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And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me.
I was a child and she was a child,
In this kingdom by the sea;
But we loved with a love that was more than love-
I and my Annabel Lee
;  - Edgar Allan Poe

i don’t go into any season of south park with expectations or hopes for what’s to come as it’s simply too difficult to guess what it is that matt and trey will find themselves wanting to poke fun at, but i really hope next season we get a stan and kyle episode. not just an episode where they’re regularly interacting, but an episode that really hones in on the fact that, though the show is about a group of four friends, stan and kyle are two -best- friends

in recent seasons esp it feels like those two are just drifting further and further apart. ever since ‘you’re getting old’, i don’t feel like their relationship has been portrayed the same way and it’s steadily getting worse – given how often they’re now pitted against each other, passively not supporting the other, not to mention s19 where they were basically fighting through the entire arc.

i think a lot of this also comes at the expense of matt and trey’s eagerness to jump at any possible kyle vs. cartman story line. i think the foil dynamic between those two has yielded a lot of great episodes. but for the last couple seasons it seems they’ve made kyle so wrapped up in cartman’s business that stan has been pushed almost to the background (no thanks to fuckin randy either lmao). like i get excited when stan is on-screen and has lines now b/c he’s had so few comparatively for most of the last two seasons (esp strange given that in past seasons he had significantly more episodes centered around him/his family than the other boys and is often thought to be the main boy of their group). i just want a break from cartman-focused story lines w/ kyle taking umbrage to them as a constant b-plot. 

and i don’t think this would be as large a problem if kyle wasn’t shown to be pretty unambiguously more important to stan than stan is to kyle. we get a lot of opportunities to see this as stan is generally far less often in grave danger or distress than kyle; super best friends, cherokee hair tampons, smug alert, the list, etc. are all good examples of stan going pretty far to save or help kyle, but we don’t have a ton of those moments vice versa. kyle’s moments tend to be more subtle: taking care of stan when’s he’s ill in fun with veal, watching over him when he sleeps in manbearpig, guiding him to safety when stan is stunned in imaginationland, trying to see him through an ego trip such as in butterballs or scause for applause – little moments. 

above all, i think what they bring to each other is that kyle operates as a moral and ethical guide for stan and keeps him grounded, and stan acts as a conduit for kyle to sort through his constant frustration and support him emotionally so he doesn’t let those feelings carry him away. they keep each other’s feet on the ground; they’re often presented as the only two truly sane people, and i think growing up in a little fucked-up town like that forces them to be heavily co-dependent on each other, for better or worse.

a large part of kyle’s character is despite being so reactionary, he doesn’t process his negative feelings unless it’s through anger. he doesn’t often cry or allow himself to be sad – even when heidi broke up with him and insinuated he unwittingly manipulated her, and was ‘sneaky’ for being jewish, he’s mostly just stunned. in the following episode, he doesn’t interact with either heidi or cartman in anyway that indicates he still has tender feelings about the situation. now, in ep9, we know he still does b/c of the phone call with garrison – you can hear the anguish in his voice.

it seems evident that kyle views being sad as a deterrent to action, and he prefers to deal with things directly and head-on, so he channels those emotions into rage instead because it allows him to do something about it. if anything, he’s kind of emotionally illiterate. and i think this is what has caused and keeps causing a large riff between him and stan. stan is far more sensitive and prone to depression, and whenever he’s shown going through a rough time, it seems kyle puts in a minimal amount of effort to see him through it before he becomes frustrated and disengages with the situation. the most obvious example of this is you’re getting old, obviously, but raisins is another great one – stan doesn’t immediately respond to kyle’s attempts to cheer him up in a positive way, so he feels like he’s wasted his time, and quickly resorts to berating the goth kids at the coffee shop and being snide to stan. which isn’t what stan needs; he’s swayed by butters clearly articulating his own heartbreak and sadness in an honest but optimistic way, which is something kyle struggles with. but i don’t think it’s that kyle doesn’t care? he obviously does in assburgers, but he mentions to wendy that being around stan makes him depressed, and kyle is so greatly adverse to feeling that way that he decides the most prudent way to carry on is just to cut stan, his best friend, from his life. a major left turn if you will

so far this season has been absent of all of this, and i think that’s why we see kyle acting the way he is currently after ep9: neither of them is providing each other w that support. there’s still a lot of residual tension left over from seasons 19 and 20 at the expense of kyle being everyone’s constant whipping boy, gender war between the boys and girls, pc principal etc. i feel the most damage that’s come out of this season is on stan’s end; kyle has spent the last half of this arc fighting an uphill battle and fighting it alone, and given all that’s happened, it’s bred a lot of disaffection and upset inside him. heidi becoming cartman 2.0 has only made this worse; kyle can’t effectively speak in his own defense b/c it only fuels both her and eric’s embers to ridicule him, so he’s mostly just been taking it w/out much of a fight. stan’s indifference leaves kyle w no one to turn to, insofar as stan actively contributing somewhat to kyle’s feelings of alienation through discouraging his earlier efforts with heidi, or laughing at heidi and eric’s constant jokes about kyle being like his mother. if there is one thing i wish to (hopefully!) see in this season’s finale, or next season, it would be some reconciliation between stan and kyle – contrition for past behavior, an admission that neither of them has been putting in the necessary work that bolsters their friendship, reigniting what makes their relationship so special

because, to me, stan and kyle’s friendship has always been the heart of the show; it’s that nostalgic affection i think so many people can relate to – the kind of bond you form with your first best friend as a child. the relationship between stan and kyle reminds me so vividly of my best friend when i was ten. we were just like them. it’s juvenile and fickle and amazing and unbelievably strong. it’s universal. i remember reading some interview snippet w/ trey parker a while back where he described stan and kyle as “two kids who are desperately trying to be the other” or something to that effect and it breaks my heart b/c that’s what friendships at that age are! and it’s incredible! and it makes me so, so sad to just not quite see that same emotional tether between stan and kyle anymore

Tsubasa Chronicle Month Day 11- SyaoSaku

I’ll walk through Hell with you - a C!Syaoran/C!Sakura fanmix, set in their bittersweet ever-after where they were able to be reincarnated into new lives so they have control over their destinies.

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"But I've hurt many different people. Even Sakura...the hand that did
it was my own!"

"Even if that is true. If what you did is considered a crime, then I 
would like to take the punishment along with you! If it means that I 
will take punishment, then that is what I'll do! I want to live my 
life with you."

01. I Bet My Life Imagine Dragons // 02. Wolves Without Teeth Of Monsters and Men // 03. Make This Go On Forever Snow Patrol // 04. Stand By You (Acoustic) Rachel Platten // 05. Fire and the Blood Vance Joy // 06. Ghosts That We Knew Mumford & Sons // 07. Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption) Muse // 08. Sparkle (English Version) RADWIMPS

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Hi. Do you think that harry's singing voice has improved since then? I know we only have one song, but how is it different frm before? I am not really a fan of his voice, or singin style. In the first two or three 1d albums esp. In the last two, it seemed that he always was grasping for air? I am not a voice expert, but just my observation. In sott though, it seems okay to me. It definitely was quite differnt from before. But i want to hear your technical take on it. Thanks.


@itwilltoteshappen has some great posts on Harry’s vocal technique, in particular his recording of SOTT. You might search her “vocal technique” tags.

Harry’s voice in SOTT is definitely WAY better than just “okay.” It’s vastly improved over his voice on MITAM, which, although strong and beautiful in some songs (If I Could Fly) with a surprisingly well-controlled falsetto (Home), had some moments of slippage in technique/ demonstrations of vocal strain (End of the Day). MITAM sounds surprisingly good, in my opinion, considering how much the boys must have pushed their voices with concert performances 3-5 days per week, poor sleep and eating habits, jet lag, secondhand or firsthand smoke, acid reflux, etc.

Harry has an amazingly versatile vocal foundation. You could already hear that potential in his X-Factor audition piece, “Isn’t She Lovely,” which required a steady, supported high baritone chest voice. Harry needed training to develop his professional voice. He did improve during his 1D years, but he’s progressed way beyond that now.

In SOTT, his voice has been beautifully, professionally trained. Vocal cords are muscles, and professional singers are professional vocal athletes. They have to be able to produce exactly the sound they want, on command. Nothing can be accidental. This is the reason that Adele was so disgruntled during her Grammy performance that she had to start over– she was more than a ½-tone off key. She was enough of a pro that even though the general public might not have heard it, other singers did, and she had the honesty and perfectionism to start over. She was singing to a bare instrumental accompaniment, almost à cappella, the hardest live singing one could do.

SOTT is challenging to perform live, because the song starts high in Harry’s tessatura, and needs a well-supported, medium-dynamic chest voice that has to be exactly on pitch, with minimal accompaniment, with a beautiful jewel tone– almost the same challenge Adele faced. In addition, the switch to falsetto has to be seamless, and the falsetto has to convey a different texture and emotion, but keep the same dynamic. The song is long and requires a controlled, slow, dramatic build. When done well, it is a showcase piece.

And to do all of this live and solo–it’s nerve-wracking– like playing the finals at center court, Wimbledon.

Since it’s Harry’s first solo performance, it’s a really ballsy move, since basically the entire entertainment industry will be watching.

However, Harry has always had great performances on SNL. “Through the Dark” wasn’t perfect (somewhere on Tumblr there’s a post floating around with just the miked voices); parts of his solos were off pitch. But the performance was notable in that the singing got better and better as the performance went on, for all of them. They were already seasoned performers and could perform to a live audience.

Harry’s interviews so far have shown a really good speaking voice. He’s keeping his vocal training intact, not straining at all. I don’t think he would strain his voice during the skits either– he’s sounded good in the promo clips so far, and avoided talking unnecessarily. He doesn’t look even the tiniest bit nervous.

Imho, after tomorrow night, it’s going to be Harry’s world, and we will all just live in it.


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I was wondering if you could explain the whole Keith Galra think because I'm exceedingly confused

Hey Nonny! May I direct you towards these posts?

Basically the fandom has picked up on various little clues from the show and put them together into this cohesive theory that Keith is part (or full) Galra, or at the very least part alien.

Notable points include

  • Operating the hangar door on the Balmera with his bare hand
  • His burn marks from the Druid battle appearing purple
  • His knife, which looks a lot like Thace/Good Guy Galra’s from the last ep
  • Zarkon’s “you fight like a Galra soldier” comment from the last ep
  • Keith’s ability to sense the Blue Lion at the beginning of the show
  • Keith’s difficulty with human social cues (”Vol…. tron?”) 

*Note: some of these points (esp the last two) also work with autistic Keith headcanons, and the two theories/headcanons are by no means mutually exclusive

I also have an entire Part Alien Keith Theory tag where I gather all the fanart/headcanons/explanations regarding this ^.^