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EXO in Hogwarts

Xiumin:  Ravenclaw, but someone’s mistaken him for Slytherin at least once. Everyone goes to him for help, and he’d give you a long sigh if you asked him to check over your hw….but ofc he’ll do it. You’d think he was kinda intimidating since he barely talks, but you’ve seen him chatting with that loud Slytherin, so he’s pretty friendly once you get to know him. Rolls his eyes every time someone gets the riddles wrong, and tbh everyone is salty bc they keep getting harder and harder each week.

Suho: Gryffindor, and a model student at that. He’s probably the prettiest boy you’ve ever seen, some first years have actually passed out bc of his smile. Hella friendly towards the new kids, and he’ll guide them to their classrooms without complaining. Every teacher loves him, so ofc he’d be chosen as a prefect during sixth year. Has many acquaintances but a close knit group of friends that he’s always seen with.

Lay:  Hufflepuff with a heart of gold. You’ll find him in halls before class teaching simple and cool spells to first years, and some of them actually come to him when they’re crying and feel homesick. Sneaks into the kitchen like every Friday night to get some midnight snacks, and everyone knows….they just never say anything bc they love him lmao.

Baekhyun:  Gryffindor, and he wants everyone to know it too. If you thought the Weasley twins were bad…you better take a seat. He’s gotten detention so many times that’s he’s been near expulsion every year. Somehow he still manages to have top marks in every class, but you swore you’ve never see him studying. Hits on everyone during breakfast, and he’s got wild stories from his summer to tell every single morning.

Chen:  Slytherin who’s friends with every single House. He’s hella loud and if you hear a cackle down the hall, it’s probably him. He’s esp fond of that quiet Ravenclaw who’s always stuffing his nose in some book, and after like 6 years of knowing him, he’s almost close to tears when he calls him “best friend.” Doesn’t have the highest grades out of his classmates, but tbh he’s not too worried about grades and such.

Chanyeol:  Hufflepuff who’s always hanging around some mischievous Gryffindor kids. He’s formed some sort of band with his buddies, and he’s been begging the headmaster for a chance to perform at the end of the year. Has a new hairstyle every week and yes, he lives off the attention. Is always getting himself into trouble but no one really tells him off, his ears would turn red and he’d cry until they take it back.

D.O:  Ravenclaw who’s misunderstood by the whole school. People avoid him bc they think he’s scary but tbh he’s such a loveable goofball when he opens up. You’ll always see him writing something in a notebook, and it’s not really known if it’s a diary or his homework planner. He’s usually eyeing that one friendly kid in Hufflepuff, but denies it when you call him out. Has a collection of chocolate frog cards, esp Dumbledore’s.

Kai:  Hufflepuff quidditch team captain, and he’s never lost a game. He knows everyone fancies him but he doesn’t have time for that tbh. Stresses out HELLA during exam time, so he decides to ask a Ravenclaw for help one time…and it’s the best decision he’s ever made. Spends too much time on his hair every morning but it’s worth it, seeing everyone staring at him as he enters the great hall.

Sehun:  Slytherin with a family full of Gryffindors. He doesn’t know why he was sorted into a different House from his family, but you better not ask bc he’ll roll his eyes and strut away. He’s actually super funny and doesn’t care about House pride or blood relations. He didn’t have too many friends during his first couple years so he talked to the ghosts and made friends with Peeves, and they’re still pulling pranks together…so beware. 

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I uhhh, might’ve made this look more dramatic then I intended…. 

me and @xallanch were initially joking around until we accidentally talked a bit abt how mokuba would’ve come out to seto. it involved the line “I DID! you just don’t listen!” and I just rlly wanted to draw mokuba shoutin that out at him.

bonus pic under the cut:

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So, I had just been saying how I should be banned from searching for Connie on Ebay and all that… But on a whim, I did tonight and found this postcard and subsequently snapped it up. I’ll post again when I’ve got it and framed it to add to the collection

like, guys………………..if there were any Actual Real Life confirmage of Any of th heroes being ace

You Would Know

this blog would become nothing but me screaming incoherently for at least 4 days straight in all caps, all bold, the only thing i reblog is screenshots of whatever confirming source it was, i probably would be crying and record myself doing so

it would be a Real Big Huge thing and not just ‘#confirmed’

Why You Need To Believe in Psychics

A woman walking down the street had just been given the worst news of her life. She had cancer and didn’t know whether she was going to live or die. What would she tell her children. She was stopped by a man in the street. 

“You have breast cancer, right?”

“Yes.” She said breathlessly.

“You’ll be fine. I promise.” With that, he walked away. 

This man was a complete stranger to her. How in the world did he know that about her? She didn’t have a clue. But, his prediction came true. She beat cancer and has been in remission for ten years. 

We’ve all had that happen to us, more or less. We get strange feelings, premonitions, dreams, and visions. There are no real explanations for them, but we just know things. We don’t know why we know them. Why can’t there be a set of people out there that have tuned into this all the time? 

Skepticism is healthy. You should be skeptical of anyone that can see into the future or at least tell you that they can. However, why is that so farfetched when I can guarantee you all of us have had feelings that something bad or good was going to happen and then it did. There are just some people on earth that can tap into those feelings all the time.

Animals know things. They have even been known to predict death, special weather occurrences, and other things. So why is it so strange that a human can do it?

Remain skeptical but open to the possibilities. I have helped people with many life situations. Even the most staunch skeptic, I’ve made a believer. Try out a psychic reading today.

Darcy Lewis was kind of psychic. Not in a see the future, talk to your dead father, tell you the winning lotto numbers kind of way, but it still came in handy from time to time.

Chapter One: DARCY

Chapter Two: LOKI

Chapter Three: NATASHA

Chapter Four: JANE


Chapter Six: FRIGGA

Chapter Seven: TONY

Chapter Eight: WANDA

Chapter Nine: THE ACCORDS

Chapter Ten: STEVE

Chapter Eleven: BUCKY

Chapter Twelve: SON OF COUL

Chapter Thirteen: FAMILY



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