especially if he has a weird crush on you

Seven Minutes With You

Request: Hi this is kinda weird but can u pls do a reggie one shot/imagine where the reader is v shy and like gives that innocent vibe so reggie’s always messing with her and sayin things that make her blush especially in class when he whispers things in her ear and he’s just always putting his arm around her and poking her sides and she acts like it annoys her but in reality she has a huge crush on him so Veronica makes them play 7 minutes in heaven at a party? Sorry if this is strange. :(

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: This isn’t strange at all! When I read this at first, I was super excited, so thank you for requesting!

Pairing: Reggie X Reader

Warnings: none.

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“Y/N!” Turning with a bright warming smile, you came face to face with the one and only Reggie Mantle. At the sight of his tall structure running towards you, you felt yourself blush but quickly pushed it away, not wanting him to see.

“Hi Reggie.” You greeted warmly when he reached you, leaning against your locker he smiled cockily over at you and you shook your head. None of this was weird. Since you’d move to Riverdale Reggie had made his obvious interest towards you known and was always hanging by your side.

When you’d first come to this school, you’d been confronted by Veronica and Betty who had kindly started talking to you when they saw you alone. That in turn allowed you to start hanging out with them, Archie and Jughead. They were some of the best friends you could ask for.

But after a week or so, Reggie had come up to you and sweet talked you with some cheesy pick-up line. You’d never been so openly flirted with and you’d never really had a boyfriend before so his comments made you easily blush and flustered. Though before anything more could happen, Archie had found you and dragged you off, saying that Reggie wasn’t exactly the guy you should be spending all your time with.

But despite his warnings, you couldn’t help but look back and realize how attractive he was. He was built and tall, way taller than you, and he was undoubtedly attractive. That was when you realized your slowly growing affections for the boy and from that day on it grew.

Luckily for you, Archie’s interruption that day didn’t stop from Reggie walking up to you the next day and doing the same thing. From then on Reggie walked you to classes, hung out with you during lunch whenever he could, teased you in and out of classes and always invited you to his games.

You acted as if it annoyed you, but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t like it.

“You going to Veronica’s party tonight?” Snapping out of your musings, you blinked turning up and looking at Reggie. He was grinning down at you, and you couldn’t help but feel your cheeks warm ever so slightly. Damnit, you had it hard for this guy.

“Uh… I don’t know. Not really my scene.” He pouted and you couldn’t help but notice how cute he looked.

“Aweh!” He whined, stepping forward he placed his hands on each side of you and started to tickle. You giggled, but noticed how every one had already left seeing as it was the end of the day, and mentally thanked so no one heard how loud you were.

“Stop!” You whined, giggles breaking through. Reggie laughed,  “not until you agree to come to this party.”

“Fine!” You yelled; “fine! Fine! i’ll go!” You let out a heavy breath when his relentless fingers finally left your sides. He chuckled; “see all you needed was some convincing.” He smirked.

You rolled your eyes, sighing. Closing your locker you turned to face him and despite how shy you were you couldn’t help but asked; “why do you even want me to come that bad?” You asked curious, your question must have thrown Reggie off as he jerked his head back and paused ever so slightly.

His shock didn’t last long though as he quickly smiled again and poked your stomach. You grumbled, swatting his hand; “you already know why Y/N.” Was all he said before walking off. You stared at his retreating back and couldn’t help but stare longingly; “I’ll see you at the party!”

What the hell did that mean?”

Nervously you walked through the doors to Veronica’s house, the rooms and halls already packed with people. You couldn’t help but notice the already drunk boys laying on the ground and the chatting girls as you walked through. You weren’t exactly sure why you agreed to come, well besides being harassed to do so.

But parties most definitely weren’t your scene and you felt super self conscious walking through the crowds of people as you tried not to get shoved down. 

You looked around for Reggie but sadly couldn’t find him, so settled on standing in the kitchen by the island and staring at whatever drinks were in front of you, trying to find one that didn’t hold alcohol in it. 

“Hey! Y/N!” Turning, you saw Veronica across the hall a bit, waving at you. You grinned at the familiar face and waved back; “glad you could make it!” She called and you laughed nodding. Part of hoping she would come over to you, but you noticed how she was dancing with Kevin, and she looked like she was having a lot of fun. Sighing, you played around with your empty cup, staring mindlessly.

Suddenly arms wrapped around your waist and hauled you off the ground, you let out a tiny scream as big arms picked your feet off the ground. “Hey!” You called, not knowing who was behind you. Suddenly you were set on the ground but the arms around your waist stayed there and hugged you tight against the mans chest; “glad you came.” He whispered in your ear and you instantly recognize the voice.

Turning in his arms, you slapped Reggie on the chest. “You scared me half to death!” You lectured him.

He chuckled, “sorry but… I am glad you know.” He smiled.

“That I came?”

“Of course. Thought you wouldn’t show.” you suddenly blushed, as you brushed a piece of hair behind your ear and stared down at the arms that were still wrapped around your waist. 

“Yeah well… Veronica’s my friend so…” 

“Oh…” Reggie said, and his arms came off from around your waist. Suddenly realizing what you said, you grabbed Reggie’s arm and tried to fight down your blush, smiling up at him. “But of course, i’m always happy to see you.” The frown that had marred his face easily disappeared and he grinned again, more confidently this time.

“I thought I annoyed you?” He teased.

You laughed, fiddling with your hair; “not all the time.”

Reggie opened his mouth to speak again, comfortably setting himself next you but suddenly a voice called out; “Reggie!” The both of you turned, seeing Moose waving you both over. “We’re playing a game, come join!” You turned to each other, questioning the other before laughing and walking over.

The living room was full and you walked in, noticing Reggie be-lining for the last spot on the couch. You sighed, walking across him to head to the edge of the couch to sit on before hands grabbed your hips and set you down on a lap. Blushing madly, you turned and saw Reggie grinning up at you. 

Leaning over, he set his head on your shoulder; “what you’d think i’d let you stand?” He whispered into your ear and you felt yourself blush even more madly. Everyone could see you which only allowed the embarrassment to set further in.

“Yeah! Reggie getting some!” Chuck yelled and you hid your face in your hands. Reggie laughed and finally peeking through your fingers you noticed the bottle set on the table before you. You let your eyes drift higher, and not surprisingly Veronica stood directly in front of you with a smirk on her face. Despite your seating predicament, you knew something was up.

“Veronica…” You spoke.

“So glad you and Reggie could make it Y/N!” She cheered, clapping but you could tell by the smirk on her face she was up to something. Turning, you caught eye of Betty and looked at her questioningly, she only shook her head with a small smile.

“So! Everyone I say we indulge ourselves in a little game of ‘Seven Minutes’ In Heaven’” she clapped and suddenly you felt your heart drop. You gave her a warning look but she only laughed.

With that Veronica spun the bottle, it landed on various different people but you barely paid attention. What with Veronica’s scheming eyes and Reggie’s arms around your waist and the fact that you were sitting on his lap, you found it a little hard. It wasn’t until the bottle undoubtedly landed on you or Reggie, whoever that you felt your heart beat pick up.

“Oooh! Y/N it’s landed on you!” Betty cheered and you narrowed your eyes at your two best friends. 

“I vote that you go in with Reggie.” There it was, the final words.  You blushed again and you cursed your innocence. There was cheer and suddenly you were standing, Reggie’s hands on your waist.

“Sounds good to me.” He grinned, mentally thanking Veronica.

“I’m not too sure…” You trailed off but Veronica ‘tsked’, “you played the game Y/N and these are the rules.”

Veronica helped push you into the closet and before you could even think you were in a closet with Reggie, the door locked behind you. You couldn’t help but blush and you fiddled with your fingers, a nervous energy radiating off of you. There was moments of silence before Reggie’s hand came in front of you and he poked you in the familiar spot that was your nose.

“Don’t be so nervous, Y/N.” He reassured.

You laughed, trying to play it off but failing miserably. “Nervous? Psshhh, not me.” You chuckled nervously.

Reggie chuckled too and silence fell over the both of you. 

“Hey Y/N?” Reggie suddenly called and you looked up at him, intently focusing on him. “What do you think of me?”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“Well, would you ever consider dating me?” You froze, unsure on how to answer. You opened your mouth to speak but paused, unsure and confused. 

“I-I…-” A hand grabbed your face and pulled you against lips. You froze, shocked but eventually returned the kiss and smile against his lips. He grabbed your waist with his other hand and you let your hands press against his chest as he kissed you deeply.

Pulling away, he smiled down at you, suddenly nervous. “I’ve liked you for a long time… I hope you return my feelings?”

“Yes…” you whispered, still in a daze.

“Yes? As in you like me…?”

“Yes I like you!” You smiled and he grinned down, you pressed a kiss against his cheek and were about to deepen the kiss before you heard Veronica; “times up, do you guys need another hour or?” You blushed heavily as Reggie chuckled.


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what about frat boy Derek and cute guy Stiles

I’m sorry for the long wait! Here are some fratboy!Derek fics for you! I don’t know if Stiles is cute in them buuuut Stiles is always cute isn’t he? 😜

Old Traditions, Werewolf Edition

Summary: Stiles does not work his Omega ass off to attract frat boy Alphas. Absolutely not. He’s at college to get his degree. If he’s crushing on an Alpha who never crosses the lines of propriety, well, no one needs to know, right?

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Do You See Me?

Summary: anonymous asked,“Can you kindly write a fanfition where Stiles has a crush on one of Derek frat brothers. The only problem is the guy is a player and Derek doesn’t want the funny, intelligent, beautiful boy he’s been crushing on since forever to get his heart broken. So he offers to help Stiles win the man of his dreams. Using the time together to make Stiles realize that he and Derek are perfect for each other. Which he does big time. Top Derek bottom Stiles. Thank you”

‘Hey, Derek. Fancy seeing you here. Weird right? Especially since there was something I wanted to ask you and then wow, I suddenly see you sitting right here. Fancy that.’ One of Derek’s eyebrows quirks up and there’s a smile tugging at his lips. ‘Fancy finding me at my favourite coffee shop. What is it you want?’

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the beat goes (on and on)

Summary: Stiles takes a sip of his beer and scans the crowd. It’s wild tonight, but that’s nothing new for Alpha Delt. Jackson’s on DJ duty, which explains the shitty dubstep blasting through the speakers. Writhing, drunk bodies are packed in every corner, and the scent of weed hangs heavy in the stale air. He takes a sniff and sighs, disappointed. He was offered to take a hit off one of the many blunts making the rounds tonight, but he declined. All because Derek likes him to be (mostly) sober when they fuck, doesn’t like to mess around with consent on either end.

Not that Derek’s shown any interest in him tonight. Whatever.

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high notes

Summary: “Get on your hands and knees, pledge.”

Stiles looks up at Derek, stomach twisting with nerves and low-level arousal. He’s been rushing Alpha Delta Phi since the semester started, and Derek’s supposed to be his big brother – but everything they’ve been doing so far hasn’t been brotherly at all.

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Summary: Derek Hale is the life of the party, billionaire heir, frat president and everybody shows up for his parties. He’s also very drunk, and even more miserable. Somehow, there’s only one person that really seems to see that. His frat brother, Stiles. And the way the golden eyed boy looks at him makes him feel so much worse.

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As a Real Life Texan™I feel obligated to make a Texan Keith Headcanon post so here we go-

- Keith fucking hates country music because it literally plays in every store, every restaurant, every gas station in this whole fucking state
- except when he’s drunk, then all he wants to listen to is sad country music and cry
- also Tim McGraw bc everybody loves Tim McGraw
- his accent slips when he’s tired or under duress but other than that it isn’t usually too apparent
- but if one could find any of his baby videos dear gOD its bad, its so bad
- he’ll take a Keystone Light over a Samuel Addams any fucking day
- he has flipped a fourwheeler every single way you ever could flip a fourwheeler
- “we’ll just have to go on into town for a couple things”
- he takes football really seriously when he gets the chance to watch it
- fuck Houston
- “if youre going the speed limit youre going way too slow” kogane
- “oh, sweetie” kogane
- “I’ll be praying for ya darlin” kogane
- how’s y'all ‘n 'em all doin’
- chicken express sweet tea is the only tea sweet enough
- “you’re screwing this snake, Im just holding the tail”
- Dr. Pepper makes the world taste better
- “Cows are laying down this afternoon. Must be rain comin’ soon.”
- he has a secret fear of chickens bc they kept them when he was little and those fuckers are terrifying they will eat anything they will eat YOU
- HATES flying insects, way too many goddamn june bugs have gotten caught in his hair
- the first time he went to the state fair and heard Big Tex speak it scared the everloving shit out of him. He had nightmares about it for weeks
- “hot?? It’s only 94 degrees out here”
- “60?? Are you trying to freeze us all to death??”
- totally has that one shirt that has the texas outline that usually says 'home’ in the middle but it says 'homo’
- *hangs out at Walmart for fun*
- *ducks down several aisles so that weird cousin doesn’t spot you*
- calls every boy younger than him Bubba
- watches a lotta horseshit and gunsmoke, especially when he’s homesick
- john wayne was his first crush
- good god allmighty he misses fried foods
- can name you at least four people that talk like Boomhower in real life

The Teachers AU

so this is an Au developed by the Nutmobile chat and I would love if they’d add onto this post

-Dolokhov is a math teacher who’s super depressing and funny and people either love him or hate him as a teacher and he’s also super fuckin passive aggressive in his lessons like “so if Pie- Peter, if PETER took up 4/13 of the break room fridge with his technically illegal alcohol…”

-Helene is the PE teacher and she’s savage AF and RIPPED and every student who’s attracted to women has had a crush on her at some point

-Marya is the librarian who’s “secretly” dating Helene (even though everyone knows that they’re together) and she runs a D&D campaign and loves nerdy stuff and will SCREAM at you if you rip a book

-Natasha teaches Art and she’s the Chill Teacher who lets kids listen to music and has really very few rules but people respect her. there’s tons of speculations about her love life tho like: “ooh Ms. Rostova looked at Mr. Bolkonsky in the break room today!” “Which Rostova?” “The art teacher!” “ooh, Ms. R accidentally touched Pierre’s hand today, they’re totally in love!” “I saw that Ms. Rostova got a text from Andrei! They’re getting “coffee” after school ;)“
and at the end of the year someone asks her "all right, Natasha, I’m probably never going to see you again- are you dating Andrei, or Pierre?” and she just raises her hand which has 2 rings on it and says “yeah”
and then she goes "and who said you could call me Natasha”

-Mary is the English teacher and every year without fail she introduces herself as “my name is Mary, but call me Ishmael” and if someone laughs at the joke That’s Her New Fav Student and plus she has a unit every year where she teaches the kids about Sappho and Emily Dickinson and Jane Austen and Leo Tolstoy and Lord Byron and how literature is super gay yall and she pushes for it to become an elective
She also has a Strange Obsession with Arabian Nights and Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories and can quote some of them from memory (wink wonk I wonder which ones)
she also has 50 shades of grey in her classroom and whenever someone notices she blushes like a tomateo

-Sonya teaches music and she and Mary are married and always going into each other’s classrooms during their free periods to flirt with each other and also there are rumors that Sonya has a treble clef tattooed on her ankle and she does but she only shows it to the members of Honors Band
Mary loves Moby Dick more than a reasonable person should and Sonya teases her about this
And one time for April Fools Mary just hides in the music closet and whenever Sonya gets the band to finally stop talking and start playing she SCREAMS and everyone keeps stopping and looking around and going “WHO THE FUCK IS THAT”

-Balaga is the bus driver but also sometimes subs for classes. Everyone loves him and he’s occasionally high in class.

-Anatole teaches Home Ec and Health and Theater and random humanities and everyone makes fun of his fashion sense and wonders about him and Natasha and he has an Anonymous Question Box in health but he has to stop using it because every single one of the questions is either “do you have a foot fetish” (he will, of course, SCREAM at the class because that is NOT APPROPRIATE FOR SCHOOL), “are u crushing on Ms. Rostova (the straight one)”, or “what is a vulva”

-Pierre is the sad history teacher and he has all these weird conspiracy theories and he tries his best not to let them bleed into his teaching but he fails especially when they learn about Napoleon

-one time pierre was talking about Napoleon and writing on the blackboard and he just fuckin crushed the chalk in his hand

-Pierre throws stuff at stuff all the time like desks and chairs when someone can’t open their locker he’ll go “Helene get the plank”

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Dance With Me

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3631

Request:  Hello! Idk if u do requests based on songs but ‘It won’t Kill ya’ by the chainsmokers is amazing and I just pictured this scene like it’s that Party at Derek’s house with the neon lights, and all that y/n can think about is dancing with Stiles but cant bc they’re best friends and that’d weird, she has a huge crush on him, kinda angsty in the middle but fluff af in the end bc obvsly Stiles likes her back?? It’s ok if u dont do it tho, ily anyways ♡♡ keep doing awesome writing by anonomoose!

Author’s Note: I thought this was cute. I hope you think so as well! Thanks to my amazing friend @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me!!

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AOMG + bang yongguk reaction to how they’d act around their crush

request: hi, how are you! i hope everything is going great for you! i was wondering if i can get a headcanon of aomg and/or bap (or just aomg and bang yongguk) of how they would act around their (fit, badass, top) crush, please? thank you so much for the fact that you write for us! :))

notes: for the lovely anon who requested this! originally, this was supposed to be a headcanon mini series written like drabbles or so but i didn’t know whether or not you guys would like that, so i ended up doing it this way instead. i’m super indecisive when it comes to how i write things yikes i’ll probably end up doing the other b.a.p members, but hopefully you guys enjoy this (: happy reading loves xx


· the others suffer from secondhand embarasment whenever he sees you because of his actions

· literally doesn’t how to act or what to say whenever you’re around

· tries to be confident whenever he speaks to you, but ends up stuttering too many times to count

· stares at you longer than he has to

· slightly intimidated by your attitude because he knows that you don’t take shit from anyone

· always talks about how hot you are with the others

· “his muscles are so fucking big, jesus chri—”

· “we get it, jay. jeez

· secretly wishes he was more confident around you

· always laughs at your jokes

· tried to ask you out once and failed


· comes off as super confident when he’s around you when in reality he’s a nervous wreck

· you two are close so whenever you make sexual jokes he doesn’t know how to respond

· like one time you pulled him into you lap and jokingly said, “come sit on daddy’s lap”

· he couldn’t stop blushing and laughing

· can’t be in a room with you by himself for too long

· either he ignores you the entire time accidentally because he doesn’t know what to say

· or he ends up saying random things out of nervousness


· calm and collected around you until one of you makes eye contact with the other and then he becomes a mess

· stares into your eyes or at your lips when you talk so much that he ends up being in a daze and doesn’t hear a word you say

· of course he gets embarrassed when he realizes this and apologizes

· you’re lowkey his inspiration for working out more because he loves how your body looks

· also loves staring at your arms or thighs or back muscles way too much

· especially when you wear tight shirts and jeans

· or sweats so he can look at your dick print

· loves that you’re a badass and you don’t care about the shit anyone has to say about you


· absolutely has no idea how to deal with crushes

· so he ends up asking the others for help

· “just go and talk to him”

· “are you stupid? i can’t just walk up to him and start talking. that’s weird”

· “that’s how you start a conversation”’

· “shut up”

· highkey knows he should just talk to you and get it over with but he’s scared

· loves admiring your body from afar

· can’t handle seeing you shirtless

· like this one time he spilled his juice on you and you took your shirt off and kept it off the whole day

· stuttered his way through an apology after the incident

· wishes he had your badass attitude because he loves it

· but not as much as he loves you seeing you shirtless


· becomes an instant giggling mess whenever you’re around

· also blushes a little too much whenever you two make eye contact

· always tells you corny jokes because he doesn’t know how to talk to you really

· even though you two are friends

· gets flustered whenever you show him affection

· like hugging him and intertwining your hands together and kissing his forehead

· dies a little inside when you backhug him

· and he can feel your hard chest pressed against his back

· tried to ask you out multiple times but backed out last minute every time

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I'm sorry if this is weird. But can I request how Saeyoung would react if he found out the Saeran kinda has a crush on mc? Like Saeyoung and MC are dating but Saeran has gotten a little schoolboy crush on her. No angst or love triangles or Saeran trying to steal her away. Like it's all innocent. Just fluff and a little teasing ^^ sorry if this is weird. You don't have to. Thank you!

707/ Saeyoung

  • The realization crept in slowly. 
  • For a time, he dismissed it for his brother’s introversion. 
  • He felt conflicted at first. He didn’t want to share you with anyone - you were his! No one else could have you, especially not his own brother. 
  • But the way Saeran pouted that time you ruffled his hair, Saeran’s timid “thanks” whenever you brought him home food after a date with Saeyoung were always accompanied by a series of innocent, stolen glances in your direction. 
  • How could he be jealous when Saeran’s affection was so delicate and lighthearted? 
  • He chuckled to himself. Who could blame him? You were adorable, after all. Besides - what fantastic new material to torment him with! 
  • The three of you were at the park when a sudden downpour sent everyone scrambling for shelter. Thankfully, Saeran had the foresight to have packed you each an umbrella. 
  • As you thanked Saeran for being so thoughtful, Saeyoung nudged him and flashed a knowing grin. 
  • Saeran’s face went from confusion to surprise when he realized what his brother was referring to. 
  • Which of course earned Saeyoung a signature Saeran Scowl and Death Glare Combo™
  • The best part is how oblivious you are. 
  • Once, he found a pair of cat ears laying around and placed them on your head. You looked up, trying to see what he had put on you. “Huh? Seven, what is this?” 
  • His heart skipped a couple of beats. Maybe he shouldn’t have made you wear those cat ears because God, you looked cute. He could have eaten you up right there and then. But hey isn’t there someone else who’d like to see this? 
  • “Hey Saeran!”
  • “What is it now….” 
  • “Doesn’t MC look cute?”
  • “…”
  • He laughs as his brother shoots him another hostile look
  • Run, Seven

Some college au stuff I needed to dump here.

Shisui is a three sport athlete on scholarship. His best sport is soccer. Majoring in business and undergrad in psychology. Gets good grades and is well liked.

Itachi is also on scholarship but for basketball. He and shisui kick ass on a team. Gets amazing grades and is low key popular, but not like shisui.

Kakashi is the lazy English teacher. High key chill and high key has favourites. Only reads three paragraphs of an essay. Wears a mask and eye patch to fuck with his students.

Genma is a high level physics teacher. Low key strict. He seems chill until he starts reading the syllabus. Has no tolerance for bullshit. Always wears the nice clothes with a watch. Drives a blacked out BMW. His favourite student is the quiet one that does their work and earns a good grade. Does not allow test make ups. Is biased to girls, boys are rowdier. Was a college athlete, attended on a baseball scholarship. Goes to the gym everyday.

Raido is the higher level math teacher. Is high key ripped and has a fan club. College football player. Hits the gym with genma most days. Pretty much the nice guy teacher. Is always open to help during office hours. Wears semi casual clothes with his sleeves rolled up. No tie. Drives an SUV or pickup truck.

Anko is the crazy history teacher. You think her class will be cake but it’s not. She’s a hardass and she’s scary. Most students are terrified of her. Has a clear favourite. Drives a motorcycle. Shows up in a trench coat everyday. Even when it’s 90 degrees out.

Orochimaru is the creepy chemistry and biology teacher. Gives good lessons but gives everyone the heebeejeebees. A very hard A to earn. Weird obsession with snakes. Seemingly hates all but one student.

Sasori is the hard ass art teacher. Always harsh but very honest. If you give him a chance he can teach you a lot. Where’s a white button up with slacks. Has glasses when his eyes are dry. Girls low key have a crush on Him but he’s kinda scary so… drives a Ford Focus.

Deidara is the stuck up art major. Lives off parents money, usually a snob. Especially if you disagree with him. Drive a car his parents bought him. Lives off campus. Low-key hipster.

Kotetsu and Izumo are the childhood bros that went to college together. Izumo is majoring in something practical and Kotetsu would probably aim for a health/fitness related degree. Both pretty good kids. Kotetsu is rowdier. Izumo is more gentlemanly than Kotetsu.

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ahh your writing is amazing! could you please do RFA + V + Saeran's reactions to MC's sister having a crush on them and maybe coming on to them? Sorry my request is weird >///<

*blush* Thank you! And I don’t think this request is weird at all :) Although it did get long, so apologies.


  • So this boy is painfully unaware of when he’s being flirted with a lot of the time, and your sister is no exception. Especially because he has her categorized into a “not even remotely romantic” relationship in his mind, so he’s totally not looking for it.
  • It takes you getting mildly irritated and snapping at your sister to “stop it!” more than once for him to figure out something is wrong.
  • He just thought she was being friendly? He didn’t realize there was more to it until he asks and you point it out to him, although you’re just annoyed with it and believe she’s just playing around. Then it clicks that yes, that is flirting, and yes, she’s been doing it for quite a while now.
  • Suddenly he’s uncomfortable being alone with her, just because she starts to get bolder and bolder and it makes him nervous. She’s your sister, and he doesn’t want to say anything that will hurt her but he also doesn’t really know how to get her to back off?
  • One night after a dinner you’d invited her to, she tracks him down - while you’re cleaning up- where he’s doing homework in the spare bedroom-turned-study. He’s sitting on a chair reading a textbook, and she just plops herself down on his lap and places her arms around his neck.
  • “Wh-what are you doing?” He’s shocked and embarrassed, and his face is turning red. He glances at the door, worried that you’ll walk in and see this and get the wrong impression. “[name], get off me!”
  • She shoves the textbook out of the way and leans in, obviously intending to kiss him. He throws his hands up between them and looks away, shutting his eyes tightly.
  • “N-no! I don’t want to kiss you! P-please stop…”
  • You hear the commotion and come to see what’s happening, horrified to see your sister trying to kiss you obviously uncomfortable boyfriend.
  • You kick her out immediately, beyond upset. Yoosung is slumped over and quiet with an air of defeat to him - he’s resolved himself to getting into some sort of trouble.
  • But you’re not mad at him - why would you be? He was resisting, and you know he’s gentle enough to not fight back in a way that would harm her except as a last resort.
  • He keeps apologizing but you just gently shush him, thanking him for being who he is. He wraps his arms around you and just breathes in your scent, so happy that you understand.

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Sons of the Pirate King

For those who like my ASL in Red universe, I actually have two other AUs I’m working on that have similar premises. One is “ASL bros Rasied by Dragon” cause revolutionary fun is fun, and the other is “Sons of the Pirate King” which role-swaps Garp and Roger: instead of Roger and Rouge dying and entrusting Ace to Garp, Dragon and Garp die and Luffy is entrusted to Roger.

Shenanigans ensue due to the Pirate King not being dead, of course. Some natural changes:

  • Ace is a year older due to Rouge not forcibly extending her pregnancy to hide him, and Rouge is also alive.
  • Roger’s crew is still around, and Shanks and Buggy are still under him. While Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kaido still come into power, it takes longer and it’s Roger who is the fourth Emperor instead of Shanks
  • I got bored and decided to mess with who gets what Devil Fruit. So far only Buggy and Law are have their canon powers, and only Buggy got his the same sort of way.
  • Due to universe changes, the Cook Pirates are still a pirate crew. So Sanji ends up a pirate instead of a chef/waiter, but still Zeff’s apprentice. Luffy and Ace dragged him into friendship.
  • Roger’s Crew finds the Op-Op, and Rocinante and Law try to get it from them. Shenanigans ensue, but the crew’s not going to tell Law to just die, so e eventually gets it and ends up with Luffy and co. Roci ends up a spy for Roger’s group.
  • Robin joins because Rayleigh thought she could be useful and lured her with Poneglyphs. She spends time doing archaeology on Raftel when not with her friends.
  • Shanks still recruits Yasopp, but Roue makes him go back and pick up Yasopp’s family. Do not mess with Rouge.

Devil Fruit Changes:

  • Ace got the Dark Dark mainly because I wanted to see how someone not-evil could use it. Also since Teach’s power-stealing does not come from the fruit, he can still do it and be a threat, especially since he wants Ace’s power.
  • Rouge is a bear zoan due to her mighty mom powers.
  • Robin does not have the Flower Flower. Yeah I know changes would have kicked in after she ate it technically, but I see her either as a badass normal or a zoan for this fic. Especially since Rayleigh’s been tutoring her in Haki. I’ thinking maybe a snow leopard…you know, grace, poise, extreme badass acrobatics?
  • Luffy has the Flower Flower and got it much the same way he got the Gum Gum in canon–someone had it where he could see when he was hungry.
  • Sanji gets the Flame Flame. Run for your lives.

The “Revolutionary Pirates” have a slight tendency to be really weird with their crushes. This is because they got their ideas from Roger and Rouge, Shanks and Buggy (who had a destructive to awkward to normal relationship), and Sanji’s old family’s ideas on how to get the gal/guy.

  • Ace keeps trying to nab Marco, despite everyone reminding him Whitebeard does not “do” Davy Back Fights so there’s no way. Ace also considers “getting in a fight with him” a viable seduction technique…he’s lucky he was right. 
  • Sanji just flat out kidnaps Zoro.
  • Robin initially just tries to seduce Franky for the Pluton blueprints but later decides Sanji’s idea was a good one and kidnaps him.
  • Luffy uses his Flower Flower powers and Observation Haki to hug Law whenever and wherever he wants. Unless it’s in a surgery bay since that could be bad. Law in return tries not to act jealous when Luffy hugs other people.
  • Usopp manages to be mostly normal and just rescues his childhood crush, Kaya.
  • Brook plays loud love songs whenever any of this is going on (isk when they found him but they did)

Still trying to figure out how to work in Nami, Sabo, Koala, and so on…but this is what I have so far.

The One With A Condom, Foam Finger and Perfume

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Summary: Stiles takes you for a romantic weekend at a winter cabin for Christmas - the only problem is that you have no idea about his feelings… yet.


MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)


Your teeth were chattering as you watched Stiles fiddle under the hood of his jeep.

 “S-S-Stiles,” you call out, “The heater.”

 His head pops up, barely visible through the frosted window, “Yeah – that doesn’t work,” he sighs.

 He walks over, shrugging his jacket off and wrapping it around your shoulders before walking back around to the driver’s side and climbing back in.

 “You’ll freeze,” you say, inhaling sharply.

 “It’s not a long drive form here to the cabin,” he reassures you but you could already see him shivering slightly. You shuffle across the seat, resting against him as he begina to drive again.

 “I hate this jeep,” you sigh.

 “Hey, don’t hate on the jeep,” he frowns.

 It was Stiles idea for the pack to all drive up to the camping grounds. Sure, a cute cabin in the snow sounded like fun until you realized the drive there would be in Stiles’ jeep with no heater.

 Thankfully, after hours of him lying about how far away it was, you were actually close this time. You spotted the village and as you got closer, you could see Scott and Kira standing outside.

 “Where’s everyone else?” you ask.

 “Malia and Lydia got snowed in and Hayden and Liam are uh- they – they’re late. I doubt they’ll come,” he says awkwardly.

 “Guess it’s just us four,” he adds. Stiles hooks an arm around your shoulders and uses his other hand to rub your arms, “Let’s get you inside.”

 “About that,” Scott says, blocking the doorway to your room, “There’s only one bed.”

 You sniffle, rubbing your nose which was frozen and red, “Okay, so Stiles and I can share.”

 Scott slumps, relaxing, “I thought that’d be a bigger deal,” he sighs in relief.

 “Why?” you frown.

 From behind you Stiles shakes his head and makes throat-slitting motions, stopping when you turn around and then rubbing the back of his neck in a cover up.

 You push past him, shutting the door to get changed.

 “You didn’t tell her yet?” Kira whisper yells as Scott pulls Stiles in closer to them, “This was supposed to be a romantic weekend away for the two of you. You were supposed to confess all your feelings before coming here.”

 “But the car broke down… thrice. And she was freezing!” Stiles pouts, “I’ll tell her tonight. By the fire,” he points to the fireplace.

 Scott frowns, “You better. Your crush has gone on for way too long. You guys are best friends for god’s sake – she didn’t even care that you had to share a bed!”

 Stiles tilts his head, “Okay, yeah, for now. But what if I tell her and she doesn’t feel that way and then the whole weekend is weird! I don’t want to get rejected on Christmas, Scott!”

 “Get yourself together,” Scott huffs, squishing Stiles’ cheeks together, “She is going to feel the same way!”

 Stiles didn’t believe him, especially because Scott refused to tell him if your heart beat rose around him or if your chemo signals changed – he said he didn’t want to interfere but to Stiles, that translated as ‘she doesn’t like you’.

 Stiles slumps, knocking on the door.

 “Come in,” you call out. You had already changed into a sweater and pyjama pants. Stiles walks over to you as you fiddle with the heater.

 “I don’t think it works,” you grumble, flicking the switch on and off.

 “Huh,” Stiles says, trying to fix it himself, “Maybe we can just sleep by the fire?” he suggests.

 “My neck is still broken from when you braked and I almost flew out of my seat,” you scoff, rubbing the sore spot, “If I don’t sleep in a bed, I’ll die.”

 “I’m sure it’ll work if we leave it on,” he shrugs, flicking the switch on, “Come sit,” he says, dragging you towards the sofa. You lean against the arm and place your legs on Stiles’ lap.

 “I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something,” he says.

 “Okay,” you raise a brow, “What’s up?”

 Stiles opens his mouth several times and closes it before he finally speaks, “Are you hungry?” he finally says, shooting up from the couch.

 “Uh, sure?” you nod, standing up and following him out into the living room. Scott and Kira were already seated by the fire.

 “Sooo?” Scott coos. Stiles shakes his head with wide eyes and Scott groans.

 “What’s with everyone?” you laugh, “It’s Christmas eve? Why are you all being so weird?”

 Scott shrugs, waving you over to the fireplace, “Are we all ready to open presents?”

 You nod eagerly. Stiles sits opposite you.

 “I’ll go first,” Scott says. He got Kira a dress which was lovely. It was yours and Stiles’ presents that were a little… different.

 Yours was a framed picture of you and Stiles with tomorrow’s date on it. Yours was still better than Stiles’ which was a party size box of condoms and a foam finger with #1 on it.

 “Gee, thanks Scott,” you mumble, urging Kira to hand hers out to change the vibe. Unfortunately, hers only got worse.

 While Scott got a new lacrosse stick, you got Stiles’ old lacrosse Jersey and Stiles got a bottle of perfume – your perfume.

 “Did you switch our presents around?” you ask. Kira shakes her head sheepishly.

 Why would Stiles wear women’s perfume? Then again, there was no reason not to. You sigh and thank her, trying to hide your confusion.

 “I’ll go next,” you say, trying to sound enthusiastic. Stiles was first and the easiest – a special edition box set of the Star Wars series. Kira got a leather case for her sword – belt thing, this way her belt would look less threatening. And Scott, well he got a bunch of clothes – for all the fights he got into during his time as a werewolf, it was a miracle he still had any clothes left in tact.

 You thought you’d had the best presents until Stiles pulled his out. Scott got a photo album with pictures of them from freshman to senior year. Kira got a Japanese book of myths and legends or Kitsune’s. But your gift – boy, you weren’t expecting it.

 Years ago, you’d sold your mothers ring at a pawn shop, trying to get Justin Bieber tickets. You didn’t get the tickets and when you went back for the ring it’d already been sold.

 But there it was in a small, red velvet box.

 “Stiles…” you mumble, looking up at him with teary eyes, “How did you get this?”

 “A lot of searching,” he smiles warmly, “Do you like it?”

 “Are you kidding? I love it!”

 You throw your arms around him, pinning him against the floor. He laughs, wrapping his arms around you, “I know how much it meant to you after she…” he trails off.

 After she’d passed away, you became obsessed with finding the ring but never could.

 “Stiles, I love you so much,” you choke in a sob.

 “I love you too,” he says, rubbing your back slightly.

 “Ugh,” you chuckle wiping at your eyes, “I should get to bed. It was a long drive.”

 Stiles stands up, “Me too.”

 Scott winks at him as he follows you in and Stiles flips him off.

 “Guess the heater really isn’t working. Maybe we can get Scott and Kira to switch with us or-“

 “Ehhh,” you groan, climbing onto bed and pulling the covers up to your neck, “I’m too tired.” You tap the spot beside you, urging him to come join you. He hesitates before climbing in and keeps a distance between the two of you.

 You close it, nuzzling into his chest.

 “Is it midnight yet?” you ask.

 Stiles looks at the clock, “Yeah, ten past.”

 “Merry Christmas,” you hum, “I really loved my present.”

 “I’m glad,” he says.

 “Was it just me or were everyone else’s presents kind of weird?” you ask, scrunching your nose up. The warmth of Stiles body against yours was so comforting.

 “I didn’t notice,” he lies. You look up at him with furrowed brows, “You got condoms, a foam finger and a bottle of my perfume. I got a picture of us-“

 “I thought it was nice,” he interjects.

 “And your old jersey!” you inhale sharply, “Do you reckon Scott’s trying to get you laid this weekend? Throwing around all these hints?”

 “WHAT?! NO!” he exclaims, his eyes widening, “How could you think that? That I’d think of you like that?”

 “I said Scott,” you frown, “And what’s so bad about sleeping with me?”

 “T-that’s not what I meant.”

 You pull away from him slightly, “I mean, you went to all that effort to find that necklace and you just – you just think of me as a friend?”

 “That’s not what I – no, I mean – I like you,” he blurts out, “I’m insanely in love with you.” He squeezes his eyes shut once the words are out. Out of all the terrible ways to confess your feelings to someone, he’d picked the most awkward.

 “Good,” you mumble, tugging him closer to you by his shirt. You rest you head against this shoulder, “I’m freezing,” you mumble.

 Stiles awkwardly wraps an arm around you, “W-what does that mean? Y-you’re not mad?”

 “Why would I be mad? I’ve told you I love you a million times. I told you by the fire just before.”

 “I –  I don’t mean it like that.”

 “I mean it how you mean it,” you reassure him with a small smile. You lean up and press a kiss to his cheek before burying your face in his neck, “I love you. I was just waiting for you to say it back and mean it, Stiles. You sure took your time.”

 Stiles tries not to fist pump and instead hugs you tighter, “Well, I do. I love you and this is probably the best Christmas of my life.”

honestly the keith-sided Klance timeline is so clear cut its making me lose my shit

1. lance wasn’t really anyone to keith except a guy he vaguely remembers being aggressive with him for basically no important reason and continues when they reunite. uh okay?? stop picking fights with me
2. after a While of that, in a moment of weakness lance tells keith they actually get along and make a good team in a soft voice and looks at him with lidded eyes and keith, having lived alone basically his whole life and more than likely never experienced love or any type of romantic or flirtatious advances directed his way, translates this as admitting some possible feelings (based lance’s his tone of voice and face more than his words) and gets an intense rush of fuzzies that leaves him speechless and smiles back.
3. while lance is in the pod to heal, however long that was, keith worries about him but mostly mulls over their bonding moment which came completely out of nowhere, and thinks about what he should say to lance when he wakes up. would they have to talk more about what it meant now that lance had said he liked being around keith and had just been aggressively hiding how he felt? should keith ask if that had any other meaning behind it based on how he said it? he’s very restless during this time, especially since now every time he looks at lance he starts to feel hot and doesn’t want to look to long because it gets overwhelming. its not really a crush its more. new than that and its weird
4. lance acts entirely the same and goes back to saying like he doesnt like keith anymore. keith thought that battle has changed him but it didn’t and hes so angry and taken back about the situation he can’t help but yell about it the words just fall out he doesn’t really care everyones here. i craddled you in my arms goddamm it i thought that made you feel something different you horses ass
5. spends a long time being bitter and petty about lance’s bait and switch and starts being aggressive back to him a little bit, but eases back when he and lance have moments of normality and peace, specifically when they pair off together on th balmera and lance is surprisingly rational and not teasing him and he starts to melt a bit around him again and we can see it in his eyes and by how smiley he is. obviously lance will always go back to acting like keith is Bad and Awful and keith goes back and forth between being salty and wondering if lance was just being a jerk and acting like a jerk, and being all butterflies and gross when lance shows kindness toward him.
6. sometimes gets in aggressive flirting moods where he’s somewhere in the middle. I.E
“like that?”


You’re poison to me

Pairing(s): Bucky X reader/ Avengers X reader 

Rating:T+ Includes angst, fluff, awkward moments, swearing

A/N: you hate maria in this, and you can control all the elements (fire, water, earth, air, light, darkness, emotions, metal, gravity and appearance manipulation - you can shapeshift), long as hell

 Bucky and I had a weird friendship. We wouldn’t hide anything from each other - especially embarrassing stuff like crushes or weird hobbies.. We mess around, apart from his friendship with Steve, I would say he has the strongest bond with me… Until that day. 

 3 months ago

“Buckaroo! I’m fricking bored!” I was upside down on the sofa in the main living room - my legs hanging off if the sofa the other way.

“And you’re telling me why?” He tried to do a bitch face… But it was covered with laughter. 

“because you live 10 times longer than I did. What did you do when there was no tv, no iPhones. What did you do in the time of Moses?" 

"Excuse me-" 

"You’re excused.” I quickly said 

“As I was SAYING. I’m not that old that u was alive at the time of Moses. And I used to go outside to the park with Steve. Don’t tell anyone but i used to take photos of everything with Steve just before I got drafted- y'know as a reminder of how perfect everything was before the war.”

“You’re perfect” shit, did I just say that? 


"What?” I tried acting like I didn’t know what was happening, I stood up and walked to my room.


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kiingkirst  asked:

Hi my loves! Can I get an update on Derek with glasses or animal shelter sterek? Thanks a mil! Hope you have a great day xx

derek with glasses!!!1!

Werewolf-Friendly by badwolfbadwolf (3/3 | 27,227 | NC17)

Derek is a junior in college, never could get the hang of social interaction, and is, you know, a werewolf. A werewolf and a virgin. And it isn’t like anyone is banging down his door to hop on his werewolf dick, save for the few pervs who acted like he was some kind of exotic toy to be played with and experienced. So, when he sees Stiles’ ad on Hot Men 4 Rent, Derek is… interested.

And who is he kidding, he’s read that bio every day since that sad evening with the chocolate chip cookies, and has every facet of it memorized.

Stiles, no last name. Eighteen. Student. Good conversationalist. Likes to crack jokes. Fan of junk food but enjoys running. Werewolf-friendly. Werewolf-friendly.

And there is his phone number and an email address. Plus all the moles.

Stiles Stilinski, Boyfriend Extraordinaire by MereLoup (4/4 | 14,430 | G)

“Beacon County Sheriff’s Department, this is deputy Mahealani speaking.”

“Oh thank god!”


“I, uh, I need some advice.”


“Yeah. So, hypothetically, say you met your boyfriend’s mother and sister for the first time ever. Completely by accident. In the grocery store. And they convinced you to help them make a dinner to surprise aforementioned boyfriend when he got home after work. What would you do?”

Danny paused, and then, “Stiles, you don’t have a boyfriend.”

“That’s not the point! And I said hypothetically.”

“Stiles…what are you doing right now?”


Stiles never imagined he’d be in Derek’s kitchen cooking a surprise dinner with Derek’s family while they waited for Derek to get home from work.

Partly because their visit was a complete surprise.

But mostly because Stiles didn’t have a boyfriend.

Or even know who Derek was.

But he’d already come this far and Papa didn’t raise no quitter!

A Love Like Religion by alisvolatpropiis (1/1 | 10,696 | NC17)

“Derek, my man, you missed an epic party on Saturday. Seriously, dude, I know morning Mass is like, your thing, but come on. You’re missing on out so much life has to offer, bro.”

Big hands land on shoulders with a thump and a squeeze while Derek stands at his locker, loading his gigantic calculus book into his backpack. He gives his best friend a practiced sidelong glare, which of course just encourages him. “You’ll change your mind when I tell you who sucked me off in Lydia Martin’s bedroom,” Stiles snickers into his ear.

Despite himself, Derek is curious. He tries to hide it by focusing on his books, but he knows the heat in his cheeks betrays him. “Who,” he asks, giving in, knowing he will eventually.

The One Where He Pitches And Catches by mikkimouse (1/1 | 4,272 | NC17)

Derek entered the conference room, spotted the table with “M. P. Stilinski” on it, and stopped short.

Oh fuck.

It most definitely was not going to be fine.

Sitting on the other side of the table was the most attractive man Derek had ever seen, with whiskey-colored eyes and pale skin with dark moles speckled across his jawline, moles Derek was very familiar with because he’d spent two hours last night drunk out of his mind and licking them.

The Curly Fries Show with Stiles Stilinski by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf) (1/1 | 15,612 | PG13)

“Curly fries are only for the brave, so is love.”

Five times Stiles interviewed celebrities for his popular YouTube show, ‘The Curly Fries Show with Stiles Stilinski’, and one time he was the one interviewed.


Five times Stiles hung out with his attractive, adorable, bashful, architect building-mate Derek Hale and one time he hung out with his attractive, adorable, bashful, architect building-mate, boyfriend Derek Hale.

Over the Threshold by alisvolatpropiis (1/1 | 5,862 | NC17)

This is the last time,” Stiles declares, just before he attacks Derek’s mouth with his, the kiss fevered and desperate, his long fingers jabbing roughly into Derek’s abs as he tangles them in his shirt. He pulls him close and walks them away from the front door, and in his hurried clumsiness, Stiles’ nose smashes Derek’s glasses into his face, hard enough that they smudge against his eyelids. It should be annoying, but like everything else about Stiles that should be infuriating, Derek can only find it hopelessly endearing.

That’s the thing about love, he supposes, even a love he won’t fully admit to himself, let alone to Stiles.

You Be The Anchor by honeywolf, mylittlemindpalace (24/24 | 83,094 | R)

“You don’t look like a sophomore,” the guy said, raising one corner of his mouth. “Not that I care, don’t get me wrong here, I wouldn’t care if you were thirty-” he stopped, standing up and throwing another box off his bed in the process. “It’s just that you don’t look like thirty. You just don’t look like a sophomore, that’s all I’m saying. Well, I thought I was going to be put in a room with another sophomore, like they did with the freshmen, which… doesn’t make that much sense in retrospect, does it?” He frowned for a moment.
“So, we’re roommates then, right?” He extended his hand. Derek looked at him for a long moment, his eyebrows shooting up, before taking and slowly shaking it.
“I’m Stiles. I actually wanted to be roommates with my best friend Scott, we shared a room last year, but the secretary, who was very, very unfriendly by the way, told us to fuck off. Not in those words exactly, but you get my drift, right?”

In which Derek gets a new roommate and is not amused. At all.

cute little spawn from hell by wearing_tearing (2/2 | 2,169 | NC17)

Derek blinks, surprised. “Are you—”

“Leaving, yes,” Stiles nods vehemently.

“—afraid of babies?”

Espionage Would Be Wasted On You by reptilianraven (1/1 | 9,275 | PG13)

“Can this actually wait until after the job?” Derek said with as much ferocity as he can, which apparently wasn’t much because Stiles’ laughter rang through his earpiece. “The mark’s getting out of the elevator, you better be ready.”

“First off, learn how to multitask.” Stiles told him. “Second, I need two more minutes. Hold him back.”

“Can’t. He’s already in the hallway. Learn how to multitask.” Derek smiled to himself when Stiles cursed.

Of course, the explosion went off at exactly the right time. Derek never thought explosions could sound smug until that very moment.


The one where Derek is the tech guy and Stiles just likes to blow things up a lot. Together they fight crime or whatever.

Do You See Me? by hazelNuts (1/1 | 6,031 | R)

anonymous asked,"Can you kindly write a fanfition where Stiles has a crush on one of Derek frat brothers. The only problem is the guy is a player and Derek doesn’t want the funny, intelligent, beautiful boy he’s been crushing on since forever to get his heart broken. So he offers to help Stiles win the man of his dreams. Using the time together to make Stiles realize that he and Derek are perfect for each other. Which he does big time. Top Derek bottom Stiles. Thank you”

‘Hey, Derek. Fancy seeing you here. Weird right? Especially since there was something I wanted to ask you and then wow, I suddenly see you sitting right here. Fancy that.’
One of Derek’s eyebrows quirks up and there’s a smile tugging at his lips. ‘Fancy finding me at my favourite coffee shop. What is it you want?’

Bad Habits by Fudgebug (12/12 | 108,296 | NC17)

“Mmmmh pretty.“ Stiles purrs in a way that makes a wild fire torch the planes of his skin.
He knows Stiles is drunk and that the boy would probably stroke a pineapple and compliment its attractiveness, but Derek can’t help the way his heart starts to be a huge backstabbing dick, thundering uncontrollably against his chest.
It’s painful, because Derek knows it isn’t real.

A story about goody-two-shoes Derek crushing on a Polish Prince Charming with a drinking habit - also the universe keeps on shoving astral poop into his face. It’s utterly spectacular.

I'm Done Getting Played - Austin Carlile - Part One?
Can you write one where austin has a gf and you are his best friend and you always liked him a little bit and he flirts with you even though he has a girlfriend and one day you are all going out and a boy at the bar starts flirting with you and kissing you on the cheek and stuff and Austin just gets incredibly jealous and maybe some cute scenes? :))

Hope this is good enough for you, I loved the request c: tbh if I ever have time I might extend this fanfic into parts but idk when that will be… I kinda got carried away with the Caleb character, but oh well cx Written by Emma.

Currently, I’m fixing on my new ankle boots. I’m going out clubbing tonight with a few of my friends, so I’m in mid-process of getting ready. I have a black, long sleeved, tight fitting dress on, which I’m still ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ at. I’m not really sure if it looks good on me, but I’ve thrown it on as I am already late.

My front door goes, and I hobble towards it with one shoe on. Swinging it open, I see Austin, my heart jumps. “Hey,” I say to my best friend, feeling a little flustered as he looks over what I’m wearing.

“Ready as always.” He raises his eyebrow, smirking. “Mhm.” I say, subtly checking him over. He’s wearing a black t-shirt, accompanied by black skinny jeans. Austin always managed to pull off the “all black look”.

“Are you going to finish getting ready or stand there checking me out?” He asks sarcastically, letting himself in and closing the door. “Obviously.” I answer, sounding too like I was joking. He follows me into the lounge as I sit on the couch, putting on my other shoe. He sits down next to me, so close that our legs are against each other’s.

“Is this new?” Austin asks, his hand gliding across my stomach, talking about the dress. “Yes, actually. Why?” I frown slightly. “It looks good on you.” He answers, tucking my hair around the other side of my neck. “Thanks, but, it’s just a simple plain black dress.” I shrug, trying not to blush. “Mhm, it just fits you well.” He breathes onto my neck, his hand rubs my thigh. My breathing hitches. “Thank you.” I say, my cheeks reddening. “You are welcome.” He murmurs, his voice is low and seductive. Lightly, he kisses my neck, making my stomach churn.

Making me jump, his phone begins to ring. Austin sits back up and takes it out of his pocket. “It’s Alana.” He speaks the name of his girlfriend before answering the call. “Hey, baby… Yeah, yep… She’s just finishing off… Yes, we’ll be out soon… Okay, good… Love you too… Bye.” He hangs up. “It was just Alana, are you finished?” He asks, tilting his head. “Yep.” I say, trying to swallow the lump in my throat. “Alright then, let’s go party.” He stands up, giving me his hand to help me up. We walk go my hallway and I grab my bag.

Striding out to Austin’s car, I get in the back, whilst his girlfriend sits in the front. “We all ready?” Austin asks, as nobody disagrees, he starts the car.

You probably think it’s weird, what me and Austin are like, especially as he has a girlfriend. I’d like to say that it’s only a recent occurrence that Austin has been acting like this with me, he mildly flirts, touches my body. He reassures me I look fine all the time, always compliments me. However, nothing between us has happened, and I’m happy to say so, as he’s with Alana. He’s my best friend too, so it would be weird if anything happened. Nonetheless, because of Austin’s actions it’s kind of made me develop even more of a crush on him. I mean, I’ve always found him a little appealing, but I’ve suddenly noticed why so many people are interested in him; he’s charming, kind, sweet, not to mention beyond attractive. Why am I only recognising all of this now?

“Y/N?” I get snatched out of my thoughts. “Huh, what?” I blink several times then see Alana’s already gotten out of the car, and Austin’s turning around from his seat looking at me. “What?” I frown. “We’re here.” He says, like it’s obvious, then chuckles. “Oh yeah.” I state, staring blankly out the window.

I stare dumbfounded out a little more until Austin slaps my shoulder playfully. “Y/N, get out of my car before I kick your pretty little ass out.” I turn to him with a sarcastic smirk. “Your butt looks cute in that dress, don’t think I’ll resist to touch it if I can.” He winks. “…With your foot?” I raise an eyebrow. “Better than nothing.” He shrugs, half smiling. “Now get out my car!” He says impatiently. “Fine.” I say, rolling my eyes jokingly, opening my door and slinking out.

Walking through the car park, I admire Austin and Alana. Alana is the luckiest girl imaginable, having a guy like Austin. Saying that, he is being half unfaithful with what he’s doing with me. Then again, who’s to say there is anything he’s doing with me? I shake my head as we press through the pub doors. Spotting Alan perched on a bar stool with his most recent hook up, we slip in next to him. Alan nods his head swiftly at us before looking back towards the girl. From what I can see she has light hair, maybe a faint pink, but I can’t really see in the low light, she’s quite pretty.

The order goes from Alan’s girl, to Alan himself, a gap, then Alana, then Austin, then me. We order drinks then they all engage in their own separate conversations. I stir my drink staring absentmindedly at them. I look at Alana, with her long, dirty blonde hair let loose. Chewing my lip, I fiddle with my own, I’m nothing compared to her. I would be straight up lying if I said I wasn’t envious, she was gorgeous, and was dating my best friend. Ever since I found out I was jealous, I’ve just accepted it now. She doesn’t notice me looking thankfully, but I eventually spin round on my chair and look into the other direction, sucking innocently on my straw.

I’m kind of used to nights out like this now, me third - more like fifth - wheeling. Alan always hooks up with somebody so I can’t even have a decent chat with him, and Austin had Alana now, so he rarely talks to me. I pretty much stare aimlessly ordering countless drinks.

It used to be fun, going out with the guys. Our other friends: Tino, Phil and Aaron used to tag along with us, and they still do sometimes, but as they’re all serious with their partners they don’t really like this hooking up party scene. Also, Alan used to be fine with not getting with somebody each time we went out, he’d spend time with me if I got lonely. And now obviously, Austin has his girlfriend, Alana. Me and him used to sarcastically pair each other off with people at clubs, and used to play a game like ‘whoever gets off with more people wins’, stupid, but funny.

“Hey there, want another drink?” I hear somebody’s voice. I subtly roll my eyes to myself. Guys hit on me a lot, but I’m really not interested, especially when they use shitty chat up lines like that. “Look, I’m really not-” I pause as I look up.

I see a man, roughly my age, with short dark hair standing before me. My eyes dart down his body as I look over him. He’s wearing tight black jeans with a fairly tight fitting white t-shirt, outlining his perfect physique. I bite my lip thinking about what he looks like underneath. I notice he has sleeve tattoos, and some on either side of his neck.

“My eyes are up here, you know.” He chuckles, and suddenly I’m very attracted to this guy. I look up to where his eyes are, realising he also as a nose ring in, then meeting my eyes with his. They’re bluer than blue. Is that possible?

“I did come over to chat, but you can just look, it’s cool.” He laughs again, resting on the bar. “I, sorry.” I stutter, a little flustered. I notice Austin’s attention has been grabbed as he begins to talk. “Y/N is he bothering you? Want me to show him where the door is?” He subtly gets to his feet and looks over the man sitting beside me. When he acts like this, he can be quite intimidating, but the guy doesn’t budge. “Wow, you have your own bloodhound.” He smirks to himself, not loosing an inch of his confidence. As he grins with his teeth, I seem to fall a little more, before I acknowledge that I should probably tell Austin to quit it. “It’s fine, Austin.” I don’t let my eyes leave the guy’s, I just lightly pat his shoulder and I hear him take a seat again.

“Who’s that? Your boyfriend?” He points with a finger that’s holding his beer glass. “Just a friend.” I shake my head. “Doesn’t seem like it, he’s a bit protective, wouldn’t you say?” He cocks his eyebrow and I nod. “Just doesn’t want me feeling uncomfortable, that’s all. He has a girlfriend.” I slip in. “Ah. Well, it’s good you aren’t dating then,” He chuckles, taking a swing from his drink. “Because you were so obviously checking me out.” He finishes his sentence and winks, biting his lip lightly. “You wish.” Jokingly, I roll my eyes at him. “Oh come on, you know you were.”

He stands up, still taller than me, and drags his seat closer to mine so he’s in arm’s reach. “Don’t know what you’re talking about.” I sip up the rest of my drink. “Want another one?” The guy asks. “Sure.” I shrug, free drinks can’t be that bad. The barman asks me what I want and I ask for the same as before, whilst the man next to me gets himself another beer.

“So, what’s your name again?” He smiles unknowingly. “Y/N.” I say, resting one arm on the bar. “Well, Y/N, I’m Caleb.” He tilts his head. Pitifully, I wave my hand, not knowing what to say. “Well, Y/N, what’re you doing here tonight?” He asks. His right hand holds my left wrist as his thumb lightly rubs over my veins. Something clicks as he touches my skin, not literally, figuratively. I almost forget to reply. “Oh, I’m, just third, or fifth, more like, wheeling.” I nod my head in the direction of the others. “Oh, well hey, not anymore.” He grins. “And why is that?” I ask him, trying not to smile. “Because you have this.” He gestures to himself. “Why would I like that?” I say playfully. “Oh come on, really? You’re seriously asking that?” He murmurs in a jokey tone. “Yeah, I mean, you’re nothing special.” I smirk.

"We both know that’s a lie.” He says, taking my left hand and placing it on his torso. “Come on, cop a feel.” He half smiles. I pretend to act hesitant but I do it, and I think my jaw has dropped. I could say it feels like I’m feeling a large cheese grater, but I won’t say that, cause that’s kinda weird. Let’s just say that he certainly has abs. Hard, firm, amazing abs. “Mhm, exactly.” He places his hand on my thigh, stroking me softly. “Feel the chest, come on, keep it coming.” He grins. I run my hand up his chest up until my hand gently cups his neck. I could melt here and now. He continues to trail his hand up my thigh and he leans towards my ear. “See, you’ve got to love what you’re feeling.” He chuckles, deliberately sounding seductive. “And maybe I do, so what?” I giggle. “Mhm, nothing.” He presses his lips against my neck for a short but firm kiss.

“Y/N, you okay?” Austin interrupts. “Yes, I’m fine Austin.” I can’t help the irritant tone in my voice. He swallows hard and turns back.

“What is that guy’s problem?” Caleb asks. “I don’t know, I really don’t.” I mumble. “Well hey, we can sit down with my lot if you want? They’re just over there, there isn’t a huge chuck of us, maybe three or four.” He offers. I turn over my shoulder to the others and they’re all in their own conversations, I don’t see why I can’t have some fun for once. So I nod my head.

Taking my hand, Caleb stands me up and begins to lead me elsewhere. “Where are you going?” Austin asks. I see Alana checking over Caleb. She can back off, she can’t lay herself upon every guy I ever have the hots for. “Just over there, to his friends.” I say, finding it hard not to roll my eyes. “You sure? You can just stay here?” Austin looks a little concerned, like a parent. “It’s fine Austin, really.” I reply, feeling like I’m whining as if I’m a child. I let Caleb take me over to his group of mates.

They’re all sitting down on sofas, around a table with a ton of drinks and a mixture of snacks. One has blonde hair, sitting on a single chair, a similar if not bigger build to Caleb, and I can see has his eye on a slim blonde who’s on the dance floor, dancing. Another has black hair, on the double chair opposite the one me and Caleb are about to sit on. He has a girl with red hair beside him, his arm around her, cupping her. Then there’s one more, who has dark hair like Caleb, who’s standing absentmindedly over the group.

Caleb sits down and gestures for me to sit beside him so I do. I sit tight next to him, almost on his lap. His arm wraps around my back and curls over my hips.

“Cal has pulled.” The blonde says, winking down at me. I get a feeling that these men are all equally big headed and confident, but I don’t have a problem with that. “That’s Ben.” Caleb says, pointing at the blonde. “Hey.” I smile. “If you ever get bored of old Cal here, you can certainly find your way back to me.” Ben says, I just laugh in response. “That’s Josh,” Caleb says to the black haired boy, who’s muttering to the red haired girl. “I’m Dylan.” The other darkly coloured hair guy says. I smile and wave politely.

“So, what is that guy’s problem anyway? He seems really like, obsessed with you or something.” Caleb says, looking over to the bar. “Austin? I don’t know. Best friend, just what they do I guess.” I shrug it off. “Okay, he seems to not like me already.” He laughs. “Eh, he’ll live.” I say. Austin has a girlfriend, he should stop acting like that. “You like me though, right?” He turns to me chuckling. “Obviously.” I say, placing my right hand on his chest again. “Oh, so you like my body now? Is that what you’re trying to say?” He smirks. “Mhm, maybe.” I say. “Well I certainly like yours.” His hand moves to my neck and he draws small circles, I giggle softly. “You would probably look really hot underneath this, am I right” He whispers in my ear. His hand moves down and he fiddles with the neck of my dress. “Maybe, who knows.” I answer, playing with the fabric of his shirt. “I would really want to know what each and every curve of you looks like without this dress on.” Placing a kiss on my neck, he runs his hand down my body back down to my thighs. “Really, and why would that be?” I smile to myself; I’m enjoying this. “Because you are enticing as hell.” His hand finds it’s way to my inner thigh and he runs it upwards. “You can’t imagine what I look like underneath this.” He mutters. “That’s something I’d really like to see.” I murmur, biting my lip as I look down at him. “Really?” He asks, kissing down my neck. “Mhm.” I moan quietly in response.

“How about we take this somewhere else?” He looks up to me, and I see the tint of lust glistening in his bright eyes. “Definitely.” I bite my lip. “My house?” I ask, staring down at his lips. Spontaneously, he begins to kiss me, he tugs at my bottom lip with his teeth. Pulling away slowly, his eyes don’t leave mine. “Oh god yes.”

“Gotta go.” Caleb says quickly to his mates, taking my hand again and hoisting me off the couch. “Well then.” Ben chuckles, sipping his beer. I felt like I was running across the club with Caleb in hand, but in fact we were just pacing quickly. “Bye guys.” I chirp as I trot past our group. I feel happy, I’ve pulled.

“Y/N? Where the hell are you going?” Austin stands up from his stool and walks behind us. He takes my other wrist and stops us. “Man seriously, leave the girl alone, alright?” Caleb says. “Let me go, Austin.” I frown at him. I’m so confused, what is he doing? “But…” He stutters. “But what? Go back to Alana, Austin.” I almost hiss. If this is him being jealous, well, it sucks to be him. He’s had a chance with me, and he always goes back to Alana. Well, “I’m done getting played.” I speak my mind to him almost in a growl. I see the flash of hurt in his eyes, but I turn quickly and let Caleb take me and him out the bar.

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I saw a picture of all the boys as little kids with mc, and imagining her as their babysitter is the cutest thing to me. Especially if they all end up with those cute, totally innocent little kid crushes on her. (Not in a weird way! Just you know the way kids do sometimes where they're like 'she's pretty and nice so I like her' and it's just really cute?) you know? I hope that doesn't sound weird orz just. Adorable kindergarten rfa running around.

They all claim they’re going to marry you.

Zen and Jumin get in a fight about it

Yoosung brings you daisies he found on the playground

Luciel is constantly sitting next to you even if he has the chance to be somewhere else

Jaehee likes to help you organize things. She also likes watching TV with you.

Zen is always reciting lines from Disney princes

Jumin has his dad pay you triple because he wants you to stay. He even suggests you moving in with his family.