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so someone has leaked information about trump’s phone call with mexico’s president last week, and it’s equal parts terrifying and embarrassing

mr. pissboy in charge reportedly told the mexican president “i don’t need the mexicans. i don’t need mexico,” and “we are going to build the wall and you all are going to pay for it, like it or not”. which is bad enough, but then trump really outshitted himself by suggesting that unless mexico were able to combat drug trafficking, he would send US troops to take care of it

if this is true, the american president literally just threatened to invade an allied country. let that fucking sink in for a while

Rocknaldo is a great lesson on allyship

Its not the most exciting episode, but it had a really good point that I think is really relevant to our current times. Ronaldo likes and accepts the crystal gems, and just like shitty allies to irl marginalized communities he thinks this means he should get special treatment, or a reward for being so tolerant, or get to be included in their community. And just like a typical shitty ally, he starts talking over the people in that community, believing he knows more than they do about their group and problems, and knows it better.

And then Steven pointed out that, being open and accepting doesnt mean letting yourself be pushed around, and that it’s important to call out people who make you feel bad, even if they are coming to you with ‘good’ intentions. Honestly especially so, because allies *are* important, but not to the point that it causes harm among your community. You shouldn’t tolerate or settle for something that makes you feel bad just because it comes from good intentions.

And while we didnt see inside the pamphlet, I liked that they pointed out one of the best ways to be an ally, which is educating yourself, taking criticism and then using your position of power to educate others so it doesn’t fall on the backs of the group who is marginalized.

Really great episode crewniverse!


I’d like to see them interact more. They do look like an odd pair at first glance but I don’t doubt they would get along nicely as allies especially since they already seem to understand each other well as just acquaintances.


Alisha humorously throwing everyone off with that one-track mind of hers is just too entertaining. XD

Forever on board the bandwagon to put a shirt on Zaveid. Cuz it’s just that funny.

Lead the way, Captain Alisha! Ahahaha~


harry getting a lap dance from chilli at a tlc concert (x)

+ bonus:

I am tired of seeing posts say something to the effect of “if aphobia isn’t enough to motivate you, remember that REGs also target [insert more “sympathetic” group here].”

Aphobia is enough. Aphobia matters. Aphobia is heinous enough, cruel enough, horrible enough to stand on its own and to be worth fighting on its OWN merits. 

Yes, gatekeepers throw lots of different groups under the bus. Yes, all of those groups deserve attention and deserve to have their issues recognized and fought for. And yes, it is valuable to observe and point out the ways that the foundational tactics of exclusionists repeat themselves in every iteration of the theme.

But y’all need to stop tacking aces and aros on as an afterthought on your posts about it and undermining the support you give us by backpedaling in the very same breath as you defend us, by giving people an excuse to dismiss us from our own activism.

It makes me feel like my pain, my suffering, my oppression is not good enough to count, as though the only reason my issues are being given any attention at all, after years of incredibly difficult fighting to bring my community into the light, is because other, better victims are being hurt by similar forces and tactics. It feels like a tacit validation of the sector of the community that insists that my issues are not real or do not matter.

And that sucks. 

We matter. We are enough. We are worth fighting for.

What to do when you’ve accidentally misgendered someone
  • realize you’ve made a potentially harmful mistake and that it is 100% your fault
  • correct yourself and apologize
  • understand that you may have caused serious distress and dysphoria. understand that misgendering has the potential to lead to self harm urges and suicidal thoughts.
  • do not do it again.

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Jesus Christ this fandom…“Nightclub Harmony 1.0 Edition”…Part 112/? 💃🏻🍸

I’m so sick of arguing for my right to exist during sociology while also pretending to just be an ally ( :
our teacher asked “do you think transgenders before or during their sex change should be allowed in the bathroom they want” (p much exact language)
and there was an overwhelming shout of “no”
and it’s so hard for me to not yell “we’re stuck pre-transition because bigots like you don’t think we have a right to exist, plus those of us that don’t want to transition, and it’s really not our fault that we need to pee”
and then people were like “we should have a separate transgender bathroom”
and I couldn’t keep it in so I snapped “do you realize how othering that is” but no one cares. some of them sit there and pat themselves on the back for being good allies and listening to lady gaga and liking troye Sivan, but the moment they actually need to do anything to stick up for LGBT+ people suddenly we don’t deserve basic human rights.

The Rumor Come Out: Does Alfred Jones is Gay?

Alfred Jones is gay is the most discussed by the other nations in the few years ago. Even it has happened in 2012, but some of the representatives still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay. At that time he became the massive world conference rumor. The nations, especially his allies are shocked. He just came out with his bad rumor which is spread massively. This time is not about his bottomless stomach, but his bad rumor. The rumor is out of standardize of hoax, according the last reported this nation revealed himself as homosexual. Do you still believe or not, this rumor is really much talked by nations even in a person of his enemies.

anonymous asked:

The funny thing is that the vast majority of people who use their status as members of "marginalized groups" to treat others (especially allies) like crap haven't actually experienced real oppression a day in their lives. If they really were oppressed as badly as they claim they would genuinely be happy for all the allies and support they can get.


Bea: what is this?

Allie: Oh, it’s my to do list.

Bea: what.. but it only has my name on it????


the post in question

steve rogers: the usa would see him as the sweet cinnamon roll who’s just too good to be true, while the rest of the world, especially ones not immediately allied with the usa would be more hesitant to like him because just the idea of someone calling themselves captain america and running around into foreign borders gives a lot of people a bad taste in their mouths. people are also worried that he’s clinging to his 40s values (and we never really see him participate in press conferences either but thats me being picky). but he seems a nice enough bloke, especially with his fervent belief in helping everyone, and the propoganda thats been built up around him for over half a century definitely helps in putting him into a good light. despite this though, there are still people, especially online who feel as though steve isnt taking into account the feelings of the citizens of the countries he enters when he goes after his mission. he might think he’s foing what he feels is best, but hes still a white american who may not be aware of the current political landscape, and hes fucking around in foreign countries without proper cooperation with the authorities)

and tony stark: the problematic fave. after the avengers people start to like him more because he and his company are the only ones that are actively seen helping rebuild after the battle of new york. his snark is always fun to hear about though, and hearing him rip into a politician or someone who’s pissed him off, and although he’s less approachable then steve just by virtue of being a famous billionaire people still come up to him on the streets, especially the younger kids who might not be as aware of his past as a weapons developer
then there are the conspiracy people (something i wanna write about one day tbh) who want to know why the portal was opened up from stark tower in the first place. no one knows how ultron came along but its easy to guess, considering tony’s past AI inventions. everyone sees him trying to stop the hulk and minimise casualties in johannesburg and theyre divided. on one hand hes the only one who came to stop the hulk (and, again, the only one to participate in clean up), but the fight caused a super lot of damage also. so, tony would probably be among the avengers that have the most broken base (for example, the people who liked him before iron man, hate his new direction. the people that like iron man but hate tony stark. the people who like both tony and iron man and feel that people are being too mean. no one likes the iron legion, but some understand where he’s coming from. he’s got the same issue as steve, the white capitalist american coming into their countries and trying to enforce his own agenda upon them. what do the foreign governments think of the iron legion)

civil war changes all this.

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@rebelblaze the majority of the people in the LGBTQA+ community acknowledge that the A standing for asexual/aromantic/agender is better than it standing for allies though, especially considering allies (people who don’t fit under the acronym at all) don’t really belong in LGBTQA+ spaces to begin with.

basically, the people of a movement decide what the movement stands for, and as time passes, so do the definition of things. also back to my original point: ASEXUALS CAN BE HOMOSEXUAL, BISEXUAL, TRANSGENDER, ETC. AND BELONG IN THE SAME SPACES AS OTHER LGBTQA+ PEOPLE.