especially his story in the grocery store


((This one I did for fun because who doesn’t love Jeonghan?! And I haven’t written anything sweet for him yet, so…here we are. This one goes out to all of my chubby/fat readers! Enjoy, my ladies!))

Pairing: JeonghanxChubby!Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 5,302

Summary: Chan was on a mission to find out what the hell Jeonghan was being so sneaky for. What he found may or may not have been fully clothed. Either way, he wasn’t prepared for it. 

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The Boogeyman Who Walks

Fall. The crisp chill air and multi-colored foliage abound like a dream. The smell of delicious home-made cooking wafts and the sense of upcoming holiday excitement surges through people’s spirits. Halloween time was quickly arriving and all over the world the proper preparations were being made to celebrate. Costume stores sprouted up like wildfire and grocery stores rushed to stock up on all the candy they possibly can. To a lot of people, especially children, the time of costumes, candy, and spooks was precious beyond belief. The stories of the supernatural experience a special rebirth around their hallowed holiday, but the most legendary of all was the tale of the Boogeyman. His tale wasn’t just confined to the single night of haunting, it prevailed all year round. Pitch Black, the legend himself, was immensely proud of this fact. Recently with the surge of technology he decided to relieve his usual boredom by making his own personal challenge. He has tremendous amounts of fun wisping between different popular haunted dwellings where human television shows take place trying to prove the existence of ghosts. This particular year he has decided to haunt a famous old  southern mansion estate where a new camera crew he had never encountered before just pulled up to the place in their vans. Pitch watched them through a broken window on the second floor. He grinned and his sharp teeth to glinted in the red sunset.
P: I do so love Halloween time. I hope this year is going to be worth it. It seems we have a new batch of players.

Theory about the next People Exclusive re:baby gate

I just read this anon bethaboolou got and it made me want to share an idea that’s been percolating in my head since this morning. I talked about it a bit with thebritishboyfriends drunkharrystyles and thedarkestlarrie so I figured I may as well make a post about it and see what everyone else thinks.

I’m wondering if the next big People story might be an exclusive interview with Louis denying the entire pregnancy farce. Louis can issue a firm, no beating around the bush denial (using the excuse of needing to talk to his lawyers/ get all his ducks in a row in regards to taking a paternity test to 100% confirm the kid isn’t his before publicly denouncing it [As many have mentioned, even if Louis knows there’s no possibility the kid is his, he’d have to take a paternity test anyhow just to confirm it without a shadow of a doubt (otherwise it’s a his word against hers situation)] and People don’t lose their credibility because Louis (and by extension, 1dhq) is still aligned with them and giving them the goods.

The story generated so much buzz that a direct denial from Louis in the form of a cover story would give them TONS of hits (and sell more hard copies) and it would makes sure ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE sees it (and therefore build Louis’ face recognition amongst the general public ESPECIALLY in North America). As has been pointed out before, People magazine is impossible to escape - It’s in every grocery store, every pharmacy, every doctor’s office, every nail salon. It would be an incredibly effective way to boost his ~star level~ even further without actually having to resort to expanding this stunt/creating a new one. Plus, since they’re working together, they both control the angle of the story in a way that suits their needs (and the level of larry they want to include).

I can absolutely see People being willing to publish something they know is false and will be publicly refuted in exchange for Louis giving them the denial interview (they can phrase the whole story so it casts them in a good light and maintains their reputation). If we’re right, they also know they’re getting the exclusive coming out story down the line which any publication would kill for. It’s going to be one of, if not the biggest, story of the year.  

It’s all about barters and exchanges, and if they choose to go this route this only one who loses is Briana (and her fame hungry family - but they get money, connections and their 15 minutes). 

I think the introduction of her ex-boyfriend will most likely play a role too. I still don’t think there actually *is* a baby, but for the sake of the story they can claim it’s his. From that point on it’s up to her what lengths she’s willing to go to (if, of course, anyone still cares. It might just be forgotten and she go on with her life as per usual, fake baby all but forgotten by everyone).

The Other Side Of Fame

Harry: All you had wanted to do was meet up with your boyfriend on his lunch break. He never got long on these all-day studio days, so every moment you got to spend with him was important. However, the second he stepped out of the studio to get in your car it was chaos. Everyone knew where he was going; they had seen you pull up. Security had moved everyone aside to give you a space right in front of the door. “Hi,” you say once he is finally seated in the passenger’s seat. “Hi,” he replies with a smile, leaning over to give you a kiss before you drive off to find a place for lunch. “There’s a sandwich shop down the road there. Zayn said it was really good, if you want to try it out,“ he suggests, pointing ahead. You follow his instructions but notice that a line of cars were following as well. It was expected though. They just had to know where you were going for lunch, no matter how ridiculous the idea sounded to you. You pull into an empty spot along the street, looking in your mirrors to see the cars that had been following you were now stopped in the middle of the street, men with large cameras quickly getting out and running to your car. No one from security had come with you; they weren’t thought to be needed. “Stay here,” Harry says as he opens the door. You were going to have to rely on him for your safety throughout this. “Guys, back up, please,” you hear him ask, as he stands outside your door. You hated that this is what the two of you had to go through just to go to lunch. The men don’t listen as they continue to snap pictures. You hear Harry sigh as he opens your door. “Come on.” He reaches in, and you take his hand. You lock the door as Harry wraps his arm around your shoulder, bringing you in as close as possible to him as he guides you into the restaurant. You try your best to ignore their shouting, though the flashes were a little more work on your part. You keep your head down as you had learned to do. The hostess had the door open for you. She had easily noticed the commotion happening outside. “I should have gotten someone to come with us,” Harry says once you finally make it inside. “No, it’s fine. We’re here, and it’s just me and you. And that’s all that matters.” He looks at you with a smile, so glad to have someone in his life that understands. “You all want a table in the back I’m assuming,” the hostess says as she grabs two menus. “Yes, please,” Harry responds, looking back at the paps snapping pictures on the other side of the glass. You couldn’t escape them if you tried. They would always be there. “So how is everything at the studio today?” You ask once you have been seated out of sight. “Good, everything is sounding really good.” He didn’t want to talk about the studio. He was really upset that your lunch date now involved about twenty unwanted extras. “What do you want me to fix for dinner tonight?” You inquire, reaching your hand across the table to place it on top of his. “I’ve been craving a good curry for a few days now,” he responds and you smile, knowing that offering a home-cooked meal would bring him back. This was your time with him, and the last thing you wanted was him worrying about the people outside. Yes, you hated that part of his lifestyle and yes, he knew that. You had been very vocal about your dislike of the media that followed the two of you around on any given day. However, the two of you had promised to keep their drama out of your relationship. Yes, they were bothersome, but no, you wouldn’t ever let them effect your love for Harry.

Liam: They wouldn’t leave you alone about it. It was your entire social media feed. You were very aware the pictures were fake, and you just couldn’t see how everyone else didn’t know it either. Twitter had practically shut down when the photoshopped pictures of Liam and Danielle surfaced. You had to give whoever was behind them credit; they were very well done. You just wish the skills could have been put to better use than trying to start a bunch of rumors. Well they didn’t try, did they? They succeeded. You had been flooded with questions from what you were sure was every single person in the fandom. Liam was also dealing with the rumors on his own time as he traveled. With every interview the boys did, he was asked about them, none of the interviewers realizing that the photos were fake. You hate it for him. All he wants to do is travel to promote his album but no one could get past the ridiculous rumors. “You should have seen his face when I told him they were fake,” Liam says over the phone of the host of the radio show they had just left in Oz. “Really? Was he embarrassed?” “More like shocked, like I was trying to cover something up.” “You’re joking,” you reply. You understood that some hosts would go into an interview with the purpose of getting the answers they want, but when they didn’t a lot of them were so patronizing. “Yeah, he kind of just laughed at me.” You would never understand it. “Sorry babe,” you lament, not really knowing what else to say. He had called you when the pictures first showed up, reassuring you he hadn’t even seen Danielle in years. You knew he hadn’t. In fact, you were a little offended that he would even assume you would have any doubts. “You seriously don’t think I believed you were out holding hands with her, do you?” You had asked him over the phone. He had only stuttered in response. “I was just making sure.” “Liam, you know me better than that, surely. Or at least I hope you do.” He did, surely he did. You were never one to believe anything from the media until he said something about it himself. That didn’t happen often seeing as most everything the media had to write about was completely false. “Yeah, it’s alright. Just annoyed because so many people think it’s real, and it doesn’t help when I get laughed at for telling the truth.” He was frustrated, and you hated it. He had never been as easy going as you when it came to photoshopped pictures. He was always one to comment on them while you would be the one to let them fade without having said a word. “It will blow over, babe, it always does.” “But it’s all anyone is talking about. We’ve done seventeen interviews today and every single one of them took time away from the album promo to ask about it. I’m over it.” “I know, but this is the first time you’ve really had a chance to say something about it so of course they’re going to want you to talk about it.” “I’d rather be talking about the album, I mean that’s the whole reason we’re down here.” You didn’t know what else to tell him. You saw exactly where he was coming from, you were on his side. It was sad to think that things like this were what you had to get used to in your life with him. You knew it was all much worse for him, even though you would rather not like to imagine that. “I love you,” you say breaking the silence that had fallen over the line. He sighs over the phone, not exactly the response you wanted. “How do you deal with it?” He asks, completely ignoring your words. “How do I deal with what?” “With this, with me, with the life you have because of me.” “Liam, the life I have because of you is one better than I could have ever imagined for myself. So what if it comes with a few trolls wanting to start stuff? That’s not what we’re about. We’ve never been about giving in to them. We’re about each other, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” You hadn’t expected to turn into a motivational speaker for this phone call but sometimes Liam needed it. “Liam, I love you. You are what matters. Our relationship is what matters, not them. They’ve never mattered. So what if they photoshop pictures and so what if people believe it? You don’t believe it, I don’t believe it and last time I checked we were the only two in this relationship.” He sighs again over the line, and you were hoping your words had helped at least a little. “I love you,” he finally says in response.

Niall: You knew they were just friends; after all there were two of them. However, your dad wasn’t so convinced. The rumors didn’t help the cause either. People were so quick to assume. You had learned this lesson fairly early in your relationship. Your father was one of them. “He’s all the way across the world (Y/N), with the same two girls following him around everywhere he goes,” he says, annoyed you weren’t as concerned as he thought you ought to be. “Like I said, Dad, they’re friends. They haven’t been to Oz in like a year. He’s just hanging out with his friends.” Your explanation meant nothing to him, and that frustrated you. He had been introduced to the rumors at the grocery store checkout. Niall was on the cover of nearly every magazine this week. You had gotten a call immediately. “Well in all reality you have no idea what he was getting up to because you weren’t with him.” “Dad!” You were starting to get offended now. He had never been this harsh on Niall before, especially over rumors. “It’s the truth! When are you going to see that he lives another life when you aren’t around? These stories prove it.” “Are you serious right now? Niall and I have been together for nearly two years. When have you ever known him to cheat?” “(Y/N) it’s not like the stories weren’t always there.” “You’ve got to be kidding me. You believe the shit they write?” You were so frustrated. What had Niall ever done to get your father believing the media over you? “There’s got to be a reason it’s on the cover of every single magazine (Y/N). I mean he’s holding hands with one of them. When are you going to realize that this so called relationship you’re in isn’t actually a relationship at all?” You hang up at that. You couldn’t take any more of his harsh words. You couldn’t understand what had gotten into him. Honestly, what had Niall ever done? Yes, he was out with girls in a completely different country across the world, but how many times did you have to specify that they were all just friends? Being with Niall meant rumors didn’t come around often. But when they did they were brutal. You took them with stride, as did he, however everyone else around you lost their minds it seemed. You would get constant texts and calls from friends and family asking about the stories the media was fabricating. You were always quick to strike the stories down, and your family accepted them as just rumors after your explanations. However, this time your dad wasn’t buying it. You pull up your recent calls and decide to get Niall on the phone. You felt he needed to know about the conversation you had just had. “Hey!” He says cheerfully as he finds a quieter place to talk with you. “Hi,” you say, your tone not exactly matching his. “What’s wrong?” You sigh, closing your eyes. It was ridiculous you even had to have this conversation with him. “I just got off the phone with Dad,” you begin. “Oh yeah, how is he?” “Peachy,” you respond full of sarcasm. “Oh man, what happened?” You take in a deep breath before you explain. “He saw those stories of you on the magazines in the store today.” “And?” This had happened before, he wasn’t seeing the problem. “He believes them.” “What? Why?” “I don’t know! He was pissed though. He asked me when I was going to realize that what we have isn’t an actual relationship.” “Well what the hell would he call it?” Niall counters, now he was getting annoyed. “I don’t know, but I hung up on him. I couldn’t handle listening to him anymore.” “He’ll get over it soon enough. I still can’t believe he said that, though. What have I ever done?” You didn’t have an answer for him. “I don’t know. I can’t even make an excuse for him.” Yes, rumors were a part of your life, a part you had gotten used to, however, when you don’t have the full support of your family behind you it made your life even more miserable than the rumors did.

Louis: You weren’t sure when he was going to be home. What you did know what that you needed to get out of the house. Getting out of the house meant taking the underground to the shopping center. You had been walking around for a few hours now. Your hands were full of bags. You had been all over today. You had things for your closet, Louis’s closet, the house, and the dog. As you walk back through Covent Garden to the tube, you are caught off guard by the stares of two girls that are walking your way. The stares immediately told you they knew who you were. They looked nice enough, so surely this would be a pleasant experience. You smile at them as they get closer, but they aren’t smiling back. “Shouldn’t you at least wait until he’s in the country before you go off spending his money?” One asks. “Excuse me?” You question as you stop, realizing quickly what type of so called fans these two were. “He isn’t even home from Australia, but you’re out here spending his money.” She had guts, you gave her that. Usually people like this just ran their mouths behind your back. “You think I’m out spending his money?” You had no intentions of bringing your attitude out today, but apparently this girl had other plans. “I know you are.” You look over to her friend who had remained silent throughout this exchange so far. Her eyes were less harsh than her friend’s, clearly she wasn’t as outgoing with her thoughts. “Right, of course, I’m so sorry. You clearly know everything about my life.” “I know he can find someone a whole hell of a lot better than you.” Your brow furrows at her words, absolutely confused as to why any of that had even left her mouth. “Oh, so someone like you?“ You pause for a response but get nothing. "So full of shit. You wouldn’t be running your mouth if he was here with me. You would be so far up his ass you couldn’t see straight.” She scoffs as she rolls her eyes. “You’re only mad because you know I’m right. Surely you wouldn’t want him seeing you being such a bitch.” Her eyes grow wide at your words. You shake your head and begin to walk again, no need to waste any more time on these two. You hear nothing in response as you continue to walk away. You would be hearing about this conversation in a few hours as soon as that girl had a chance to get on Twitter and run her mouth for a second time. You continue on to the tube; the sun was going down and you needed to get back home. You walk into the station, doing your best to swipe your Oyster Card and keep a hold of all of your bags. You hated having to be the person on the underground with all the bags but you had desperately needed to get out of the house and after the run in with your boyfriend’s fans you weren’t ready to apologize to anyone. You were shocked to have actually found a seat at this time of the afternoon. You keep your bags in your lap and by your legs, as close as possible, still hating there were so many of them. Your eyes close as the cart beings to move. The knocking on the rails almost made you want to fall asleep, but that wasn’t the best idea down here. Your stop was coming soon and the last thing you wanted to do was miss it. “Excuse me,” you hear a soft voice interrupt your thoughts. You open your eyes to see a familiar face. It was the girl from Covent Garden, the quiet one. You blink a few times to regain your sight fully, waiting for her to continue now that she had gotten your attention. “I just wanted to apologize for my friend earlier. She was way out of line. I had no idea she was even going to say those things. She saw you walking down the street and acted pretty excited to speak with you.” Of course she was, you knew how this worked. “Well it kind of sucks, you know. He’s been gone for a few days and so the last thing I would need is someone who thinks they’re a fan of him trying to make me feel like shit when he isn’t around, you know?” She nooded her head. “Yeah, I do, and again, I know it doesn’t mean much coming from me but I’m sorry.” “Did you follow me onto this train?” You question, wondering what kind of people you had encountered today. “No, I take this line to get home too,” she explains. You nod and smile. Hopefully she was telling the truth. You couldn’t tell much these days with his following.

Zayn: There was no need for an alarm today; nothing was happening. You wake up on your own with the sun trying its best come in through the curtains. The bed was empty, as it had been for the past three months now. Three months. You hated this. You would usually get a few days visit from him during these long stints away but this time there wasn’t any time. At least that’s what you were assuming. He hadn’t told you about any intentions he had of coming back to the UK while he was away this time, but then again he never told you, it was always a surprise. You had been waiting three months for a surprise, and it looked like it wasn’t going to happen. You would just have to wait. But how much longer would you have to wait? You get up out of the bed, having to force yourself to do so. Being home alone had really gotten to you. You had a handful of people trying to get you out of the house, knowing being cooped up by yourself was not healthy. However, you had chosen to ignore them; you were used to the silence now. You mull around the house, ignoring the kitchen, before finally finding a spot on the couch to spend the day. In addition to not seeing him for such a long time, you hadn’t really heard from him a lot either. Yes, he still called, but it was most certainly not as often as he used to. You weren’t sure what was going on. Was he just really busy? Or was he trying to distance himself from you? If the latter was the truth then he was doing a very good job. You had spent the past months watching interviews and performances online, which hadn’t made the situation any better. You listened for any mention of you but there was none. You pull your laptop off of the coffee table and onto your lap, ready to see what you had missed while you were asleep. There was always something new when you got online, whether it be vines, interviews, photos, or the inevitable drama. You were certain it wasn’t healthy for you to keep this much track of him no matter how long he had been away. You knew his purpose for being away, so why couldn’t you separate yourself from that and live on your own for the time being? You weren’t sure how to answer that. You didn’t want to live on your own, that’s why you moved in with him, right? But you knew the life you were getting into when you agreed to an exclusive relationship. You may have not considered being alone for three months, only because he had never stayed away for this long. It was a part of the relationship though. The other girlfriends were dealing with the same situation, and you were sure they were doing it better than you. You could call them, they had always sent out that offer, yet you had never taken them up on it. That was your fault. You could get out of this, but you chose not to. When did you become so pitiful? When did you become so dependent on someone who wasn’t even around? Your thoughts were swirling this morning and you had to make them stop. They would eat you alive if you didn’t do something. You get up from the couch and head back upstairs to get your phone. “Hi!” A cheery voice greets over the line as you sit on the edge of the bed. “Hey,” you reply, trying to sound at least half as happy as she did. “What’s up?” “I was just wondering if you wanted to meet me for lunch and a little bit of shopping?” You had never even thought to suggest this before. You had to get out of the house though, and you knew Sophia was always up for going out. “Yes, of course! When were you thinking?” “Maybe in an hour?” “Yeah, that sounds great, I’ll come and get you, yeah?” “Yeah, awesome. I’ll see you in an hour.” And with that you had just made plans. You weren’t exactly sure what to do with them now. You suppose the only logical thing to do would be to head to the bathroom to get ready. You remain on the bed though, you didn’t want to move. You knew you needed to get out of the house, but there was no motivation to make it happen. Your phone buzzes in your hand and you look down to see a text from Sophia. ‘Get your ass up and get ready’.

The Spy Upstairs

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

”I’m a spy and I live above you and I know you thought you heard gun shots but I assure you it was just my extrememly loud uh…dog”

-Prompt by houselannisters-

This is Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8

My mother always told me I had a very vivid imagination. As a child I always dreamed up these weird characters and always jumped straight to conclusions when given any situation. Once, when my father had a business meeting and a client came to my house for a scotch and a talk, I was completely convinced he was a mobster…just because he was Italian. I had it all figured out too, I thought that he was just ‘pretending’ to be an insurance client for my dads company so that he could gain free access to my dads railroads so he could use them to take over the city or something and the insurance company was just a whole big front. It didn’t make sense, I know, but figuring out and investigating his whole scheme made me so happy and I felt so alive. I loved stories like that, and I still do.

I was twenty four now and I had my own apartment with a pretty steady job. My life got a little boring sometimes, so what I usually did to keep me interested was what I did when I was little; try and find out peoples life stories. Maybe my old boss was involved in gang activities and owed a huge debt to some very nasty people, (I would know I was his accountant) and maybe that sweet old lady at the grocery store was arrested once for murder, you never knew. But wasn’t that just exciting? Finding out all these clues to really know people? To know all the bad things they might have done or maybe just life altering accidents? I know it’s none of my business and I shouldn’t snoop, but you can’t put a lid on imagination, especially one like mine.

Which…was sort of why I was convinced the cute guy upstairs was a CIA spy? You know, the whole professional killer/assassin type?  

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