especially grammatical ones

I’m aware that in that disgusting display of hopelessness I slipped into, I incorrectly worded my sentences wrong. Instead of saying “there’s no windows here”, I should have stated “there are no windows here”. What a horrible display of my grip on the English language! I’m sure my mind slipped for that brief moment due to the laudanum I’ve recently consumed. It could explain the sudden depression that has befallen me too, and for that I apologize on all accounts.

Thank you to those wishing me well and speaking such supportive words of kindness. Though I try to be just as hopeful…I will be frank…I fear that I may already know what my fate will be in the end. 

Also, for those saying they’d take me home I thank you but, and please take no offense, at this point I’d much rather return to my own home if you could understand.