esp because it seems like things are going to get worse soon

So something that I found particularly interesting about the recent episode: the early introduction of Sergei

I think anime!Sergei has the potential to do what game!Sergei couldn’t - serve as a parallel to Alisha and this makes me pretty excited in theory. Contains spoilers since this takes bits from the game and brings up the ending

I’m actually just writing this bc I was super in love with Sergei as an Alisha parallel but the game failed miserably and I’m forever bitter

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Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 31 Questions

Sorry for the lack of activity guys (again). I’ve been going to the hospital recently (nothing to worry about, though) and I’ve been returning home quite late. Still! New chapter this weekend means this was coming, so brace yourself for a couple questions about Seidou, a ton about Floppy and another ton about Haise and Arima.

Seidou ate his Parents

Anon said: Yayyy you’re back! Okay so I totally agree that TG is following the tarot card journey… so this implies that there will be a happy ending right?! :P Oh and also I read on other sites about the fact that Seidou mentions how his mom tasted good and all that = he was forced to eat his parents and this broke my heart. Poor Seidou :’( I’m not sure which one had it worse, Seidou or Kaneki.

I hope we get a happy ending, but I wouldn’t know.

amachiko​ said: So, I’m not sure if anyone may have mentioned this to you, but it seems in ch. 31 of :re, it’s implied Seidou are his family, more accurately, his mother, and this may be why he’s so damaged. I’d like to hear what your take on it is.

People in 2ch managed to decipher this little bubble:

Apparently, it says “I ate them, Mom’s intestines”. So, based on that and this… 

…we can assume Seidou ate both his mother and father. Still, I think that his sister might be alive, mostly because he didn’t mention her.

More about Floppy

amachiko said: So your long post of asks mentioned a lot about Floppy, and I’m ashamed to not know who Floppy is, so if it’s not too much trouble, could you clarify who Floppy is?

Floppy seems to be an individual or group that has been giving Aogiri problems; it’s also said that the CCG is also interested in them. Also, Donato Porpora implied that they (or at lest one of them) holds the key to Haise’s memory. Ayato was ordered to get rid of them if they appeared during the Auction, but they still managed to kill many of the ghouls escaping from there (it’s worth mentioning that they commit cannibalism)

dark-hearts-and-swords said: Do you think that Floppy might be Hide? I mean like, despite the blood in Kaneki’s mouth after he had woken up from passing out, it was never shown that Hide was dead (other than the anime)

We still don’t know if Floppy is just one person or many. It’s pretty much confirmed that one of them is Amon, but in the case of Floppy being more than one person I guess it is possible that one of them is Hide, especially because he knew Amon.

yourimaginati0n said: do you think the capped ghoul that appeared at chapter 31 might be Amon? Do you think well see Hide any time soon?

Well, it does look like Amon; also, the height fits: 

As for Hide, I guess it all depends on who did he end uo with (if he is part of Floppy, then we should see him soon).

Anon said: So you were totally correct! Amon IS floppy and you can totally see his cross necklace on the page that floppy shows up!

Not sure if it’s a cross or something else:

Still, I’m 99% sure that is Amon (Ishida-sensei better not throw a plot-twist at us now).

Anon said: A lot of info Ive read online are stating that most ppl are 98% sure that Amon = floppy and that since Floppy was described as “them” it could likely include Kurona - an old pupil of Amon who was abandoned by Kanou and maybe Hide. I like this theory a lot and some say that Floppy comes from the description of peace-seeking, pacifist rabbits but also that he was a “flop” experiment if he refused to acknowledge his ghoul side and succumb to mental instability like Seidou! What are your thoughts??

I thought Floppy comes from the fact that Amon did turn out to be a successful experiment but didn’t let them use him, making him a flop for Aogiri.

Anon said: The auction arc is finally at its end it seems. Judging by the appearance of Floppy, do you think that the floppy arc involving Amon and Seidou’s past three years of torture is next or something else? I don’t think my heart can possibly take the tortue that Seidou has been through… Ishida Sui sensei just enjoys ripping people’s hearts with the emotions :( Oh and do you know how long an arc tends to last? I might stop reading tg just to read it when a lot of the chapters have been uploaded!

I think we will get a Floppy/Gourmet arc next; Monsieur Croque’s appearing hints at that:

Also, arcs tend to last 1-2 volumes (that is, around 20 chapters).

Who is Scarecrow?

Anon said: Who do you think Scarecrow and Floppy are?

You can read about Floppy above. As for Scarecrow, I think it’s either Banjou or a completely new character.

Anon said: So I’ve seen on other sites that it’s practically confirmed that Bajou is Scarecrow due to his build and his blubberiness (?) esp. when scarecrow accidentally pushes the speaker buttons that allow everyone to hear Sasaki screaming. He would also want to hide his face from Aogiri and probably has his own motives for being at the auction. Hopefully, he’s working with the :Re team Touka and Yomo (and maybe Hide)!!!

I’m not sure if it was an accident or he did it on purpose; still, I do think it might be Banjou. Whether he is working with the people at :re, I wouldn’t know (guess we’ll need to see him more).

Arima knows

Anon said: hey there, what are your thoughts about squad 0 and arima appearing in the auction, it feels like arima was there to check on haise and was ready to destroy him if he didn’t respond properly. also how he gripped his quinque when he asked “haise?”. idk i feel worried about this

I think he was actually releasing it; he always holds his quinque with all his fingers:

However, when he calls for Haise, he is only holding it with his thumb and index fingers, while the rest of his fingers are loose:

I guess we’ll need to see how he acts further on, but I don’t think he was going to kill Haise.

@gihbright said: Your blog looks amazing! By the way, do you think that Arima knows that Kaneki is back? and what was the reason kaneki said “i lie”. I was thinking that he lie because he didn’t want to Arima know that he remember and to let Hinami alive, but i saw other people saying different things and i got confused -.- 

Thanks! I’m glad you like how it looks. I think he was referring to what he said about Hinami (that he had cornered her). And he definitely knows (or at least, suspects) that Haise is not the same. Otherwise, Ishida-sensei wouldn’t have used quotation marks (or, in Imperial Scans’ translation, bolds) when he was addressing Haise:

Also, his gaze is full of suspicion:

(If you ask me, it looks a bit more curious than incriminating)

Anon said: Hello,could you please explain me why Haise said,after he talked to Arima,that he lied?Is it because he said that he cornered Hinami?And would you please explain me why,at the end of the chapter,small Shironeki was telling Haise to ‘hush’?Thank you. Ps:Do you think Haise will regain his memories back anytime soon?

Little Kaneki probably knew that Haise would feel guilty about his lie later on, especially because this is the first time (that we know) that Haise has conciously lied; previously, we saw him lying about being happy, but I doubt he knew he was lying:

I assume he’ll start getting his memories back gradually, maybe triggered by some events.

thestrangerprjct​ said: hi there, I don’t know if anyone has alredy asked you about this, but in the last page of TGRE chap 31, Haise said he lied, but he didn’t touch his chin (like he usuallly do when he tells a lie), so I’m confused because that “I lied” could belong to somone else (Arima? Hinami?). If it was really Haise’s, then what did he lie? And the way young white Ken act. It looks, to me, a bit mischievous. It’s an act of hiding a secret. But that shouldn’t have happened since Haise have just accepted him.

He probably didn’t see his lie as something wrong; he saved someone who was fighting to protect him.

naxan86​​​ said: Hello!! 1º I love your blog! 2º Do you think that Haise will ask Hinami things about Kaneki? Maybe so he can understand more about Kaneki or himself.

I’m not sure he’ll get the chance; the CCG monitors every conversation between the prisoners and ghoul investigators. It wouldn’t be wise for Haise to ask her about that. Thanks so much for the support!

This took a lot longer than expected (damn medicine makes me sleepy). Sorry about the lack of content, I’ll try to fix that as soon as possible.