especially Thor

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Who is the smol blond handsome man in that oc lineup? He looks like a good snuggler

did you mean Freyr? He’s not small, he’s around 6′2″. Just looks tiny compared to everyone else (especially Thor whose meant to be 7 foot)

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I'm surprised that you didn't have Nishinoya as Thor?? there personalities are nearly identical and you can't forget about Rolling Thunder!? Also hes like the guardian of Karasuno so that's a + It'd also be ironic to see this smoll child play as Thor

Same asker as before, Terushima as Ant Man tho. Him and Hinata jumping around going WOW WERE FIGHTING WITH THE AVENGERS!! COOL!NOW WE ALL KNOW HInata looking up to uncle cat Kuroo but I LIVE FOR TERUSHIMA FANBOYING over BOKUTo

honestly I got like 10 asks asking me why I didn’t make noya Thor ahahaha (especially because of the rolling thunder thing haha)

I guess you could really switch their roles, yeah… Terushima would definitely be nice as scott as well :’)