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And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me.
I was a child and she was a child,
In this kingdom by the sea;
But we loved with a love that was more than love-
I and my Annabel Lee
;  - Edgar Allan Poe

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Hi. Do you think that harry's singing voice has improved since then? I know we only have one song, but how is it different frm before? I am not really a fan of his voice, or singin style. In the first two or three 1d albums esp. In the last two, it seemed that he always was grasping for air? I am not a voice expert, but just my observation. In sott though, it seems okay to me. It definitely was quite differnt from before. But i want to hear your technical take on it. Thanks.


@itwilltoteshappen has some great posts on Harry’s vocal technique, in particular his recording of SOTT. You might search her “vocal technique” tags.

Harry’s voice in SOTT is definitely WAY better than just “okay.” It’s vastly improved over his voice on MITAM, which, although strong and beautiful in some songs (If I Could Fly) with a surprisingly well-controlled falsetto (Home), had some moments of slippage in technique/ demonstrations of vocal strain (End of the Day). MITAM sounds surprisingly good, in my opinion, considering how much the boys must have pushed their voices with concert performances 3-5 days per week, poor sleep and eating habits, jet lag, secondhand or firsthand smoke, acid reflux, etc.

Harry has an amazingly versatile vocal foundation. You could already hear that potential in his X-Factor audition piece, “Isn’t She Lovely,” which required a steady, supported high baritone chest voice. Harry needed training to develop his professional voice. He did improve during his 1D years, but he’s progressed way beyond that now.

In SOTT, his voice has been beautifully, professionally trained. Vocal cords are muscles, and professional singers are professional vocal athletes. They have to be able to produce exactly the sound they want, on command. Nothing can be accidental. This is the reason that Adele was so disgruntled during her Grammy performance that she had to start over– she was more than a ½-tone off key. She was enough of a pro that even though the general public might not have heard it, other singers did, and she had the honesty and perfectionism to start over. She was singing to a bare instrumental accompaniment, almost à cappella, the hardest live singing one could do.

SOTT is challenging to perform live, because the song starts high in Harry’s tessatura, and needs a well-supported, medium-dynamic chest voice that has to be exactly on pitch, with minimal accompaniment, with a beautiful jewel tone– almost the same challenge Adele faced. In addition, the switch to falsetto has to be seamless, and the falsetto has to convey a different texture and emotion, but keep the same dynamic. The song is long and requires a controlled, slow, dramatic build. When done well, it is a showcase piece.

And to do all of this live and solo–it’s nerve-wracking– like playing the finals at center court, Wimbledon.

Since it’s Harry’s first solo performance, it’s a really ballsy move, since basically the entire entertainment industry will be watching.

However, Harry has always had great performances on SNL. “Through the Dark” wasn’t perfect (somewhere on Tumblr there’s a post floating around with just the miked voices); parts of his solos were off pitch. But the performance was notable in that the singing got better and better as the performance went on, for all of them. They were already seasoned performers and could perform to a live audience.

Harry’s interviews so far have shown a really good speaking voice. He’s keeping his vocal training intact, not straining at all. I don’t think he would strain his voice during the skits either– he’s sounded good in the promo clips so far, and avoided talking unnecessarily. He doesn’t look even the tiniest bit nervous.

Imho, after tomorrow night, it’s going to be Harry’s world, and we will all just live in it.

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my aesthetic: drunk Neymar

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Why that old lady keep shading camila, what camila did? She is thw sweetest human being!!!! Protect camila with all my camren heart.

Old lady 😂 she is crazy.. she loves attention.. i believe that’s why she does.. i reported that tweet.. i suggest you to do same.. esp last two tweet.. i love Camila so much.. i hope she doesnt see that i dont want her upset

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How'd timothy do in the combine? I don't think being European makes scouts think less of you. I do think that bc NA skaters player major junior or college hockey in NA they're easier to follow up on and do more thorough due diligence about. Also, draft orders change all the time, esp for anyone that's not the top two, even last minute/day-of-draft day. And this year's class has been described as mediocre so there's bound to be more fluctuation.

Timothy did well during the combine, he didn’t outshine anyone and a couple of other Swedes, and several Europeans did better than him. But Timothy’s rankings dropped before the combine.

Here he is at one of the first mock drafts that was posted sometime in August/September 2016. He’s ranked #2 (Nolan is #1), and I’m perfectly aware that you’re very likely to drop very far after an entire season of play.

And Timothy had a bad season, he was out with both an illness and an injury. But he was also moved back and forth between 4 different teams, giving him no team to establish himself anywhere.
And i understand that the scouts and teams can’t take all of this into consideration! I’m not dumb. But Nol/an Patrick missed a huge chunk of his season too. And sure the two aren’t easily compared since Nolan is a forward and Timothy a defenseman. So we won’t know for sure how things would’ve looked if they were on the same position (my guess, not that different from how things are now)

(Read this headline and tell me that’s not ???)
Here’s a headline from pre combine(!), here he’s dropped as far as to 16th place in mocks. But the article says no further than 12. The writer admits to Timothy’s talent and qualities as a top-three draft pick. They motivate this with the fact that Timothy was injured and out sick, so he couldn’t prove himself, and he’s now ranked between 7th and 16th (which is great too!). 

BUT here’s a statement on Nolan’s season and his draft spot! “The injuries won’t prevent him from going No.1. Scouts still remember him winning MVP of the WHL playoffs /LAST SEASON/″
Nowhere can you see people taking Timothy’s 15-16 season (which was great)  into consideration and using that as an argument to still put him second now, a whole season later. 

And to your comment on the scouts being more NA junior leagues oriented, of course that’s true! And that plays into it a lot. But that too is a choice by the NHL teams, that they won’t send scouts, or hire scouts in Europe more.
But they still claim to be experts at the European players, and compare them to NA players (that they see play more often). Which is messed up! The NHL wants to claim and play European players and benefit from the European leagues and the great talents they develop, but they won’t show them the same amount of respect as they do with NA players/players in NA.

Timothy will still go in the first round, wherever he ends up he’ll be a NHLer in a couple of years. I’m happy with the mock numbers he’s getting! 
But obviously scouts and teams think less of Timothy and his ability to recover than they do with N/olan. Because Nolan has never dropped more than one spot while Timothy has dropped more than 10. Even though they’ve gone through similar struggles. (They both had major injuries/illnesses, they both missed out on WJC, which is a defining pre draft tournament).
I don’t think Timothy should go higher than he’s been projected to go. But I think N/olan should’ve been criticized and dropped in mocks the way Timothy was. 

I’m not dumb or uneducated on how this league works, I understand why this has happened, but that doesn’t make it any less sad and/or disappointing! 
And back to my OG post, I only said that I was tired, and disappointed with the NHL’s NA player bias, (which I could go on about forever but if you can’t see it yourself I’m not sure i could convince you), I didn’t criticize any of the other draft prospects, I only compared two players going through similar seasons and struggles and how they were handled by the scouts/teams.