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Algy’s Surprisingly Fluffy Book Launch Party takes place all day on his sideblog lovefromalgy this Sunday 12th July, from mid-morning on Sunday UK time until early morning on Monday UK time, so that all Algy’s friends around the world can join in :) ALL WELCOME!

There will be COMPETITIONS with prizes including books, FREE KINDLE EBOOKS ALL DAY (can be read on almost any computer or device), EXTRACTS FROM THE BOOK and FLUFFY SURPRISES AND CELEBRATIONS!

Send your fluffy friends to join the party, or any other images or messages to help Algy celebrate. FAN ART ESPECIALLY WELCOME! Algy has already received some wonderful fan art for the party, and he would love to see more :)

Submissions via the lovefromalgy submission form or post on your own blog and send Algy a link.

the idiotic claim that perrie is a ‘gold digger’ is honestly so ridiculous. as someone who has been a fan of lm since the x factor and as someone from the country they originated in, i think i have a better knowledge on their success than anyone in the zerrie is fake tag. all of the lm girls are literally loaded, they are so fucking rich!!! they’re are walking around in chanel ysl burberry etc, these things are not cheap and are definitely not just handed out to people, especially if they’re so called “””flops”””. also as a uk resident who listens to uk radio and watches uk chart shows and tv shows and reads uk magazines, i can say without a shadow of a doubt they are the biggest girlband in the uk since the spice girls. like seriously, no matter how much you dislike perrie bc of her relationship with zayn or whatever your reasons and opinions are, you cannot say this band flops!!! they have 2 #1 uk singles (and numerous top 5s and 10s), 2 top 10 uk albums, their debut album charted at #4 on the us charts and their 2nd at #6, they’ve even broken sales records that 1d set. all of this is so amazing and their response to their release in the music industry is what other artists pray for!!!!!! just bc they’re not on pole with 1d doesn’t mean they are flops, bc 1d have crazy fame!!! hardly anyone is gonna achieve what they have and if they don’t, it doesn’t mean that they’re shit like you wouldn’t say half of the people that have less fame than lm are shit so just bc you’re sometimes a little jealous or bitter doesn’t give you a reason to be a dick and discredit extremely hard working women

(trans) shim eunkyung's instagram update mentioning shinee

it’s awesome…
as a music fan, this shinee repackage album is the best ever. they are a group that always never disappointed, but this is very excelled.. the mv and music are sensibility that cannot come out in korea. as if reminded me of uk pop. a music that will not be awkward even if it is in uk top single chart. i’m repeatedly make admiration of admiration. shinee does cheerfully even for music fans. now they are a group that prepares well till the appearance of the artist is over an idol. support! especially a song called, ‘hold you,’ is precious because of being in k-pop catoegry, it’s very polished, near and i want to say that it is a well made pop. composition, lyric, flow, arrangement and vocal, a song that all of them are perfect. continuously repeating. #shinee

translaton © krtranslate
(note: shim eunkyung is a south korean actress)

Apparently there’s a Stevenbomb scheduled this week on Cartoon Network UK? Go nuts UK fans, Steven Universe will be airing at 6 PM all WEEK! Exciting, especially since I’ve heard SU doesn’t air as consistently as it could/should in the UK :(

(US fans, or UK fans who’ve watched all the episodes that have aired in the US, these aren’t going to be new episodes. It’s gonna be anything that’s already aired in the US already, which seems new to the UK but is technically not, yeah?)
Twickets and One Direction, not Taylor Swift, are the true music revolutionaries
Much has been made of Taylor Swift’s forcing Apple into a change of musical direction, but it is One Direction and its deal with Twickets that may have a bigger effect on how fans relate to their favourite artists, says Monty Munford

Like all boy bands, it is very difficult for many of us to understand the obsession that fans have for these heroes. The success of the Beatles, especially in America, was based on their songwriting skills as much as what they looked like. That was understandable.

With One Direction it is all about the looks and they are a symbol of their generation as much as the Beatles were. It is only recently that they’ve even ‘co-written’ any of the songs; in the past songwriters such as Ed Sheeran had to help them out.

Consequently it would be easy to dismiss them as the plastic faces of an music industry that has replaced the A&R person who looked for talent at gigs with insipid musical talent shows and passive YouTube talent watchers.

But this week One Direction did something very interesting, very smart and very cool. They handed over 6,000 tickets to their world tour to Twickets, an online fan-to-fan ticket exchange that charges face value or less for tickets.

Many have sighed before them at the extortionate and unseemly trade of the ticketing industry and done nothing about it. Whether it is the ex-hooligan ticket touts who cluster like maggots outside venues or ticket sites that charge whimsical booking fees, undergoing either experience is vomitive.

Even the ‘respectable’ online ticket exchange system of Seatwave, which settles on market forces to set prices is not unlike those sweaty touts outside venues. it is more than happy for high prices to exist, in many ways it perpetuates on the internet what happens on the street.

Twickets, however, is not a charity. It charges a 10 per cent fee for every exchange and its investors have vested interests in making Twickets work. Backers include include artist management company Modest, which naturally has One Direction on its books.

Another investor is Chris Wright, who founded Chrysalis Records and has had an interesting life. He was once the owner of Queens Park Rangers FC and, as a young student reporter, was memorably abused by Bob Dylan and the Animals’ Alan Price in the seminal rock documentary Don’t Look Back

So far, so good, and every fan likes to buy tickets from fans at face value; it is a mark of a music fan to do so. But is Twickets any good?

I can report back with excellent news; it is fantastic. A month or so ago I noticed that the wonderfully talented Young Fathers were playing in Brighton, close to where I live. Brighton is a great place to see a band, because it’s always on artists’ tour lists and the venues are much smaller… it’s also easier to get a ticket than London.

So, for my sins and to my shame, I went to Seatwave, bought four tickets for nearly £100 and looked forward to the gig a week later and waited for the tickets to arrive. A day before the gig, they hadn’t arrived, so I contacted Seatwave.

According to that company, the seller had ‘obviously’ decided to retract the sale. No notice for me, no notification at any time, it was as if they didn’t give a monkey’s. Sorry about that, we’ll return your money in ten days.

Ten days! They’d already had my money for a week. Naturally, I will never darken their door again and I hope they never, ever darken mine. Mates had made arrangements to come to Brighton for the gig and everything had to be cancelled.

But I love that band and wasn’t to be denied. I went to the beautiful social network of Twitter and asked my audience whether they could help me get a ticket. One person suggested Twickets. I clicked on the site, I loved the fan-to-fan element and the face value coolness and found one ticket for Young Fathers that night.

Within two emails I had the mobile number of the guy who had the ticket, we arranged to meet outside the venue, I called him when I got there, gave him a tenner, bought his mates a drink and saw one of the best gigs I’d seen for years.

This experience is unlikely to happen to me when it comes to One Direction, but this is a genius move for everybody involved. The band come across as decent people who really seem to care for the fans, Twickets has seen downloads of its app go through the proverbial ceiling and the investors are happy as wel.

Cynics may say it’s all a big PR stunt and that nothing will really change, but any piece of technology that can make going to a gig as pleasing as the gig may have huge ramifications for a continuing complacent music industry. Who thought it would be anybody like One Direction?

A positive article though you could argue I guess re the songwriting, but the telegraph is one of the serious newspapers in the UK. Also nice photo selection.

So apparently it’s the hottest day of the year (In the UK) and I know down where I am we’re apparently going to get highs of about 29 degrees Celsius. So to all my peeps especially in Britain since we have no air con and this is super hot for us please be careful:

  • Drink lots of liquids
  • Keep your windows open
  • Get a fan if you can
  • Wear light clothing
  • If you’re going outside make sure you have drinks, make sure you have a hat and sunscreen and find some shade

Please be careful, we don’t want you guys to get heatstroke, dehydrate or any number of other issues with this weather! So enjoy yourself but please be safe while you do itxxx