esp her hair

Cheer Up Post #5602 - Hayley Williams Edition

revolution-rose would like a post featuring musician Hayley Williams (esp. with her different hair colors). Here you go!

Women Masterpost

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I was gonna draw ships eventually guys.

@whiteincite‘s boy Zuvashi has a mane to make anyone jealous, and she tempted me with this so here, have this.

I also sometimes forget that simple is best.

anonymous asked:

Pearls first regeneration looked so nice

do you mean her debut outfit or pilot? or something else? :O bc honestly same. i love her concept designs a lot idk it just looks so nice on her esp the hair i love the hair so much.

and also i think the promo art before the show started airing had her w the same hair and it just strikes me as odd that they made all these concepts only to shart out what we have now.

then again seeing how shitty pearl is these designs are too good for her.

# sur asks , #not a redesign