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I'm here to report that I'm dying of laughter reading this blog, so thanks for that!

Dear shipmate,

While we are incredibly happy that you are enjoying your time aboard HMS Gilligan so much, we do try to ensure that death will not visit the ship. While we are, quite frankly, absolutely hilarious, we would like to take this opportunity to ask passengers to ensure that they are aware of the location of the nearest lifeboat in case of a hilarity-induced emergency. 

Let’s be honest here, the lifeboats are ugly as sin, especially when compared to the magnificence of HMS Gilligan herself. We’d rather not have to get these out, they’re an eyesore. 

Captain Morgan does enjoy these missions to rescue those affected by OBH (overboard by hilarity) though, he just loves the open seas so much! Captain Anderson gets a little seasick on such a small vessel, she really just wants to be back on the comfort of HMS Gilligan - a steady and solid ship.

Should a passenger be seen laughing so hard that they fall overboard, please raise the alarm quickly and calmly. HMS Gilligan leaves no man, woman, or other behind, and we will be sure to return to the overboard passenger in the orange horror as quickly as possible.

The overall wellbeing of our passengers is our priority. Enjoy yourself, but not so much that you die. No one wants that, when you could continue to enjoy the good-natured silliness that we curate!

Kind regards,
The crew of HMS Gilligan
The X-Files (Kim Manners remarks on the last scenes)

First Clip: Kim Manners: “This was David and Gillian’s last scene together….we shot it on the last day of the picture… and as they come together to kiss you’ll see the camera pull out the door… that was the last shot.. David and Gillian together… and we wrapped and David and Gillian stood in that room together alone and held each other for a good 5 minutes… they didn’t talk, they didn’t move.. the just held each other.. the tears running down their faces…. it was a very touching moment.. one I’ll never forget.” Second Clip: Kim Manners: “Directing that scene with David and Gillian was extremely tough you know..but directing this whole two-parter was extremely emotional, especially with David and Gillian.. uh.. through nine years, you have your ups and downs, espesially when David and Gillian were in sooo much of each hour.. We got I think 201 hours and they were so much of every scene and to work together that many days for nine years, the relationship… they have swings.. David and Gillian always got along but it was not easy.. you know it wasn’t easy… I can say this -they never became what some people might refer to as Prima Donnas - they were always prepared, never made you wait.. always eager and enthusiastic about the work and they.. you know… hey…. it was like a marriage.. and … you know.. and if you are out there.. marriage is work.. you have to work at it.. David and Gillian had to work at their  relationship…and to direct them in a scene like the last scene in the motel room..where basically, they are fugitives from justice… and you can see it in their much they truly love each other..and they wasn’t just Dana and Fox, it was David and Gillian.. they truly truly loved each other. I never saw anything like it. I’ve been in this business all my life, literally. And I think David and Gillian’s relationship - Scully and Mulder - one of the greatest male-female relationships in TV history.”

(thank you to the person on youtube who typed out the entire thing!)

Things David and Gillian have said about the other:

- they’re terrific friends
- they’re the best friends
- they’re very fond of each other
- Gillian <3s Mulder and David <3s Scully
- Gillian does not require a ramp wherever she needs David, which is only one place.
- when they see each other, they kiss hello (in public at any given time)
- it’s a good relationship
- they live together
- David is stacked
- Gillian is hotter than ever and it’s somewhat shocking
- Gillian is very important to David
- Gillian especially misses David
- David finds it magical to share other sides of himself with Gillian
- they’re closer than ever
- they can’t keep their hands off of each other
- David thinks it’s weird people want them together ……………. ?