especially henry

headcanon: the evil queen watches over king henry in the wish realm. he is hell bent on vengeance against her, but she evades his traps and instead makes sure he is safe throughout his life. when his carriage nearly falls over a ravine, she saves it with magic. when a neighbouring kingdom challenges his leadership, henry finds the leaders suddenly compliant the next day. good fortune follows him around. the evil queen becomes his guardian angel, protecting him from afar. she can’t be his mother, but at least she’ll make sure he lives the best possible life.

  • England: a divorce??
  • Henry VIII: yes, a divorce!
  • Catherine of Aragon: what?? You can't do that! Firstly, it's against the Catholic Church. Secondly, how dare you do this to me after all that I've done for your lazy arse!
  • Henry VIII: all that you've done?? You've failed to give me a boy!!
  • Catherine of Aragon: oh, and you think I can control that??
  • Henry VIII: whatever, I'm still divorcing you! And I'm going to talk to the Pope about this immediately!!
  • Catherine of Aragon: if you're going to divorce me, then I hereby declare custody of my children!! ALL OF THEM! *grabs England and Mary*
  • England:
  • Henry VIII: Wait, you can't take them away!! Especially England- wait, Catherine!!

it goes without saying that i would ship emma and neal regardless of who henry’s father turned out to be. but the fact that he is henry’s father, the fact that emma and neal were and always will be connected through him–the fact that they found love and home in each other–can never be erased. to henry, neal is his one and only father in every way that counts. to emma, he’s her first love. no one can ever replace him in their lives.

a+e might want us to forget about swanfire and their journey, bittersweet as it was. but the truth is, they were the lost boy and the lost girl, no one else. once upon a time, they found each other, and for a while there, emma, neal, and their son were a family. no ship, no writers, and no retcons can take that away from us.

Goslar is a historic town in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), Northern Germany, on the slopes of the Harz mountains. The Altstadt (old town) and local mines have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The town lies 40 km from Braunschweig and 70 km from the state capital Hannover. It has a rich cultural, political, and industrial history. Salian Emperor Henry I founded it in the 10th century after the discovery of silver deposits. The wealth derived from silver mining brought Goslar the status of an Imperial City, which attracted the interest of the Holy Roman Emperor. The medieval Imperial Palace was built in the 11th century and became a summer residence for the emperors, especially Henry III of Germany. Henry’s heart is buried in Goslar, his body lies in the family vault in Speyer Cathedral. Local sites include the 16-century town hall and the old mines, which now house a museum. During the Cold War, Goslar was a major garrison town for the West German army and the border police. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the barracks were vacated. There’s skiing here in winter.


what if the boys at the 4077th weren’t doctors? what if they got drafted as soldiers just like everyone else?

imagine, Hawkeye Pierce as the son of a fisherman from Maine, who worked in the local drugstore to pay his way towards becoming an English teacher, who taught at the town’s tiny schoolhouse until the day he got his draft card.

John McIntyre the lawyer, trying to argue his way out of leaving his wife and children, and ending up on the front lines just the same.

part-time auto mechanic, part-time hobbyist BJ Hunnicutt, being sent to work on sherman tanks and fire a gun in his spare time.

Frank Burns, failed actor, successful accountant, clinging to his bible and ultimately proving too cowardly and neurotic to be anywhere near the front.

Sherman Potter, just barely avoiding the draft and being left at home to continue being the best veterinarian in Hannibal, Missouri. 

and Henry Blake, a family man who managed to get an early retirement from his job as a salesman, unable to believe that he got drafted, of all people, struggling to make sense of his situation.

aftg X trc headcanons: 

  • Aglionby Academy have historically been at the top of the exy leagues. 
  • Until a rule was introduced where the team must be mixed gender (girls loved exy, no girls were getting to play exy.)
  • So the predominantly male college was struggling. 
  • They fell back a lot. 
  • The scrappy foxes had taken their place in the top league last year. 
  • So they had a revamp. New guy in charge. Some mysterious “Mr Gray”. There’s rumors he’s a reformed hit man. No one questions it. No one dares. 
  • They don’t have an official name but their Defensive Dealer keeps petitioning for them to be called “The Glendower Gang”. 
  • No one know who Glendower is, but there is a dangerous possibility the name will stick because their Dealer is Richard Campbell Gansey the Third and people like to listen to him. 
  • Their captain is Gansey’s big sister. Probably the only reason they aren’t called the Glendower Gang. 
  • She plays offensive dealer. The siblings don’t fight on court, but they do exchange pointed grimaces and restrained glares throughout the game. 
  • You know which siblings fight on court? 
  • Declan and Ronan Lynch. 
  • Their father was mysteriously murdered and they were told to join the team because sport was good for the mind. 
  • “Hey, Andrew? Aglionby’s new goal keeper looks as angry as you do.” 
  • “110% Josten. Fuck off.” 
  • “I’m not kidding this guys looks like he has issues. Tattoos and everything.” 
  • “Tattoos are for people who lack the natural assets to intimidate.”
  • “Actually it’s kind of pretty? Lots of leaves and shit?” 
  • An angry goalkeeper with pretty tattoos? Andrew Minyard is officially wary and jealous. Shame the goalies don’t get to fight. 
  • They have a striker tinier than Josten. A furious blue ball of angry female, wielding a racket almost as tall as her. 
  • There’s a joke that the Aglionby/Foxes game will have the shortest average height of any exy game ever. 
  • Kevin knows about Glendower. He’s a history nerd. Of course he knows. 
  • He tries to explain but no one listens.  
  • Kevin wonders if there is any chance he can date Gansey because he is obsessed with both history and exy and that is as close as Kevin can come to dating himself. 
  • Nicky is delighted because Aglionby’s line up is very attractive. Especially Henry Cheng. 
  • Neil is worried because Parrish, the other Striker, looks disciplined as fuck. He has the same hungry look Neil sees in the mirror in the morning. They wont simply pass each other on the court. 
  • Aaron is in despair because this new team looks as diverse and gay as his current one. 
  • Wymack is secretly worried Mr Gray is more intimidating than him. He gets another tattoo. 
  • Anyway their first game against each other is a HUGE deal. Like, there have been bets going among the other schools for weeks leading up to it. 
  • The money is on Aglionby, only because they were once prestigious and Helen Gansey is terrifying. 
  • But
  • They underestimated how jealous Andrew Minyard can be
  • He didn’t let in a single goal 
  • He really doesn’t like how tall and grumpy Ronan Lynch looks 
  • Ronan actually let in a few goals
  • Because Adam is distractingly attractive in shorts. 

Imagine a Once retooling, where the main plot becomes Emma and Hook traveling between realms going on adventures, saving people, chasing down villains etc. Their sort of home base is still Storybrooke, so between adventures they drop by town and see everyone (especially David and Henry) but they spend most of their time traveling. And they always have two or three different people helping them out. And those people will stay for a couple episodes, then leave, and eventually cycle back in. Nemo and Liam 2 are with them a lot. Jasmine and Aladdin are in their. Ariel and Tinkerbell. Mulan. Ruby. August. Will and Ana. Merida. Jefferson. David comes with them sometimes. Henry too, as he gets older. Belle on occasions more suited to research than action. 

Just Captain Swan adventuring together with a wide array of friends and family as their companions, exploring and swashbuckling. 

I’m Pregnant....And I Have Feelings For You

Requested by anon: Can you do one where Reid and the reader have been best friends for years (not in the FBI) and they’ve been having like a friends with benefits relationship for a while and the team doesn’t know Reid’s been sleeping with his best friend until he tells them she’s pregnant!

Spencer Reid x Reader

I hope you like enjoy reading it! Requests are still open so send me in your requests!

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I looked down and saw two pink lines on the pregnancy test. I sighed as I put my hands over my shocked face wondering what to do and how to tell to my best friend Spencer I’m pregnant and that he’s the father of the baby and how I have had feelings for him since the day we met. I don’t even know if he has feelings for me not only are we best friends but we’ve been sleeping with each other for a while and he would probably leave me on my own if he ever found out. I walked out of my bathroom and put the pregnancy test on my bedside table and grabbed my phone as I sat down on my bed and all the person who I knew would help me out in this situation.

“Jareau” came a voice from the other side of my phone.

“JJ I need to talk to you about something could you meet me at that café where I first met you please?” I asked hoping JJ would say yes and that she was on her break or wasn’t about to head off on a case.

“Of course Y/N, my break just started, is everything okay?” JJ asked with her mother voice, knowing full well I something was bothering me.

“Thanks JJ and everything’s okay I just wanted to see you about something, I’ll see you there.” I said reassuring her that everything was fine and hoping that Spencer wasn’t in the same room as her, as I hung up the call and grabbed the test and put into my bag and walked out of the door and locking it.

I saw JJ walking through the café doors and looking around for me and saw me at the back of café and walking up to me as she took her and sat down across from me at the table.

“Y/N are you sure everything is okay? You can talk to me.” JJ said kindly.

“Okay I wasn’t truthfully honest with you on the phone but I was worried that Spencer was in the same room as you and I didn’t want him to know I was meeting up with you.” I explained hoping that the agent in front of me would understand how I felt.

“Okay that makes sense now, but what is the thing that you need to tell me that you don’t want Spencer to know about.” JJ asked worried about her friends strange behaviour.

“JJ I’m pregnant.” I said as I took the pregnancy test out and showed it to her, nervous about what she would say.

“That’s amazing Y/N! Congratulations! Who’s the father?” JJ asked sounding happy about the announcement made me smile knowing that she would support me all through out my pregnancy.

“Thanks JJ, but the… err……fa…father is…err…Spen…. Spencer.” I said nervously, scared of what her reaction might be.

“I had no idea you guys were dating when did this all happen?” JJ asked, her face full of confusion.  

“JJ, we’re not dating, we’ve been sleeping together, we’re like friends with benefits, even though I have feelings for him.” I said trying to explain to her the kind of situation I was in.

“Look Y/N you need to talk to Spencer about it tell him that you have feelings for you and you never know he to could also have feelings for you to Y/N, you guys need to talk about it and if it helps Spence has always wanted kids.” JJ said trying to comfort me.

“Yeah that’s true, he is really great with kids especially with Henry.” I said with a smile appearing not only appearing on my face but also JJ’s face as well.

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“Would you like me to tell Spence for him to meet you at your apartment?” JJ asked as she got up ready to leave to head back to work.

“Yes please JJ, that would be really helpful.” I said kindly as JJ nodded and we said our goodbyes as I watch her leave the café.

I heard a knock at the door, so I walked over there and looked at the little peephole that was on my door to see who it was, when I saw it was Spencer butterflies entered my stomach as I opened the door to let Spencer in.

“Y/N is everything okay? JJ said you wanted to see me.” Spencer asked his face full of worry and confusion as he looked towards me to find out if everything was okay.

“Okay Spencer please don’t be mad, but I need to tell you something.” I said nervously as she sat down on her sofa whilst Spencer sat down next to her.

“What is it Y/N, your scaring me.” Spencer said worried about my behaviour.

“I’m Pregnant and I’ve had feelings for you since the day we met and if you don’t feel the same way and you don’t want anything to do with this child, then I understand, I just wanted to let you know that you were the father.” I said nervously scared of what his reaction would be.

“Is this true, your actually pregnant and I’m the father.” Spencer questioned confused about if this was true.

“Yes its true I am pregnant, you are the father of this baby and I do have feelings for you.” I explained to him.

“That’… amazing Y/N! I can’t believe that we’re going to be parents!” Spencer shouted excitedly as he hugged me carefully trying not to hurt me and the baby.

“Your not mad?” I questioned, shocked about what he said to me.

“No I’m not mad! Y/N I’ve always had feelings for you since the day we met but I thought that you didn’t feel the same way and it didn’t help when we became ‘friends with benefits’ that I fell even more in love with you but I was just to scared to tell you.” Spencer explained to me with a smile forming on his face.

“Really? Cause I fell in love you when I first met you but I to was too scared to tell you.” I said as I hugged him happy with his answer and he kissed me sweetly on the lips as we cuddled on my sofa talking about what names we should choose.

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A week later we told the team about our relationship and how we were going to be parents at Rossi’s dinner party and the whole team cheered and celebrated our announcement.

pynch fluff !!

I am writing a 5+1 things fic for my ao3 account, and I finished one of the parts so I supposed I would upload it to here as a little… sneak peak. Enjoy!

After everything had settled down with the Glendower scheme, Adam and Ronan were absolutely and grossly in love. They were officially in the “honeymoon phase”, as Blue called it. It was toothpaste kisses and whispered sweet nothings, long gazes and meaningful touches. They were in every way, infatuated with one another—but, they were… low-key about it (at least around the group).

If there was ever PDA, it was subtle, small gestures. In Ronan’s opinion, there was no reason to be overly showy. For these reasons, their relationship was never really in the spotlight. It was never the topic of the group’s conversations. It was just background music to whatever was taking place. It wasn’t hidden, they weren’t hiding it, there were just better things to talk about. If the group was a little… behind on all things Ronan and Adam, that was why.

However, while they were alone, affection wasn’t hidden—it was on display. They had said their I love you’s fairly quickly, as the both of them had been sure in their feelings for long enough that there was no point in putting it off. Ronan was relieved when Adam said it first, that way the phrase would stop coming up as word vomit—and he would be able to stop choking it down. He was free to tell Adam he loved him whenever he wanted—and he did. They said I love you all through the day, when they went to bed, when they woke up, over text, and even on the phone.

Looking back, it was bound to slip sometime.

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So, how many of you knew this?

Jared Padalecki played Young MacGyver in a 2003 TV movie/pilot as MacGyver’s nephew.
“Angus Macgyver’s nephew quits school and joins The Phoenix Foundation. But he finds it difficult to follow in the shoes of his famous uncle. “

^ That was the official description given, and had it been picked up by WB(who had no interest it seems), that likely would’ve been our “new MacGyver”

I mainly found this amusing because of the amount of people I saw who were saying Lucas Till resembled Jared, and it made me wonder if they knew about this? Or maybe because there have been many mutual MacGyver/Supernatural fans.

Now, I’m 100% happy with Lucas Till as MacGyver, he’s a gorgeous guy, great actor, and his voice is amazing, I just found this interesting and kind of cool, especially since Henry Winkler also produced Young MacGyver.

Bendy and the Headcanon Contraption

Let’s start off right with the depressing shit

•No one knows what the high holy hell happened to Joey, mentally

•He was okay then shit just went downhill hella quick
•Bendy and Boris were the most scared of what was happening with him
•Boris is strapped down to the table because he tried to protect Bendy

•Joey was out of his mind
•And Boris wouldn’t relent his hold on him, having picked him up and held him back
•But all it took was a little splash of water and he let go
•Big mistake
•Bendy is currently blind due to the ink covering his eyes
•Henry lost touch long before Joey went batshit crazy and Bendy thinks he abandoned them

•He’s not happy about it
•And with Boris not around to set him straight, he’s taking some “drastic” measures toward “seeing” him again
•Joey sent the letter, but went missing before it got to Henry

Okay that’s enough of that, let’s into the swing of the happy things

•Bendy is a demon

•And by that, I mean he’s a devilish lil’ shit
•He loves pulling pranks and such on the animators, like switching their normal ink for the invisible stuff.
•Though they sometimes get annoyed with him, they all love Bendy


•Bendy and Boris can’t talk, but they can make noises. Any noise that’s been used in their cartoons.

•They uses the noises to communicate their feelings
•They use the following noises to “speak”:
Steamboat Whistle: Anger
Clock Ticking: Boredom
Bells/Tingling: Happiness
Slide Whistle (Getting lower): Sadness
•Whenever they can’t tell the animators what they feel, they get frustrated, Bendy more so then Boris
•Boris simply draws out what he means, but Bendy tires to play charades to get them to understand, getting more upset and desperate as his attempts continue go misunderstood
•But leave to good ol’ Henry to understand him just fine!
Bendy: *makes quick and jumpy movements that make no sense in his frustration, trying to get the animators to just understand what he wants!*
Henry *rushing over with his inkwell*: “Guys, he’s practically begging for something to drink! Here you go, Bendy. Come on, guys, why was that so hard to understand?”

•When the Toons get to feeling down, the animators know

•Bendy can be found dancing by himself or not at all when there’s music, something very unusual for the social toon, while Boris plays his clarinet a little more solemnly than usually.
•When this happens, the animators do everything and go to cheer them up.
•Some of them, especially Henry, go and pull Bendy into a big dance while the rest get Boris to play music to go with it
•They both feel much better after that

It’s just really funny how the main characters supported Neal when he was still alive, especially Henry, but with H00k, none of them gave a shit and just deemed him hopeless and a no-good-pirate and trying to help Emma move on instead of fighting for him lmfao and of course Henry just couldn’t be bothered whatsoever. It’s funny. It’s really funny to see C$ers angry about that.