especially hands and feet


Bobby Curley was a man who loved life. His greatest wish in life was to find the perfect woman who he would have loved to have kids with. His wish came true when he met a  woman named Joann in December, 1988. He immediately catched feelings for Joann and she also had a daughter from a previous marriage. His Life seemed to become perfect when he eventually married Joann 18 months later after they first met. But then it all started to crush when he strangely started to feel immense and burning pain and numbness on several parts of his Body, especially on his hands and feet. He was immediately sent to a Hospital and got diagnosed with the Guillain-Barre Syndrome and not a long time later released. Just shortly after his release from the Hospital the pain started to continue. Several relatives of Bobby noticed how hard he struggled again and sent him a week later to the same Hospital. Bobby began to feel more intensive Pain than before. Doctors at the Hospital now suspected another reason for his immense pain than the Guillain-Barre Syndrome due the fact that this Syndrome normally occurs not again. Doctors at the Hospital suspected now a poisining, specifically a Thallium poisoning. His condition seemed to become better with treatment, but it dramatically changed and it started to get worse again for Bobby. Pain Killers offered no help anymore and he began to lose his hair and constantly vomitted. Shortly before his death the suspected reason of Thallium poisoning got confirmed, but the doctors sadly couldn’t help him anymore because he already was on life support. He died just a few days later on September 27th, 1991. But who was responsible for his painful death? Investigators started to search for the answer at first at his old workplace, in a chemical laboratory. The lab he worked in also contained a few bottles of Thallium, but a more precisely look revealed that none of the bottles were missing. Coworkers of Bobby also got tested if they suffered from Thallium poisoning, but none of them did. In the year 1994 the Case got reopened again after 3 years with no clear answer about who exactly is responsible for the poisoning of Bobby. Forensic experts had an special interest in Bobby’s hair after the second autopsy. They started to work backward in time, specifically at the hair’s root. The Results showed that Bobby took on many occasions Thallium in the last 11 months of his life. After a very long search of his murderer it eventually got discovered that his wife, Joann Curley, poisoned Bobby, starting just two months after their marriage with the poisoning. She got captured five years later after Bobby’s Death. Joann confessed that she mixed Bobby’s Drinks with rat poison and that she gave him the final and biggest portion when he was already about to die. Joann confessed that greed was the Motive, stating that she wanted to cash his $300.000 life insurance. The Family of Bobby also stated that she never shed a tear over Bobby and that she even watched him die.

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hi. i have a condition called hyperhydrosis, so basically my pits, hands, and especially my feet sweat alot. i currently cant get on medication, and as a 15 y/o, its pretty embarrassing to sweat alot (and my feet stink bc of it lmao its Gross). do you have any any tips on preventing sweat/odor? at this point ive been putting deodorant on my feet

Baby powder made with cornstarch (not talc)!

You can put it everywhere, and it should absorb the sweat. It’ll be in the baby powder/baby item section.

-Lou the Lobster

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Here is a BodhiJyn headcanon for you: Jyn is not used to being warm. She has a sort of terrible metabolism and her hands and feet especially are always freezing; unfortunately she's just made herself get used to it because that's the way things are, there are never enough blankets or time to care about these things, etc., she's just going to have to be cold. Whatever, she thinks. Bodhi, on the other hand, being a Jedha boy, knows how to bundle up and keep snug during cool days and nights. (cont)

I’m gonna cry ‘cuz Jyn is so unused to people taking care of her.

At first it makes her irritated, Bodhi fussing over her like that.

“I’m fine,” she snaps at him, because she is. She can take care of herself, she doesn’t need help.

(for years and years, admitting she was cold has been just one more sign of weakness. something she cannot allow herself to show)

But Bodhi just smiles at her, undaunted. And hours later he brings her another cup of hot caf, even if the last one lies cold and forgotten on the table.

And Jyn slowly warms up to it, in more ways than one. She realizes Bodhi isn’t doing this because he sees her as weak and incapable, but because he cares.

Force, it’s been so long she had forgotten what that was like!

The next time Bodhi brings her caf, she smiles up at him and thanks him, lets her fingers brush over his as she takes the mug from him. 

When he comes to drop a heavy coat over her hunched shoulders, she leans back and is rewarded with Bodhi’s arm curling around her shoulder and his warm breath blowing against her ear.

And when Bodhi finds her curled up and miserable on a makeshift bed just off the hangars, she decides that she could use more warmth than the blanket he drapes over her can provide. She grabs his arm before he can pull away, and whispers a “come here. stay with me” that is needier and more vulnerable than anything she’s said in years.

And Bodhi does. Lifting a corner of the blanket and quickly slidding underneath it, he wraps his arms around her waist and lets her hide her face against his neck.

It’s nice. Really nice.

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owari no seraph ;D

Wolfstar Headcanons:
  • Remus is incapable of tying his school tie without it being terribly crooked, so he had Sirius do it.
  • Sirius knows how to tie every tie knot perfectly, but never ties his own tie because he likes looking all disheveled and punk.
  • Remus’s tie always gets stained and burned during potions class and Sirius has to fix it.
  • Sirius loves it when Remus uses his tie to tie him to the four poster bed.
  • Remus is generally hot all over, especially close to the full moon.
  • Sirius’s hands, feet, and nose are almost always cold.
  • Remus generally stays in the same position while asleep, only tossing and turning near the full.
  • Sirius is clingy and cuddly in his sleep and hogs the blankets.
  • When Sirius insults someone, it’s sharp and cutting and very witty.
  • When Remus insults someone he totally drags them but in such a way that they actually thank him and don’t realize they’ve been insulted until much later.
  • Sirius likes to surprise Remus with little romantic gifts: love notes between the pages of his text books, boxes of chocolate, a box of his favorite tea, etc.