especially daniel's

Logging onto tumblr today

wanna one as shit i say to my friends
  • yoon jisung: "my mom told me that she wanted me to go to stanford, and i laughed at her so hard. but then i realized she wasn't joking."
  • ha sungwoon: "i'm not short, bitch. i'm just an unlucky vertically challenged asian!"
  • hwang minhyun: "college might not work out, but you can always get a sugar daddy."
  • ong seongwoo: "the most embarrassing moment of my life was when i went to a japanese manga store with my parents and accidentally walked into the hentai section."
  • kim jaehwan: "why do people buy toys for their dogs? didn't their parents teach them not to play with their food?"
  • kang daniel: "so like are we at that point in our friendship where i can comfortably make nazi jokes with you?"
  • park jihoon: "okay so the ap test is next week, and we need someone to volunteer as tribute to fall off the second floor of the gym and critically injure themselves so we all get 5's!"
  • park woojin: "ugh i was wondering why it smelled like slut over here — it's just you."
  • bae jinyoung: "i'm so poor that i sometimes think about jumping in front of sports cars so i can sue and pay for my college tuition."
  • lee daehwi: "one time i was reading about the american revolution and came across the name george washington, and i was like 'oh, he sounds familiar!'. yeah... that's the story of how i forgot who the first president of the united states was."
  • lai guanlin: "sometimes when people talk to me, i pretend i can't speak english. ni hao bitch."

I feel like we’ve been so spoiled by dan and phil this year, before we could easily go 3 weeks without any new content but now when there’s even a three day gap I start to get restless

or I start thinking they’re up to something (which they probably are)