Onsenji Temple 温泉時 by PV9007 Photography
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A temple connected to Koya-san (in Wakayama) in Kinosaki Onsen, Japan (Hyogo Pref., Toyooka city) The lower part of the temple consists of the gate and the Yakushi hall. While this hall is not partciularly big in size, it is richely decorated with ceiling paintings of flowers and animals, hosts two Yakushi statues surrounded by 12 guardians. Entrance is free and the hall itself truly stunning. 城崎温泉にある寺院

eternalfarnham  asked:

writing a piece. trying to figure out which original characters should have which skills - is there any consistency in how a Persona's Skills and elements (besides the obvious, i.e. Burning Petals, Dragon Hustle) relate to a character's personality? (i.e. Junpei, Yukiko, Koromaru, Minato all have fire - is there any association there?)

The most common and most logical idea I’ve seen is that the elements are connected to how the western elements and the idea of Yin/Yang have been interpreted in esotheric, therefor:




Wind=Air= Communication(The ability to communicate your thoughts)/Freedom

Light=Yang= Order/Law, Rationality, Masculinity

Darkness=Yin= Chaos, Creativity, Femininity 

Your Persona having a good affinity with an element means you express it in your personality

If it is weak to the element, it means it’s an element you can’t deal with and that can easily sway you (For example, Yosuke is weak to Zio: He has a hard time dealing with Kanji’s steadfastness, and is easily swayed by Yu’s steadfastness.)

If your Persona blocks or is strong to an element, it means it doesn’t affect your personality too much.

If your Persona absorbs an element, your personality feasts off it. 

I often also add to this that “healing” might correspond with the strong desire to “be strong to support (not necessarily protect) others” and that “scanning” might correspond with the strong desire to know how others perceive you (which Fuuka outright states at one point in P3).

Note that this is all pure interpretation, but I find this way of reading the Personas’ abilities tends to work out fine in most cases.