especially if text is being used

y’all: bisexuals are fake bc they usually end up in m/f relationships

me, an intellectual: it’s easier and statistically more likely to find a straight person who is attracted to you and compatible with you than to find a lgb+ person who is, especially in small towns. not to mention the fact that a big part of lg community won’t even date us, because they are biphobic. also a huge number of bis are nb, so m/f rhetoric doesn’t even fit us. also. there is nothing wrong with bis being in a m/f relationship if it’s healthy. also. stop being biphobic it’s 2017 when will this stop

Use the phrase "My understanding was..." instead of "I assumed..."

If you use the phrase “I assumed…”, you’ll be viewed as having hastily jumped to a conclusion based on insufficient evidence.

If you use the phrase “My understanding was…”, people will merely think you misunderstood something, and will be far kinder to you (and in instances where what you misunderstood was something they said, they will often apologize, or fault themselves for not being more explicit).

This is especially useful in a professional/workplace environment. Telling your supervisor you “assumed” something typically results in a reprimand; saying “My understanding was…” will instead be attributed to a miscommunication, or a lack of clarity in their original instructions.

i hate the term ‘politically correct’. i hate that encouraging compassion and basic decency towards all human beings as a society-wide expectation has been reduced to simple ‘political correctness’, like it’s a chore to be undertaken, like not being a bigot is such an inconvenience. no offence, but fuck anyone that uses that term unironically, especially those who criticise it. truly, fuck you

im just saying that once the whole mess is cleared up jace is gonna have to deal with seeing a lot of… well let’s just say a lot of affection between magnus and alec:

  • the first time it happens even jace has to admit it’s his fault, he’s just not used to the word privacy when it comes to alec and yes maybe the door being closed was a good sign, especially since he knew magnus was over, and maybe the loud music from inside should have given it away but oh well, at least now he knows better
  • though not in time to erase certain images
    • hands in hair, alec pressed against his wall, magnus’ leg slipped between his parabatai’s, hands gripping- “jace!”  
    • alec pulls back and pants slightly, looking disheveled and wide-eyed, magnus drops his head into the crook of alec’s neck and groans, “i know you two are close, and i appreciate that, i do, but really?”
  • the next time jace refuses to believe is his fault, but alec has a different story
    • jace says that he simply wanted a glass of water and that walking into the kitchen to see both of them shirtless, alec kissing down magnus’ chest was not high on his bucket list
    • alec always breaks in with “it was two in the morning! in magnus’ apartment! you were told to stay in your room!” 
    • “can’t a man get a drink of water?” “no!”
  • the third time they all knew jace was not at fault, and even though alec was apologetic he couldn’t help but feel as if magnus was particularly smug
    • he’s coming back from a long training session with isabelle, he’s sore, tired, sweaty, frustrated from getting his ass handed to him, and he just wants to take a shower
    • instead he’s greeted with the sight of alec and magnus, “seriously? on my bed?!”
    • “max is sleeping in my room, and magnus said you would be a while… i’ll wash your sheets?” “i guess i just lost track of time..”
  • jace now knew to be careful, yes alec shared details with him, i mean what else are best friends for, but seeing it was a whole different story, and somehow it just. kept. happening.
    • “arghhhhh!” all he saw was a flash of hips moving against hips before he clasped his hands over his eyes
  • he gets a break for a couple of years before… the dreaded event happens once more
    • alec is sitting on the counter, magnus standing between his legs while they… breathe each other’s air
    • “the next time i see you two kissing better be at your wedding, alec!”
    • “since we’re on the subject, i have to tell you something”
Masterlist - reactions (2016)

Their s/o loving to play with their hands

Their s/o being excited about being able to use chopsticks for the first time

You making a lot of dirty jokes

Yoongi’s crush telling him they like him back, but won’t tell him

Hearing you yell in another language over the phone, and finding out it was mainly curse words

You having a dry sense of humor

Their s/o being “scary looking”, but kids love them

You ignoring them after they call you something derogatory in a fight

Their s/o sending a risky text, but bc they reply late, they reply with “the sun is out, I’m pure again”

Their s/o being a swimmer and showing their skills off

Their s/o being a pluviophile and having a lot of deep thoughts

You always plying music when you’re in the bathroom

A lot of people checking you out bc you’re looking especially nice

You reading Demian to understand WINGS better

Having a dream about your wedding

Your fridge being full of almost only vegetables and fruit

Their s/o used to be a badass

You going bodies with someone for fun

You having a bad case of PTSD, but refusing to talk about it

You holding off sex bc it ruined your last relationship

Their mute s/o saying ‘I love you’ for the first time

You trying to learn korean, but mispronouncing a word and say something bad

Accidentally breaking another member’s partner’s nose

You almost getting hit by a drunk driver

You running errands for them publicly even tho their fans hate you

Seeing their mother slap you

You looking at gifs of them and smiling

You having a cuter side, as well as a tougher one

You having an unusual name

Their s/o’s group performing Boombayah by Blackpink

Their s/o being a sucker for small, pretty things

Another member finding out about their s/o by walking in on them kissing

You playing with their thighs a lot

Seeing a drawing you made of them

You wanting to go ice skating for a date

Hearing you scream in pain, only to find you waxing your legs

You’re nearly drunk at a party, but your friend tries to make you drink more

You owning a lot of horses

Catching you jamming out to Twenty One Pilots

Hanging out w/ you and seeing another member’s gf w/ a random guy

You taking pills to lose weight, and they affect you quite a lot

Their idol s/o’s group performing at MAMA

Their s/o being very smart in every subject, except math

Their daughter giving them a flower drown bc “boys deserve flowers too”

Their s/o wanting to become a Victoria’s Secret-angel

You being sleep deprived bc you’re writing a book

They are frustrated and their s/o gives them space, but comes back soon after

They have a crush on another member’s best friend

You having a sibling you cut out of your life

Their muslim s/o being called a terrorist

Their s/o dancing to Fire, but failing at 3:33

Seeing their gender fluid s/o dressed as a girl for the first time

Their s/o having cold hands

Seeing their s/o perform their part of a BTS song for a talent show

Their innocent-looking s/o playing violent games

You having a weird nickname

Their s/o loving jawlines

Liking someone from the Middle East

Finding out you can skate

Their s/o tried committing suicide before, and is thinking about it again

Their nice and happy s/o being interested in serial killers

Their s/o dissociating themselves w/ life

Their bff telling them how much they love them platonically

You boosting their confidence when they feel low

Their s/o defends another member, but then the hater turns on them

Their s/o being an art student, and nervous about submitting a project

You being a virgin

You looking very cold, but being a ball of fluff

Another idol saying they have a crush on them

You being a fan of a fierce girl group

You having pseudohypoparathyroidism

Their crush saying they’re their boyfriend when someone hits on them

You get really lost in a topic when you speak

You having a sexy body, but a squishy face

Their gf being moody and in pain bc of her period

You high-giving a dirty comment another member makes about your relationship

Yoongi’s crush/bff only wanting him around when they’re angry

You tell them you’re pregnant, but they’re on tour

They catch you glaring at a kid

You being tall and insecure about it

You being smarter than them school-wise, but an airhead otherwise

Their gf not shaving anywhere

You teasing them during a dinner w/ the other members

Their gf winning over them in arm wrestling

They get caught trying to find your underwear

Their s/o being an undercover cop at BigHit

You being as strong as/stronger than them

Their baby sneezes so hard they fall down

You being a book lover

Their s/o talking fast spanish over the phone

Their crush having freckles, but not liking them

Their s/o used to self harm

Their s/o having quite the temper, and is easiest to calm down through sex

You having really bad nightmares about your past

You being scared of planes going over

Their s/o doesn’t show any affection

Their younger sibling coming out as pansexual

You tell them it’s a turn on when they pull your hair

The two of you fight, and you flinch when he gets loud

Their s/o suddenly wanting to cuddle

Their s/o getting in a fight with their stepdad bc their little brother was bruised

Their gf being very curvy

Their lesbian crush accepting their joking offer to change her mind about guys

Their idol s/o (secret) winning an award

You not being able to eat or drink acidic things

Their crush having a slight overbite

Seeing you still sleeping with your baby blanket

Finding out their s/o used to suffer from bulimia

(Jungkook, Namjoon and Yoongi special) Their s/o wanting to dominate, not being dominated

You having an oral fixation

You and the member get lost, and you’re the one to find the way home

Their s/o being obsessed with Disney

You get pregnant, but panic bc you don’t want kids

Seeing their crush they thought were rude helping a homeless person

You not being jealous

Their s/o smelling like cocoa butter

You being scared if elevators

You get goosebumps when they touch you

You being very adventurous

A Victoria’s Secret model being a fan

Their innocent looking crush being covered in tattoos

The members tease the both of you the morning after

Their s/o being a profiler

Them talking about a pretty foreigner in korean, and they reply

Their gf having a guy best friend

Finding out you’ve got pierced nipples

Their s/o needing help “releasing some frustration” after getting pissed at a game

You letting them be rough in bed, even though you don’t like it

Their crush waking up crying because they dreamt of their dead mother

When you start “playing” with them on a plane

Their usually calm s/o becomes really rude when someone disrespects them

The condom breaks

Having a crush on another member

Their s/o’s character having a horrible death at the end of a series

Their gf being a professional wrestler

Their non Korean s/o speaking multiple languages

Their usually quiet s/o being very angry

Their s/o being a bit playful during sex

Their s/o having a praise kink

You being very passionate about writing

Their s/o being serious, but having goofy moments

Their s/o alternating between different fashion styles

Their s/o having a lot of guy friends

Their s/o being the same height as them

Their s/o biting their shoulder when they kiss them

Their friend suffering from social anxiety

You being very jealous

You really liking skinship

Their s/o making a face when they don’t like something

Their usually strong s/o crying

Your brother being very protective

Them finding a dildo in your bedside table

When you want to shower with them early in the relationship

Them reacting when you say ’daddy’ but you are talking to your dad

They accidentally send a dirty text to their parents

You asking them to buy pads/tampons

Their s/o getting hate

Their s/o saying ’I love you’ in their sleep

Finding out their s/o has a spank kink

Another celebrity flirting with their s/o

Their s/o being on the dominant side

You being scared of dogs

You storming off after a fight

You being able to calm Yoongi down

Their gf not liking romantic movies, but loving love songs

You not wanting kids even though you work with them

Their gf getting in the mood very suddenly

Finding you crying to a song

You being sarcastic, but mushy around kids and animals

You want to jump from a plane with a parachute

Walking in on their bisexual crush when she’s with a girl

You are younger than they thought

Their foreign gf not wanting to call them ’oppa’

You being a stoner

You grew up in a bad family and don’t want kids

You getting a bit violent

You’re a really good dancer

Their gf’s eyes changing colors

Their gf being very sarcastic with a resting bitchface

Your sister comes along on your date

You telling them in a fight how hurt you are bc they’ve been rude

You don’t like cats and dogs, but dangerous animals

I mean I’m a strong Baekhyun stan, but I also support EXO as a whole. I’m an EXO-L for God’s sake and of course that means I’ll support THE HELL out of For Life when the MV drops? Chanyeol, Jongin and ESPECIALLY Suho deserve that attention! Stop being so damn negative and petty, and focus on the fact that EXO is having a comeback and it’s probably going to slay us all!!!!!!!!!

We need to stick together now and fight against fascism. We’re not allowed to lose hope. We have to protect each other, stick up for each other, be loud and fight against those who want to oppress us, especially those of us who have less power and privilege. 

Staying out of it and keeping your mouth shut is not an option anymore. If hate is their weapon, then let love be ours - not for them, but for each other. Now more than ever. Be compassionate and give others no reason to fear you for being selfish. Educate yourself, be smart and be an ally to those who need allies.

“When 100 people come together and there are a five people who murmur nationalistic stuff, that doesn’t make the other 95 nazis. However when these five people start hissing a swastika flag, how do the other 95 handle it? Does the majority accept these symbols unchallenged? Do these five people remain a part of the group? From a certain point onwards the symbol won’t just stand for the five people but is to be understood as a declaration of intent from the entire group. That’s how political group dynamics work: by silence, agreement and separation. And there’s a moment when silence becomes agreement. As if someone would walk after a flag without questioning it.” - Sascha Lobo

Don’t underestimate small acts of injustice and small people who preach hatred and fear. Take them serious. Nobody is ridiculous enough not to pose a threat.

Take a stand and don’t be silent in the face of injustice. Don’t be cynical, be hopeful. Fight for the future you want, vote for the future you want. This is not the end. 

paying attention to what’s going on is honestly exhausting. try to figure out a way to find the balance between being informed and having your mental and emotional health in jeopardy. that might mean avoiding social media all together, or filtering what you see, or avoiding certain groups of individuals.

there’s nothing wrong with stepping back from what’s happening in the world, especially since these events impact many of us personally due to our nationality or religion or legal status. please, please, take care of yourself. 

[Vampire AU] How They React When You Want To Have Sex With Them (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests (Fridays & Sundays, Central time) guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON:  He’d wanna make sure you were 100% sure about your decision (once you go vamp you never go back lol) but once you were totally down, shit would get wild (he’d still be careful with you of course though)

YOONGI: I don’t think he’d be able to turn you down (especially with how persuasive you were being) but of course he’d be afraid of hurting you, so he’d make sure to take all the necessary precautions beforehand (like feeding, and making sure he could control himself)

HOSEOK:  He’d almost be consumed with his pure, fierce desire for you, he’d almost take you right there. Even though his passion burns hotter than the sun, he’d still put you first. He’d make it special and make sure he was gentle enough

SEOKJIN:  He would definitely reluctant to try. Not because he didn’t want you, but because he didn’t want to lose control and hurt you. I think he might try eventually, but he’d go about it very hesitantly  

JIMIN:  This kid would also take a little persuading I bet, like Seokjin. He’d a little more open to the idea though, and it wouldn’t take very long to get him to try with you (you’r constantly shoving your neck in his face may have sped up the process)

TAEHYUNG: He’d be crazy down for it but he wouldn’t let his lust get in the way of your safety. He’d put everything into it, not wanting to just have sex, but to make good true love to you

JUNGKOOK: He’d really really want to but would just want you to be absolutely sure (like Namjoon) he’d want your complete explicit permission. He’d be the carefullest of the group

From the author of 2005’s Viridarium Umbris comes The Green Mysteries, the product of twenty-five years of experiential research on the spiritual and occult properties of plants. Being a compendium of trees and herbs from countless spiritual traditions, this exhaustive Herbal of esoteric botany examines in detail the folklore, magical uses and spiritual essences of the vegetal kingdom. While presenting the material through both magical and mythopoetic narrative, the stance of the book is also grounded firmly in supportive disciplines such as botany, chemistry, and anthropology, and also includes up-to-date phylogenetic and pharmacological findings. The text focuses especially upon the Doctrine of Plant Essence, and how those powers are utilized in the active practice of magic and sorcery.

Interspersed with encyclopedic plant entries are short narratives addressing such concepts as the Witches’ Flying Oinment, intoxicating incense, the herbal dimsension of Alchemy, and the ‘Green Saints’ such as Al-Khidir, the medieval Wildman, and the forest-dwelling Nymphs who nourished the Greek gods. More than a mere collation of previously existing works on plants, much of the material is drawn directly from the author’s private field notes, diaries, and manuals of magical operation from 1991-2016, presented in an engaging narrative style. Among the Twenty-Seven essays included within are ‘Devils in the Basilica,’ 'The Meaning of Viriditas’, and 'The Rhabdomantic Art.’ Also present is a special inclusion of a text entitled The Dream-Book of Sylvanus.

I pre-ordered a copy of this truly amazing tome. This is gonna be great! 

I’ll be honest I really was bothered by the numerous amounts off food jokes with hunk, being chubby myself i want to normalize the idea of chubby eating, cooking, enjoying food being normalized, but at the same time like i hate chubby people being used as comic reliefs that just eat food, I didn’t want to let it bother me because i sturggle myself feeling comfortable eating around others because i feel gross when i eat but i love food, and especially cooking it, but there’s a correct way to show it and season 2 could’ve really done a bettet job with that sorry idk guys

to all the arospec people that are having a hard time right now, for whatever reason,

you’re good. you’re strong. you’re awesome. you deserve good things. you’re allowed to take up space. you belong on this earth with everyone else. you aren’t hurting anyone by being aro. you’re not betraying anyone. lacking romantic attraction isn’t abnormal or heartless. you aren’t a monster that just uses people. the attractions that you feel (if any) are good. what you are is good. you are all amazing and wonderful.

I want to have an actual conversation, because I’m sick of seeing the same things said over and over and no understanding being reached.

I think sometimes I avoid saying this because there’s no politically correct (and I don’t use that term in a condescending way, I swear) way I can say this, but I really get sick of the manufactured outrage against vegans from the social justice community.

I see so many things that are labelled as “targeting” and “shaming” when I see no aspects of either in the referred to texts.

“Targeting” especially gets me because it seems to refer more to “this post didn’t take the time to acknowledge my specific situation and why I can’t go vegan, so I feel targeted.” That’s actually the opposite of targeting. You could definitely say that’s exclusion, but targeting is not a failure to acknowledge (especially when by that logic there are a HUGE number of groups that aren’t acknowledged, not just one specific group).

It would be really silly of me to pretend that I haven’t seen some examples of vegans being dicks, particularly to poor people (I see a lot of “this is no excuse” which doesn’t seem particularly sensitive) but I still think there’s a lot of shit that gets called “shaming” when it really isn’t.

The most common thing I see is when vegans are ranting about ridiculous arguments against veganism, omnis being jerks, shit we’re sick of dealing with, and I see a reply like “Hey I live in a food dessert on [$X] a month and I can’t go vegan, why are you making me feel like a piece of shit?” (I also want to note that I’m trying really hard to not act like I’m exaggerating these responses; I have seen some pretty out-there stuff particularly the declaration that vegans “hate poor people,” but I’m not trying to straw-man anyone).

It’s frustrating because turning around and saying “Yes, well, this post isn’t about you” is not exactly kind, and it feels a lot like the a kick-when-you’re-down thing to turn around and say “Yeah, well, this isn’t about you.”

But the thing is it often isn’t about who can go vegan. There’s a line, I think, between inclusion and convolution. If someone says something like “Stop telling me veganism is restrictive when you aren’t even willing to try a veggie burger,” do they have to include a huge asterisk explaining “PS, I understand that not everyone can go vegan for reasons related to health, class, geographic area, etc. and this isn’t directed at you this is only directed at white, able-bodied, middle-to-upper-class people living in a diverse urban region…”?

Veganism is unique from other movements because it’s a movement entirely comprised of allies — it can’t be directly compared to something like feminism, which obviously includes a large chunk of the actual oppressed party in the movement itself.

I feel like in terms of other calls to allies to do the best they can, there are often situations in which I am unable to participate for whatever reason. Sometimes I can’t attend a protest because of geographic convenience, sometimes it’s because my horrible social anxiety and fear of violence. Sometimes I would like to support businesses other than what’s out there for moral reasons but am unable to because of what’s available or reasonable to me. Sometimes people will say “posting on social media is one thing but why don’t you write your government representative about this?” and as a Canadian, I know that I don’t really have that option, but I also understand that the post isn’t really about me, you know?

Anyway I worry that I’ve gone a little too far from my original point and of course this has turned into more of a rant than I intended (surprised) but I just wanted to make sure I got all my points across. I want to make it as clear as possible that these aren’t coming from places of judgment but a will to finally move the conversation forward. I’m not trying to make excuses for people who have been legitimately classist, ableist or racist or have been in the past or pretend it doesn’t happen. I’m just wondering if we can tone down a bit of the defensiveness that borders on hyperbole in some of these situations?

If you’re a fanfiction author/fan artist (especially if you’re not LGBT), and the majority of what you write/draw is mlm/wlw, could you maybe please stop calling it “sinning?”

Yeah… like… I get it… plenty of religious texts say that homosexuality is sinful and anyone caught doing such things can risk being murdered outright… lol, so funny…

It might be cute between you and your straight friends, but to us it sounds like you’re mocking us or calling us disgustingーdespite the fact that you’re the one who is fetishizing us in your fan content. 

Energy Updates: Neptune Retrograde Ending

I mentioned this in the newsletter but thought I’d mention again today and tomorrow will be themed around this departure. So if you’re feeling off these past few days, that’s partly the reason. 

Neptune is ruler of illusions and dreams. Expect illusions, breaking through illusions and deceptions, truths coming to light and Dreams being the highlight over the next 48 hours. Dreams especially denoting aspirations - journey and personal direction.  

Neptune retrograde really helps us pinpoint the inner work that needed to happen to see through the illusions in our lives. At the end of these retrograde periods, you will see the peak of this energy starting to take place. Hypersensitivity and psychic overload are also common. In this case of Neptune illusions and dreams will be brought to surface as we move forward from what inner work we achieved in this time period.

Neptune started around June 13th and ends the 19-20th of November. Try to remember where you were in early June and how this energy and inner work has transformed since then. This will be the theme to work through in the coming days. Trippy right? 

Site updates - site is down. server doing maintenance. everything is being reworked. universe is pointing me towards direct change I guess. 

until next time, 
Ash ♥

Distant Memory

* Lafayette × Reader
* 39: Don’t say you love me
* 118: I love you more than anything in the world…which is why you have to stay here.
* Modern

A/N: so I used two prompts because they both worked well with my idea. I hope you guys like this one as I stayed up until 4:30 to finish and I hope lack of sleep didn’t affect my writting…
Oh and please excuse my shitty excuses for medical reasoning.

You hated walking home this late, especially since the fastest way home was a little sketchy. Nothing had happened to you before but you hated the atmosphere here. You constantly felt like you were being watched. You phone pinged and you looked to answer the text.

Laf: you off work?

You smiled and could practically hear his accent. You sent a text back telling him you were headed back home. You’ve been living with your boyfriend, Lafayette, and his friends for a few months.

Laf: headed to meet you

He really was great. He knew you hated walking this way alone and tried to meet up on the way home. You relaxed knowing Lafayette would be there soon. And that was a mistake. While passing by an alley, and hand reached out and grabbed the strap of your purse.

You grabbed it with both hands trying to take it back from the mugger. Suddenly the other person pulled with added strength and you stumbled forward. Right into a brick wall. Your head hit the wall. You heard Lafayette yelling and footsteps running away.

Lafayette was near you and cradled you in his arms. He was urging you to open your eyes but that was top difficult. The last thing you remember was his frantic voice as he called an ambulance.

Your head hurt and you couldn’t remember why. You opened your eyes slightly but the harsh lighting forced you to shut them tightly. You could hear someone’s feet scrapping across the carpet as they paced. You could also hear some mumbled speech. And it sounded like foreign language too. What the hell?

Curiosity forced you to open your eyes again. You groaned as the light hit them. The footsteps stopped and suddenly someone was at your side. “Y/N?” The person asked as they noticed you stirring. They had a thick french accent.

You could finally keep your eyes open for longer that few seconds and took in your surroundings. You were in a hospital. What happened to you? You raised a hand to your sore head and found a bandage covering the most painful spot. You finally looked over to the person next to you.

He had a head full of dark curls that were pulled into a pony tail. However, there were many curls that had fallen free. Possibly from him running his hands through his hair. His dark eyes were full of worry. He had a bit of scruff but it was too well trimmed to be from lack of a razor.

“Wha?” You didn’t even know where to start with questions.

“Oh mon cheri you scared me!” The man proclaimed and released a breath.

“Huh?” You said squinting at him.

“I shall fetch ze doctor alright?” He said. He backed up to the door all the while smiling at you with admiration. He stepped out and returned in a few minutes with a man in a white doctor coat.

“Ah welcome to the world of the waking miss Y/N.” The doctor said warmly and grabbed a clipboard from the foot of the bed.

“Who?” You finally managed.

The men both looked at you with shocked expressions. The doctor quickly flipped through the papers. “Oh dear.” He finally said.

“Quelle?” The other man asked.

“It appears that the force of which miss Y/N hit her head had the possibility to cause amnesia. It seems it must have.” He said and made some markings on the papers.

“Wait, amnesia?” You were starting to get really confused. The doctor sighed and pulled an empty chair up to the side of your bed.

“A man attempted to rob you. In the struggle it seems you hit you head, rather hard apparently, on a brick wall. It seems that the impact caused you to suffer from amnesia.”

You couldn’t form words. That’s why everything was so confusing.

“Is zis permanent?” The man asked, his accent growing thicker.

“There no way to tell yet.” The doctor said. “However, the quickest route to improvement is to get Y/N back into her routine. We’ll keep you overnight for two more days, alright?” He asked you.

You only nodded, still too numb to respond properly. The doctor left and you were, once again, alone with the Frenchman. He was sitting in a chair near your bed. He had his elbows resting on his knees and his head in his hands. “So uh…” His head snapped up to look at you. “Who are you then?” You asked. The question looked like it broke him.

“Oh of course. I am Marquis De Lafayette but everyone just calls me Lafayette.” He said.

“OK so who are you to me?” I asked.

“Well, I’m your amoir.” He said.

“Dude, English please. I can’t remember your name much less a whole second language.”

“I’m your boyfriend.” He clarified.

“Oh…” You only trailed off. How are you supposed to act around a boyfriend you don’t even remember. There was another knock at the door. A young man poked his head in. He was about to come in when Lafayette went and pushed him back out.

From the window along the wall you could see a few guys. A short man with dark hair pulled back. Another man who’s hair was also restrained, only freckles covered his cheeks. The last man was tall and well built. His head was covered with a stocking hat.

Lafayette was making wild gestures with his hands and all the men had surprised expressions. Lafayette huffed and walked back to your room. “Mon cheri, do you mind if some people come see you? They are very concerned.”

You shrugged. “I’ll have to talk to them eventually. Why not.”

Lafayette opened the door and the men walked in. The awkwardly stood not sure how to act. “We should probably re-introduce ourselves huh? I’m Alexander Hamilton.” The shortest of the group said.

“John Laurens.” The other dark haired man said, raising a hand in a small wave.

“And I’m Hercules Mulligan.” The last man said.

“Laf texted us and told us you were hurt. We didn’t think it was this serious.” A man, Alexander you corrected, said.

“Yeah, this is crazy.” John said.

“Is it permanent?” Hercules asked.

“They don’t know.” You said with a small shrug.

“Ze doctor said Y/N should go back to her normal routine and it should help.” Lafayette added.

“Well that means you gotta put up with us then.” Alexander said. You tilted your head a bit confused. “Uh…you live with us.”

“I do?” They all nodded. “All of you?” Again, nods all around. “What about my parents?” You asked.

“Uh we don’t know.” Laurens admitted.

“You don’t know?”

“You told us you had a falling out and never mentioned them again.” Hercules told you.

“Were they even contacted?” You asked.

Lafayette shook his head. “You didn’t put them down in your medical file.” You couldn’t believe this. You apparently lived with four men, one of which you were dating. “Boys you should probably go so Y/N can sleep.” He told your visitors.

“Ah yeah especially since we don’t know if your allowed visitors or not yet.” Alexander said sheepishly. “Get that noggin of yours rested and working again.” He said.

“We’ll see you again soon alright?” Laurens said.

“You’ll remember us soon and wish you hadn’t.” Hercules joked. You gave them a small, and forced, smile and waved as they left.

“How do I live with you people? Just having them standing in here was choas.” You said.

“Only because you can’t remember them mon cheri.” The Frenchman said.

“Can you not call me that?” You asked and he looked like he’d been slapped. “It’s just, I have a name and that sounds more like a pet name.”

“Uh sure mon, uh, Y/N.” He said it and it was almost as if it was awkward for him to say. You wondered how often he used your real name. This was gonna be a difficult recovery.

Two days later you were in a car with Lafayette. He was driving to your house. Where 3 other men also lived. You still couldn’t quite believe that fact. You had your hand resting on the console between the two seats in the front. Lafayette suddenly reached over and laid his hand over yours. You quickly drew your hand back.

“Oh je suis désolé.” He told you. You assumed that was an apology. “Force of habit.” He brought his hand back to the wheel.

“No Lafayette. I’m sorry, I just…I’m so confused about everything.”

“Y/N you don’t need to apologize.” He said. He had stopped calling you mon cheri for which you were grateful. “Ah and here we are. How you say, home sweet home.” He said after you pulled into a driveway. You looked at the house through the windshield. It was decent house in a suburban area. You unbuckled and climbed out of the car.

“Y/N!” Alexander said while running out to greet you. John and Hercules were right behind him. “Great to see you up and about.” He told you.

“How are you feeling?” John asked.

“Well right now, a little crowded.” You said. The guys got the message and took a step or two back.

“We’re just happy to see you.” Hercules said.

“But you saw me two days ago.” You said.

“Yeah but you were in a hospital bed.” John said while you all walked inside. Once inside you paused inside the living room.

“So uh…what’s my usual routine?” You asked.

“Well it’s Saturday so…usually all of us hang out. Ya know, have a drink and watch movies. Some time have Mario Kart tournaments.” Alexander said.

“Movie would probably be a better bet.” Hercules said.

“Yeah and uh no alcohol.” You said. They all looked at you. “The doctor said I’m not allowed.” You explained.

In the end you had some root beer and watched what the boys claimed was your favorite movie. It was a romantic comedy and you had to admit to was pretty good. Since it wasn’t too late the boys asked if you wanted to try Mario Kart. You gave it a try but only beat Lafayette, who let you win. You know because he beat all the boys. Eventually you guys managed to whittle the day away.

John was the first one to call it a night. “I have to hit the hay or I’ll end up having another drink.” The boys all quickly sent him off after that. You supposed he must be one to drink often.

“I should probably get to bed too.” Hercules said.

“Ah I’ll get some stuff typed up for work and then get some rest.” Alexander said.

“Make sure you actually rest mon amie.” Lafayette told him.

“I’ll try Laf.” He said and walked off.

“I’ll guess it’s time for bed then.” You said with a shrug. “Uh where’s my room?” You asked.

“Ah of course. This way.” He led you down the hall the your room. “Uh here’s your pajamas.” He said, handling you the cloths. It was just sweatpants and a tee shirt.

“Oh OK thanks. Good night.” You told him.

“Quelle?” He asked. You came to learn that was french for ‘what.’

“What’s wrong?” You asked.

“Uh this is my room too.” He explained.

“There not a spare room or something?” You asked.

“Oh yeah there is. No worries, I shall sleep there tonight.” He said. He grabbed a pair of sweat pants and walked out. You changed into pajamas. The tee shirt was much too large and you concluded it must be Lafayette’s. You were too tired to change it, plus is was comfy.

You crawled in bed and tried to sleep but you couldn’t get comfy. After tossing and turning for a few hours you decided to try and find something else to do. You cracked open the door and peeked out. You saw Lafayette walking down the hall back to the spare room. And damn you knew how to pick ‘em. He was wearing no shirt and had great looking abs.

He groggily walked into the guest room. You walked over to the door and peeked in. The 'spare room’ was really a room full of storage with a futon in one corner. “This is your idea of a spare room?” You asked walking in.

He shot up surprised and manage to fall of the side of the bed. You started laughing. He looked up at you from his tangle of blankets on the floor and smiled. “I have missed that sound.” He told you.

You stopped laughing and only smiled while a blush covered your cheeks. “I couldn’t sleep.” You admitted.

“Me either.” He said with a shrug. “Would you like to sit and talk?” He asked gesturing to the open space next to him, as he climbed back onto the futon.

“Sure.” You walked over and plopped down. You buried you legs under the covers to keep warm.

“I hope you weren’t over whelmed today.” He said.

“A bit but this is supposed to help right?” You shrugged. “I just gotta keep at this normal life thing. So what does the rest of the week look like?”

“Oh much of the same tomororw. Usually we go out however. We will probably stay in this time though.” He laid back and was staring at the ceiling. You laid back too and turned so you were facing him. “The weekdays are spent working. Alexander works as a lawyer. Hercules works tailoring and selling custom suits. John Laurens is still studying to be a lawyer. You worked at a bakery a few blocks from here. I called while we were still in the hospital and you’re not supposed to be in for a few days.”

“And you?” You asked.

“Ah, I’m a trainer at the gym. However, I told them I’d be taking some paid time off.” He turned to face you, he had a smile on his face. He quietly mumbled something in French.

“Huh?” You asked.

“Oh nothing.” He answered. You shrugged and yawned loudly. “Rest mon cheri.” You were too tired to correct him. You were drifting off when you heard quietly say “I just saying you were beautiful.”

You slowly opened your eyes. You were so confused, which was normal for you now. You tired to sit up and noticed something holding you down. You looked and at some point at night Lafayette had wrapped his arms around you. Great. Now you had to wake him up and have another awkward conversation.

“Lafayette.” you said quietly. “Laf.” Louder this time and tried to shake him, however you were in a bad position to try and do that. He groaned and started nuzzling your neck. “Lafayette.” You said normal volume and sternly.

That did the trick. One arm lifted from around you as he rubbed his eyes. “Hm?” He said. And realized he still had an arm around you. “Ah je suis désolé! Mon ch-er Y/N I didn’t mean to!”

“Lafayette calm down! I know, it was a mistake. Relax.” He did as you said and let out a breath. You got up and went to change. You paused. “We usually share a bed don’t we?” You asked. He nodded. “So that’s why I couldn’t get comfortable. Look Lafayette, tonight your welcome to stay in the room with me. I’m sure it would be better than the futon.” He just beamed.

You changed into some jeans and a tee shirt, after you found your clothes amongst the dresser drawers. You walked into the kitchen and found all the men. They were all still in their pajamas, which seemed to consist of sweats and tee shirts. “What’s for breakfast?” You asked.

“Well cereal or Laf makes some pretty good eggs and French toast.” Alexander told you.

“I could go for some eggs.” John said.

“Psh you know he only makes them for Y/N.” Alexander told him.

“I can make my own breakfast.” You said quickly. “Besides I just want some cereal.” Eggs did actually sound good buy you didn’t want Lafayette cooking for you.

Luckily the boys talked like normal during breakfast. And the rest of the day, as Lafayette said, was similar to Saturday. Mario Kart races, which you were improving, and movies. Alexander spent some time typing on his laptop and John some time writing a paper, constantly asking Alexander for his opinion.

Jafayette made lunch and you guys ordered pizza for supper. Alexander managed to find ice cream in the freezer and got a bowl for everyone. Hercules decided to watch a scary movie that night. You were sat next to Lafayette and were hiding behind his arm the whole time. At one point he lifted his arm up and around you. You just buried your face in his chest.

Finally the torture was over and the men departed to bed. You didn’t dare let Lafayette leave even after he offered. You were too scared to sleep alone.

“You know, Hercules made us watch that movie shortly after you moved in.” Lafayette was saying. “You came to my room and said you couldn’t sleep. Zat’s how we started sharing a bed.”

You chuckled. “Very sneaky of him playing that movie again.” You said. Lafayette just hummed in agreement.

The next day all the boys were gone when the two of you woke up. Lafayette insisted on cooking breakfast for you. He suggested on walking around town to see if anything triggered your memory.

You guys were walking and talking. Lafayette said something that made you laugh. He was staring again with that doppy smile. “I love you mon cheri.” He said without even realizing it.

“Don’t say that.” You told him.


“Don’t say you love me.”

“But I do mon cheri. Even if you can’t return it I still do.” He said walking closer.

“No. Stop that.” You snapped. “You’re always giving me these love sick smiles. You need to realize I hardly know you now! Got it?!”

“Mon cheri-”

“I told you to stop that!” You interrupted. “This was a bad idea.” You said. And began walking back.

“You don’t know the way back.” Lafayette said.

“I’ll figure it out.” You told him. “I just want to be alone.”

You found your way back and we’re surprised to find that Lafayette wasn’t home yet. You weren’t lying when you said this wasn’t a good idea. Clearly being here wasn’t helping. You needed to go someplace else, where it was quiet and you could think.

You were throwing clothes in a bag when Lafayette walked in. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“Oh! Well I’m leaving. I can’t stay here.” You told him.

“Quelle?” He asked. “How can you not stay here?”

“Because it’s not helping Laf. I can’t think or remember anything so I’m leaving.”

“You can’t!” He shouted.

“Oh and why not?!” You challenged. He responded by walking over and wrapping his arms around you. He pulled you close and pressed his lips to yours. You were shocked but soon melted into the kiss. You parted to get some air.

“I love you more than anything in the world…which is why you have to stay here mon cheri.”

“What if I never remember anything?” You asked him, tears filling you eyes.

“We fell I love once, I believe we can do it again.” He said hugging you. You really hoped so.

The next few months were rough. Eventually Lafayette had to get back to work. You had gone and talked to your former manager who said you could return when you felt up to it. That hadn’t happened yet. You still couldn’t remember anything. You fell into a routine with the boys though. You heard Alexander tell John that you were acting more like yourself.

You and Lafayette were getting closer to whatever you were before. He had gone back to calling mon cheri and you didn’t mind it to much anymore.

You woke up one morning with a groan. What day was it? More importantly, what time was it? Well Lafayette still had his arms around you so it couldn’t be too late. “Laf.” You said using your elbow to nudge him until he woke up.

“Wha?” You laughed at his morning voice.

“What day is it?” You asked him.

“Mercredi. Quelle?” He mumbled. You shook your head as his sleepy mind didn’t translate it to English.

“Do you know if I have to work? I can’t remember my schedule.” He shot up. He put his hands on either side of your head and leaned over you. He had the biggest smile ever on his face. “What?” You asked. He responded by leaning down and kissing you soundly. You smiled but pushed him away. “Not that I don’t like this wake up call, but I need to know if I have to get to work.”

“Y/N do you really not remember?” He asked.

“Remember what? My schedule? And since when do you use my name?” He’d jokingly called you mon cheri long before you started dating.

“You were hurt mon cheri.” He said. Suddenly it came back to you. The mugging, the hospital, amnesia. “You didn’t remember anything.”

You leaned up and kissed Lafayette who responded happily. He flipped you over so you were laying on top of him. “I remember everything!” You said happily after you broke the kiss.

“I knew you would eventually.” He said while brushing stray hair out of your face.

“Hey Laf. There’s something I haven’t told you in a while and I really want to say.”


“I love you Marquis De Lafayette.”

You don’t think you’ve ever seem him happier. “I love you too mon cheri, Y/N L/N.” He pulled you back down into another deep kiss.

Why is Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu just so good? It’s not just storytelling, character writing, soundtrack but just the direction too?

Like this episode especially is an example of a director who knows what he’s doing. The way they showed Yotaro being absorbed into both kiku’s and sukeroku’s preformances in such different ways is just so fucking amazing and tells you instantly what the difference is between the way these two preform. 

Hats off to  Mamoru Hatakeyama, i’ll be looking forward to whatever you do next.

Well, you will have to try a little bit. Here are some tips I wish someone told me before I started high school.

1. Read the text

Maybe this sounds like a given, but you still wouldn’t believe the amount of people I know who avoid reading the assigned material like it is the plague. Whether you’re avoiding it because you think the text is too hard, too easy, or you just don’t think you have the time, familiarizing yourself with the text is critical, especially in honors and AP English classes. While reading may seem time consuming, it definitely pays off. Because you read the assigned reading you are prepared to discuss it in class, take pop quizzes those English teachers love, or ask questions on things you read that you don’t understand. Not to mention being familiar with the text makes it easier when you have to write essays and take quizzes/tests.

2. Use sources such as Sparknotes, Shmoop, etc. as resources, not replacements

I know those summaries and analyses sound so tempting when you want to avoid reading. These sources are AWESOME…as resources, not as a replacement for your reading. Like I said in the previous point, reading and familiarizing yourself is essential if you want to fully understand the text in order to write the best essay you can or do your best on a test/quiz, but don’t shy away from these online resources. While the only place you can find all the answers is in the actual text, these websites for the most part, highlight important plot points. Me personally, I like to read either the sparknotes or shmoop summary (if there is one) before I read an assignment so I understand what I’m looking for to happen in the text. Then after I read, I read the analysis. They are also helpful to read before taking a test or writing an essay as a quick refresher. These online sources are great for helping you grasp the meaning of the text, but use them in addition to your assignments.

3. Annotate…but not too much

Annotating is great way to take good notes and remember important parts of the text, but when not done properly can waste your time and highlighter ink. If you underline or highlight everything, then nothing stands out as important. A good rule is if you highlight something, force yourself to write down what about it is important. If you can’t do that, odds are it’s not that important. There is no specific right way to annotate, some people look for importance in every line, while others try to focus on the big picture. As a reader, you will develop your own method of annotating. Personally, I find it helpful to annotate inside and outside of class. I like to underline parts I don’t understand and then ask about them in class so I can add some notes in after. 

4. Don’t be afraid to jump into a class discussion

Class discussions give you an opportunity to gain new perspectives and understand the text better as a whole. Hearing how others interpret the text contributes to your understanding of the text and could come in handy later when you have to write an essay. In addition to listening to others, don’t be afraid to talk about things you realized or found interesting/important. In the same vein, don’t hesitate when asking questions. If you didn’t understand something, odds there are others who didn’t either. Asking questions not only helps you grasp the meaning of the text, but it also shows your teacher that you are a engaged student who is trying to do their best. 

5. Know your teacher

I can’t stress this enough, knowing your teacher and how he or she grades or what he or she is looking for is crucial to your grade and your success in that class. If you don’t do as well as you hoped on the first couple essays, ask your teacher if you can go over it with them. Almost all English assignments are subjective, so no matter how great you think your essay is, your grade is based on how great your teacher thinks it is. Building a relationship with your English teacher not only comes in handy when you have them for class, but it’s also helpful for the future when you need feedback on college essays, job applications, or other essays.

6. Don’t wait until the last minute

We all have that friend who always writes their essay at 12:30am the night before and is totally happy with the average grade they receive. If you can’t think of someone who does that odds are you have some punctual friends, or that person is you. When you write your essays even a couple days or a week or so before the deadline, you can continue to get it proofread and make revisions. If your teacher wanted to see how well you can write an essay in one night, they wouldn’t have given you the ample time of a couple days/weeks to write it. Accept that the writing process is something that shouldn’t be compressed into one night, getting your work done ahead of time will give you a better grade and a better night of sleep.

7. Find people to read your paper

Find your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, your cousin, your friend, your coach your classmate, your anyone to read your paper. Having someone who isn’t you reading your paper gives you a new perspective on your paper. Most people find it difficult to criticize or praise their own work, so find other people to tell you how it really is. If your teacher is willing to proofread it, give it to them, having them read it is like them pre-grading it. Part of becoming a good writer is accepting the fact that you aren’t a perfect writer and recognizing that other people can contribute their opinion to help shape your work for the better.  

Nohrian Festival: Xander and Kamui Married Conversation (Parts 1 & 2)

Whoaaah, I think this is the longest one that I (Marie) have done thus far. As usual, I altered the text here and there so it would make more sense and sound less stilted in English, but the spirit and meaning of the Japanese text is there. I think. It’s still kinda stilted, though.

Usually I use Kamui’s English name, but decided to stick to her Japanese name this time. She and Xander make such a cute couple! Actually…Just about ALL of Xander’s S-support conversations are really cute! He’s totally devoted to his wife, so I don’t think he’ll be the light-hearted womanizer his father was. (Hard to imagine Garon being like that…ugh. maybe he used to look more like Xander?)

Xander and Kamui’s S-support convo is mentioned here, especially in the second part, so you might want to read that first.

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