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Namjoon appropriated black culture? Not trying to sound offensive (it sounds like I'm questioning you but I was just curious) but I haven't been a fan for long so I don't know anything. What did he do?

well back when bts first debuted Namjoon wore dreads, he said the n word, and he also went on a korean radio show and when asked what his special talent was, he said “talking like a black person”, then proceeded to mock the way “black people talk” in a ridiculous and cringe worthy accent. it was just a whole ass mess and i will never be able to fully forgive namjoon for all the racist shit he’s done, especially when he compared hoseok’s “dark skin” to the color of TV. because i love bts so much, i try to move passed it. it was a long time ago but that doesn’t make it any better.


I honestly can’t believe some IGOT7s.. It even went so far that BamBam had to practically scold the fans on his own twitter and state what he meant. He shouldn’t have to, you all knew he meant as a fatherly figure, but some fans ruined that by twisting it to inappropriate language. English isn’t BamBams first language, and although Jackson called a fan his “daddy” doesn’t mean BamBam knows of the other meaning.
Not everything is about sex and kinks. I know we all have the dirty thoughts in the back of our mind, but please keep them to yourself and not all over an idols social media. Especially since BamBam looks through basically all of his tweets. Not only that, but this is a sensitive topic for BamBam. He didn’t grow up with a father, he passed away whilst he was still an infant. He stated he sees Marks dad as his own, and that makes me really happy, so what makes it acceptable to joke about his choice of wording. From previous tweets we can see that BamBam takes a lot to heart, because he cares, and he is trying.
As an IGOT7, I’m disappointed, our fandom is better than this. We should be grateful BamBam takes the time to update his twitter to communicate with us in ENGLISH. So please, be more careful and responsible next time. Let’s make fan x idol interactions on social media more fun for the both of us.

me: i would love to see kylo redeemed. he has been canonly manipulated since before he was born by snoke, his mother, Leia Organa, still believes there is light in him and I trust her. I don’t think this character who has been hurt all his life only amounting to a villain would feel right at all. narritively he is set up for a redemption arc, they wouldn’t put this kind of backstory and ties to the most important characters on someone who is only a villian (especially when mainstream fans critize him for not being villiany enough. ie: see the difference between him and darth vader). it makes no sense for him to just die as an evil guy, I would love to see him back in leia’s arms

antis: i hope kylo dies in front of his mom and everyone claps and then goes off into the sunset with martinis 


Book of the Atlantic (Premiere day)

Just came back from the movie premiere of Kuroshitsuji: Book of Atlantic in Japan! Movie attendees all got a sweet A5 card with an original illustration by Yana-sensei, and digitally signed by Maaya Sakamoto and Ono Daisuke!

                                                  SPOILERS BELOW

Feel free to ask me questions about the movie, if you want to be further spoiled.

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You know what pisses me off? Like all these huge youtubers or other people with HUGE fan backings especially of young people, and none of them are fucking speaking out against trump, for black lives matter, or anything. 

You could be doing so much fucking good by just voicing your support and you’ve done jack shit. 

Appropriation Disclaimer

For anyone that might think it’s their duty to “educate me” etc.  First of all, I am a 27 year old adult that has taken numerous humanity, anthropology, and history courses.  When I go back for my Graduate work, it will be ON Anthropology. I am completely educated on what is cultural appropriation, what is cultural appreciation and what is just obsessive nonsense.

I am pagan, with many Native friends. My spiritual Mentor and Guide is a Lakota Shaman, and she is wonderful!  Many of my beautiful fans, medicine bags, beaded items, and Native art are originals by her. I feel truly blessed to have them in my house and many were made especially for me. 

I smudge, I wear moccs, I study Native Medicine, I use Native fans, I have spirit guides and some are spirit animals. When I am invited, I take part in Native ceremonies/healing practices. I do not own dreamcatchers but I have in the past, purchased from a Native artist. 

None of these practices are appropriation.  If you have been told otherwise, then please please check your facts with someone who is a regular participant in a Native Tribe.

What is appropriation? 

It’s when you imitate (incorrectly) a closed cultural practice that associated with a culture or religion that has been oppressed, stigmatized, stereotyped, and is a normal victim of white oppression.This can come in the form of making native crafts without being native and benefitting from sales. Or wearing cultural dress as a white person.  Being white, we are praised for wearing the fashion or style, meanwhile our Native friends are still oppressed and stigmatized for their culture. Incorrectly depicting native practices without being Native are all forms of Appropriation. 

Things incorrectly labeled as appropriation.

Tribes make a large part of their income by holding Pow Wow’s; Native Cultural events where the public is invited to come in, watch, learn, sometimes participate.  They teach smudging, they sell sage bundles, they will teach herbalism and recognizing plants, they even teach Native music and flute playing, drums, etc.

There are other closed practices that are not held at these events, such as the sweat lodge, and certain other Tribe Specific Ceremonies whose practices are not shared or open to the public, and there are specific practices reserved only for Native Performers.

But smudging, and anything else they publically teach non-natives is encouraged and perfectly okay.  If you have the opportunity to attend a Pow-Wow, do so!  It’s a wonderful way to learn about Native Cultures from the source. Which is exactly how they want you to combat appropriation. 

What can I do?

Spirit Animals and Guides are present across almost every Pagan or Pantheistic Religion. And the meanings and messages associated with these animals can be similar cross-culturally. You can absolutely have a spirit animal!  

Feathers in the hair is also a cross-cultural thing! Avoid wearing them in a specifically Native fashion, like headdresses. But… birds were in all regions of the world, and pagan cultures wore their feathers! I wouldn’t pair feathers with moccs, or other specifically Native American Dress because it could lead to a misunderstanding, but feathers do not belong to a specific culture. 

Wearing/Buying Moccasins? Go for it! But please TRY to purchase from Native sources so that you are supporting Native Tribes directly.  If you can’t afford it or don’t have a place nearby that sells them, it’s okay. But whenever possible try to buy from a Native Source. Also remember, animal skin shoes were part of all ancient cultures, not just Native. Although the name moccasin is Native American.
Making/Selling Moccasins? Please refrain. You are stealing revenue from Native Nations. This IS appropriation, especially if you are claiming they are “Native American” or “Indian”. 

Buying/Wearing things labeled “Native American/Indian” Yes yes yes! Just make sure that it is from a true native source. Jewelry, blankets, shirts, beading, clothing, moccasins, everything!! If it is sold BY a Native, you can definitely wear it! This is not appropriation at all!!!! 
Making/Selling things Labeled “Native American/Indian” when you are not Native NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! YOU ARE NOT ONLY APPROPRIATING BUT YOU ARE COMMITTING A CRIME.

Buying/Wearing things from chain stores that have Native themes but are not Native Made NO NO NO!!! DO NOT! Avoid things with pictures of Indians, Dream Catchers, Native “looks”. THIS IS APPROPRIATION! A fashion designer and chain store has decided to profit from the Native Cultures without assisting them in any way.  If you want to take a step further, talk to the designers, and stores that care these clothes about appropriation, or write letters.

Buying/Owning Dreamcatchers

yes you can! But only from Native sources. The Law that actually protects Native Crafts is called the Dreamcatcher Act. 

Making/Selling Dreamcatchers No, it’s actually a crime, and is fully prosecutable. See Dreamcatcher Act. 

And so, in closing… there ARE native practices that I have been taught. Unless they are OKAY for you to share/practice, I won’t share them on my blog. I DO own lots of Native Made items that you will see in pics of my house/space. With them, I honor my Native Friends, I honor the beautiful land in which I live, and those pagans that came before in America. I smudge, I smoke cleanse (yeah they are slightly different), I own native drums and I play, I own Native Flutes and I play, I practice some acceptable Native Medicine that I have been taught, and I wear feathers in my hair in a northern european and viking styles at fests. I know what I am doing. I always make sure that I am being respectful to Natives and other Closed Cultures that often are appropriated.

**Why are Whites always targeted in these posts? They are not.  Historically speaking it was white European Settlers that oppressed, enslaved, and eventually committed genocide of over 600+ Native Nations. That is 600+ Cultures that are GONE forever. After that they turned them into entertainment at shows, in movies, and made Native styles fashionable.   This is Privilege; to believe that you can do whatever you want with another culture.  And today, it is primarily White individuals that seem to think that “Native” is a fashion statement or “trendy”, or “boho”. While other races can appropriate, it is less common here in America.  Minorities are more likely to respect other cultures and their difficulties because their of their own struggles with racial stereotypes, racial oppression, and cultural theft. If you look at this post and think to yourself “this just targets white people”, then you are in another pitfall of white privilege - thinking everything is about you. It isn’t about you. It is about respecting another culture’s boundaries between being a joke and having people educated about their history and value.

                                      Regarding Shipping

Okay since I’ve come back into the Johnlock fandom (been a fan since Granada;) I’ve noticed a very toxic attitude towards anyone who doesn’t ship Johnlock especially since + I love you line in the trailer.

Now personally I think it might link to Sherrinford Holmes (which I have waited literally a decade for, the smartest of all the brothers exciting :D) and I have lots of different theories on that one line not just johnlock;)

I would point out all the evidence for Johnlock but I’m here to view the other side as well so watch TJLC & her many theories on Johnlock (highly recommend)

But I have noticed that SOME BBC Johnlockers have been very over defensive of the ship to anyone who has a different opinion on the show.

Throwing around words like “Troll, heteronormative etc.” to anyone who doesn’t believe in that ship.

I saw one rude post saying how Canon Sherlock book readers only like straight ships(untrue Johnlockers are older than spock x kirk) and didn’t understand being gay back then…… didn’t know you were a time traveller! On a serious note all us book readers get times were different then!

I even saw one YouTube comment say “If you believe Sherlock is asexual or just friends your homophobic”

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This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve read!

Being asexual myself this upset me.

Also the misuse of the word homophobia which a serious issue being trivialised and used in completely the wrong context.

Thus it prompted me to write this post.

I can tell that Benedict is playing an Asexual he has even said so in interviews.

BUT this does not mean that Johnlock cant be real. Asexual’s can be very romantic actually :)

Sherlock for my me has always been my asexual hero he doesn’t need to have a GF or BF his love is his work :) This pic describes me perfectly!

Like Sherlock I have had the if you don’t have a BF you must be gay Q before. How about asexual’s aren’t intrested in anybody!

Originally posted by merindab

As TPLOSH says “Your being presumptuous.”

If you ship Sherlock as gay, asexual(lots of evidence for both) or straight(evidence for this too as Sherlock said he has though of taking a wife , also Irene adler) I’m happy with that btw <3

People are allowed to ship people as just friends I mean heck I ship Frodo and Sam as friends. Some ship them as lovers fair nuff :)

Even I have shipped Johnlock as a friendship depending on which show I’m watching.  

If people like Sherlolly or sheriarty let them ship it ffs nothing worse than ship shaming!

What I want people to understand is just because 2 people are friends doesn’t mean they are just friends or on the other hand in love.

I have had friendships like ‘Johnlock’ and people shipped me and the person but were we up to anything. Not a jot!

Eve contact ,hugs etc even friends say I love you just as families do yet again lovers do that too!

 Relationships are far more complex than subtext allows!

Also the classic oh if they are a boy & girl they would /must be together. That trope must go #justsaying

Though on a serious note the obsessive nagging got to one of my friends (really frustrated and annoyed them as it did me)

So if you ship people in real life and they say they are friends, no matter what signals you think you see take their word for it!

We will all see what happens in the next two eps personally I don’t think they will kiss.

If they do kiss I will jump for joy <3

I think it looks like John and Sherlock will go their separate ways and then in 10 years (which I think they are hinting at in interviews) We will have old Sherlock like the Mr Holmes movie!

 Regarding representation in the LGBTA community yes we need more representation but we need more new main characters who being gay or asexual isn’t their biggest trope.

E.g Sherlock asexual but everyone knows him as a detective

So whoever you ship or however you view a character that’s fantastic its your imagination I encourage it!

Please don’t burn other peoples ships or opinions !!!!!

Maybe look at their opinion a little more than throwing it into total disregard or using cores out of text language to shut down the conversation.

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Behind the Scenes of Monsta X’s Fighter MV

StarShip: All right guys are you all ready to come back again?

Minhyuk: Yes! I especially want to know what happened to mine and Hyungwon’s characters. It’ll be great to get some clarity.

Hyungwon: Same. “Stuck” was good but we really didn’t do anything except keep the fans waiting.


StarShip: ….so…. is that a bad thing?

Jooheon: Please tell me that you’re planning to start connecting dots to all of these theories!

Minhyuk: Yeah just let us know!

StarShip: *hesitates* Okay.

StarShip: I planning am connecting to dots theory all these of.

Monsta X:

StarShip: Give me a break!  I said the words didn’t I??

I.M: He’s kinda got a point.

Kihyun: Shut up.

StarShip: Anyways moving on, I have come up with an AMAZING concept for this MV. Do you want to hear it?

Hyungwon: Not rea—

StarShip: So picture this guys! Jooheon with Teddy Bear bodyguards, a medical license, and a cool sword!

Jooheon: But none of those things go togeth–

StarShip: Kihyun dragging around a dead body in a bag that he uses to fertilize his flower garden.

Kihyun:  I actually have no complaints at this time, so continue.

StarShip: I.M. with MORE teddy bears of all sizes and a game boy or something, I don’t know, something you would want.

I.M.: Screen time.

StarShip: Minhyuk and Hyungwon in straight jackets just looking hella blazed and pretty.

Minhyuk: I don’t feel comfortable doing something like th—

Hyungwon: *presses index finger to Minhyuk’s lips*

Hyungwon: *whispers* Just go with it.

StarShip: Shownu, I’m thinking that you should punch a wall and do ballet in a jail cell.

Shownu: But why?


StarShip: I liked you better before you learned how to express yourself to be honest.

Shownu: *whispers * Me too.

StarShip: And Wonho, actually for you I wanted to have you dress lik-

Wonho: NO! It was okay at first but now I am really through with how much skin I reveal and how this company treats my body.

Jooheon: Wow

I.M.: That was unexpected.

Kihyun: Who are you? And what did you do with Wonho??

StarShip: You know what you’re perfectly right Wonho. We do tend to over expose you and use you to boost views and sales. We’re very sorry and we’ll find a new way to draw in fans.

Wonho: Woahhhh hold on! I’m not mad because I feel “over exposed”. I feel under exposed! When are you going to let me just be basically naked?! You know my skin is allergic to clothing, right??  If I could just only wear an apron every day I would. Clothing is a pain in my tattooed and muscular ass.

Kihyun: Never mind he’s still here.

StarShip: Bless you Wonho.

Hyungwon: So let me get this straight. We aren’t going to clear up anything?

StarShip: Nope

Minhyuk: And we’ll actually be introducing MORE questions and theories?

StarShip: Yep… You know for such a muscle bound group ya’ll are smarter than I thought.

I.M.: Thank you.

StarShip: I just need to figure out how we’ll open and close the video, special effects wise. I’ll probs just go home and watch Netflix, pass out and get inspired in my sleep.

Hyungwon: Well people have done stranger things to find ideas.



Hyungwon: …Umm Stranger Things?


Hyungwon: Anyone else get the feeling that they may have accidentally contributed to breaking copyright laws some kind of way?

Wonho: I always thought my face probably broke some copyright laws *laughs and looks for approval*






Wonho: I’ll stop talking now.

Kihyun: Yeah that’s probably best.

Seriously disappointed in my home crowd tonight at Raw. This is why other fans hate us: we’re rude and inconsiderate. Chant and sing for Bayley all you want, but Alicia Fox has been waiting for months to come back to Raw, and y'all ruined her big moment. When even Bayley asked you to stop; you should have. Oh, and booing constantly for Roman? Yeah that’s a dick move, especially when there are little kids there who see him as their hero. He’s done nothing wrong, and I’m gonna say it, hate me all you want; he is a damn good wrestler. Get a grip, these people are doing their jobs. Hopefully we’ll be better at Smackdown tomorrow, but I don’t hold much hope.

Hands Off - Pt. 2

Pt. 2 of Hands Off

Pt 1.

Genre: Smut

You all thanked the guys and the staff as you left the set. Everyone was buzzing with energy and excitement, especially you.

You sat in the car and wondered how you could further use Jaebum’s jealousy to your advantage.

When you pulled back up to the studio your group asked if you wanted to get a drink to celebrate.

“Ah, I really can’t. We will celebrate soon, though!” you said anxiously as you began to walk back to the dorms. There was no way you were going to miss Jaebum taking all of his rage out on you.

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Don’t Be A Fool

request: G'day 💜 could I request an imagine in Shawn’s POV where he’s back home in Canada and you two have broken up because he thought he was being unfair to you (basically “don’t be a fool”) but his family doesn’t know yet and when he tells them they’re all upset (especially Aaliyah) coz you were really close with them/her. BTW I love your blog! Definitely my fav imagine blog 💖

a/n: :( 

The flight back to Toronto was rough, especially when fans were asking where Y/N was. She and I had broken up a few weeks ago, I told her that I wasting her time, and that she should gofind someone who could give her more than I would be able to. I hadn’t told any fans yet, opting to tell my family first and see how they take it. Y/N was devastated, but she saw where I was coming from and we agreed to remian friends, but I know that most couples who agree to do that don’t keep in touch.

I put up an act for the fans and greeted them as I would normally, and told them that Y/N had gone home to her family already, which wasn’t a lie. She flew back the day after we broke up. Andrew had called a cab prior to me landing, so I didn’t have to wait for a ride to my house.

Mom opened the door for me and Dad helped me haul my luggage inside, and they both asked how the flight was. “It was a flight, had some turblulance. Some little kid was crying nearly the entire time.”

“Shawn!” Aaliyah smiled, running over and hugging me.

“Hey!” I hugged my sister, and for the first time since the break up, I had a genuine smile on my face.

“Where’s Y/N? I thought she was coming over after you got home?” Aaliyah asked, confused.

Scratching my upper arm, I avoided eye contact. “About that,” I started. “We um, we broke up?” The statement was phrased more like a question, and my family was dead silent.

“Wait, what?” My mom asked. They had all been pretty close to Y/N, and none of them expected this to happen. 

“We talked about it on the bus, it was a mutual agreement type of thing.” I explained, taking off my jacket. “I wanted her to have more than I could give her, and with me touring a lot, I won’t be able to be a decent boyfriend. She deserves someone who can take her on weekly dates, and someone who is in the same timezone as her.”

Aaliyah, who had gone eerily silent, walked into her room and closed the door. She and Y/N had been pretty close, and they’ve hung out dozens of times, just getting to know each other and eventually becoming pretty close friends. I looked at my parents, who were both shocked. “Well, if that’s what you two thought was best,” My mom nodded, taking one of my suitcases and going to unload the clothing and do a load of laundry.

I walked down the hall to my room, but paused when I heard Aaliyah on the phone. “He told you not to tell me?” She asked, and I knew she was talking to Y/N. “Um, how- how are you doing?” Aaliyah asked, and I continued down the hall, not wanting to know how hurt Y/N was.

In my room, I collapsed on my bed, too tired to do anything other than sleep.

When I woke up, it was about two in the morning, and I had slept myself out. I grabbed my notebook and a pencil, and opened to a fresh page. It had been a while since I had any solid motivation to write a song, but this motivated me.

“Don’t be a fool, and wait on me darling,” I sang to myself, writing down the lyrics.

a/n: again, sorry it’s so short :( my inbox is in single digits so send me some prompts

*yawn* I’m really not interested in people baiting Jensen with the same old Destiel questions. He loved my Destiel art, so bite me. I’m really tired of people pulling and twisting actors back and forth to fit fandom wars. Y'all get twisted like he hates Destiel. He doesn’t. I witnessed it in person. I got a more joyful reaction from Jensen about my Destiel art than I did with Misha. You can’t assign anyone’s views based on convention panels, especially when every fan has an agenda (all of us do, don’t lie) and questions are almost always leading. You trap actors, you get shitty responses. Period. Now I’m gonna go write my big long, complicated, fabulously queer love fics about Dean and Cas because I know the bottom line is the actors want their audiences to be happy and they really don’t personally think about shipping much. These shipping questions at cons are usually designed to start drama. By now everybody knows it never goes well, so why keep doing it? No matter how they answer these questions, they know they’re upsetting people. You’re putting them in shitty positions. Knock it off and go draw kissy fan art and write romance stories. Those things make me happy and I’m not going to stop.

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I just hope..

I can’t bare to think that Jack / Seán is feeling down, worried or stressed about the current situation. 
I know he doesn’t have to be active on social media every single day and he deserves a break but it is weird to not see him especially on tumblr..
I know I’m just 1 fan out of millions but honestly I care about him and he just wanted to be happy this year.

I really hope that this whole thing just blows over soon.. it’s all been a very touchy subject and been completely blown out of proportion. And I hope that soon we can log onto Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, whatever and not have to read about this. I’d like to get back to all the happiness and positive stuff that I’ve loved seeing recently, especially around Jack’s / Seán’s Birthday it was all so cool to see the community come together!

I’m not going to get into detail or give my opinion but I just wanted to say that,  I do stand with and support Jack. 


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Time for a lil’ Green Day related opinion

or tldr; I noticed Green Day getting a shit ton of hate recently, especially after last night’s AMA’s, and I don’t get why

I think most of us have seen Green Day’s recent performance at the AMA’s by now. And as a Green Day fan, I’m proud. I’m proud that the boys have fought their demons, have taken their rest and now they’re back. And it makes me so happy to see them appearing on so many shows, awards, starting their tour and so on. They’re are fighting for their return and for that return we’re all so thankful.

I couldn’t help but notice all the hate they’ve been getting recently on so many websites, hate that sounds like a broken record now (”they’re not punk anymore”, “they should have ended the whole thing after Dookie”, blah blah blah), but I saw this hate escalating on every thing they seem to be doing, especially after their recent perfomance in the AMA’s. 

“No Trump, No KKK, no fascist USA”

I want you to be honest with yourself while answering the question: Are they really wrong? I’ve read comments like:

”Ugh Green Day trying to be rebels with lyrics that don’t make sense, ew you’re still wearing eyeliner”
“Oh there come the liberals, trying to cancel the voice of democracy they so love”

“Fyi, KKK had a bigger connection with Hillary than it did with Trump”

Aaaaand I think that’s where the point is lost. 

Let me get this straight. I’m not American. But I was born in a country that invented democracy in the first place and at the same time in a country that abused democracy a million times by choosing all the wrong people to be responsible for it.

But Americans, in a process that is democratic (no one can argue about that) chose a racist, sexist hypocrite to run their country. Friends in the US are telling me almost every day that minorities, POC, people of the LGBT+ community are being bullied in schools, campuses and streets every day since he got elected. And for women? Don’t even get me started there. And most probably it’ll get worse. By the way, mentioning the KKK isn’t about proving a connection to Trump, but to show you that what’s going to happen next, is that the USA is going back 60 years. 

Caring about fixing things doesn’t always have to do with names, with political parties, with all that crap. Sometimes it has to do with just being a human, with just choosing the right thing to do. Sure, you can’t ignore democracy, but there is already a problem if people are protesting, and he hasn’t even gone past his inauguration.

Again, you can’t ignore democracy. But there are mistakes that have been made in this world, and some people are using their voice for them not to happen again (like this election for example), in songs, in art, in movies, in theatrical plays.. So while the majority of the other artists are talking about bubble butts, money, drugs and sex, and at the same time, the USA is in big trouble, is really Green Day the problem? 

Hello it’s your friendly neighborhood Bayern fan who, in light of recent lack luster performances, would like to comment on the funny personality the Bayern fan community has. Bayern fans greatly enjoy a joke, especially at our own expense. When games are less than perfect we dramatically lament our suffering as the end of days. This, by no means, means that we have stopped supporting our boys. It means we’re dramatic little shits. Nothing more, nothing less. We may grumble today but we’ll still be back tomorrow proudly proclaiming what tra$h we are and sending prayers to satan. So if you see your Bayern fan friend having a tantrum, fear not, they are simply fulfilling their dramatic little shit duties. *ha I said shit duties* any way that’s all everyone continue their suffering in the name of the Bayern, the Satan, and the holy horse amen.

For the 10′000 Follower Milestone

So I think I’m going to wait until after the holiday-ish season to start a giveaway, probably my Bday (January 3rd ;) ) but I just wanna say thank you to all you guys who follow us here at the blog and such, especially during the few months where both me and Madam Batsu were a little sporadic in posting. Seriously i was thinking about how it’s probably been 3 ½ years since I sat down n decided two best friends needed a tumblr fan blog and how unbelievable it would be to me then if i went back n was like “that’s gonna have 10′000 people following it” like that’s crazy. I love you guys, I love running this blog. N really I don’t even do much it’s all of the fans out there quoting, making animations  and drawing fan art that I owe this to, so I just wanna say all you guys are rad and thanks for following and creating such great content for us to share with each other! And thanks especially to the Zaibatsu themselves for supporting this blog since literally day 1 

Honestly I get giddy when it’s mentioned in passing in a video. 

Anyway, I really want to shout out @realestmatt for being an awesome guy and I wish him a good break because he deserves it, I get burned out some days and I don’t do an 8th of what he does everyday. If we’re ever in the same city I’m going to come running. 

Anyway thats a ramble and a half, I just had a lot to say. 


SHINee Subbed turns 2!

Activity-wise, 2016 goes down as one of SHINee’s biggest years, with new music on a nearly monthly basis and international promotions up the wazoo. It was also a prolific time for personal achievements, with major film, drama, and solo album / concert debuts. More than 600 subbed video releases helped document the ride throughout, and I look forward to 2017 being just as busy and rewarding for both SHINee and Shawols alike! As always, thank you to everyone who follows and supports SHINee Subbed; I appreciate all the reblogs, kind messages, and help in spreading the word to other fans, especially those not on Tumblr! The more people that get to experience all these great subbers’ work and enjoy SHINee, the better! Let’s keep going! See you back here next year! ♥


I am going to try to get over what I see on the left and just focus on what I see on the right. At least I know where that story is going and I know it’s beautiful. For me personally I don’t believe anyone would force the lead actor, especially with the biggest episode of the season about to start filming, to fly halfway around the world in the hopes he would be spotted by fans. I am so tired of wondering what Sam’s part in all this online bullying mess has been. So tired of wondering if Cait really went all mean girl and actually endorsed that tweet she liked. So tired of wondering how/why Sam would get mixed up in some fellow actors relationship. So tired of feeling played…they had us down and out back in January and several other times throughout this year but continue to send mixed messages and try to lure us back in every damn time. Tired of wondering why Sam who claims to value his privacy continues to tie himself to young, immature girls looking to cause drama. Tired of wondering why Cait so fiercely protects a relationship with a guy no one cares about yet she treats him like an American Express card: can’t leave home without it. Basically at this point I think the kindergartner who used to sit next to me eating paste and crayons showed more maturity than every one of the players in this mess. So going to focus on the mature relationship that is Jamie and Claire and let the rest of it go. It’s time. PS: I am afraid to jinx them but Josh Bowman and Emily VanCamp are a super cute, drama free shippable tv couple…just saying!