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You know, if anyone learns that Dipper summoned a demon and made him his familiar in the Familiar!Au and tries to use it to blackmail him.... they're basically blackmailing the wrong people considering who they're dealing with.

Said person could really make better life choices.

Dipper could easily settle down to a nice marathon of Ghost Harassers, secure in the knowledge that Bill was, for once, Someone Else’s Problem, and have a nice few hours of doing nothing.  Dipper doesn’t need to threaten anyone at this point. Solving a problem means, literally, doing nothing to stop his demon.

Bill would also be happy, in that Dipper ignoring him means he could have all kinds of fun with this new person.

Red solo cups are dapper as fuck. Also, tiny demon Dipper transporting ice for his merciful overlord (one cube at a time because he’s like the size of an air freshener.) All geometric shapes pictured are of legal age, by which I mean they are in fact ageless.

Dedicated to billdip week because I can’t do anything on time, and to any Spam Artists™ I haven’t blocked yet~☆✨ Hope you’re enjoying the party.

Pines Extended Family Roadtrip Shenanigans

So @garrulousgibberish wanted Pines Family roadtrip shenanigans, so here you are Ran! Also, I was blabbering with the lovely @impishnature about all of this as well XD

Despite what anybody else says, WENDY is actually the navigator and is solely responsible for them getting anywhere in any reasonable amount of time without any ‘wrong turns’ or 'we’re just going to see where this thing is i’m sure i can find its’ - she puts up with no one’s bullshit but will, for the sake of fun, let them go off on adventures that are off the mapped-out route. She’s just the one that makes sure that they know how to get BACK on track. 

Mabel is queen of the snacks. She has a literal suitcase full of homemade trail mix (complete with brightly colored N&Ns, dried cranberries, and the obligatory glitter), gummi-based snacks, truck-stop candy packages, chocolate, (for some reason prunes????), and of COURSE several gallons of Mabel juice. She also is a QUEEN at roadtrip games and keeps everyone entertained with them. 

Dipper is the one in charge of the radio and personally put together a FOUR DAY MIXTAPE so that they would never be without music. To everyone’s surprise, it contains a mix of everyone’s favorite songs (they were honestly expecting four days of Icelandic Pop music; this was a great relief). There’s sea shanties and sad space songs and the whole soundtrack of Secondary School Singing Theater (which gets squeals of delight from Candy, Grenda, Pacifica, and Mabel) along with some indie music, classic rock and roll, and one song that everyone liked but no one could actually remember how it went once it was over (the tape it was on may or may not have disappeared that night; the song had come on when they were driving through a particularly treacherous mountain pass and none of them could particularly remember actually GETTING OUT OF IT but when the song ended they were safely pulling into an RV camping ground at the base of the pass, so none of them were really complaining. Although it was rather strange that they couldn’t seem to find the camping ground on the map when they retraced their route later for everyone back home.)

Soos is the one who keeps everybody’s spirits up with his undying enthusiasm for the next thing on their list of 'Things To See’. He’s also the one who keeps an eye out for Pancake Houses and the signs for cool little cafes and drive-ins to try out. Somehow he ends up finding ALL SIX liminal space restaurants along that particular stretch of highway. Everybody except Ford is a little freaked out by the realization, but after the first few liminal space restaurants end up being really cool and safe and the staff are nice, everyone relaxes. The employees at these places don’t seem to mind how obnoxious and frankly ridiculous the Pines Extended family is and they end up being greeted warmly at all the rest of the liminal space stops (all of the liminal spaces for travellers are actually connected, and the employees of each of them call ahead and let each other know who the nice travellers are and who to avoid). Soos gets left at the last liminal space restaurant but thanks to a few kind employees, he’s able to make it to a liminal space rest stop ahead of the RV and is waiting for the rest of the family there to pick him up. They do. No one questions it. This is Soos.

Ford and Stan mostly take turns driving, except when Soos and Wendy decided that BOTH of them have reached the Grumpy Old Man Driving quota and are banned from driving for the rest of the day and night. (Wendy has her license by this point and, contrary to popular belief, is actually a very good driver.). Ford is fascinated by every anomaly they encounter but he lets several research opportunities go in favor of perfectly normal roadtrip shenanigans. His family is stranger and more fascinating and endearing than any anomaly he can come across.

Ford also introduces (or re-introduces) everyone to filk, singing a lot himself. Wendy accompanies him on guitar, Pacifica (surprisingly) on harmonica (she and Stan have a bit of a bonding moment over it) and Fiddleford on banjo. Once everyone realizes what filk actually IS, they proceed to spend the rest of the roadtrip off-and-on writing their own roadtrip songs. Since they have no recording equipment other than cell phones, Fiddleford takes it upon himself to invent a recording device that captures video as well and also happens to double as a burglar-safe for the RV. 

Fiddleford knows a scary amount of anime opening theme songs, which he can sing - COMPLETELY IN JAPANESE, WITH A PERFECT ACCENT. No on is actually surprised by this. He also has learned Korean after Candy introduced him to Korean dramas and Manwha, which he now watches with her regularly and they converse about in Korean. (Candy also assisted him in building the recording-device/burglar defense, as she has become his assistant and is learning the finer points of robotics and revenge plotting from him). 

Pacifica is the one who makes sure people actually BATHE and change their clothes at the campsites each night, because no way in Weirdmaggedon is she riding in an RV full of smelly, poorly dressed people, no THANK YOU. Especially YOU, DIPPER PINES. She also is the one who ends up covering any unexpected expenses on the trip (her family isn’t POOR after Weirdmaggedon; they’re still rich, just significantly less so. Also, she’s started her own highly successful business, so she’s decent off herself). 

Candy is the medic on the trip. Which isn’t too much of surprise, really, given that she’s pretty much the only one other than Ford and Wendy who can maintain a cool head in the face of a cut in need of stitches or a Bee-Bear sting. And it’s usually Ford or Wendy she’s having to take care of, so it makes sense. Candy is also the one on the one on the roadtrip who has read all of the travel pamplets and acts as the impromptu tour guide for every place they visit (she also assists Wendy in navigation at times; Candy is usually Wendy’s co-pilot, while Soos makes sure both of the Stans take a break and/or sleep). 

Grenda is the one on the road trip who makes sure everyone’s phones are charged and who spends a decent amount of time on the phone herself (mostly with Marius, but occasionally with some of the other folks at home to let them know that yes, they are actually all still alive and doing well). When one of the tires goes out on the RV, Grenda lifts THE ENTIRE RV UP so that Stan and Soos can change the tire. Everyone is impressed, and slightly alarmed. Mabel and Candy high-five each other and scream GIRL POWER! At the top of their lungs. The sight of a teenager lifting up an RV single-handedly causes several  drivers to lose control of their cars and crash. The Pines extended family notices none of this and goes on their way.

That’s about all from me! I hope you enjoyed this XD

-Nana Graye

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46 with Pacifica or Dipper's POV?

46 -  “I’m in love…shit”

Every summer after the first had seemed the same. The twins would arrive back in Gravity Falls, hang out with their friends and family, and not fight a giant world ending threat because you can only do that once. Every summer Dipper and Pacifica would take the time to talk and hang out. 

These times seemed to get longer without them noticing. Skype calls over school time started to happen about three years in. They started out small and barely an hour and now they stretched well to midnight. Neither of them noticed. 

It was the end of Senior year now. Gone was the awkwardness of pre-teenism and the trials that high school had set up for them. They both had graduated and were ready to head to college. They still had not noticed. 

The clock by Dipper’s bed read 1:30 am but it still felt like they had just started talking. On the screen Pacifica lounged on her bed with a plate that had once held a midnight snack. The blonde had a sleepy smile on her face as she listened to what the other teen was talking about.

“And that is how I discovered that there were brownies hidden in the high school library! Can you believe it! All those books going missing for years and here I thought that bullies were taking them.” Dipper laughed and flopped back onto his pillows. “And here I thought that weird things like that only happened in Gravity Falls.” 

Silence is what met him and the teen’s excited smile turned into a small frown. Had he lost connection again? Their router was old and sometimes gave out. 

Dipper fixed his glasses and sat up to look at the screen to find Pacifica asleep with her face resting on her hand. A peaceful smile was on her face and he could not ignore the weird jump his heart gave at the sight. When had that blond girl he had hated turn into one of his best friends? When had they both grown up and she suddenly become so beautiful. 

He caught himself staring and looked away with an embarrassed blush. The feelings he had felt when they were younger were magnified now. He could still smell her perfume from the night at the manor all those years ago. 

The teenager let out a shaky breath and ran his hand through his messy curls. 

“I’m in love…shit.” 

“Sorry,” a sleepy voice said from the speakers of his computer and made Dipper jump, “You say something?” 

A blue ran over Dipper’s face and ears as he looked to find Pacifica had woken up. The girl ran a hand over his face to try and wipe the sleep away. 

“I…I said that Mabel and I should be in Gravity Falls by the 20th. Our great uncles are taking us to the boat tomorrow and we plan on sailing slowly up there so…so,” Dipper looked away from the screen as the girl sat up. He pretended to be looking at his clock, “So you can expect us soon. I should get to bed, we are heading out early tomorrow and it is pretty late.” 

Pacifica glanced to her side and nodded. “Yeah, didn’t think we would be up so late. I got a party to go to tomorrow.”

“Well, rest up,” Dipper said through a nervous laugh, “I’ll text you before we set out.” 

“Okay, sailor,” she laughed, “See you a few weeks.” 

“See you.” 

Dipper did not let the breath he was holding out until the screen went dark. He flopped back onto his pillows and dragged a hand down his face. 

“What is going on with me?” 

“It’s called love, Dip-Dop. Get used to it.” 

Dipper jumped again and looked over at his open doorway to see his sister’s head peaking into the room. 

“What are you doing up?” 

Mabel shrugged and sipped something out of her cat mug. “Grunkle Stan sent me in here to tell you to shut up. Sooooooo, shut up. We can talk about your new GIRLFRIEND in the morning.”

“She’s not my-.” The door closed and Dipper sighed, “Girlfriend…”


Just some Draw the Squad pics. I’ve been wanting to do some for a long time and I finally did. Boy are these fun to draw, although choosing who is who can be difficult sometimes. Nevertheless, enjoy!

Some little things I noticed after watching Into the Bunker again

Dipper’s getting taller than Mabel. Remember in s1 how he was shorter?

Well check it out:

See how he has to look down a little now to meet Mabel’s eyes and she in return has to look up! There’s an obvious gap between their heads that you can see in this gif:

Dude! When Mabel looks at him here, she’s isn't meeting his eyes! She’d have to look up a little more to like in the other pic! I wondered if this was true for the rest of s2 and:

in Not What He Seems the height difference is even more pronounced! Dip has that extra inch on her, maybe even a little more! It looks like both of the twins have grown taller! They’re a little closer to Soos’s shoulders now as compared to s1!

Another thing I noticed is that Dipper’s strength has increased. Remember in Dreamscapers when he was struggling to chop wood in Stan’s flashback?


he picks up Wendy’s ax in Into the Bunker with one hand. It’s got a shorter handle, but the blade probably carries about the same weight since they seem to be similar in design (probably not a coincidence). Axes are pretty heavy man, but when Dip goes to slice the shapeshifter:

he’s not even struggling to hold it up, and he’s holding it the right way! Looks like Stan’s methods to strengthen Dipper are workin out; his noodle arms are getting some more muscle!

I just love the little details like this that the GF team throws into their show! It’s so great watching Dipper and Mabel grow up over the summer!!

Happy Stanuary, everyone!

Home has meant many things to Stan throughout the years, and there was a long stretch of his life where he had actually been without one. Over the past summer though he’s come to truly learn what the word means to him, and he could never ask for a better one than with the goofballs above. <3