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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: do you know what really annoys me about the 2001 direct-to-video film barbie in the nutcracker? so at the end of the film clara finds out that she’s the sugar plum princess which is amazing, then her and the nutcracker who is now revealed to be prince eric dance to a great piece of music while clara is wearing an amazing dress and the scenery around them is transforming back to its original beautiful state and it’s all just so perfect, but it gets even more perfect when clara agrees to stay with prince eric and become his new queen. BUT THEN the mouse king comes along and steals clara’s necklace which transports her back to her home. so already it’s really annoying and you’re upset because you wanted clara and eric to live happily ever after, but matters get even worse when the audience is lead to believe that all that clara experienced in the film with the nutcracker etc was just a dream. so as you can imagine, it’s all quite anger inducing. BUT THEN clara’s aunt comes in and introduces clara to a young man who turns out to be prince eric, both of them look at each other and it’s obvious that all that happened wasn’t a dream after all (especially since eric gives clara back the necklace that the mouse king stole), and it gets even better when clara and eric dance together. so now it’s like “well it didn’t end the way i wanted it to, but they still lived happily ever after and that’s good enough for me” and it’s all just very emotional, beautiful and rewarding. it’s a good way to end a movie. BUT THEN the movies goes back to barbie telling stacey or chelsea or chestnut or cappuccino whatever her name is a story about the nutcracker, and it’s honestly just like… how dare you do that? i’ve my hopes up and crushed so many times while watching this movie and you don’t even have the decency in your soul to end the movie on a good note? you could have ended the movie as clara and eric slow dance into a fade into the credits, but no you just had to remind us all that this was just some story told by barbie so her sister won’t fuck up a few gosh darn diddily damnit moves while dancing to the dance of the sugar plum fairy? get gone
Unrelatable companions and how to interact with those who love them

I love Bill. I enjoy it immensely that we have gay text now. I doubt she’ll be as much to me as Clara was and is, but I’ll be damned if I spend this marvellous season yowling about Bill not being Clara, especially (!!) not to the people who are enjoying the heck out of Bill.

I loved Rose back in the day, and didn’t relate at all to Martha, though that has changed a lot over the years. I felt no need to run around and tell people who loved Martha how much I didn’t like Martha.

I think Donna Noble deserves the universe, and I doubt that will ever change. I have never punched my friend who hates her in the nuts.

I didn’t like Amy at first. She grew on me. Partly because I opened up to liking her more after seeing how much she meant to my friend as a mentally ill character who insists on deserving love.

I’ve always felt conflicted about River. In the end the love for her won out. I’ve always enjoyed watching how my friends read her as an empowered space hero and how much that meant to them.

I think Clara and the Twelfth Doctor have an absolutely unique and special relationship. I think River Song and the Doctor have an absolutely unique and special relationship. I like Clara more than River. I can hold all of these thoughts in my mind. I think a 2k-something-plus-4.5 billion yo alien with two hearts can love more than one person at the same time, but I’m super cool with anyone who disagrees and acknowledges but one Queen of His Soul, as long as they’re cool with my reading as well.

Because that’s all we’re doing here, we’re coming to the show with our experiences and we relate to those bits that ring bells for us, and so does everyone else, and that’s all, and none of us have the one true reading, and can we not shit on each other because it’s so stressful and just makes you bitter and what does it even matter?

Nobody can take your reading away from you, nobody can take what the show means to you away from you. That’s the beauty of fiction, you go there, and you look at it, and it speaks to you, and it becomes part of your story, and it’s yours now, in your mind, safe, forever, meditation.


GUESS WHO’S DONE WITH SERIES 7 it’s me and im so happy

i’m gonna go over all of them and clean ‘em up and put them all together but for now, here’s some of my favourite tags on the previous posts

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Firstly, i adore moffats characters and esp clara and im gay so im 3000% on board w bi clara, but i just wanna ask if its mentioned anywhere other than the kissing jane austen thing bc while thats obviously brilliant i think as bi rep its a bit weak. A lot of straight girls kiss girls and say stuff like shes a great kisser and they dont mean anything (and its annoying). Idk i guess like. If claras gonna be bi id like her to be way more bi. Same with river and a lot of moffats characters

No, you raise a fair point. It’s definitely not as explicit as we would like. (She does, however, also say “I love her - take that how you like”, which continues to imply a romantic connection.) That’s why Bill is such a big deal! 

I actually think River is more explicitly queer than Clara is (especially with the Doom Coalition audio’s apparent part of her talking about having a crush on Rita Hayworth), as my recent answered ask about River goes into. 

So, yes, in a sense it is weak representation, but what you need to remember is that it’s a show watches by families/children, run by a conservative network. It’s all about baby steps. Remember how pissed a lot of people got about the Vastra/Jenny kiss? Moffat knows he couldn’t just start having Clara going “oh I’m bisexual”, unfortunately, but he did what was likely the best he could at the time. He will have faced resistance on all of these lil queer things, especially stuff like Vastra/Jenny in general. 

God knows much he’d have had to fight to get Bill to be explicitly gay/have a gf. It can’t have been easy. 

Also, it’s a show that doesn’t centre around romance. Yes, there’s definitely still room to fit more solid queer confirmation in, but it’s not like it ever feels like it’s lacking for not having it, the focus is more on the plot. 

If you love me in any way…
—  Do we need more proof that Whouffaldi is canon?

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Hi N! Thanks for opening your prompt fills day! About TTTWLB please: I would like to read how Granddave moved to John and Clara's house. I guess that it was after their nest emptied (in chapter 12 of TTTWLB prompt fills). Do you what? After I read this chapter I searched for rosehip tea myself! Thanks you!

Since this is a best-case-scenario version when it comes to what Dave Oswald does with his life as a widow, he only dated Linda for a while when Clara was a young adult and didn’t marry her, and I do believe that Clara, especially Clara Smith, would be leagues more willing to do things like move her dad into her house if the Linda Factor was null.

687 and 1127 words, for a total of 1814; takes place in 1972; Clara is 53, Dave is 77, and John is 80; this reminds me of how the Doctor is sort of like a multi-disciplinarian scientist/tinkerer/handyman in Doctor Who proper and that can translate to being a do-it-yourselfer in the home improvement category for human!Doctor AUs

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The Doctor's Wives



Amy Pond: How come you can fly the TARDIS?
River Song: Oh, I had lessons from the very best.
The Doctor: [Looking smug] Well, yeah.
River Song: It’s a shame you were busy that day.

Well if the Doctor did not teach River, then who did? Clara, maybe…

Work Text:

Clara recalls very clearly the first time the Chin tried to teach her how to drive his Tardis… even if she was not supposed to remember that day and the Tardis had hated her back then. 

Anyhow, she remembers it (because of course he won’t remember it anymore). 

She also recalls all of the lessons she received afterwards when she had already jumped into the Doctor’s timeline and the Tardis started to like her. And how these increased after his regeneration, in case he forgot how to drive the Tardis yes again. 

And know, she can actually use these skills.

Because now she is running in her very own Tardis with her own companion on her way to Gallifrey, the long way ‘round…

They are on one of their many adventures through time and space when it happens, River Song meets Clara Oswald and her companion, Ashildr, for the first time in some planet in some constellation far away. 

Of course, at first it’s awkward and it requires a lot of explaining on Clara’s and Ashildr’s part to make River understand the whole tale. And they decide that three could easily be a lot more fun then two and so Clara asks:

“So… all of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will… where do you want to start?" 

And then its the three of them for a while. The girl who has one heartbeat left, the girl who cannot die, and the girl who is already dead to the Doctor. 

And Clara drives and uses the sonic sunglasses. And River explains and uses her sonic. And Ashildr writes their stories down, for their adventures are the stuff of legends. 

Yet one day, their Tardis gets attacked and they struggle to get away and Clara realizes something key, they other two still are not trained to drive it.

And Clara remembers what her grumpy Doctor had muttered one day, something about River knowing how to pilot the Tardis. And so she asks:

"What do you say about learning how to drive this thing?" 

"Really, now?” Ashildr grumps out, trying to hold on tight to the shaky Tardis.

“No, obviously not now, but after we kick their asses,” Clara responds.

“Sure, why not? I’d love to show the Doctor some new moves,” River answers from post at the Door as she shoots at the enemy. 

When they have to drop River off a few adventures afterwards, it is a sad day for all. Especially when Clara has to remind her to never mention any of them, especially Clara for the Doctor must never know. But at least, this time around she’d have new moves to show that idiot Doctor’s of theirs…

Amy Pond: How come you can fly the TARDIS?

River Song: [grins] Oh, I had lessons from the very best…

The Doctor: [Looking smug] Well, yeah.

River Song: It’s a shame you were busy that day. 

River does hope somewhere out there Clara can laugh about it.