especially creative ones

it is absolutely, hilariously astonishing to me how often i’m asked to provide a 25 page extensively sourced MLA formatted academic style paper about why i think pansy parkinson is a character worth discussing, but…here we are, i guess.

first thing’s first—

fanon pansy =/= canon pansy.

canon pansy =/= fanon pansy.

canon pansy is a one-dimensional bully with no discernible personality traits beyond “mean” and “myopic”. she’s villainized by the story. her primary function within the narrative is to follow draco malfoy around. she’s background noise. she giggles, and she shrieks, and she makes fun of harry & co. pansy parkinson is also a figurative dumping ground for an alarming number of awful, misogynistic, enormously unflattering stereotypes for female characters—her relationship with draco is depicted as at least partially one-sided, which makes her seem desperate; she has a tendency to mock other students for their physical appearances, which makes her seem insecure; and she’s likened, more than once, to a literal dog. literally. a dog.  

(rowling had a truly terrible habit of peppering the hp books with a lot of these villainous non-characters, who were almost always slytherins, and who were almost always described as either unattractive, unintelligent, or both. see: millicent bulstrode, who is jokingly suspected of being related to a troll. marcus flint, who cheats at quidditch, is held back multiple school years, and has appallingly bad teeth. crabbe & goyle, who are violent, overweight, and implied to need draco’s help with her homework in order to avoid flunking out.)

canon pansy is a poorly constructed caricature of a Mean Girl who readers are meant to find abhorrent. all the ingredients for a spectacularly unlikeable character are there. it’s like rowling had a checklist.

that said, pansy’s role as hermione’s social foil gives her slightly more of a personality than the majority of the other slytherins. pansy is shown to be friendly with blaise zabini, who is, canonically, arrogant and enigmatic and disdainful of draco malfoy. pansy wears a pink dress to the yule ball. she likes unicorns. she possesses leadership qualities—she’s a prefect, she has a “gang” of slytherin girls—and is, by virtue of that, at the very least an above average student. she’s loyal to the people she’s shown to be close to. she cries when draco is hurt. her political affiliations, parentage, and blood status are categorically unknown. we can assume she’s probably a pureblood, and that she chose not to fight against the death eater regime at hogwarts, but she wasn’t a death eater. her dialogue with draco and blaise zabini about the war in HPB was ambiguously supportive, at worst.

(important note—one of the major themes in the books is redemption. see: severus snape. regulus black. the malfoys. rowling’s world building was full of lofty, often convoluted metaphors for racism and homophobia, which had the unfortunate side-effect of humanizing a lot of actively, violently racist characters who would have otherwise been unpalatable to any reasonably self-aware reader. the notion that grand gestures of bravery and self-sacrifice are necessary for redemption—again, see: severus snape, regulus black, the malfoys—is, however, repulsive to me, especially when the argument of worthiness is centered on a teenage girl who has, canonically, spent her formative years hanging around actively, violently racist people. And that’s not even delving into the numerous instances of benign racism perpetrated by characters who aren’t vile slytherin blood supremacists. see: the weasleys. albus dumbledore. rufus scrimgeour. the text goes out of its way to emphasize that combating internalized prejudices is an ongoing battle that has to be consciously fought. it’s a choice. but i digress.)

canon pansy =/= fanon pansy.

fanon pansy =/= canon pansy.

i see a lot of discourse about pansy being an inappropriate “feminist icon"—she’s a bully, she’s mean to other girls, et cetera, et cetera—and the irony of passing that kind of judgment on a female character whose entire narrative existence is predicated on her ability to compare unfavorably to, you know, all the good female characters; it is staggering.



i have loved characters like hermione granger and ginny weasley and fleur delacour since i was a child. they are smart and brave and interesting and Not Like Other Girls. their flaws are considered socially acceptable. hermione is bossy and narrow-minded; but she’s also usually right. ginny is outspoken and reactionary and obstinate; but she’s also pretty and popular and good at sportball. fleur is vain and self-absorbed; but she’s also beautiful and brilliant and fiercely loyal.  

Not. Like. Other. Girls.

not like pansy parkinson, for example, who is, almost unapologetically, exactly the kind of girl no one ever wants to be.  

she likes pink. she giggles. she cries. she chases after a boy who, at best, seems mostly indifferent to her presence. she’s self-conscious enough about her nose that it’s a well-known sore spot for other students to maliciously poke at. i don’t think we ever get a description of what her voice sounds like, but i instinctively associate her with a high-pitched, nasally whine. she’s petty—see: her interview with rita skeeter in GoF—and she’s narcissistic—see: her stint with the inquisitorial squad—and she’s a cliché, of course, just not an especially creative one.

there are obvious, valid criticisms to be made about how people interact with characters like pansy parkinson. and draco malfoy. and severus snape. but there is a huge difference between blindly excusing or romanticizing those characters’ actions and making an effort to humanize them.  


bad people are not bad characters.

Nalu Fluff Week 2017 Within the Law Chapter 3: Lawful Tresspass

fanfiction by impracticaldemon

Author’s Note:

This is the final chapter for Within the Law. This chapter is packed with flirtation, love, lust, raw emotion and thwarted need. Also, legal terms.

Hope it’s fun!   ~Impracticaldemon

Lawful Trespass
Prompts: Texting; Fairy Tales (at least in concept if not final design)

Lucy’s interview with Makarov & Vermilion—the law firm also known as Fairy Tail—had been on the Wednesday. When she’d gotten home that evening, she’d had no difficulty avoiding questions, since her father was at work, as usual, and the servants were all very much on her side and knew where she’d been. Not that they had a huge staff, but even four people seemed like an awful lot for a family of two adults and no small children.

That night, after eating a solitary dinner while trying to catch up on some reading for class, Lucy couldn’t seem to focus on anything. The people at Fairy Tail had fully caught her attention, and they were far more interesting than what she was studying. She finally left her Trusts text book open at “constructive trusts"—the case law seemed to be all over the map, as the courts had gotten especially creative with this one—and threw herself down on her bed to stare at her comms lacrima.

You were speaking with him four hours ago. What on earth is wrong with you?

It was strange—she felt like she was fourteen crushing on a guy two grades up, not a competent young woman of twenty-three with one university degree already behind her. Her eyes traced a familiar pattern above her. When she was much younger, she and her mother had painted the stars making up the constellations of the Zodiac on her ceiling in phosphorescent paint. Lucy couldn’t actually make out much right now, since she had lights on, but it didn’t matter—she knew them all by heart.

The lacrima in her hands chimed, indicating a text message. Her eyes went wide when she saw the sender: Grand Moff Dragneel. She snickered at the name, but her stomach did an odd kind of squeeze-hop.

)Hey there!
)Did you make it home okay?
)So are you there or what?

Lucy scrambled to sit up and send back a quick affirmative.

)Great! Look there’s something I’ve got to tell you.
)Erza and Gray both reminded me.
)Forgot you didn’t know. Anyway I’m here now can I come in?

Lucy stared at the last few words.

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Here is yet another post soliciting suggestions for bird photos y’all would like to see! Just reply here, or send me an ask, letting me know what you wanna see. It can be a bird or group of birds (”bali myna!” “ocean ducks!”) or themes (”birds with autumn foliage!” “birds that are purple!” “birds with red eyes!”), whatever you like! No guarantees I’ll be able to do every one, but I will do my best. This is fun stuff for me, especially the more creative ones, but don’t feel like you gotta throw me a curveball, the simple requests are also fast and easy to pull off and fill my queue.

So go ahead and give me your requests: what birds do you want to see?

Reunion .2

Hey! Remember when I wrote this ?

(Don’t worry. I forgot about it too)

Well I wrote 1000 more words. They achieve nothing plotwise, and I have no idea where they are going, but I wanted to write some pre-couple Golly and was feeling too lazy to start a new story. So, anyway… They’re under the cut, if you want to read them. 

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What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is graduating High School This Year?

My dearest friends,

This message is for everyone, NOT JUST THOSE GRADUATING.

I implore you to take a moment to read, VERY CAREFULLY, what I’m about to write to you. Please note that you are in control of your life at this moment, and I fully support whatever you choose in the end as long as it’s what YOU want, and it makes YOU HAPPY.

I went to a public charter school. It was a college preparatory academy, and all they ever talked about my senior year is how important it was to go to college. How absolutely worthless I was going to be to society without that education, and how awful it would be if by the time I graduated if I didn’t at least have 1 acceptance letter and or 10-15 college applications out. (Also please note that In America they charge you anywhere from $35-$200 for JUST THE APPLICATION TO A COLLEGE. Yes that’s PER APPLICATION).

Know that I was not a model student. I had a rough home life and worked several jobs to support the family and myself. I did fine in most classes, especially the creative ones– (of which I was only allowed to take the requirements because my dad said it would turn me into a “fruitcake” and he would not stand for such shame to be brought upon his family)– And in most everything but math managed B’s (I was a D math student at my best). So needless to say there were no academic scholarships available for me. I scored a 24 on my ACTs and that still qualified me for NOTHING. In total I spent over $1000 on college applications my senior year and received only 1 acceptance letter. To a state college in the last possible place I ever wanted to go. North Dakota. Before I knew it I was shanghaied there. Trapped in a place where everything closes at 8pm and there is no youth life or culture. It was an overwhelming nightmare.

Now this is not saying that your experience would be the same.

Some people are ready for college right away. And if you feel that way by all means go!

But I was not. And if you are like I was, and don’t have a major picked out, don’t l know what you wanted to do yet, or just plain don’t feel ready. (I’m going to shout-text it in all caps for you)


At least not right away. I was forced to go by parents and teachers. To take out massive, crippling, loans at an unbelievable interest rate. It was disastrous. I would never wish it on my worst enemy.

Sometimes you just aren’t ready. AND THATS OK!

Take the time.



There are few things in this world that No amount of time can prepare you for. Two of them are:

becoming a parent,

and going to college.

Here are the things you should consider now, regarding college preparation:

1.) It is never too early to start thinking about it. About your likes and dislikes. About location. About all of it.

2.) Explore your options. If you choose somewhere continental make a list of your top 3, 5, or even 10 choices and diversify. Want to live abroad? DO IT! I wish I had. Not only do most schools abroad allow Americans free tuition, but it’s an amazing experience. (You may need to take a language class while you’re there but that can only be to your benefit)

3.) Don’t “settle” if you don’t get into your dream school don’t settle for one that you know you’ll hate because of haste or convenience. Hold out for something you want.

4.) There is no shame in going to a community college. Lots of generals can be knocked out of the way there while you’re making up you mind on career paths or waiting for a school you want to go to.

*be sure to contact both the community college AND the desired transfer schools to be ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that the credits will transfer. If they don’t DONT WASTE THE MONEY, it helps no one.*

5.) You are NOT, I repeat, NOT required to have your entire life mapped out by the time you graduate high school. Your preferences and major is subject to change at your command. You have the power. Use it wisely. Take a chunk of time, whether it be the summer or A FULL YEAR, and get involved in community center classes or a job training that you enjoy. Learn about you instead of textbooks and gague who you are.

6.) if you do go straight away in fall semester. DO NOT BURN YOURSELF OUT. Take the base amount of full time credits and space them out. Take your classes at times you are comfortable with and schedule a job (if you need/want one) around them. I found it to be nice to schedule classes all on certain days and have the rest of the week free.

7.) Go to class. And read your syllabus. Professors don’t read through it with you always and attendance policies are a thing. Watch out. Flunking a class is serious problems especially if, like me your loans were based on your grades. Do your homework. It’s actually way easier than high school anyway. All of mine was.

I’m going to stop here for now. I feel like I might be overwhelming you.

But please if you have any questions about college. Or preparation
Or anything regarding this advice.


I will gladly and personally respond in as much detail as you’d like to any and ALLLLLLLLLL ASKS REGARDING THIS.

I care about you and your future.