especially if he has a weird crush on you

Mark Is Acting Weird (1/7)

Author’s Note: I am not the type to write scenarios, but at this point I’ve read so many that I had my own story in my head. I just thought I’d type that story out. Since I’m not the best writer i wrote the whole thing in bullet point form. i apologize for the grammatical errors, after writing the whole thing i just got too tired to pay attention to the little stuff.

Genre: Intro/ Fluff with an angst vibe???

Word Count: 522

Summary: Mark (Got7) x Reader; You are dating Mark and things are great, but you begin to notice that hes been acting weird lately.

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Ø  You and Mark have been dating for 2 years now and he’s been nothing less of the perfect boyfriend when you have time to be together

Ø  Of Got7, Jackson is your best friend (but he secretly has a tiny crush on you)

Ø  Dating in general can be difficult, especially dating an idol. You and Mark have been able to go through the rough patches, but one major dilemma between the two of you is that he wants to be intimate but you want to wait till marriage.

Ø  This aspect slightly upsets Mark, but he understands where you are coming from and agrees to wait for you.

·    Now it is time for Got7 to go on a 3-month tour.

·         As usual, you and Mark text as much as he can and you either call or skype every night

·         There is one more week until he can come home from the tour and Mark begins to start acting weird.

·         He seems more closed off and he is leaving the conversations as superficial as possible. He talks about what he did that day and how tired he was but he just left it at that

·         You decide to end the chat early, because he kept mentioning how tiring things had been that day

·         You call Jackson to ask how Mark was doing; asking how intense the day was and if Mark had been sleeping and eating enough. And of course you asked how Jackson had been doing too.

·         Jackson said everything was basically normal but he he said he also noticed Mark was acting a little weird. He didn’t know why Mark was so “off”

·         It is finally the day the boys get back from tour.

·         You wait for the boys at their dorm, because your relationship with Mark still isn’t public yet.

·         All the guys are so excited to see you, especially Mark.

·         The second he sees you he practically tackles you down and kisses you as if he hasn’t seen you in years.

·         You thought it was kind of weird, he was never this passionate after returning from tour before. It was even more unexpected after how weird he has been the past week, but you didn’t think too much about, you were just glad mark was back

·         Since it was already super late Mark offers to take you home and he says he’s super excited to show you the souvenirs he got you from this tour.

·         Back at your apartment you and Mark catch up on some stuff he missed out on when he was on tour and he shows you all the cute stuff he bought you. Once again you still feel a little weird about the whole thing

·         It feels as though he’s being extra nice and he is still being superficial with most of the conversation

·         After a few hours, Mark is able to easily convince you to let him stay the night, saying its already really late and that he missed you so much he doesn’t want to leave. Of course you let him. You also really missed him and understand how tired he must be.



I’m sorry if its not that great. As I mentioned before I’m not much of a writer. This is something that I just wanted to get out of my head.

Tomorrow I will be posting Part 2