especially equius and feferi

anonymous asked:

Which character do you feel had more potential than Hussie allowed?

Jane. Jade. Feferi, Nepeta, EQUIUS, Calliope, Serenity especially, Casey’s undead army arc was certainly a letdown, and um, Crowbar I guess. But most importantly, the mushroom farmer.

Homestuck troll head cannons of mine
  • Terezi had braces
  • Vriska is super nerd
  • Aradia snorts when she laughs
  • Kanaya blushes VERY easily
  • Nepeta is secretly kinky
  • Feferi couldn’t swim for a while and tried to “make” herself become a  landdwelller 
  • Tavros uses his disability for some kick ass halloween costumes
  • Karkat Grabs his own horns to relieve some anger when no one is around to express it through
  • Sollux uses his glasses for 3d movies
  • Equius has had a crush on at least every troll at some point or another (shy bby)
  • Gamzee is really good at not just makeup but just art in general and he likes to do horror makeup
  • Eridan is asexual BUT not Aromantic