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“If you knew what was going to happen, if you knew everything that was going to happen next—if you knew in advance the consequences of your own actions—you’d be doomed. You’d be ruined as God. You’d be a stone. You’d never eat or drink or laugh or get out of bed in the morning. You’d never love anyone, ever again. You’d never dare to.” 

― Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin

anonymous asked:

I have a ho oh card that I'll send you

HGHGNG that’s so sweet of you omg ;;; 

I want to collect like every ho oh card there is?? I have a few on my wishlist I’m gonna get eventually, and I have four ho oh cards, one is just a smaller version of my jumbo breaker card but the rest are all different! 

I actually received a German ho oh recently from one of poncho’s followers!! I love it a lot. I need ho oh everything tbh. my friend made me a ho oh shirt I’m so glad

So, I had just been saying how I should be banned from searching for Connie on Ebay and all that… But on a whim, I did tonight and found this postcard and subsequently snapped it up. I’ll post again when I’ve got it and framed it to add to the collection

Why You Need To Believe in Psychics

A woman walking down the street had just been given the worst news of her life. She had cancer and didn’t know whether she was going to live or die. What would she tell her children. She was stopped by a man in the street. 

“You have breast cancer, right?”

“Yes.” She said breathlessly.

“You’ll be fine. I promise.” With that, he walked away. 

This man was a complete stranger to her. How in the world did he know that about her? She didn’t have a clue. But, his prediction came true. She beat cancer and has been in remission for ten years. 

We’ve all had that happen to us, more or less. We get strange feelings, premonitions, dreams, and visions. There are no real explanations for them, but we just know things. We don’t know why we know them. Why can’t there be a set of people out there that have tuned into this all the time? 

Skepticism is healthy. You should be skeptical of anyone that can see into the future or at least tell you that they can. However, why is that so farfetched when I can guarantee you all of us have had feelings that something bad or good was going to happen and then it did. There are just some people on earth that can tap into those feelings all the time.

Animals know things. They have even been known to predict death, special weather occurrences, and other things. So why is it so strange that a human can do it?

Remain skeptical but open to the possibilities. I have helped people with many life situations. Even the most staunch skeptic, I’ve made a believer. Try out a psychic reading today.