especially his clothes



cant decide on a bg so just. heres the transparent version so you can slap it on whatever. preferably smthing warm bc its hecking cold over here jfc 

You were strange to him… Very strange. Especially since you blindly followed the instructions of some stranger who was messaging you through some app. He couldn’t tell if you were just pure and trusting, or downright stupid… But as strange as you were, oddly enough, he had always been fascinated by weird things.

Tumblr request of UnknownXMC fluff I guess haha. Idk MC is licking him.

  • Freed: What did you just pour on my head?
  • Bickslow: Glitter!
  • Freed: Why?
  • Bickslow: Why not?
BTS Reactions To... (3)

Anon asked: I love LOVE love your blog!! Especially the reactions 😄 I was wondering if you could do a reaction to the boys coming home to find you lounging around watching TV or reading in their sweatpants/hoodies?

BTS REACTIONS TO finding their s/o lounging around wearing their sweatpants/hoodies!

Kim Namjoon:

After coming home after a long day of rehearsals, Namjoon enters the shared apartment of low and behold, he sees you wearing his black hoodie as you read a book. In that situation, I feel that he would honestly happy to see you wearing his clothes, especially if you missed him enough that caused you to do so. Also, I think he would even jokingly say that he needed to start hiding his clothes from you. 

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Kim Seokjin:

After noticing his presence, you turn away from the TV and lean your head up a little to plant a sweet kiss on his cheek. Seokjin would blink a couple of times and then jokingly scold you for wearing his favorite pink hoodie and matching sweatpants without his permission. He would even add a playful glare as he scolds you for getting tiny oil stains on his hoodie and that if you were going to eat, you should wear your own clothes. 

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Min Yoongi:

Arriving back home, he notices a familiar black hoodie that you were now wearing. He would stare blankly at you and then casually shrug it off since he has grown used to you stealing his clothes. He would even smile smugly here and there as he was pleased to know that you were missing him even though you would never verbally say it and when you would explain yourself, he would simply wave it off and jokingly say, “Just admit it. You missed me.” 

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Jung Hoseok: 

After yet another long day at the studio, he comes home seeing you nose deep in your book. When he sees a familiar pair of sweatpants that he always wears, he couldn’t help but smile and feel ecstatic that you two were at the level of sharing clothes. I feel he would even jokingly yet excitingly “misplace” his hoodie or favorite shirt on your side of the closet, so you can wear it around the house. I think he would also jokingly ask if he can borrow your favorite blouse or halter-top. Maybe even your shorts or dress as an added bonus. 

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Park Jimin:

Walking through the door, he noticed a pair of his grey sweatpants that you were dawning. He would puff up one side of his cheeks and just stare blankly at you, He would begin to purse his lips as he contemplated whether to confront you or not about wearing his clothes. It’s not like he didn’t dislike the idea, he would more than likely wish you gave him a heads up since he seems more on the shy level (same with Jungkook but not as bad). I still think he would like it either way, it would take him time I think.

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Kim Taehyung:

Seeing a familiar hoodie hugging your body, Taehyung would hyper-actively run over to you and tackle you into hug. He would be even happier than Hoseok. I feel like he would even playfully start throwing all his hoodies at you, creating a huge pile where you were once at. Like most of the members, he would be happy to see you wearing his clothes and may even have some “thoughts and imagines” like you wearing maybe nothing underneath (all the members would be like this most likely lol) 

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Jeon Jungkook: 

Finally arriving at your guy’s shared apartment, Jungkook happily opened the door, and he is instantly greeted by the sight of you eating popcorn and wearing his signature grey pants and black hoodie. He would blink a few times and then shyly ask you why you are wearing his clothes, even though he secretly loves it. Once you explain why, he would nod his head and then more than likely have a mental breakdown. He would start questioning life as he debates on whether it is time to buy matching hoodies or timberland shoes or something. You never expressed interest in wearing his clothes before so this will take some time for him to digest, but I think he would except it and even would push you to wear his clothes. First the hoodie and soon it will be his infamous white shirts. 

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boyfriend! jaebum

(requested by anon)

•second boyfriend! got7 post today lets go, he’d try acting all tough around you but you know he is just a cinnamon roll

•he’d be so into you sitting on his lap

•he’d also be so into you wearing his clothes especially his sweatshirts

•oh hell his clothes would smell really good and I’m not even sorry about thinking about it

•holy protective boyfriend

•no matter where you guys would got he’d always have a hand on you and would literally send death glares to any guy checking you out

•but then he would act all innocent when you’d confront him about it

•he’d be crazy about your hips and your waist

•his kisses be soft and cute around people but as soon as you two were alone they would be so passionate

•when he’s tired he would lazily kiss your hands

•and your shoulders

•and your neck

•and your lips

•I feel like he’d surprise you with breakfast every once in a while

•so much teasing would go on between the two of you

•he would read that girls like when you leave them dresses and ask them to wear them on a date

•but then he’d figure out that he bought the wrong size and feel bad and promise to take it back

•you’d think it was the cutest thing though so you would assure him that it was okay

•drinking while in your underwear and cuddling

•tries not to show his jealousy when you talk to the other boys or joke around them

•but he trusts you to the max wow he wouldn’t be jealous or worried that someone is hitting on you (because he knows the other guys wouldn’t do that)

•he’d be jealous because it wasn’t HIM that is making you laugh

•imitates your laugh all the time which results in you nudging him

•whenever you two are on the couch he lays his head in your lap

•whenever he has to leave, he would leave a little stuffed animal with his cologne on it so whenever you miss him you can just hug it and awh

•very into picking you up and making out with you against the wall

•hates it when your hands or feet are cold and you purposely touch him

•sends you cute pictures of animals

•when it’s chilly he would grab a blanket and wrap in around his shoulders, and then hug you so you two would be encased in a warm blanket

•you making him watch kdramas and then it ends up with him trying to act it out

•then you make fun of him for almost turning it down at first

•he would love it when you would hug him from behind

•play fighting that would always turn into something a lot more

•going on walks in the evening and him swinging your hands just a little bit as you walk

•"look at how pretty the sky is"
•"I’d rather look at you. You’re a lot prettier"

•and last but not least this cute little punk would buy you dinner all the time just to see your face light up because he likes seeing you happy

Rogue One Smells Headcanon


Smells like- Rain-  It always rained on the farm she grew up on so when it rains, she likes to stand outside. It takes her back to working alongside her father. That slight drizzley smell seems to just follow her from her childhood.

Favorite smell- Chamomile- she’s had trouble with nightmares even when she was little. Lyra would give her a cup of chamomile tea to help her sleep whenever she had one. Even now it makes her feel relaxed. 


Smells Like- Pine Needles- Cassian is a man who works a lot and doesn’t care for owning a lot of clothes. His times spent camping out under trees for shelter are etched into all of his clothing, especially his signature coat.

Favorite Smell- Cinnamon- It’s his first memory with the alliance. When he was six years old he was dropped off at the base. He felt alone, upset, and scared the entire way there,but when he landed a pretty lady in a white gown named Mon Mothma welcomed him with a hug and a warm batch of cinnamon buns to eat after the long trip. 


 Smells like- Incense- It’s a big part of his prayer routine, which is a big part of his life. He burns it daily and the smoke seeps into his clothes leaving him smelling like the incense he burned.

 Favorite Smell-Ginger- Has a sweet and spicy kick to it that can be used in everything and usually was on Jedha. To him, it smells like his culture. 


Smells like- Metal - Baze literally wears a metal suit most of the time. Even when he’s not, he takes great care of his weapons and likes to keep them with him. The clean fresh metallic scent follows him because of that.

Favorite Smell-Campfire Smoke- He’s a wanderer and likes to get lost in the flames. It really speaks to him and makes him feel in tune with nature. He see’s smoke from guns regularly, but fire is uncontrollable and does what it wants. It’s natural. 


Smells like- Lavender- Like Jyn, Bodhi has trouble with nightmares. Lavender is an herb he has to use to get him to sleep or at least relaxed. With his anxiety, he ends up using it a lot.

Favorite Smell- Sage- His mother was very a very spiritual woman and would burn it in his home on Jedha to keep away the bad spirits. She’d burn it for him and his siblings whenever they felt scared and tell them the smoke would protect them. He remembers his family when he smells it. 


 lol he doesn’t have a nose

BTS Reactions to You Wearing Their Shirt


“I like how my shirt looks on you Y/N…but it still looks better on me,” Jin would playfully tease before he kissed you on the forehead, “I’m just kidding, everything looks amazing on you Jagiya.” 

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He’d be overdramatic as he whined, “Jagiya how many times have I told you to ask before you borrow my clothes?” Yoongi would pretend to complain but he wouldn’t actually mind. He’d love seeing you in his clothes. 

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“Ahhh Jagi you look so cute! Let me take a picture!” Seeing you in his shirt would make Hoseok really happy but more than anything he’d be freaking out over how adorable you looked in oversized clothing, especially his oversized clothing. 

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Namjoon would look you up and down but he’d begin biting his lip as his eyes caught sight of your exposed legs. “Damn Jagi, how’d I get so lucky?”

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Jimin’s heart would melt at the sight of you in his shirt. That wouldn’t last long though, as he’d realize just how attractive it was seeing you in clothes. “I really like seeing you in my shirt Jagiya, but I think you’d look better out of it.”

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Taehyung would laugh from how happy he’d get from seeing you in his shirt. He’d rush to envelop you in a big bear hug before he ruffled your hair, “you should wear my shirts more often Y/N.”

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Jungkook would immediately tease you about his shirt being too big on you. “Ah! You’re so small Jagi,” he’d say as he patted your head, attempting to get a rise out of you. However, Jungkook would secretly find you in his clothes extremely attractive. 

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I thought this would be cute to do! I hope you all like it! Please feel free to send in requests (:

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Dating Scorpius Malfoy would be like:


- Visiting museums, art galleries and exhibits

- You borrowing his clothes, especially his jumpers, they’re all so warm and soft!

- Adorable nicknames like “princess/prince” or “sweetie”

- Sleeping in together on Sunday mornings

- Him reading to you in front of the fireplace

- After a long day, snuggling in bed, just talking about anything and cuddling

- Gentle Sex, Passionate Sex, him wanting to not hurt you yet show you how much he loved you

- Getting a ton of pets together and him always saying he wanted more

- Giving you massages whenever you were stressed which often led to passionate make out sessions

- You telling all the haters and bullies that he was nothing like his past relatives, he was different

- Holding him while he cried from all the hate from the world and letting him know everything was okay

- Surprising him with signed copy of books

- Saying “I love you” to each other whenever they could and never judging each other for their family name.

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Deadpool Headcanon: Wade loves when his s/o wears his clothes, especially his oversized jackets. Most look at them and think they’re dirty or that he needs a new one. There’s a good chance they’re torn and stitched with patches, the logos faded, fabric worn thin, probably stained with dirt or blood or food. It means a lot to him that someone would wear it because it smells like him. It smells his cologne and the fabric softener he uses, the sweet sugar from the snacks he eats, all the cold nights it’s protected him from, his favorite flavor of gum and alcohol somehow stitched into the seams. It shows him how much they really love him.

- (Yo bro, where’s my- oh sorry!)
-paring: skate maloley
-warnings: simi smut- I guess some fluffiness?

“Are you always this messy?”
Y/n was at skate’s house. They wanted to spend the day together. But she decided to clean his room after finding it messed up like a tornado came by.
He was laying on his back with one arm behind his head while the other was holding his phone.
He’d remove his eyes from his phone to his beautiful girlfriend. Who was putting his clothes in their place. He admired how amazing she was. She had her hair in a messy bun with some fly always to frame her face. His eyes went down to her shirt- his shirt. It was his old shirt. He loved it when she wore his clothes. Especially when they were huge, just like that light blue shirt. Moving farther down, he saw her grey sweatpants. He smiled when he noticed she hasn’t paid much attention to her look. But however, she looked effortlessly gorgeous.

"It’s rude to stare ya know,”
He woke up from his daydreaming.
He smirked at her. “But you look very sexy.”
She laughed walking closer to him. “I was not expecting you to say that.” She sat down by his side. And he scooted over so she could lay beside him. Moving his arm from behind his head to pull her closer more to him.
“I love you babygirl.” She smiled.
Skate was playful and just sassy with her and the others but when they have a silenced and alone moment like this, he makes sure to show her some love.
“I love you too, loser.” She joked kissing his lips fast. After she pulled away. Skate pulled her on top of him, so she was straddling his waist.
She pecked him again. Then after that the next kisses lasted longer. Turning passionate by the second.
His hands roaming her body. One of them Stoping on her ass while the other cupping her face. Her’s were in his hair.
Tongues fighting for dominance, of course his won. He then flipped them fast. Making sure not to crash her. She pulled his face close to hers. Their lips attached like glue. Soft humming could be heard from the room.
He grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling it over her head. He quickly kissed her cheek, jawline then her neck. Sucking and licking her sweet spot. She moaned, arching her back while pulling his hair. He groaned breathlessly into her neck.
“Skate,” she bit her lip, closing her eyes. Massaging his scalp.
Her other hand went to the end of his shirt.
“Take it off,” she said softly. He obeyed.
Throwing it some where in the room.
“And to think I finally cleaned your room,” she said sarcastically. He laughed and she smiled.
“Forget about that baby.” He kissed her chest then when he was about to unclasp her bra,
“Yo bro, where’s my- oh sorry! I didn’t know y/n was coming today.. Hey y/n. Um, looking fine.” Skate glared at him and he grinned a toothy grin.
Swazz had the key to skate’s house, he basically lived their with skate.
Y/n’s face was a deep shade of red as she smiled awkwardly and waved. “H-hey Swazz.”
Swazz nodded and got out of the room. Giving them the privacy they needed.
Skate found her shirt and helped her wear it. Kissing her forehead then said, “I’m sorry about-” she kissed him quickly. Then smirked. “Nah it’s cool, I mean your best friend just saw me shirtless but that’s just not weird right? just remember, you’ll have to make it up to me.” He laughed at her sarcastic comment and smirked back.
“My pleasure.”

Just a short, kinda weird imagine. For y'all skate’s girls out there! (Including myself.)
Sorry if it wasn’t that good. It’s 6:19am and I haven’t slept yet 🙃 so I thought I’d pass time :)

The Abominable Bride is driving me mad. I keep leaving it out of my infographics since there is no way of knowing if anything in that episode is real. There have been many discussions about this since the episode aired, so I decided to break down what the options are.

Option 1: Nothing in The Abominable Bride is real, except the flashbacks in the beginning. This reading was, to my knowledge, introduced by @skulls-and-tea in this post and is based mainly on the fact that Mycroft’s clothes, especially his tie and scarf, are not exactly the same as when we last saw Mycroft on the tarmac in His Last Vow. This is supported by the mindboggling fact that mind palace scenes in previous episodes have been inverted when it comes to clothes, decor, furniture etc. (as has been shown in this discussion ) This interpretation has come to be known as #tie hell and is also a part of the so called Extended Mind Palace (#emp) and Extended Dream Time (#edt).

Option 2: If the entire episode is a morphine dream as Sherlock lies wounded in hospital after being shot by Mary in His Last Vow, the scene where he wakes up in a hospital bed could be partly real. The room would be real, but Sherlock’s clothes, his lack of injury and the conversation with Mycroft should still be part of his dream. I have lost track of who has discussed this where, but @isitandwonder mentions it in this post

Option 3: All the Victorian scenes are a dream. The first and last airplane scenes are real, but the modern scenes where Sherlock wakes up on a bed and then goes to dig up Emilia Ricolettis grave are a dream. There have been discussions of several dream levels, similar to the film Inception.

Option 4: It is possible to imagine that the scenes where Sherlock wakes up on a bed and goes to dig up the grave are real as well up until the skeleton moves. It makes no narrative sense, though, since they are still in the airplane in the next modern scene. So no, let’s ignore option 4.

Option 5: Mark Gatiss has joked that The Abominable Bride opens up for the interpretation that the entire show is the drug induced imaginings of a 19th century detective. So that is the fifth option, I suppose, but several scenes in the Victorian world must be dreams as well, at least the ones where Moriarty appears.

I think I have covered all possibilities, but please let me know if you’ve thought of something that I have missed. I am also hopelessly lost as to who has made which point where, so please chip in if you want to link to relevant meta.

Tagging the people involved in the discussion I mentioned for Option 1:  @skulls-and-tea​, @adlerforpresident​,  @johnlockhell221b​, @recentlyfolded​, @lynneyginnyjoan​, @asherlockstudy​, @isitandwonder​ and @tjlcisthenewsexy​ (and a few more that I can’t tag)

lil wolfstar headcanons
  • Remus tickles Sirius’ feet with his toes when they’re cuddling in bed 
  • they talk late into the night about life and death and what they think happens after someone dies and what they want to happen to them 
  • Sirius often pulls on Remus’ clothes - especially his jumpers - in the morning and flips off anyone who tries to tease him for it 
  • Remus likes to wear Sirius’ leather jacket on days before and after the full moon and buries his nose in the collar 
  • when either/both of them are having bad dysphoria days they build a blanket fort and hide away in it together and get Lily to cover for them and get their notes 
  • when Remus gets angry at Sirius, he gets reckless and pulls pranks that put him in danger of suspension/expulsion; only Lily can get him to stop 
  • Sirius explodes and shouts and rants when he’s upset and then he goes completely silent (which scares Remus more) and that can last for weeks 
  • they both love PDA, especially when James is around - despite constantly engaging in blatant PDA with Lily, he can’t stand to see other people making out in the halls, and that goes doubly so for his best mates
  • they make it a point to be super touchy-feely when they’re around known homophobes 
  • Sirius introduces Remus to a lot of music and Remus introduces Sirius to a lot of literature and they both just expose each other to all kinds of media that they’d otherwise pass by without a second glance 

Listening to Kat’s theme always gives me hardcore feelz.

Ahhhh I had so much fun with this one. It was odd to draw something from DmC and NOT have it be Dante-centric. I do really love these two as well though, so I had to be fair and give them some art-related love too~

(Also, I am basically prepared to just burn all of Vergil’s clothes – especially his stupid freaking hat. They are so annoying to draw *dies*)

I’m currently reading Avengers/Invaders, circa 2008, where the Invaders are accidentally transported from the midst of WWII to Manhattan in 2008 in the middle of the Civil War. Invaders!Bucky manages to come face to face with Bucky!Cap……..and I may have flipped out, too full of emotions to function properly.

Which is when I finally knew exactly what I should commission the fantastic kelslk to draw. Look at this brilliance; it’s absolute perfection. She is phenomenal and I’m utterly in love with this.