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hi! i'm editing a minjoon video and i'm really low on their moments in clips so i was hoping The Reason I Fell In Love With Minjoon to help me out please? xD I was hoping if you can just describe some of your favorite minjoon moments w/hopefully some recollection of how to find the certain video too. thank you so much 😊😊 (i have to say i adore all your rm appreciation posts too, makes me love him more and more each day)

first off “The Reason I Fell In Love With Minjoon” im about to cry this is amazing wow thank u AND “makes me love him more and more each day” HECK THATS AWESOME THANK U IM SO GLAD

ok so minjoon moments… im just gonna bullet list

  • all the times namjoon has put his hand around jimins waist (cries). this usually happens when theyre taking pictures esp on the red carpet
  • when they said i love you to each other!!! which is in ahl here at 35:13
  • namjoon picking up jimin bridal style (cries really hard)!!! its from nico nico live but i cant find the actual video with it?? heres a pic
  • when jimin was a little shit and called namjoon “namjoonie” with no honorific and joon pretended to get all mad and jimin was hugging on him like a koala trying to get him to give into his cuteness. here
  • these moments that i have pics/gifs from a beaut concert of which idk the vid??? joon was just rly in his feels

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  • jimin comforting joon when he started to cry?? here

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  • namjoon calling jimin sexy in this interview! 

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  • NAMJOON CRYING YET AGAIN OVER CUTE JIMIN (1:10 ish) and also calling him cool in this interview
  • when jimin put his hands in front of joon to make a blowing kiss from him in the introductions and then also jimin made a heart and joon tickled his chin fondly bc he was so cute (same joon) in this interview! except?? i dont see the heart moment in this interview clip even tho happened here? 

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  • all the times minjoon was hella touchy: X (7:10 and 9:00) X (1:52 and 9:14 also at 0:47 jimin says he likes how joon does “bultaoruene” and get him to do it) X (18:37.. also cant find the vid but at this concert is where jimin does the “we’re a couple, hes the girl and im the boy” thing haha) X (literally just the whole vlive) … n some gifs for the videos i couldnt get (or i did get them and just wanted to post the cute ass gif)

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  • here where namjoon compliments jimin again (1:23)
  • that bon voyage episode where namjoon is cradling jimins hands in his and examining his rings?? oml that shit is so soft

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  • jimin comparing his height with joon in this vlive ((he also did it in concert and was like “well this friend is a little tall” but i cant find the vid but heres a pic))
  • also im not sure which episode ((theyre on dailymotion in full with subs btw)) but where they’re heading back from the beach and minie isnt wearing shoes and the pavement is too hot and SO CUTE trying to get joonie to help (carry) him
  • the twitter vid where namjoon is dancing and jimin is like “dance for me” and joon dances like a goof and minie laughs and joon just keeps doing it to keep his bf giggling

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  • and then most recently their adorable twitter vid

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zenosanalytic said: and also irrelevant. You make a cogent point and they say something entirely unrelated in response. It’d be like if you were talking about accessibility in buildings, they were arguing against it, and you pointed out some people are born with limited mobility, or rendered limitedly mobile by illness or injury through no fault of their own, and they said “Yeah, but some people try to jump motorcycles over cars and crash out, so we shouldn’t have ramps and auto-doors”

‘but what if while helping 999 people, 1 person gets something they didn’t deserve??’ is a bizarrely common worldview

zenosanalytic said: oh man this guy lives in an entirely different world. He obviously doesn’t know that most job advancement REQUIRES degrees. That a hell of a lot of non-menial jobs, even generally bureaucratic people-facing stuff like social workers and case-managers, requires a master’s degree, at minimum.

the guy has been in the federal government since 1997, he is completely detached from reality

and so is my state that keeps electing him back

lil kallura things id wanna see eventually or just fun to think about 

  • Allura trying to teach Keith diplomacy
  • Keith being bad ass in defense of Allura
  • Allura making heart eyes when realizing Keith is hot  (I feel ya girl)
  • Any kind of Altean diplomatic ambassador and her surly knight
  • Balls….with ball gowns…and dancing
  • even just more anti gravity dancing but this time on purpose
  • Keith being completely awed at Allura’s ferociousness
  • Being awed at each other’s kindness to other people
  • Keith esp. being soft (bc he is soft)
  • Sparring with each other. 
    • Keith can barely keep up
    • He loves it
    • She loves that he somehow keeps getting back up??
  • Fighting and butting heads because they’re both so stubborn at times & bonus to be fighting about serious things, esp. if its mission related and there’s really no right answer

  • Supporting each other esp. given new team dynamics 
  • Supporting each other and crying about losing loved ones
  • doing mundane shit together
  • fighting because they are goddamn petty & both prone to either blowing up (K) or being goddamn cold and unreceptive (A)
  • I want? Allura? To throw him? Idk mission related “my jet pack is broken hurl me over the wall” “What””PICK ME UP AND THROW ME”
  • any kind of allura becoming a paladin shit and keith esp. welcoming her
  • telling each other about their old lives/childhoods

  • THE MICE? LIKE? kEITH??!!!
  • Any revisitation of Galra/Altean tension “You still hate me” “No I don’t! I’m past that. Don’t change the topic” “You’re changing the topic”
    • Im just saying its interesting that attitude-problem keith did not resent her anger at him. He didn’t challenge it. Mr.I-got-kicked-out of-school-for-being-ball-of-fury did not challenge Allura at all regarding her treatment of him…and it still eludes me. 
  • I know I mentioned Allura becoming a a paladin but esp. becoming the red paladin while Keith becomes the black paladin
  • lmao shiro comes back they have to share a lion
  • Keith and Allura ferociously attacking an enemy together and they are scary good
  • Keith blushing
  • Seriously any motocycle-ish stuff and whoops Allura’s a speed demon and Keith’s a cliff jumper and they have a lot of fun and everyone else thinks they’re crazy