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Top 15 Gillovny Quotes

15. “I’d say, ‘why don’t we just have sex? Let’s get it on with right here on the table of this coffee shop!’ He better fucking say ‘yes’!” - Gillian Anderson

14. “I’m here and I heart Scully.” - David Duchovny
“And I heart Mulder all the way from Belfast.” - Gillian Anderson

13. “Nate’s…Nate’s the single guy.” - David Duchovny

12. “There’s an attraction. Maybe more than an attraction, but it’s not going to happen.” - Gillian Anderson

11. We’ve known each other for more than 21 years. We are best friends. And always will be.” - Gillian Anderson

10. “Gillian has beautiful eyes. Her eyes anchor me to the scene. They’re big and they’re blue and they’re wet.” - David Duchovny

9. “I think as you get older, I think if you’re lucky, if you’re maturing, the stuff that used to bother you, the little things, kind of evaporate and all that’s left is the heart. And that’s all we have left is just total appreciation of one another.” - David Duchovny

8. “Lying in bed in Jodhpur watching live NYCC panel. Miss you guys. Especially one of you.” - Gillian Anderson

7. “We see each other on rare and pleasant occasions and it’s nice. It’s a great relationship and I’m very fond of it and him.” - Gillian Anderson

6. “It’s magical and difficult, wondrous and painful, frustrating and joyous, as any intense , intimate relationship is.” - Gillian Anderson

5. It’s a little as if we have secrets between us. Everything is conveyed by communication beyond words. Perhaps, after all, you could interpret that as love.” - David Duchovny

4. “We embraced and I just burst into tears. We held our embrace for a really long time and I think it was just flooding over us, the importance of this agreement that we’ve had to be in each other’s lives in a very powerful way.” - Gillian Anderson

3. “We have a connection, not just in the fact that we experienced that together, but we have, as two human beings, we have a connection and a camaraderie and a dynamic between the two of us that is also unique to me than any other relationship that I have in my life. There’s an intimacy there, that only exists there, in that particular way.” - Gillian Anderson

2. “David and Gillian stood in that room together alone, and held each other for a good five minutes. They didn’t talk, they didn’t move, they just held each other. Tears running down their faces.” - Kim Manners

1. “You could just see it in their faces, how much they truly did love each other. And that wasn’t just Dana and Fox, that was David and Gillian. They truly, truly loved each other. Oh, I never saw anything like it. I’ve been in this business all my life, literally. And I think David and Gillian’s relationship, Scully and Mulder, are one of the greatest male/female in TV history.” - Kim Manners

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Hi! :) could you please explain the David flow thing you reblogged? I don't understand it and then the gif alongside it doesn't make it any clearer?? Thank you!!

Hello, Anon. Sure, I can 😉

There was a Comic Con in New York, 2015, where some lucky fans had the chance to see ‘My Struggle’ before it actually aired. After the show, there was a panel with Chris, Mitch and David. David talked about ‘Mulder flow’; It’s when David/Mulder has those chunky monologues. Here is the video for more. 

While the panel was on, it was noticed that David seemed to be checking his phone under –> the said gif shows this moment. 

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Gillian was not there because she was in India filming Viceroy’s House, but she did send a funny video. We thought that’s all from Gillian for the night. We were wrong. The panel was not the best, but it was saved by a tweet from Gillian–>”Especially one of you”

A month later - I think - Mitch gave an interview where he said:  “As soon as we walked off the stage (after the panel), Gillian had texted David about his flow because when we were on the panel he was talking about the flow.”

*So phone-gate was born; Gillian, watching the panel live from India while texting David and sending tweets.😂😂*

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I'm so excited for the bantering and especially trolling of Gillian on SM. She knows when it comes to the XF she can promote her charities easier and reach a bigger base when trolling David etc. So I'm sure from now until August we will get some cute interactions. Even before they start filming.👍

Yes! This season 11 has opened the Pandora box and all the trolling and teasing will be back and with them, the funny side of Gillian will shine again on Twitter and Tumblr. I can’t wait!

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How are you finding American Gods so far?

Well we’re only two episodes in, but I like it. The visuals are stunning, which is not surprising since Bryan Fuller is running things. It reminds me a lot of the visuals we had in Hannibal and there are shots that are symbolic, foreshadowing, and also just pure cinematography porn. The story is still developing but it feels like the book in the way the Shadow is thrown into some shit and has no idea what’s going on and somehow just rolls with it. I love the actors involved, they are all A+ (especially Gillian Anderson and Orlando Jones omg scene stealers). It’s bloody AF, messed up AF, gory AF. It’s a mind fuck and a statement on our society. It’s amazing so far and I’m really excited to see where it goes. I’m glad it’s on Starz and not a network channel like Hannibal was. It’s on a channel that is willing to take risks and that has a track record of letting their show runners do what needs doing.

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There are many out there who are unexcited about it. I hope the actors, especially Gillian, got a big fat paycheck and after this they all can move on.

Me too. I’m almost like….embarrassed about this? I don’t know. It’s weird.

I just finished watching season 1 of The Fall. I don’t think I can watch the next eps soon, I feel like I need a break from the intensity of that show.

But this is so well done and so well acted, especially by Gillian and Jamie. If it wasn’t, I wasn’t so deeply…. I don’t even know?!? Shocked? Disgusted? Fascinated (which I know is quite problematic)? 

I like that it’s quite slow paced and focused on the characters. That’s what I miss in a lot of crime shows where you only have 45 minutes to solve the ‘case of the week’ in the most spectacular way. Not here. And I think it’s quite an interesting study in human behaviour and psychology.

And did I say that Gillian and Jamie are exceptional? No? They are exceptional!

(But now I need some nice and cute interviews of Jamie’s on youtube just to get Paul Spector out of my head and maybe I can continue watching The Fall tomorrow.)
The X-Files (Kim Manners remarks on the last scenes)

First Clip: Kim Manners: “This was David and Gillian’s last scene together….we shot it on the last day of the picture… and as they come together to kiss you’ll see the camera pull out the door… that was the last shot.. David and Gillian together… and we wrapped and David and Gillian stood in that room together alone and held each other for a good 5 minutes… they didn’t talk, they didn’t move.. the just held each other.. the tears running down their faces…. it was a very touching moment.. one I’ll never forget.” Second Clip: Kim Manners: “Directing that scene with David and Gillian was extremely tough you know..but directing this whole two-parter was extremely emotional, especially with David and Gillian.. uh.. through nine years, you have your ups and downs, espesially when David and Gillian were in sooo much of each hour.. We got I think 201 hours and they were so much of every scene and to work together that many days for nine years, the relationship… they have swings.. David and Gillian always got along but it was not easy.. you know it wasn’t easy… I can say this -they never became what some people might refer to as Prima Donnas - they were always prepared, never made you wait.. always eager and enthusiastic about the work and they.. you know… hey…. it was like a marriage.. and … you know.. and if you are out there.. marriage is work.. you have to work at it.. David and Gillian had to work at their  relationship…and to direct them in a scene like the last scene in the motel room..where basically, they are fugitives from justice… and you can see it in their much they truly love each other..and they wasn’t just Dana and Fox, it was David and Gillian.. they truly truly loved each other. I never saw anything like it. I’ve been in this business all my life, literally. And I think David and Gillian’s relationship - Scully and Mulder - one of the greatest male-female relationships in TV history.”

(thank you to the person on youtube who typed out the entire thing!)

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Ugh, gillovny has killed me as well. David just looks so happy around Gillian, especially since shooting the revival. I don't think he's been so happy around anyone else, not even Tea. You can't fake that and I refuse to believe they are just friends. Maybe they were until the revival but now there's definitely something more. Just look at them...god..

Look at this bouncy, giddy, happy dude:

My heart warms every time I see him these days and I adore that I’m able to feel that way about him after everything. Whether it’s his own self exploration, Gillian or a combination of the two, I am so, so happy he was able to find his happy place.

I love you 2016 Duchovny. You adorable puppy of a man.