especially all over tumblr

how to stay productive

i rly srsly have a problem with this especially after school ))): like im always on tumblr or something so i never get anything done rip

so im gonna try to practice what i preach from now on!!! lets get into it!

preparing for productivity

  • when you get home from school or work, give yourself a 20-50 minute break. lets be honest we all have those days when we try to jump right into doing whatever the heck you need to do right when you get home but after like 20 minutes you’re distracted and a mess and not getting any work done. the easy way to prevent this is to give yourself time to do all of that before you start your work so you’re not distracted later (give urself an hour if its been an especially long day). eat a snack, wash ur face tbh, whip your hair, idk what you crazy kids do but do it. srsly. just get it out of the way.
  • get everything ya need in one place. this is kinda a no-brainer especially since it’s all over tumblr. but srsly why get up every 5 minutes to get a pencil or something? just have it all in the first place. ez.
  • turn off your phone or put it in airplane mode. personally i like to pretend like im so determined and focused but every time i see the little t at the top of my phone im just gone. don’t let it distract you. if you need the internet, use your laptop/computer for less distractions.
  • set the mood. idk what you do, whether thats playing the moana soundtrack hanging up fairy lights, putting on your diffuser or playing rap music; idk man! do it.

actually doing the thing

  • alright so now u got ur fairy lights, ur mildliners, ur face washed, and ur apple juice (??? apple juice is lit???). now throw yourself into it. literally just force yourself to do it. don’t know how??? welll!!! not sure how to help you! (no im kidding don’t leave yet pls)
  • use the touch it once rule. this is a favorite of the studyblr community. it means that everything on your to-do list, everything you know you need to accomplish– start it. just tell yourself “i’ll only do 3 math problems” or “i’ll only work on this resume for 5 minutes”. they say the hardest part is always starting. chances are, that unfinished worksheet is going to really bother you and you’ll end up finishing it. if not, then just come back to later and touch it again and again until you finish it. tedious, but it works.
  • use the “two minute rule”. i got this one from @emmastudies! this rule means that if anything on your list takes 2 minutes or less to do (checking your emails, checking your tumblr inbox or something), do it. just get it done.
  • keep it balanced. do like one easy task and then one hard task so you’re getting everything done but not overwhelming yourself either.
  • break down your tasks. don’t just look at a giant task like “write a 3-page paper”. break it down into smaller subtasks like “plan paper. draft paper. edit paper. type and print paper.” its much less scary to look at.
  • visualize procrastination as a monster. i do NOT take credit for this one; i saw it in a masterpost somewhere so this isnt mine!!! but basically i read that you should look at procrastination as a scary opponent ready to eat you alive (and honestly it is). tackle it. don’t let it attack. be so scared of it that you don’t let it get anywhere near you.
  • honestly just do it and keep at it. stop letting procrastination kick your ass so that you can be productive and stay productive. the work is it’s own reward (:

“Coming back home” hometown series

Even if internet isn’t the best, even if sometimes the phone doesn’t work, I still love this tiny tiny town~~

Painted on PS [2017-07]

Have a beautiful day !!!

Important Note

Well it’s finally that time I told you all about a few weeks ago!

I’m finally starting my scholarship to travel around the world for a year! I’m so excited and nervous!

I just want you all to know I highly doubt I will be able to upload the comic on the regular schedule of Thursday and Saturday from now on. It’ll still be updated…but just rarely and sporadically. Basically, I’ll upload when I can.

Also, I will no longer be selling the Dream Catchers book since I’m going to be out of the country and I’ll be coming back in August 2018.

On a different note since some of you asked, the purpose of my scholarship is to pretty much go around and ask people why they like/create/cosplay anime/cartoons, especially those geared towards minorities, lgbtqia+, and other marginalized groups, etc.

I’ll be stopping in Australia, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, and France. Who knows I may even add some more countries. But yeah/// This will be interesting… I’ll see you around ;)


The Time Master

I am so done with the whole Grindelwald/Ariana situation it’s not even funny. In the HP fandom, especially in places on Tumblr and all over fanfiction, you will have lines of dialogue going on and on about how horrible Dumbledore is and about how he shouldn’t be trusted because of what happened with Grindelwald. Fanfics where Dumbledore is bashed are especially infamous for this, his past with Grindelwald and Ariana’s death is either exposed to the public in some humiliating scoop, he’s confronted with it or there are numerous blogs talking about how seventeen year old Albus “fell in love with Wizard Hitler and neglected his poor disabled sister, now she’s dead.” “He totally neglected a mentally ill girl and wanted to be with a racist.” And all of that is true, we get it. Dumbledore did do all of those things and they were terrible things to do.

But it also happened a hundred years ago, and was mentioned in like four to six pages, maybe of the last book. Not even a whole chapter of screentime. At this point, who cares? Who cares? It’s old news, both in the books timeline and in real life. We keep throwing this back in Dumbledore’s face…why? So he kept it a secret, it was nobody else’s business. Ariana, Grindelwald, the whole thing in 1899? It was literally a footnote, barely even mentioned. It happened not even twenty years after Edison perfected the lightbulb, that’s how far in the past this is. Constantly throwing it back in Dumbledore’s face isn’t going to change anything. It still happened, his sister is still dead, he still had a crush on Grindelwald, moving on. Nobody cares anymore guys, that news is so old that airplanes weren’t even invented yet. Nobody talks about Caesar’s assassination anymore. Why, because it’s old. People stopped caring about it, they’re over it. It was two months literally a century ago, I don’t understand why Dumbledore bashers keep throwing it in his face. Harry’s over it, and I’m over it too.


‘How Old are You?’ (2014) is important because it’s a successful (Malayalam) Indian movie that sheds light on the sexist ageism that is still rampant in Indian society

I don’t care what you think...

The Maiko relationship has yet to be a healthy one, especially when compared to the friendship (possibly one sided crush) between Zuko and Suki. Mai always shut Zuko off in the past. Why does she have a right to break up with him when he starts to realize this and resorts to speak with others? That’s silly. The Smoke and Shadow part 3 made me feel sad. Well not necessarily the comic itself but rather the Maiko shippers declaring victory all over tumblr, especially when nothing has been finalized yet. Even Kiyi thinks Suki is cute! She ASKED Zuko what he thought about Suki. Kiyi supports it. Some people say Ty Lee in one of the S&s Part 3 panels looked like she was sick of Mai trying to kid herself into being in love with Kei Lo. Well let me remind you of this panel from the Search. 

Is this something too or no? Because it looks pretty evident to me that Ty Lee is smiling fondly at this interaction between Zuko and Suki. Not to mention this is where the “I’m–we’re glad to have you back Zuko” occurs. Why would she correct herself if there wasn’t more to what she was feeling behind those words? Once again, referring back to an earlier post, why add in two other possible love interests if they were just going to be used and heartbroken in the end and we were gonna be settled with what the series left off with in the beginning? They could have easily made Sukka and Maiko like Kataang and had no worries. If Maiko and Sukka does happen in the comics, then what explains Suki and Sokka’s future in Republic City and Toph’s second baby daddy whose daughter happens to look like the descendent of a water tribe member (look at first picture in post as a reference)??? Does their skin tones not match??? Aren’t water tribe members known for their distinct regional tan skin (EDIT: Okay so someone made a good point in the comments that Jet Li and some earthbenders have been shown to have tan skin too. So therefore, this may be invalid. However, if the authors DO show that Tokka became canon, then we can see why Suyin had that skin color :D Plus there are other reasons why I still believe Sokka is Suyin’s father due to the way her [Suyin] children act - among other things - but that’s for another post…)?? Zuko and Suki’s skin tone could easily make Izumi just as Maiko can. I seriously hope Maiko doesn’t happen unless there are MAJOR changes in the relationship. 

"You can't be racist towards white people!"

“You can be prejudiced, but not racist.”

You see these arguments a lot these days. Here on Tumblr especially, but you see it all over the place as well. Now, these arguments are wrong, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is, by using these arguments, you’re simply trying to justify the fact that you’re an asshole.

Yeah, an asshole.

It’s like these people are thinking, “It’s okay to be prejudiced against another group of people.” They say it’s okay to act this way, because hey, at least it’s not racist, right? Too bad you’re still hating someone for something they literally cannot control. Too bad you’re judging strangers based on generalizations about their skin color instead of who they are as people.

Gosh, I wonder where I’ve heard that before…

“…be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Edit: I was going to ignore this, but it got to the point where it’s really annoying and I am going to let my emotions do the talking. Don’t compare Kuvira to people like Tr*mp/H*tler because not only is it RACIST, it’s also a terrible comparison if you really think Kuvira would support the likes of those two and it just shows you didn’t pay attention to high school history. First of all, I do acknowledge the fact that Kuvira did a lot of shitty things so like don’t you dare come up to me and shit all over me (especially since Tumblr is full of people drooling over characters like Kylo Ren and Loki damn hypocrites). There are better comparisons you’ve could have done like Mao or Napoleon. 

I do headcanon Kuvira being bisexual and she is still a woman of color, just like me. So not only would it be insulting her character, it would be an insult to me as well. And I am not here for a debate, so if you wanna argue, good luck because I don’t want to waste my time bickering back and forth with someone whose opinion is not going to change.

I’ve seen TFA quite late, so my expectations were deformed by everything all over Tumblr, especially when it came to Kylo. I don’t know what exactly I expected, but after seeing the film, I just cannot unsee.

Kid, you may say you are immune to the light but your eyes are NOT. I mean… have you seen him? Have you seen that face? The face of someone who has no idea what he is doing, just trying to persuade everyone he is evil and dark and whatnot but in reality he is just making one big mistake after another. Shiny eyes of kicked puppy.No wonder he wears a mask.

Kylo, go home. Your mom is still waiting for you.

anonymous asked:

taylor's open letter and things like that make me very nervous about taylor and who she really is behind the scenes. like yeah she should be paid for her work but the only reason that she pulled out from apple music and spotify was because she wasn't being paid ENOUGH like :/// idk i just don't wanna see her become a problematic fave and people are already starting to jump down her throat and they're doing it viciously

Here’s the thing: Taylor already is your problematic fave… she’s been faced with two topics here within the last few days and I don’t believe she’s handled them the best way she could have. 

The first topic is the whole Apple deal. Part of me gets it, and it’s her work so she should be paid for it. But then the part that doesn’t make sense to me is her claiming she’s helping the less established artists.. I know if I was someone not nearly as big as her, I would buck up and not get paid for those 3 months, but then take advantage of the time it’s on there past those first 3 months. Also the other part on that claim I don’t get is how is she REALLY helping these less established artists? Taking them on stage like she has been on tour to get them more well known? I know that’s somewhat off topic, but that’s the only area where I see her helping these people. Like it’s really cool she’s doing that, but if she’s going to make these claims then I hope to see in the news that other artists are following her lead and pulling out too. My last bit on this topic - what i’ve been seeing outside of the fandom, and even somewhat in it, is that people have been reading the post she made, and now think she’s sounding like a whiny kid about it.. and right now with the shit show she’s pulling with CH, the feminism talk, and this, she’s just asking for negative press, and whether she likes it or not she’s going to be getting some here for awhile now I think. Especially if this keeps blowing up all over Tumblr with angry, and upset people voicing their opinions on it. Also doesn’t help that pulling out of Spotify is still a pretty fresh cut.

The second topic would be feminism, and this is very much on going (especially in the last 4 months). To start it off, she’s been talking about feminism for the last year, and now she’s “dating” one of the most sexist guys in the industry? If you don’t believe me just go watch his Summer music video.. Also Taylor only tends to support certain things pertaining to feminism when they involve her.. which is great, but if she’s going to constantly pull the feminism card she needs to check herself because she doesn’t outwardly acknowledge everything having to do with feminism. That’s why what she’s involved with is called white feminism. And as bad as all of this sounds, it’s true.. you only see her talking about subjects that impact her. Another interesting thing I’ve noticed with her and all this feminism talk is that in my opinion from what I’ve seen (how she contradicts herself) it was just another big selling point for her this last year, and it helped fix her shitty image. Everything you see Taylor do in the public eye (especially with these types of things) is completely PR/business driven. Yeah she might agree with the white feminism she’s preaching about, but there’s an extra driving force behind it to make it fit her brand, and give her yet another thing to “sell” to the GP.

Also don’t be surprised if Taylor comes on to read everyone’s thoughts on all if this and starts getting defensive about it. I honestly won’t be surprised if she likes a passive aggressive post about it all, which will send her fans that think she never does anything wrong into a hardcore frenzy trying to defend her.. Also wouldn’t be surprised if this all causes another meltdown like what happened in February, and this place just turns into a drag fest. The tricky part here is that with both of these topics, it’s now not just confined to her fandom.. it’s reaching a lot of places, and is upsetting a lot of people.