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I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)

safe and sound (1/1)

posting this here because @a-miiraculer requested it

BUT BASICALLY the story is that while i was flailing for an idea for @bullysquadess‘s exchange gift, i came across this lovely little ficlet, and started wondering what the scene after hawkmoth’s defeat might look like

so i asked and got permission from @a-miiraculer to write a sequel /o/

(this may be one of the fluffiest things i’ve ever written, be warned :D)

bless both @mirthaculous and @bullysquadess for betaing (LMAO BULLY STILL PsYCHE orz;;; ), especially mirth who did a ton of flow/pacing things and especially bully, who beta’d her own gift like a champ :’D

this fic is a direct continuation to this oneshot

Gabriel Agreste, world-renowned fashion icon, was Hawkmoth.

It was every newspaper headline, the feature of every half-hour newscast, the subject of countless social media debates: Hawkmoth had been uncovered, and imprisoned, and he was Gabriel Agreste.

It was always accompanied by the same clip, too: Gabriel, stiff and silent, bowing his head out of necessity alone as the authorities guided him into a cop car, hands bound and suit impeccable, reporters crushing in from every side. Ladybug stood by watching the tableau, with Chat Noir nowhere to be seen.

Ladybug hated it.

She hated it with every fiber of her being, and it wasn’t even her family that was being taken away.

(That was the other half of the news: poor young Adrien Agreste, left all alone in the world without a soul, what with mommy dead and daddy in jail, and oh no, whatever will he do now?

Ladybug supposed he’d hand the company off to the next most qualified person, collect his trust fund, and use it to get that masters in physics he always wanted. Not everything about this situation was doom and gloom.)

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omg this is odd but I really love when you take the time to talk about colourings or what you love about a post and how it makes you feel you know ? its both rlly cute to hear about what u think and also probably means so much to the people who make the things. idk. wholesome. living up to the brand. ily.

HFJDK this is so sweet :(( i love u more wtf

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I recently rewatched SDC and let me tell you, the production quality is through the roof for that one. Every single episode looked gorgeous. I'm really sad that DIU anime got the short end of the stick in terms of quality

Yeah I am too.  I really want them to do well on a Part 5 season, esp. because 1) Araki’s own style during Vento Aureo is so artistic and 2) it’s much more of an action-type story than Pt.4 so it would suffer even more from a small budget.


Me too, Spider-Man. Me too.

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So this might need some background info. I'm kinda seeing this guy (only hung out once) but he's made it kinda clear that he wants to be in a relationship with me. The problem is that I am romanced repulsed and only recently discovered that I experience alterous attraction and not whatever 'romantic' attraction is. As i've only been on one 'date' with him I don't know the right time to tell him this (and also that I'm gender fluid which is an entirely different problem) esp. as he seems..(Pt 1)

..quite the romantic. As my friends are no help I’m hoping you could give some insight? He just sent me a ‘cute’ picture (romantic af) and literally looking at it made me gag and I don’t know how to respond to it. I do like him, his mind is like the shit and I do feel alterous attraction towards him but a friend today suggested that I was leading him on by not telling him? idk maybe I am cus I don’t want him to be like ‘sorry no thanks!’. He is the first person to openly show interest in.. (Pt.2 and maybe thats why I don’t want to tell him? I honestly have no clue what the fuck I’m doing right now and no one around me is helping because they don’t really understand where I’m coming from and tbh I think to an outside perspective I probably look like I am being mean and leading him on. Sorry this was long and rambley but any advice would be greatly appreciated. (Pt.3)

Hi - the three-part asker here :) - sorry about missing the first part. I thought it went wrong oops x

no need to apologize! i deleted the other asks and just pasted everything here if that’s alright.

you are definitely not leading him on, anon. it’s not your fault that you can’t return his romantic feelings and you’re not obligated to date him. you are just fine with who you are and what you want.

i can completely understand the “he’s the first to show interest in me so maybe that’s why?” part. if someone actually showed romantic interest in me, a tiny part of me would want to cling to them for the validation. but that’s not important, remember that. someone wanting you romantically doesn’t make you worth something. you’re already worth the universe.

i do, however, think it’s best for both of you if you tell him you aren’t interested. that way this situation won’t get messy. he deserves someone who can return his feelings and you deserve to feel comfortable, not stuck. how you feel about this is 100% valid. you’re allowed to be uncomfortable and repulsed. you can’t help that.

i’m sorry if this wasn’t helpful, but i wish you luck!