not typically been seen in other species, whereas depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety traits have been reported in many nonhuman species.

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Oh god the Vriska (Vriska) convo is wonderful.  There’s just so much of the same kind of attitudes I see floating around Tumblr all the time in Alive Vriska, especially in this line.

VRISKA: And I fully intend to use it in a relevant and constructive way to help 8ring an end to all the horri8le shit that’s 8een going on for way too long.
VRISKA: Remem8er when you used to care a8out that sort of thing?
VRISKA: No, o8viously not.
VRISKA: All you care a8out now is 8ullshit hipstery fashion trends, feeling “happy”, and… whatever the fuck it is you’re doing here? 

Like duh there’s lots of injustice in the world, and of course it’s a worthy cause to fight for it but nobody’s obligated to.  The goal of fighting injustice is not to make yourself greater, it’s to allow you and other people happiness.  Happiness is the goal.  Deciding that happiness is a distraction is a one-way ticket to never achieving justice because you can’t even recognize what it is.

Then again I don’t know why it would be news to anyone that Vriska doesn’t know what she’s fighting for.

I think there’s probably a lot of Terezi in this too.  This sounds like exactly the sort of thing Vriska would take out of Terezi’s passion for righteous retribution.  Once she’s got some sort of moral code Vriska decides that everyone must follow it or they’re awful, especially if the other code isn’t harmful because how can you be righteous if everyone else isn’t outright awful, right???

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Apart from a few quick glances and smiles while they are around each other, do you think Astrid gives hiccup a booty squeeze when no one's looking?

Well, in RTTE canon verse, probably not yet since they’re still friends and everything. In film canon where they’ve been a couple for years (I mean, we know people are having sex because how the Hell did Hiccup come into being in the first place if Valka and Stoick were not getting it on? The Hooligans are a rowdy, passionate people, after all) I bet she pinches his ass all the time. Especially in the forge because she finds it hilarious when he yelps in surprise and Gobber turns around and Hiccup has to sputter out some weak excuse for his reaction. “Haaa…hit my thumb with the…hammer…” but he’s not even using a hammer at the time. It’s like a game to her—how many ways can she make Hiccup feel awkward in public? Booty slap, squeeze, pinch are very effective. Under table crotch-grabbing is even better, especially for the way he chokes on his mead.

I’ve wanted to draw a character near a train crossing for a long time and now I finally have! XD

It’s been a while since I’ve done something painterly, and originally wasn’t going to do that with this one, but felt like this would work well with a painterly touch, especially with all the lighting going on. I’ll be debuting this one at Anthrocon this year, might put a really big version printed on canvas or really nice paper, haven’t decided yet, but it should look pretty cool :D

Zouis - 1D Day “I love that“

1D Day is so full of Zouis it’s almost crazy. I felt like it’s time for another piece of analysing since it’s been a while since I did the first one for 1D Day. It’s quite a long clip, but it’s funny in it’s whole so I’d say it’s worth watching even without the Zouis.

ZouisMiniVideoAnalysis - One Direction - 1DDAY - Jerry Springer Game Show

This gameshow with Jerry Springer is devided in several segments, but I felt it was better to do them all in one go especially since the beginning only includes a few Zouis moments. We’re gonna skip to all the Zouis parts, but it really is worth watching the whole thing. We’ll start off by just mentioning Zouis circling each other a bit in the very beginning… Then I will skip ahead and start with when they answer for the first game. As they are to point out what a closeup of something really is. At exactly 6 minutes Louis shows his answer and it is Zayn’s/My jacket. Since I will make this Zouis, I think the Zouis closet is shared and hence Louis is thinking of a specific jacket. But both he and Zayn uses it so he goes with both their names depending on who would show up in the picture. He also adds: “It’s tough really. It’s tough boys, at the end of the day.“ as he defends his right to answer with both him and Zayn. I would agree it is tough to separate Zouis clothes since they seem to share so many of them. ;)

Moving on to the next game, which also includes Harry’s incredible jump. When the guys are getting carried by Paul as they guys stand on the waiting side at 14:00 Zayn is moving towards Louis to say something, probably because they’ve been separated for too long and we hear them talking as Zayn waits for his turn (Louis defintely says “Yeah mate.”). At 14:20 Louis is getting carried and just look at Zayn standing there cheering him on and waiting. Also around 14:24 Zayn reaches out to catch Louis as he gets put down. YES ZAYN, GRAB THAT ASS! (He does not help Harry later so obviously Louis gets special treatment from Zayn.)

Now for the toddler talk, we got the kids describing one of the 5 guys, and Louis answer at 17:34 with “I said Zayn because he’s the biggest bad man I know. So…“ (BONUS Westside next to Zayn’s name = Love) Zayn however let’s Louis know that they said “Batman“ and not bad man. Which is incorrect, but either way this makes Louis answer with “Oh, I thought Bad man. I mean… You’re a bad man anyway Zayn.“ So we get a Zouis conversation in the middle of all this… I also think Louis keeps talking in the background saying something like “A good man, a bad man? I don’t know what I’m saying” Zayn then says. “I am a bad man.“ Anyways, why exactly is Zayn such a bad man Louis? Because I would love to know.

Then they describe a man with colouring on his arm, and everyone answers Zayn. When the kids announce that it indeed it Zayn we can hear Louis at 19:16 “Love that, love that.“ Again, exactly what is it that you love Louis? Because if it is children shouting Zayn’s name looking all happy and cute I don’t blame you. ;)

Then the last person gets described as looking like he does the cleaning at one of the childrens house. Nothing much, but when asked about what kind of cleaning he does when Louis answers with that he do all sorts of cleaning he kinda glances in Zayn’s (or Harry’s but it doesn’t look close enough) direction two times the last being at 20:48. Liam also looks towards Zayn when we get a closeup of him. This doesn’t really mean anything, but just pointing it out.

As it proves to really be Louis they are talking about, the kids say “He can kick the ball like that!“ and when they all discuss how Louis looks like a cleaning lady, Zayn comes in to “comfort“ and says “Louis you can kick the ball bad though.“ at 21:14. Zayn obviously needs to compliment Louis as often as he can.

Ok, so that was that. Just a few small scattered Zouis moments, but I hope you still enjoyed them. Also let me know if there is any specific clip you want me to talk about.

Zouis <3

Wyatt sat cross-legged in the shade of one of the taller trees outlining the perimeter of the Gardens, a threaded needle between his fingertips as he carefully pierced the skin to reattach his right forearm. He could feel a pair of eyes on him. Wondering what the hell he was doing, probably. It wasn’t an ordinary sight. One of his seams had gotten snagged on the branch of a tree as he tried to climb out of it just moments earlier and unraveled almost entirely. It wasn’t exactly unusual  – he’d done it countless times as a kid, after all  – but sewing himself back up afterwards was always a bitch. Especially with an audience. Shifting the mostly dismembered limb slightly in his lap, he looked up. “Did you want something?”

People are literally jumping on anything about Fire Emblem: Fates they can and I don’t understand why? Like, the hate for this game literally spawned out of nowhere and it’s not even in English yet, all we’re doing is taking the word of fan translations. People are forming preconceptions of it and calling it the ‘worst game of all time’ because of a few choice (albeit, unsavoury) parts. They haven’t even played the damn thing but because it’s not pristine perfect they’re treating it like it’s genuinely harming people.

I’m going to get Fire Emblem: Fates and I don’t care what anyone says. If you don’t like the game, that’s fine.  But other people want to play the game, and they should be able to play if they want to. You can’t tell people what they can and can’t do, especially if it’s not hurting anyone. You can’t police other peoples’ lives like that.

Y’all will analyse the shit out of anything just to prove your precious ships but when it comes to analysing stuff like this you’ll cherry-pick what you want to prove your point.

TL;DR: I’m going to buy Fire Emblem: Fates so whatever lol

theaterdancechoirgleenerd asked:

I'm a Christian and also questioning my sexuality, it's been a struggle. Do you know any verses that would help? Or anyone else who's going through the same thing? Love your blog btw

God bless you! I’m happy you decided to ask for help, it’s not an easy thing to do. 

1 Corinthians 10:13 “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.” ESV

This is one of my favorite verses, especially when I was going through some difficult times. We’re all going to be tempted, but God is so faithful that he gives us a way out of it. It’s not a sin to be tempted, it’s when you give in to temptation that it becomes a sin. 

Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” NIV

Another of my favorites, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. We need to guard our heart. We also need to guard our mind and body. Don’t expose yourself to things that you know are not good for your spirit. 

There are a bunch of verses in the Bible that talk about not falling into sexual immorality and about homosexuality. I’m sure you know about those, and I’m not here to bang those into your head. Just know that if you’re struggling, Jesus is right there. Give your problems to Him, trust in Him. You will overcome this, I have faith in you! 

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You always stick up for them and it makes me smile. I'm sorry you haven't been enjoying things here rexently but please know your maturity and opinions are always appreciated

Aww thank you <3

I do always tend to stick up for them, but this last week especially has put me in a bit of a 'defense mode' I guess lol. There’s just been so much negativity lately. It sucks to enjoy something and then get 15 messages right after about the new drama of the day. It's difficult for me to avoid chiming in but I should probably just ignore it all, because it sure doesn’t make it very fun.

I guess I just feel like most of the backlash they get can be really unnecessary at times. People seem to have A LOT of expectations for Dan and Phil. Expectations that they may or may not be willing or ready to meet. And when those aren’t met or don’t turn into the exact result that people wanted, it ends in enormous disappointment. I don’t think Dan and Phil should be faulted on that. I mean, I call them out when they do weird shit (like the little lies yesterday) but they always seem to mean well in my eyes. They’re good people with good intentions and I don’t like to see them demonized for the smallest things. Idk.

Sometimes I don’t think this is the best place for me lol it shouldn’t be a ‘stressful’ environment. But thank you very much for the kind words. I don’t know exactly how long I’ll be doing this, but I’m so glad that you’ve still enjoyed the posts lately <3
Fall Out Boy's "Thnks fr th Mmrs" Music Video - 20 Lost Kim Kardashian Pop Culture Moments
From 'CSI' to cupcake mix, the lesser-known exploits of a ubiquitous star


Though her life has been intertwined with the music business since she was a kid, Kim’s cameos in music videos boil down to two credits: her unforgettable bike ride with husband Kanye West in “Bound 2” and the perfectly ridiculous clip for Fall Out Boy’s 2007 single “Thnks fr th Mmrs.” In the latter, she plays bassist Pete Wentz’s love interest on a video set run by chimpanzees. Wentz becomes increasingly annoyed with the primate director, especially when he tries to show the bassist how to properly kiss Kim.

“I’m a fan of Fall Out Boy, and I agreed to do it,” she told News Times in 2007. “And it was so much fun working with them. I think music videos kind of all show the same thing. They want a hot girl and cool cars. This one was totally different.”

Since I cannot make any video, here is a text.

Well hello, Cap’n speaking so yeah….

At first I wanted to make a video explaining everything. I’m not the kind of being that sentimental or anything especially in public but anyway, I guess you guys have the rights to know some stuffs that is going on. I’m sorry in advance if something doesn’t sounds right, I’m not English first so yes I do make mistakes.

So I must thanks you guys, I mean, I am having a fun time, if it wasn’t of all of you guys that is following and giving supports well heh, I wouldn’t be here trying my best to entertain you all which I kind of enjoy. 

You see, it is not going well on my side for at least more than a month now, stuff that is happening are giving me more stress then I should endure. I try my best to stay strong no matter what, to stand my ground and give my possible to everyone around me that isn’t going well neither telling to myself that my stuffs aren’t important and they will pass… Which it seems it is not happening.

To the eyes of some people, I seems to be a strong person… In all honesty, with all the shits that happened to me I can finally assume it that yes I am because I learned the hard way, to survive on my own when I was bullied for some sort of reasons and many more that I am not going into details. I push my limits over and over for taking care of everyone that I can even if in the end I just can’t because… I came to realize that even if you try helping, if someone doesn’t help themselves, you just cannot do anything more and you need to stop pushing and take some times for yourself.

I was the kind of person that was ready to do everything for my friends and of course family until…. All of that crap happened. When it started I don’t know but I am not an happy person neither but at least I try my best and stop always being negative and still climb the broken ladder. Even the strongest people can fall my friends… But a strong person cannot stand alone neither.

I’ve seen my friends and now my family falling one by one and me… I’m being foolish trying to be the hero and save them all… You guys don’t know… How much good it does to someone when you go and tell them they are beautiful, that you admire them, that you love them and etc… Even if it is random, just that is enough to help someone and if that person doesn’t accept it? Then you at least tried.

To me at least, it makes me smile. I do not look like it but I am not a people person at all. The way I’ve been raised, the way I’ve been treated by everyone in my life made me dislike/hate the world I’ve been living in. I have thought about so many insane things, things that sadly cannot leave my head to the point I’m asking myself if I’m completely there, if I am still alright or if my sanity is still there which I doubt but, I am here. Making what I want the most, acting.

So guys…. No matter what, keep fighting, keep telling to the others how much you like them, how much you find them beautiful and respect them and don’t forget to thanks them, who knows… maybe you’ll save someone that way…. We just…. shall never surrender.

Anyway, again, thank you, I needed it because sometimes, someone that once was a hero can have enough and simply becomes a villain.

TRC Violinist AU pt 13

on AO3

The first thing Ronan said when he showed up to St. Agnes early Saturday afternoon was: “I forgot Chainsaw at the Barns. We’ll have to go get her before we can do anything.”

Adam was perhaps a bit relieved that he wouldn’t have to risk being entirely alone with Ronan, but he knew what he was supposed to say in this situation. “Go ahead and go get her then. Although, it might be late by the time you get back. Did you want to cancel today’s practice?”

Before he had even finished speaking, Ronan was shaking his head, blue eyes especially vibrant. “Nah, you can come with me. We can just play at the Barns. Saving time, and all.”

Adam felt his heart jump a little at the thought of him and Ronan alone. But then he chastised himself. He and Ronan were friends. That’s it.

Ronan strode out to his car. “Adam? You coming or not?”

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