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this woman in this tv show my mom’s watching claims she was defamed by being called homophobic when she literally said that gay people should be cured or die, and now she can’t get a job because of it (good). she and her lawyer are trying to defend her by saying that what she said was religious (bible)-based speech and therefore cannot be hate speech. (she also claims she lost her previous job with the man who “defamed” her because she was christian.)

the show seemed to treat the religion excuse as valid proof that what she said was not hate speech and is now instead showing the debate over whether the man who “defamed” her knew her speech was religion-based at the time he sent the “defamatory” email

i put quotes around “defame” and its derivatives because it’s defined as a “false statement intented to harm or damage someone’s reputation”, same as libel or slander. what the man said about the woman was not false. she is indeed homophobic.

in other news i want to fucking die

‘Vincit Qui Se Vincit’: Stockholm Syndrome and Beauty and the Beast

Because I’ve seen a lot of shippers drawing parallels between Beauty and the Beast and Reylo, I decided to revisit a piece I wrote back in grad school (c. 201/2012-ish) arguing against the common interpretation of BatB as a story of Stockholm Syndrome to see if it could dovetail with some of the fandom’s discussion of Reylo.

It’s beneath the readmore, but needless to say… uh, yeah. See if you can spot the similar narrative threads and character arcs. 

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Siths on Tumblr? I mean, what would their url be, what would they post about & how often, etc. :D

trashlords for the trash website

vader:talldarkandhandsome” reblogs anything and everything to do with starships and engineering, talking at length with other technology nerds. sends anonymous pictures of lava to “obi-juan

sidious:not-palpatine” 80% selfies, 10% Empire propaganda, and 10% outdated memes.

maul:justmaul” reblogs every now and then, usually from “justzabrakthings”. also reblogs Sith stuff, cool weapons, and cats. sometimes writes about his thoughts or events of the day.

savage:dathomirrulez” posts updates of what he and his brother are up to and pictures of strange things he has found. he especially likes to post selfies in response to other bodybuilders in order to prove his superiority. 

asajj: witch-please” aesthetic and magic blog, with some selfies sprinkled here and there. has a very nice blog theme. posts embarrassing photos of the other sith with snarky comments.

dooku:the-count” a jedi hate blog, and gets into heated (but intelligent) discussions with people easily. reblogs a lot of interior design stuff. 

kylo:crawling-in-my-skinweLCOME TO MY TWISTED MIND rants a lot. tags hux in everything. has a playlist on his blog. loves to reblog vine compilations and fresh memes. 

nihilus: “hyaaaal” usually only types with emojis or symbols, but is delighted to have found some ancient Sith speakers! reblogs weird ~dark aesthetic~ posts and food porn

bonus!grievous:not-a-droid” posts pictures of him flipping off various droids. reblogs lots of lightsaber training videos, some of which he makes. sends anon hate to “obi-juan

do you ever hear someone talk shit about a character you love and feel offended as if it was personally directed at you?

you guys, you are literally now dealing with a government that starts looking more and more like textbook fascism with each passing day, and some of you are really concerning yourselves with making posts such as “ha HA did YOUR favorite celebrity go to the women’s march, i don’t thINK SO and that is why i am BETTER than you for liking suPERIOR celebrities!!” as if it matters. as if that has ever mattered

  • Victor: the rings are engagement rings!
  • Victor: *flirts with Yuri constantly*
  • Victor and Yuri: *share a kiss on live tv in front of thousands of people*
  • Yuri: Victor is my Eros.
  • Yuri: *GRINDS on Victor the very first time they meet*
  • some of y'all: there's nothing gay about this show. It's all platonic. bros being dudes in skates. No homo. I don't see the gay. No way does this anime carry any homosexual vibes. Nope. Don't see it.

“And what time will you bring him?”

“Six, Lydia, six! Is there a reason you’ve asked me three times already?“

“Because it’s important, and we both know how slippery your focus is. I bet you’re doing three things at once right now.”

“For your information, I’m doing two. Ordering the cake, putting bullshit answers down for my history paper, and talking to— that’s, that’s three, isn’t it?”

“Yes. And what time will you bring him?”


✨ Sneak peek for the last chapter of Home. ✨

It’s on days that I have to fight the hardest to stay alive that I remind myself that maybe, just maybe, it’s the ones who have to fight the hardest that God has the biggest plans for.