esp with his bros


All the words that I can’t take back
Like a train comin’ off the track
As the rails and the bolts all crack
I gotta find a way to stop it, stop it, just let me out!

What a happy kiddo!!!!!

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My heart breaks for Hook, this man feels things deep down (he lost two people he loved the most-esp his bro & we all know how he loves) which he covers so well with his confidence&his pirate swagger, things he does to guard himself up. But deep down the hurt/ache just keep festering on. Emma has brought light, hope & love in his heart & whole being, but the demons&self worth issues he has are still there, Its about time people notice, then just assuming he is fine. No one really cares to ask :(

It’s not that no one cares. Emma cares about him and so does Charming and Henry and probably Snow too, even if she doesn’t seem like it. But the problem is the Charming family as a whole are kind of self-involved and don’t really look past their own problems. 

Take 3x19, for example. Everyone gathered at Granny’s and Emma said they were waiting for Hook, but Regina didn’t want to wait, Charming agreed and they basically forgot all about him. On the one hand, you can say maybe they just assumed he could take care of himself, but on the other, Zelena was terrorizing the town and when has Hook ever not shown up for Emma? They should have realized something had happened to him, but they literally didn’t give him a second thought because they were focused on protecting the baby.

And you’re right - part of it is the image that Hook projects to them - that he’s a BAMF pirate captain and he can take care of himself, which he can, for the most part, but everyone needs emotional support sometimes. I really hope this is the season that Emma starts to give him some and same with Charming. I really hope part of the story with his adjustment to Storybrooke is other people making him feel included instead of Hook just constantly having to prove himself worthy of their love.

OMG, now I’m sad. I’ll just be over here crying over Killian.