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Steve/Natasha, teaching Natasha how to use his shield :D :D

Steve signs on with SHIELD after the Battle of New York, and shortly after that, Fury teams him with Natasha. They work well together, which might surprise other people, but they weren’t there when he launched her off his shield to catch a Chitauri sled–he knew from that moment that she was as good a teammate as he’d ever worked with, and their training sessions as he tries to get his skills up-to-date only reinforce that impression.

But it’s not until after Project Insight that he hands her the shield and says, “Show me what you can do with it.”

She gives him a surprised look that quickly morphs into concentrated frown as she tests the weight of it, the balance. it keeps them occupied between searching for Bucky and taking down HYDRA bases. The others join them sometimes (it’s especially fun when Thor shows up and they figure out how to use the hammer and the shield together), but Steve secretly likes it best when it’s just him and Natasha.  She doesn’t have enhanced strength but she’s smart and knows how to use angles and leverage, and how to use her size as an advantage (she knows even more dirty tricks for fighting larger opponents than he does, and he was pretty much the expert at it back in the 40s), and he feels confident that when she needs to in a real fight, she’ll be able to handle the shield as well as anyone who isn’t him can.

She proves him right when they fight Ultron.

They’re in a muddy field outside the new facility, discussing how to teach the new Avengers some of the tricks they’ve developed when the skies open up and rain starts pouring down.

“Come here,” he says, lifting the shield over their heads and pulling her in close, so they can stand beneath it like it’s the world’s most expensive umbrella. She looks up at him, amusement shining in her eyes, and he tips his head down towards her, as if drawn by gravity. He hesitates briefly, but she doesn’t stop him from pressing his lips to hers.

The shield muffles the sound of the rain, so all he hears is his own beating heart and the soft gasp she makes when he licks at her lower lip. Her hands come up to tangle in the short hair on the back of his neck, and he shivers, his arm tightening around her as the kiss becomes more urgent and heated.

Steve’s not sure how long they stand there trading kisses, but the rain shows no sign of letting up when she pulls away and he becomes aware of the outside world again.

“Come on,” she says, tilting her head towards an equipment shed about thirty yards away. “Let’s get in out of the rain.”


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The moment that the familiar green-clad Asgardian showed up in Avengers Tower, everybody was on high alert. Especially since Thor was not around currently.

Tony stepped ever so subtly in front of you, despite not being in his suit. The other Avengers looked around for their weapons, never taking their eyes off Loki for more than a split moment.

“Oh I love how I can just make all of you afraid just by showing up here,” Loki stated, a grin on his face. “But, the lot of you humiliated me. Stripped me of my divine right to rule, and for that, I’m going to take something precious from you.”

You thought you noticed his eyes land on you, which caused you to back up out of fear. However, you hit something. Or, rather, someone. Hands gripped your upper arms tightly, and you shouted in surprise. The Avengers turned to look as Loki vanished, evidently just an illusion. The real Loki was now behind you, pulling you towards the balcony.

“Dad!” You called out to Tony, trying to reach for him. However, Loki yanked your arm behind you, preventing you from reaching. You tried to kick, but the moment you tried, you were thrown off-balance, needing to plant both feet firmly to prevent hanging awkwardly by your arms in Loki’s grip.

“Let go of her!” Tony shouted to Loki in desperation. You could see tears forming in his eyes from worry.

“You should’ve let me rule,” Loki simply stated. “Instead you made my life miserable, so I’m returning the favor.” With that, Loki forced you out on the balcony, then jumped off of it, pulling you with him. You screamed in fear, looking up as the Avengers watched you fall. Tony looked like he was about to jump after you, suit or no suit, but Steve kept him from doing so.

You and Loki landed on some sort of sky-cycle, which Loki drove off.

Loki must’ve used some sort of sleeping spell on you, because the next thing you knew, you were waking up in some sort of abandoned warehouse, on a bare mattress sitting on the floor. Loki was in a chair nearby, watching you.

“For the daughter of an Avenger, you don’t put up much of a fight,” Loki commented.

“You DID take me by surprise,” you pointed out. “Why do you even have me here? Petty revenge?”

“Revenge is a powerful motivator,” Loki commented. “And clearly I can’t take this world by attacking it with an army. I need to work quietly, dismantle the defenses before they go up. And I could brush up on my knowledge of how systems on Midgard work.”

“You want me to teach you how to make Midgard fall from the inside,” you said, more of a statement than a question.

“You ARE smart,” Loki commented. He had an unusually gentle smile.

“No way am I going to help you take over my own world!” you said, crossing your arms.

“Well, then I’ll just have to keep you here, as my pet. Let’s hope I don’t forget to feed you.”

A couple days went by, and almost like clockwork, Loki visited several times a day, bringing you food that was surprisingly good. He even brought sweets once. You generally didn’t speak to him, other than to thank him for bringing you food. Though, three days after he kidnapped you, you were tired of the silence.

You put your plate down on the floor, done with your lunch. “I’m sorry,” you said.

“What?” Loki asked, looking at you in surprise. Clearly he didn’t expect an apology.

“I’m sorry the Avengers humiliated you,” you elaborated. You knew what the Avengers did was necessary, but you could ignore that to get on your captor’s good side. “And I’m sorry the universe has prevented you from being a king. If things had turned out differently, I’m sure you would’ve been a great ruler. Though, kidnapping innocents and killing hundreds of people isn’t exactly the best way of doing so.”

Loki glared and stepped to you. “That was the most pathetic attempt at pleading for freedom that I’ve ever heard,” he stated.

“Well, I figured if you were going to kill me, you would’ve done so already,” you stated, acting brave even though you were really nervous. “I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. But in all honesty, I don’t know much about your life. I know vaguely some of the stories that the old Norse people had about you and Thor, though I doubt the accuracy of some of them. But I can tell that you’ve had a rough life. And I feel sorry for you because of it.”

You watched Loki’s expression change from a glare to something unidentifiable, but softer. More genuine. He stepped closer to you, bending down so he was closer to your level, and put his hand under your chin to lift your head to look directly at him.

“You know nothing,” Loki hissed.

“I know being a shadow. Following an act that I feel like I can never beat. I am the child of genius, inventor, Avenger Tony Stark. When Tony was my age, he built his first AI. And I’m not dumb, but I don’t have an inventor’s mind,” you admitted. “I’m just an average person, with an average skill set, living with the best at what they do.”

Loki looked at you a moment, as if contemplating something. Suddenly he leaned in, kissing you on the lips. You were stunned, frozen. You didn’t know if this was a trick, or what the heck was going on.

After a moment, Loki pulled back. “You have more compassion than any of them,” he stated, pulling his hand away as well. “Treating me as a person, instead of a monster.”

Warmth - (Reader x Avengers/Pietro Maximoff)
Word count: 978

A/N: I think this might be something some people have wanted for awhile. It felt nice to write :3

When you had finally awoken from your coma it was like someone had hit the panic button at Avengers HQ. Everyone was set to receive alerts as soon as Helen had deemed it safe for you to have visitors.

“Best friend rights, I go in first!” Sam declared and there was a mass of disapproving noises.

Nastasha narrowed her eyes at Falcon and shook her head. “Excuse you.”

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Sorry but I’m at it again. Headcanon where when Sokovia is falling down around him, Tony gets trapped inside the machinery somehow once he and Thor blow it up, and he can’t get free. He’s plummeting towards earth, just hoping that everyone got off that rock before it blew, and he’s especially hoping that Thor got free. His power systems are failing, but he an make one more broadcast. So he sends out a quick goodbye to the team over the comms, and they can’t really process it. Thors turned around, trying to find him, but there’s too much rubble and it’s hitting the water already, and he can’t see any flashes of telltale red and gold. Hawkeye feels completely empty, as he looks down at Pietro and then listens to Tony dying. He just wants to go home, or punch something, or do both. But he just lies down and let the tears fall unhindered. Nat commandeers a quinjet before anyone else on the helicarrier even knows, and is about to go searching before Thor pulls up in front of her, shaking his head, so she sits on the floor of the jet and just cries. Someone tries to console her and she nearly dislocates their knee. And Steve. Steve is shaking so hard through adrenaline and exhaustion anyway, and he thinks they’ve won, the Avengers have saved the day, until he hears Tony’s voice in his ear. 
“Sorry cap, there’s no time. She’s putting me in the water”. A short, gasping laugh follows as his helmet fills up with water, followed by radio static, then silence. Cap just sits there, stunned into silence, as the world slows down around him. He feels like it’s 75 years ago and he’s on the floor of the jet waiting to die all over again, but if anything it’s worse. 
When he gets back to DC he just goes and sits with Peggy and holds her hand and looks at her and is amazed that she kept going because listening to someone you love die, actually hearing their final moments whilst you’re powerless to help and far away, is the worst pain he could have imagined. Except now he doesn’t need to imagine it. 

So I know I just put her in my follow forever the other day, but can we take a moment to appreciate this wonderful person right here? This is Ashleigh - the only person I know in real life that I let follow my blog, because she’s just that awesome and shares most (if not all) of my addictions and is made of kittens and tea and pure, unadulterated bamfness. If that wasn’t already a word, it is now. She’s exceptionally sweet and clever and I really couldn’t ask for more in a friend. 

Thor sat on the porch of the big house, reveling in the sunshine. It would be a perfect day to train the young demi-gods. He took a drink from the mug he was holding, he had learned to love coffee, needing it most days to keep him awake from the work he did late at night. He ducked as a circular object, a frisbee was it called, came flying at his head. “Could you not watch where you aim that flying object?”

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I'm genuinely curious, why does trans Thor mean so much to you?

because trans representation is something that i want more of, same as i want more representations of poc and sexuality, but also, with thor especially, i think about what it would mean to have this character as openly trans

i think about this character that it’s generally seen as huge and powerful and overtly masculine, and this character realisation that being the ‘son’ of Odin isn’t who she wants to be.

i see asgard as a world where gender didn’t viewed the same way as it is on migard. it’s commonly accepted as free and fluid rather than set, and so when thor decides ‘this isn’t me’, the world just agrees to this and moves on. maybe she stays physically in her male form, maybe she likes her facial hair and keeps that, even as she slides herself into dresses and traditionally female things. maybe magic makes her features softer because the hard angles that she has, she has always considered to be male and that’s not who she is

i see her being sent to earth as a punishment when she’s becomes too arrogant, too warmongering. i see her meeting jane foster and falling in love with her small stature and huge mind. i see thor never considering to tell that she had been born with the body of a male, or not considering to tell her that she’s female, because it’s just who he is. but when jane does find out, she’s informed that things a little different on earth, warns her almost in a way of protecting her. i imagine jane introducing huge, beardy female thor as her girlfriend. i imagine darcy helping thor with make up because she’s never worn it before, its a thing that migardians do, but she finds it all fascinating. a love for lipsticks is discovered.

i imagine thor being an avenger and telling the world that she’s what they would call ‘trans’. i see her being outraged by some of the responses, and grateful for others, and stands up loudly for those like herself. i see her at pride parades and conversing with trans people of the world. i see her breaking traditional views of herself and proudly. i see her stepping in to help when asked. i see her doing interviews to raise awareness with the likes of Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera and so many others. i imagine people seeing thor, as this huge and all powerful WOMAN and views of gender being questioned and changed. superheroes in the marvel universe and huge, perhaps even bigger than celebrities, and it would make a difference.

for people reading it, just imagine seeing yourself in a god. this wonderful and adorable character that fights to protect what they love, who’s loyal to fault. who’s strong and tough and beautiful whatever gender they are, and imagine knowing that they are just like you - so you can be just like them.

i hate it so much when i think of people out there who don’t think they’re worth anything - that don’t think they’re smart or pretty or right because of something like their gender or their sexuality or the colour of their skin. it makes me so sad that there’s nothing i can do to help that. so headcanons like trans thor are important to me because i don’t want people to feel like that, and i support anything that makes the world for those people better.

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1.Why did you choose your URL?

Because I’m a marvel trash and Deconsecrator and Deconsecrathor were taken so I was left with loser satanic!Thor but since I like creepy stuff, Thor and I’m bad with names right now more like past 3 years I’m just satanthor.

2. What is your middle name?

I’d rather not say.

3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

Any winged beast tbh. All of the Aves.

4.Favourite color?

Purple or teal or black. Speaking of which I yesterday got galaxy/space pants with these colours. Yes, I had to say this somehow somewhere.

5.Favourite song?

Don’t have a favourite. Is that a bad thing? 

6.What are your top five fandoms?

Captain America (winter soldier especially), Thor (just anything with Thor and loki is included), Parks and Recreation and currently Daredevil. Which is basically Marvel and Parks&Rec.

 I know it’s 4 but can’t think of anything more can parrots or space(pictures) have a fandom???? 

7.Why do you enjoy Tumblr? 

I don’t have anything else to do.

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