especially considering that i looked like i was 12

He Finds Your Tattoo

Requested by: @1dhomeskillet12
‘Could I pretty please request a Bucky or Steve? Where he finds the readers tattoo? And fluff? Thank you so much!!’

A/N: I done Steve for you, as I haven’t done him yet! Hope you like it!

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Considering you and Steve came from completely different era’s, your relationship worked out quite wonderfully- you were like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that had been pieced together right at the very end. You couldn’t be happier.

You loved to tease him, especially when he acted like a 12 year old boy- blushing and all. Like right now, you were currently straddling the super soldier who as always, looked completely flustered.

“So, Tony said ‘shit’ and you literally replied like a grandpa?” You questioned, trying not to laugh, Steve closed his eyes in annoyance.

“It just slipped out,” He replied. “Stark told you to, I’m guessing?” You just smirked.

“Nah, Clint told me.”

“Is anyone ever going to let that go?”

“Probably not, soldier.” You smirked, you knew he secretly loved it when you called him soldier, even though he would never admit it.

The v neck t-shirt of Steves that you were wearing slipped off of your shoulder, exposing your collarbone to him. His eyes widened, and suddenly you remembered what was on your collar bone.

“Is that a tattoo?” He questioned, you nodded in reply. He reached his hand up to where the angel wing rested just underneath your collar bone, “Why have I only just seen this?”

“Usually wear tops that cover it, or cover it with makeup.”

“Why would you cover it?”

You looked down, playing with the hem of the t-shirt that had given up the ink you had.

Looking back up to Steve, you explained, “Steve, we come from different times. I’m pretty sure women back then didn’t have tattoos. I didn’t want it to put you off,” Your voice was quiet and you sounded like a scared little girl. Truth be told, it was a genuine issue, you really were scared that Steve would be put off.

“Y/N. I am with you, because I love you. I don’t want a woman like the ones from my time, because that is in the past. What matters is now, me and you, the present.” You leant forward so that you were laying your head on his chest, his fingers still traced over the tattoo that was no longer in view- and then he said something that made you think that Steve Rogers wasn’t as innocent as he made out to be.

“Is it bad that I think it’s…” He paused, looking for the right word, “Sexy?”