esp good in this ep

the fact that so few people that like both the mcelroy family of products & cool art on this site dont watch drawfee/drawga is astonishing 

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i agree that the pickle rick ep was surprisingly good (esp considering how memey i expected pickle rick to be) but some people dont like the new season and are blaming the new 50% female writing team lmfao

i heard about that those people are idiots 

this seasons awesome, especially beth and summer

tbh Code geass has its problems, but i honestly think it has one of the strongest starts to an anime, like, ever imo

esp the first two eps: they do a good job of setting things up almost right away. Sure, a LOT is thrown at you–characters, names, events, etc, but its all in a way that its not tiring or completely unatural and u can mostly follow it and figure out whats going on and what kind of world and story to expect

also helps establish characters–in particular the three most important in the form of Kallen, Suzaku, and Lelouch–pretty solidly, giving you a good idea of their general skill set, personality, and goals 

on top of that, since it literally thrusts you right into the middle of everything, its so tense and exciting, and even has a twist or two especially since your not told Lelouch’s backstory until the end of the second ep, tho its hinted at