especially about the protecting part of his job

“What, are you gonna look up more anime, or are you strictly into Dick now?”

A lengthy exploration of Dean Winchester as a consistently queer character, thank to themes he embodies with his core characterisation of occupying both sides of binary traits.

(aka the reason why I lazily shove random things into my “Dean vs cake” tag with no explanation, written out while on a 8hr train journey)

The writing of Dean is of a character split between endless examples of duality, moments of characterisation which have stark opposites (either generally accepted or made up into a false dichotomy by the show) where he appears to embody elements of both at all times. Generally, the less-expected or pleasant part is something he resists admitting liking or labelling himself as.

He may be described as a killer while being shown to be the most compassionate character by his actions in the same episode; his projection of himself as a dumb grunt has been so successful that we have to scrape up lists of dozens of examples to prove his intelligence in arguments, despite one of the most-used examples being in only the fourth episode but is cited all the time to prove he’s not the stupid brother in contrast to Sam’s college-educated introduction leaving a lasting impression there; a lesser example of Dean wobbling between sides of a duality includes his strict favouritism of pie being shown in stark contrast to cake as if he must surely hate it, having declared himself for pie; and of course his frequently shown interest in women is contrasted with extremely consistent queer subtext implying that Dean is attracted to men as well.

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so mnet paid nuest members to babysit those babies
  • kang dongho aka papa bear

i really love how trainees are scared of dongho at the beginning (especially daehwi my baby haha) but not anymore.. dongho is actually a pape bear with many kids.. the cutest moment is where dongho said “aigoo~” when the maknaes come to him..  

dont forget about his first son, guanlin.. when your kid is bullied, it is appa’s job to protect his baby.. dont ever mess with dongho’s kids,you will regret it i swear..

if you have any problem and need an extra lesson, just ask dongho.. he is willing to give you 1:1 lesson.. it’s so cute when dongho take his time to help haknyeon with his part.. dongho’s patience when he deals with haknyeon is very admirable..

i dont know if daehwi is consider one of dongho’s babies but i just put him anyway hehehe.. we all know that daehwi is pretty scared of dongho since the beginning but they are ok now.. they even joke about it (bcoz mnet being a jerk, making dongho looks like a bad guy!).. it is cute seeing daehwi being all careful around dongho because he is pretty much still awkward with dongho.. haha.. gudluck daehwi!

  • nation’s leader kim jonghyun

he received the nation’s leader tittle when he is babysitting hyunbin during group evaluation episode.. how he takes all the blame to himself (bless you jonghyun!) he looks so proud to see hyunbin improves from day to day..

from relay cam we can see jonghyun is stitting with maknae woojin.. aww~ jonghyun looks like woojin’s uncle.. hahaha.. i assume daniel and ong are busy (yup im ongnieljin trash, fight me) so they let jonghyun babysits their son.. but jonghyun’s hands already full with nuest’s sons so he looks a little tired… jonghyun fighting!

  • hwang minhyun the emperor

yup he is very likable, no wonder those babies really like him.. but this one particular baby *cough* seonho *cough* likes him so damn much and minhyun finds it very tiring… haha.. you can escape from baby’s love! once you become their fav, you cant run away.. you should hug seonho before he sulks even more, minhyun-ah~

so hyunbin also very close with minhyun.. i remember watching their hidden box cam.. the “minhyunbin” thing cracks me up! haha.. apparently minhyun helps jonghyun takes care of hyunbin.. when you had a giant baby to take care of, you need some help from your friend.. i love the idea of giant baby because hyunbin is actually just a kid inside a that tall figure (he is the tallest but his personality is like 5!)

  • choi minki aka minki gaga

we all know how minki can be so extra in just a second.. haha.. i think that’s why the kids likes to surround him and play with him despite him being a hyung.. he likes to play as if he is the same as as them.. and yongjin even write a letter about how minki is an angel and he is thankful to him.. well i do really enjoy their duet together! divas being divas~

and also we heard about the bunny thing.. minki,jihoon and baejin all doing the same bunny pose during 2nd elimination (omg cuties!) we dont really see their interactions but we dont know behind camera.. they maybe pretty close with each other.. they also in the same team (oh little girl) and their personalities really match each other.. and the fact that minki is nuest’s maknae makes me think that he miss playing with friends (yup because other nuest’s members are all grown up and not being playful anymore) so minki makes younger friends so he can be cute with them..

so far they did a very good job… it was tough at first but they manage it somehow. those babies get too attached to them now..

im very happy to see their smiles now compare to first couple episodes.. i wish they can achieve success in the future because nuest is precious! i always forgot that they debut in very young age (im a 95-line too) so maybe they dont have time to play with friends before.. it’s nice to see them being playful again and even take care of their dongsaengs.. they see good examples to other trainees also.. nuest fighting!

(if you know about their other babies, please let me know ok? i might miss it)

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One thing I think about a lot is how much loneliness and self-loathing Damus must have felt as an empurata victim. How worthless he must have felt. Living with the knowledge that everyone around him found him, on some level, repulsive. Knowing that people would, at their most generous, only tolerate his presence.

I think about how easy this would have made it for Megatron to get his hooks into Damus. Paying personal attention to him. Looking at him when he’s speaking. Openly praising him and telling him he is powerful and valuable. Not being disgusted by his disfigurement. Promising Damus a full repair and a brighter future.

And then, when Damus is rebuilt in his new, powerful, handsome frame: he gets his first real taste of power. For the first time, he feels what it is like to be respected and deferred to (even if for all the wrong reasons). I think his ego quickly becomes intoxicated with this to an unhealthy extent, driving his obsession with vanity and luxury, all the things that were inaccessible to him in his previous life. But even so, I don’t think Tarn was ever fully able to shed those old insecurities. I think a part of him always felt out of place in his new frame– like an imposter. Like this wasn’t “really” him. And I think he constantly felt the need to prove to others, and especially to himself, that he was authentic, not faking it, that he was up to the job.

formerly2ofakindmk  asked:

I can't get enough of demon Kaito and human Shinichi au.

Okay.  Let’s see if I can work with that.  8)

“Ugh, this is the tenth demon summoning this week,” an attractive man complained to a dark-skinned man Kaito thought to be his partner.  They seemed to be law enforcement types, after all.

Kaito lounged in the circle he’d been summoned to.

“Well, if it’s all the same, beautiful, I’d like to go home if my gig’s getting canceled.  Mind letting me out?” Kaito shot the man his most winning smile.  The man was Not Impressed.

“Oh, of course, let me just release the level three demon and leave him free to do as he pleases,” he said, voice too light.  The sarcasm beneath the veneer was biting.  “I’m not letting you out until we can be sure you’ll have to go back home.”

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Headcanon: Noctis has an older sister that refused to marry suitors because she would rather marry for love. She trained with Gladio and on the trip to Altissa ends up falling for Gladio or Ignis!

Oooh I like this! TBH, I think it would’ve been awesome if Noctis did actually have an older sister. Maybe Enix forgot to introduced her? Hmm~

  • Lemme start this: I can imagine a fight or heated argument between her and Regis; He is trying to reason with her, telling her that Noctis agreed to marry Lady Lunafreya for the purpose to bring their cities closer. Marrying Ravus or someone from another city (Maybe royality from Altissia? Idk, man) will do the same. Regis is tried of all the fighting and he just wants to ensure the survival of the Luci family and the safety of the Insomnia citizens.
  • I can imagine her being completely heartbroken when she learns the fate of her father. They left things on bad terms and she was too upset to rekindle things when she went with Noctis on the journey. She would have wished that she had told Regis that she really does love him. DID love him. I can see Noctis being a little hard on his sister because he does believe Regis is trying to do the right thing. Not once has he tried to talk back at him and is slightly upset that his sister would do such a thing. They’ll probably argue a lot at the beginning then Gladio or Ignis (Ignis most likely) will talk some sense into them.
  • Being trained with Gladio, I can see the two of them bonding a lot; Gladio would most likely be hard on her. He can’t be soft especially when he’s training her, teaching her to be strong, and not to let her guard down. Every time she tries to vent to him about arranged marriage and not wanting to go that route, Gladio (at first) would say something like “It’s part of the job, part of royal duties. You don’t see Noct complaining about it.” And that’ll probably just upset her.
  • Gladio tries to calm her down, after a few days of silent treatment from her, by saying that all his life and a lot of his family has protected the royal family of Insomnia. Always has and always will. He knows of nothing else, the freedom to choose the other path because he was RAISED to accept his duties. The friendship and bonding he has with Noctis and the others is a bonus to him because he couldn’t have it any other way. His overall advice is that to look at the glass half-full.
  • TBH, Ignis would’ve been the same way; “accept your duties and if you can’t pull your weight, you wouldn’t have been here the whole time.” Ignis knows she’s CAPABLE of completing her tasks, however difficult it may be. Besides, he likes to make sure she knows every side of the story. He told her that Regis wouldn’t have forced or wanted to arrange a marriage for her if he had the freedom to let her choose. Being King or of royality is no easy task.
  • As the journey goes on, taking them to Altissia, Gladio would probably realize he has fallen in love with her when he caught himself thinking such as “She would love this view” or “I need to take her to his place” and just only thinking about her. He has feelings for her all along, but he was so sure that you’ll end up being with someone else for the same purpose Noct and Luna are wedding each other. But he couldn’t help it and it was too late to try to shut down his feelings.
  • If it were to be Ignis instead, I could see him taking her on a “friendly” date. “We’re just friends, I just wanted to show you this nice restaurant/cafe I discovered on this side of Altissia,” he said as he blushed a tiny bit. Seeing her laugh and enjoying herself, that’s when Ignis realizes that he’s in love with her. Especially after Altissia.
  • Honeshly, I could definitely see Noct-ASS being a little hard on Gladio or Ignis, being protective of her mostly because he wanted her to follow her duties as he thinks it was his father’s will. One day, he realizes that she’s really happy with Gladio/Ignis and decided to let them be. I can definitely see a sad scenario taking place if it was Ignis. -tears-
  • (spoilers after this bubble, please don’t read after this bubble if you haven’t beaten the game)

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Hi love your blog very much I was hoping you could write a HC of how Luke would react if you took him to meet your family but your family is very overwhelming and starts asking him ridiculous inappropriate questions like how many people you kill on a daily basis do you carry your gun everywhere are you armed right now etc... thanks so much I really appreciate it 😘

Headcanons of Luke Alvez meeting your overwhelming family:

  • He’d take it all in his stride. He’d know that everyone’s family could be a little crazy at times.
  • He’d try to control his laughter as they tried to guess if and where he was carrying his gun.
  • Although, he’d laugh at loud at your sister asking him if he ever used handcuffs outside of work - it earned her a smack on the head from your mum.
  • It would be amusing until they started asking him about how many people he’d killed. You’d start to become tense, knowing how sensitive Luke was to the topic - especially considering his experience in the 75th Ranger Regiment.
  • He’d respond politely though, just shaking his head and telling them that was the part of his job he didn’t enjoy. He only did what he had to do to protect others.
  • He’d be very good with your parents.
  • Your mum would be thrilled by his gentleman-like nature, particularly the way he carried your bags into the house and held the door open for her.
  • Your dad would be impressed by his dedication and respect.
  • You’d tell him to humour your dad’s questions about exercise techniques, but by no means was he to subject himself to training sessions with him.
  • He’d assure your mum that you were safe with him - and that he would never leave a gun lying around your apartment.
  • Secretly, your mum would be thrilled at your choice in boyfriend.
  • At first, she’d be delighted because an FBI agent would be able to protect you better than anyone else.
  • But then she’d realise how extraordinarily sweet and caring Luke was - especially towards you. She’d then be convinced that you’d found a special person.
  • He’d draw the line when they started asking whether he could steal them tokens from the FBI. Telling them that FBI vests were hugely expensive.
  • When the two of you returned home, you’d thank him for being so wonderful with your family. He’d kiss you tenderly and assure you that he thought of them as his own by now, you didn’t have to thank him. He was in this relationship for the long haul.
  • He’d then chuckle and warn you that if you thought your family were mad, you were going to be even more shocked by his.
La Résistance || WWII AU


Marius had been living on his own for only a short time and was already experiencing the harsh realities of life in occupied Paris. Without his grandfather’s name to protect him, he now was at the mercy of the broken ration system, the curfew, shortages on nearly everything… On one hand the city still seemed normal, but on the other hand it just wasn’t…

At least his papers identified him as a German citizen, lessening the amount of questions and sideways stares he got from soldiers and police. His aimless presence was already suspicious enough as it was. Marius felt like one of the only people in this city who wasn’t doing anything of purpose. And of course the papers left out the part about his true parentage, protecting him much further. 

It was no wonder the people of this country were fighting so hard against the Germans. And now knowing what he knew, it made Marius want to join in just as much. But first he needed to find food. And money somehow, as a job was likely never to be found and he would quickly run out of the sum he’d brought from home- no, it wasn’t home anymore. Especially not if he wanted to keep his head down.

It was on his fifth time aimlessly wandering around the block when he saw a familiar face. Nobody he knew incredibly well- just seen at events for the Party, in his grandfather’s social circles, but still someone who might help him orient himself in this city. “De Courfeyrac, isn’t it?” Marius called to get the other’s attention, “What on earth are you doing over here on this side of town?”

Okay, so, still recovering from [S] Collide but I’m thinking about Dave and broken swords.

So we start the series with a connection between Striders and shitty swords. Their whole apartment is full of them and before anything big happens if you’re like me you just assume that they’re cheap decorative things. Then Dave and Bro pull them out for a strife (I forget when exactly this happens but I think it’s when meteors are falling and things are starting to get somewhat serious). Of course, Dadbert uses a cake during an earlier strife and Romy has a martini (I think) so Hussie has shown us that these Strifes are kind of a dramatized joke but still. It’s a sword, even shitty ones hurt.

But when Bro gets actually serious Dave’s sword breaks in half, with a ‘piece of shit sword’ thrown in to remind us that oh yeah, haha joke, in the true spirit of Homestuck. This is when the record on Dave’s shirt cracks, referencing the Scratch.

The important part of this is that Dave has chosen a sword (a weapon that he takes seriously, based on his training with Bro, even if it’s meant to be an ironic anime thing) and it failed to protect him. The thing he chose to defend himself failed him. This is especially significant because of Dave’s class as a Knight, which is all about defense and sacrifice. He can’t do his job properly if he doesn’t have a reliable weapon, meaning he’d just have to sacrifice himself instead (as we see him do frequently). More on this in a sec. 

Fast forward to Davesprite, who has one of those shitty swords impaling him. We know that it’s just a remnant from seppucrow but at the same time that sword is a literal part of him. The swords might be intended as ironic jokes but the sentiments of defense and honor and an age long past (more Time references) are essential parts of who Dave is. In Davesprite’s case we can see this physically, but we also see a physical representation of the sacrifice that Davesprite made to save his friends and prevent another doomed timeline. 

Now, Caledfwlch. It’s this legendary sword, something belonging to Time, which makes it extra special for Dave, but it breaks. Interestingly, Dave is talking to Equius when he’s trying to retrieve Caledfwlch and they have this exchange:

CT: D –> E%cessive force will shatter such weapons
CT: D –> We both know this from e%perience
TG: what
CT: D –> The adult human who trained you
CT: D –> And taught you the ways of being STRONG
CT: D –> Remember
TG: you mean the guy who spent years beating my ass down with a puppet
TG: yeah i remember
CT: D –> Yes, and now, being learned in the ways of STRONGNESS
CT: D –> You like myself are unfortunately limited in the weaponry you may wield
CT: D –> Ironically the training which has ennobled you beyond others has made instruments of high b100d brittle in your hands
CT: D –> Hence the state of your favored weapon, hobbling your specibus

Equius and a version of Dirk (who is, in turn, a version of Bro) are eventually combined later in the story, which makes these comments of Equius’ important. Dirk may be smart, but a large part of how he screwed a lot of things up was by trying to force it. He kept trying to make something work–like his relationship with Jake–with only his own strength, thinking that if he only tried harder he could make it work. Bro, intentionally or not, taught Dave this tactic, and we see that it just ends in a lot of Dead Daves. Much of Dave’s strategy at the beginning is to just throw himself at something until it works. 

Dave’s real strengths are in his creativity and his ability to think through things and make something better out of what he’s been given. Davesprite is proof of that: taking a doomed timeline and using it to rescue the Alpha timeline. We’re introduced right off the bat to Dave’s creativity with SBaHJ but it’s crappy (in an ‘ironic’ way) and Dave tries to make it seem like he doesn’t care about it, so we as the audience are intended to take it at face value: as a joke. However, Alpha Dave’s success with SBaHJ proves us wrong and shows just how much Dave’s creativity can turn his crap resources into something useful.

So when Dave uses brute force to retrieve Caledfwlch, it breaks; ‘legendary piece of shit’ flashing on the screen to remind us that all of Dave’s swords are cheap and shitty. Davesprite even makes a comment about how he used the broken Caledfwlch to make Caledscratch, implying that the exact same thing happened in Davesprite’s session. 

But Caledscratch is important: referencing the Scratch, embracing the Time aspect, and also showing itself a reliable weapon able to be used by a Knight. Dave used his own ingenuity to turn something he had broken, using bad methods he had been taught by someone else, into something useful, important to both his class and his aspect, and reliable. Contrast this to Dirk who, even well after godtier, is still using his plain, shitty katanas. (This could probably be a connection to Dirk’s need to cling to patterns of familiarity and comfort in order to protect himself and his Heart),

Also on the topic of Dave and Dirk’s differing weapon choices: Dave believes that his swords are shitty. The message that we, the audience, receive about them being shit only comes after they break so we can assume that this is somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Dave believes that the sword will break and when it does he’s like “whelp, I knew it would, lookit that”. Dirk, on the other hand, has never had much to go on other than his own belief that things will happen (or at least from his perspective this is true). Dirk can’t believe that his swords will fail him because he doesn’t have a whole lot to back him up. He pours his certainty and will (his Heart) into brute-forcing and hoping that things will come through and he won’t die. Even in the dramatic feelings conversation that Dave and Dirk have before the fight with Jack:

DIRK: Are… YOU ready?
DAVE: i guess
DAVE: ive got like
DAVE: a sword and shit
DIRK: Cool.
DIRK: Me too.
DAVE: yeah i know
DAVE: mines not that good
DIRK: That’s too bad.
DIRK: What type of sword?
DAVE: its welsh
DAVE: i mean
DAVE: possibly fake welsh im not that sure
DIRK: Hmm.
DIRK: Well, mine’s good.
DAVE: i know
DIRK: It’s… Japanese?
DAVE: for real?
DIRK: No. I don’t know.
DIRK: Probably fake Japanese.

Dave is already going with the assumption that Caledfwlch will break at some point, whereas Dirk knows that his katana is probably cheap and crap but it’s all he’s got so it’s going to get him through this because it has to. 

Also, Dave got all of his early swords from Bro and we learn in this same conversation that Dave didn’t feel like he could trust or rely on Bro at all. So anything that Bro gave him? Untrustworthy. Swords that Bro gave him? Probably shitty and going to break. The lessons and methods from the person who was supposed to protect him were unreliable, so it follows that the swords were too. 

Dirk, on the other hand, got all of his stuff from Alpha Dave, a person that he believed he could rely on. So his swords (gifts and lessons from Alpha Dave) were reliable. Why would they break? They had been given to him by a person he trusted, there was no reason for him to doubt them. 

Remember when I said we’d get back to Dead Daves? That time is now. 

Knights are about defense and sacrifice, right? Because Dave’s weapons were unreliable the defense part wasn’t something he could really do without hurting himself, which brings in the sacrifice side. Dave used his aspect (somewhat misusing it, in a way) to make up for what being a Knight demanded that he couldn’t properly fulfill. His low sense of self worth at the time really didn’t help, making himself an acceptable casualty, not least because Bro had never conveyed that he was sacrificing anything for Dave (that Dave was worth being protected). Dave hadn’t been taught acceptable boundaries and all he knows is that he needs to protect people, so getting himself killed isn’t as big a deal to him as it should be. But after the meteor when Dave confronts Grimbark Jade he tells her that he’s not using his aspect any more.

Based on Dave and Dirk’s conversation we get that it took Dave a lot of time (being surrounded by people who cared about him, on the meteor) to figure out what was so screwed up about his home life. Assuming that this happens on not only the second meteor ride but also the first, then at the point when Dave confronts Jade he’s trying to distance himself from Bro as much as possible and, in the process, rejects his aspect entirely since it had been his method to use Bro’s force method. Throwing Daves at the problem isn’t the solution, he knows that then, but he can’t separate his aspect from the screwed up mentality that he’d been using along with it. 

The battle after that is a clusterfuck but Dave still doesn’t use his aspect. Even though he sacrifices himself for Jade, completely in line with his character, he does so using mostly straight forward means and we can assume that he’s also less confident in the now restored Caledfwlch than he would have been fighting with Caledscratch. Dave’s strengths are in his creativity and his aspect is an extension of that and in refusing his aspect he is greatly handicapping himself.

So now we come to [S] Collide. A little before that, Dave confronts the roots of his hesitance with both his aspect and his weapons. He finds resolution and comfort and his familiarity with Time shenanigans allows Dave to view Dirk and Bro as different people. It’s also interesting to note that Dirk spent a lot of time rejecting the splinters of himself and now feels partially guilty for Bro’s actions when Dave has, from the start, accepted the versions of himself as being synonymous with the Main Dave but seems confused and a little disbelieving of Drik’s idolization of Alpha Dave. 

Dave coming to terms with everything and his complicated feelings towards Bro really shine through in the [S] Collide battle. He uses his aspect extensively and creatively and he not only uses it to fight the Jacks but also to protect Dirk and Terezi. In this battle he is truly the Knight of Time. 

Then, in Dave’s moment of hesitation, Dirk gives him exactly what Bro never did: Dirk, who has trusted Alpha Dave his entire life, transfers that trust to Dave and sacrifices himself. And the sword that Alpha Dave gave to Dirk–the one that hasn’t broken because Dirk trusted and believed in it–breaks in half under Caledfwlch.

Dirk didn’t have to rely on himself and his own strength, he relied on Dave, so the katana was allowed to break. (Side note that Bro’s sword, even when sort of starting the Scratch, stayed whole). Someone was sacrificing themselves for Dave and Dave had to believe in his sword because Dirk was relying on him, so Caledfwlch stayed whole.


Gift fic for alecdvnpt for the cut and run exchange.

Title: Waiting

Author: ZombieGardener

Fandom: Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux

Rating: WS

Word Count: 1362

Characters: Ty Grady, Zane Garrett

Warnings: None

Notes: This went a little more introspective than I was expecting but I don’t have time to tinker with it, so I may rewrite it eventually. It takes place post-Ball & Chain. It should be noted that I haven’t read Cross & Crown yet, because my kindle died and I haven’t gotten around to buying a new one yet.

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