espacios parentesis


Submission from espacios-parentesis on Tumblr

Artist Bio

Lifetime spectator of great collagists, I suppose the next natural step was trying to make them myself. Now, cutting and paste it has become more a need than a choice. Amateur, self-taught, I still feel kind of  intruder. I am an Architect who sees public space as a “moving collage” of differences. A crossroad of endless disciplines addressed to serve as tools to understand the everyday of human existence. I understand Architecture practice as a lifelong learning process, a continuous questioning which will find its answer in social reality, as a net of different natures in progress connecting at different scales and multiple levels.

Artist Statement

Collage is my way to look for some answers, putting them together and trying to get some sense out of it. Helps me to understand somethings, without having to think about them. Collage has a privileged relationship with our epoch, the latter being understood as a juxtaposition of heterogeneities. a contingent net upon the temporary meeting points, their fugues and voids included. The Disappearance of every kind of hierarchy and an « assemblage » of inequalities. Overlapped messages which texturize ephemeral realities, only fulfilled if related with the environment.