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Princess Vic

The Criss household was the most normal family structure within the Bowers’ gang. A loving mother, a doting father, three rambunctious daughters, and a delinquent son. A hectic house was common, especially since all three of the daughters, aged 7, looked exactly the same. Triplets, and it wasn’t uncommon that the delinquent son, Vic, had to babysit. This particular Friday night, was one of those nights when Mr. and Mrs. Criss would go out, and why hire a babysitter when they had a free one right at home. The couple left at six and the call came around 7:00.

“Vic, grab your pocket knife and meet us at the creek. Patrick found a baby possum.”

It was Henry. Vic looked back at his three sisters eagerly setting up a tea party.

“Sorry Hen, I’ve got previous arrangements with the queen.”
There was shuffling on the other end of the phone and Patrick yelling about something getting away.
“ What.. what the hell are you drunk?” Henry asked, obviously annoyed with whatever was going on.
      “ No, I have to present myself to the queen in about 20 minutes.”
Before Henry can reply, Vic hung up the phone. Amanda, The youngest of the three sisters ran over with an empty porcelain teapot.
 " Victor, can we put real tea in this?“ She asked excitedly, an evident lisp caused by two missing front teeth.

"I guess as long as we don’t make a mess, mom just vacuumed in here.” Vic was handed the teapot and he started for the kitchen. As much as he would like to go poke at animals and cause trouble, he actually enjoyed his sisters. He was their brave big brother and they were the three princesses of the square coffee table.

Vic walked back to the living room with a full pot of tea and was greeted with three toothy smiles. Each of the girls had on dresses and tiaras, Amanda in the pink, Jessica in the blue, and Emily in the yellow. The coffee table was set up with a sheet, a tea set and a few courtly subjects (stuffed animals).

Jessica, the oldest, held up another tiara. “ We have to make you a princess too.” She said in a matter-of-fact tone. Vic paused as he sat down. “ Why can’t I be a prince?”
“ Because that would mean you’d have access to the throne first, and that’s not fair.” She had a point, Vic shrugged.
“ Okay, but I’m not wearing a dress.” The three girls grumbled. Emily spoke up. “ Princesses don’t wear pants.”
“ This one does.” He argued.
“ You have to wear a dress!” Amanda pouted. Vic knew he wasn’t getting out of this argument.  
“ Fine, go get me a dress.” The girls hurried off to go find one of their mothers’ dresses and the phone rang again.

“ Seriously, we found more possums and they’re just everywhere now.” It was Patrick this time.
“ A much as I would like to get rabies, I’m about to get a makeover so I’d rather stay here.” Vic wasn’t about to disappoint or abandon his sisters.
“ Seriously did you find some good dope and not tell us about it?” Vic rolled his eyes and just hung up again. Just in time for his sisters to come back with a green dress and a bag of makeup.

“ Woah, I never agreed to makeup.”
     " But princesses are pretty, and you’re not.“
” That hurt.“

The dress was pushed into his arms and he reluctantly put it on over his clothes. He sat back down and the three girls got to work on his face. After five minutes of being poked in the eye with mascara and copious amounts of lipstick, they finally deemed Vic as ‘pretty’.

They all sat down and the tea party commenced. As overbearing as his sisters could be, he actually enjoys the time they spend together. Around 9:30 the girls had tired themselves out, Vic got them to bed, after 3 readings of Winnie the Pooh, and went back to clean up their mess.

The knock on the door surprised him a bit, especially since it was a bit rough. He threw the makeshift tablecloth onto the couch and went to answer it. As soon as he did Vic saw his three friends standing on the porch, Patrick with a possum on his shoulder.

Before he could say anything the boys all busted into laughter, Vic then realized. He never took off the makeup, or the dress and tiara.
” Nice get-up! Is there a pagent in town?“ Henry said between laughs.
Vic started to rub the lipstick off, ” Shut up.“
” Seriously what the hell happened to you?“ Belch asked after calming down.
” I told you guys, I had a meeting with the queen.“


I’m here, don’t worry! I’ve missed you all greatly. So good news! I’ve been on a weight loss journey for quite some time now and I’m happy to say from 318 lb, I’m now 189 lb xD Still going though. I wanna reach 170 lb before I start working on gaining muscle. But yeah I’m glad I’ve made this chance. Sorry I haven’t kept in touch much but believe me, I’m always thinking of you guys and I miss rping with you all.

I finally got replies done! At least, once I believe I owe. I have them queued so if you don’t see yours please message me and link me so I can get to it.  I’d love to get some new plots and threads started, especially now since I have three brand new muses!

Rhys Johal - A doctor and incarnate host of the Hindu god Hanuman, god of strength and energy. Correct me if this is incorrect, I’m just going by what I read. FC: Sachin Sahel.

Duke Weston - A filmmaker, who is a werepyre (vampire/werewolf hybrid) and a vigilante named Silver Sun, protecting the streets from dangerous crooks and ass holes. FC: Eli Goree.

Beau Palakiko - A mutant with the power of resurgence (bringing himself/others back from the dead, controlling the dead), a member of the X-Men, code name Lich. FC: Keahu Kahuanui.

If any of you wanna try something with my new guys, or even go for my other guys, please hit me up some time. I wanna get back into rping here again with all of you xD And to those who’ve been messaging me to check on me, you’re super sweet and I love you to death!

LOTR things that still haunt me after all these goddamn years

  • Frodo deliriously crying out for Gandalf after he’s wounded
  • Frodo intially trying to fight Boromir as he tries to run out to Gandalf, then clinging to Boromir for dear life mere moments later
  • “You can’t help me, Sam. Not this time.”
  • Frodo suffering a flashback, and “Mr. Frodo! It’s all right. I’m here” so soon after
  • Frodo begging Sam to help him as he starts to sink under the Ring’s weight
  • Frodo removing his helmet as he gasps for air and struggles to speak
  • watching Frodo crawl up Mount Doom when he is too weak to walk
  • the way it takes Frodo a couple of seconds to respond when Sam asks him what’s wrong and how he looks so deeply distressed when he mentions Weathertop

bonus book things

  • Frodo weeping in despair as he watches the Witch-King and his host leave Minas Morgul
  • when the hobbits are returning home and Frodo begs them to hasten as they approach Weathertop and he doesn’t fucking look at it as they ride past wHAT THE FU-
  • Frodo concealing his illness for Sam’s sake. nOBODY TOUCH ME.

Honestly? I can totally see why he was set on fire…

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

(Based on this gem)

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@justmaghookit - “ Lucio just sulking while wearing like 5 sweaters” as requested 


“Please forgive us.”

The ones Obi-Wan Kenobi loved most.

He deserved better. *gross sobbing*

An Analysis of Keith and Lance’s Feelings Towards Each Other.

After season three - and Keith’s Vlog especially - I’ve seen a lot of people complain about how Lance is oblivious to Keith’s true feelings about him (Rather those feeling are platonic or romantic) And yeah, I’m right there with you on wishing he’d recognize his misconceptions about Keith’s feelings towards him, but does that mean that Lance is unjust in the way that he feels? Does that mean Keith’s actions haven’t warranted or perpetuated this false narrative?

As a Lance Stan, of course I’m coming through for my boi. But I also just really like analyzing their interactions. So here we go:

First off, how does Lance actually think Keith views him? This picture shows it best.

Lance thinks that Keith sees himself as above Lance. The framing - which is coming from Lance’s p.o.v - is a great indicator of that. But even without this, Lance himself says:

I’m a big believer in the theory that Lance is projecting he own feelings of self doubt. He undoubtedly has an inferiority complex, but Lance feels inferior to everyone on the team, and it’s only with Keith that he ever shows any type of malice. In fact, I cant remember a time Lance has ever been genuinely angry at someone who isn’t Keith. (I could be wrong here.) So why does he treat Keith so differently than the rest of the team? Maybe because of his internalized gay feelings towards our resident spicy boi?hmmm.

We know for a fact that in episode one Iverson told Lance something like this: ‘You’re only fighter class because Keith, a better pilot, washed out. Now act accordingly’. This doesn’t feel like the first time either, but more of a reminder. So on the surface, it seems clear as to why Lance treats Keith the way he does at first. I mean, I get it. If someone was constantly used to reinforce the notion of how shitty I am, I’d probably have a similar reaction towards them too. (Conditioning is a thing ya’ll) However, from Pidge’s flashback in season one, we know Lance’s animosity isn’t that new.

“Hasta la later, Keith.”

But again, Lance just isn’t such a mean spirited person as to rejoice someone’s failures. Quite the opposite actually. He validates his team even while feeling inferior to them. It just doesn’t feel like Lance. And other than towards Keith, Lance has never been shown to act this way. So I have to believe something occurred to make Lance not like Keith especially. Not saying that’s an excuse, but it is an explanation. Truthfully, what probably happened was that Lance looked up to Keith or tried to befriend him and Keith acted in a way that Lance perceived as rejection. We don’t know though, because the key to this lives within the Garrison years, and we may or may not ever see those.

Sooo, lets move along to something that we do see.

We all know that Lance is antagonistic towards Keith, but Keith isn’t an innocent party in this.

Think back to the first episode when they’re all on the hovercraft. Lance asked “If this thing can move any faster,” which wasn’t a jab at Keith as much as it was a ’holy shit, we’re about to get caught,’ moment. Keith’s reply was something along the lines of: ‘Maybe if we removed some unessential weight.’ (Which, in hindsight, considering how Lance views himself as baggage, a seventh wheel, is some pretty jarring foreshadowing.)

Then he tells Lance he’s the worst pilot ever. (Ouch)

Just to be clear, I love Keith, and I don’t think he meant these comments as maliciously as they may have been taken. They were probably more like offhanded insults, but knowing what we know about Lance, is it so hard to see how these comments could be internalized?

Next we have a scene where Lance jokes about wanting all of the information in his brain to be stored on a spaceship. Keith’s response isn’t teasing, but… mean. It’s meant to hurt Lance by blatantly insinuating that he’s stupid. And in season two, when they’re both going to the pool, it’s Keith who tells Lance to stay far far away from him.

What am I getting at here? IDEK. Lance and Keith don’t hate each other in the slightest. Keith knows he’s bad at people, and he probably notices that Lance treats him differently than literally everyone else on the team. I’m sure that hurts Keith. While with Lance, he looks up to Keith, thinks Keith is better than him, and because of the words of people like Iverson and Keith himself, this idea has been nurtured. We already know that Lance takes the words of his friends to heart. In both season 2 and 3 when Lance expressed doubt, he brought up something Pidge said to him both times.

“I thought I was the team sharpshooter, but I guess nobody else thinks that.”

“Maybe I am just the goofball.”

Neither of them are innocent. It’s a mutual series or misunderstanding, and as sad as it is to see Keith frustrated over his inability to relate to his team, he’s not doing himself any favors when he insults Lance in earnest. Lance isn’t doing himself any favors either, and they’re both just reacting based off of these false narratives they hold about one another.

But that’s apart of what makes their relationship so complex and interesting to watch play out. Season three really paid off. Their development unfolded beautifully and I can’t wait to see how they proceed in the following seasons. I can only hope that any miscommunications they have about each other are addressed and cleared up.

Does anyone else remember the time before hoo came out where there was this almost fandom-wide head canon that Nico, Thalia, and Percy developed this cousin/family bond after the war and like a lot of fan fiction had them as a power team with a sibling bond and I don’t know why but I really liked those


there was a fleeting wisp of glory called  c a m e l o t


(”ノ°▽°)ノ   The secret behind Bokuto’s hot body…BOYFRIEND TRAINING MOTIVATION GO!!

errr. So while i was obsessing over Bokuroo with @snowflakers I came to realize that everything i’ve drawn for them up till now was just…either being retards or suffering. So have some smooches.

That is all.


That one time Asami low-key confesses to Korra because you could cut the tension with a knife. Bolin thinks he’s helping.

taken from when the thing happens” by weiweipon


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