especially considering this 'pool' shit you came up with is a bit more blue in actuality

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Ooooh for the minific thing, Blue and Ronan (Blue/Ronan friendship is my FAVOURITE THING) and X!

I’m getting back to this meme, finally! I hope you’re still around anon. This is X - A flash of anger

“God, you think you’re so, so–”

Blue stops short. Not because there’s a dearth of terms that can be used to describe Ronan, but because there are too many to choose from, ranging from innocuous to outright offensive. The most offensive thing about Ronan, she thinks, is that Ronan knows exactly who he is. He is terrible and awful and he’s that way on purpose, so pointing it out to him is hardly going to do more than reinforce his world view.

No, in the game of offenses and slights that is friendship with Ronan Lynch one must always be prepared to be caught off guard and to attempt to catch him off guard in turn. She watches as he leans back against the BMW, arms crossed and eyebrow cocked. Come at me, his posture says. Come and unseat the unseatable king of knowing.

There have been serpents in the garden from the beginning, she thinks. She says, “Careful.”

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