Fraternitas L.V.X. Occulta is Latin for “Fraternity of the Hidden Light,” and refers to that Hidden Light resident in all Life, the Spirit within. Through application of a Qabalistic Numerological System known as Gematria, “Hidden Light” equates to the phrase, “The Stone which the builders rejected” and refers to the legendary building of King Solomon’s Temple, where the rejected Stone became the Keystone of the Temple, the Temple of God and indwelling place of the Holy Shekinah.

I’ve discussed the esoteric symbolism of the show a few times before, how the meeting of the heavens and the deeps and the marriage of heaven and hell is a celebration of humanity, that celebration of humanity having been programmatic to the show throughout its run, but never more so than with the last three seasons.

So, why don’t we take a look at how the symbolism suggests that Dean Winchester has had sex with both Castiel and Crowley, and how Castiel’s demonic possession is very much in the cards.

The diagram shows how all our main characters have had one of the other realms visited upon them, and have been cured of this condition (with the assumption that Rowena’s spell purged the last of the human blood out of Crowley’s system). Overtly, Sam is the only one that has been host to all three realms. There has been some talk of the possibility of Crowley being a nephilim, having angelic ancestry (this has even been entertained by Curtis Armstrong himself), so it’s possible that he has also embodied all three realms. Castiel hosting a demon and Dean hosting an angel are still waiting to happen.

Now, the red lines of the diagram represent fraternal relationships and parity. The blue ones represent one having been inside the other. Castiel took on the hell part of Sam’s soul. Crowley possessed Sam. All of this leaves a pretty gaping negative space, if you ask me. “I’ve been inside your brother, we’re practically family,“ Crowley tells Dean. ”Family don’t end in blood, but it doesn’t start there, either,” Dean tells Crowley.

And they are family.

So what the symbolism suggests is that Castiel has been inside Dean, and that Dean has been inside Crowley. Or will be, in the future, although the subtext suggests that this has already taken place.

All of the characters have also physically traveled all the realms, barring one. Crowley is the only who hasn’t physically traveled to heaven, so that might also be occasioned in the future.

A third wheel adds stability. But a car needs four wheels.

I had to take a break from the previous image I have been working on as I had some artist’s block, if that’s even a thing. So decided to move ahead with another piece that I had sketched out. Started this one this morning… #workinprogress #eye #esoteric #instaart #inkdrawing #occult #pen #art #sabbatic #stippling #symbolism #drawing #dots #linedrawing #craft #vessel #mysticism #magick

Yin/ Yang Symbol

The yin and yang principles act on one another,
affect one another and keep one another in place. — Chuang Tzu

For 2500 years, the Taoist principle of Yin/Yang has been depicted in a familiar circular symbol known throughout the world. It is worn on bracelets, appears on clothing, and is used in corporate logos. This symbol represents core Taoist principles, with some interesting nuances, which are central to its philosophy.

Since Taoism’s philosophical and religious system is built on a holistic view of reality, its yin/yang symbol is foremost a representation of Universal Oneness with black and white colors alternating within a single circle. Thus the duality of all phenomena — whether summer and winter, male and female, or life and death — are shown to be opposing manifestations of the same principle and should not to be viewed as independent phenomena. This depiction of Oneness and its Opposites are integral to understanding all of Lao Tzu’s poetry.

The yin/yang symbol is half white and half black, each side representing a polar opposite. Note, too, that the symbol is neither predominately white nor predominately black, but equal portions of each. This is meant to represent the balanced proportions of our universe as found in nature. For example, both day and night are needed in roughly equal proportions for life on earth to thrive — 24 hours of daylight or 24 hours of darkness would be disastrous. The symbol also exhibits a rotating pattern between the two colors, suggesting a continuous exchange or movement from black to white and from white to black, like day to night and night to day. These natural manifestations of the yin/yang principle illustrate how opposites must balance for harmony to be achieved. In Chinese medicine, the balance of yin/yang forces is the most important of healing principles.

Understanding yin/yang forces is essential to successfully building one’s path through life. For example, the yin/yang symbol has a definite line between the white and black areas; a well-defined contour distinguishing the two colors. This clarity of color symbolizes the need for clarity in all aspects of a life. Gray isn’t found in the yin/yang symbol. Clarity requires one to commit to do nothing halfway; or to paraphrase an old adage, one shouldn’t try to sit on two chairs. In becoming a spiritual person, a clear purposeful understanding of what is happening is required to determine appropriate action. Caution is required when black and white mix to form an uncertain gray. Unfortunately, confusion will invariably arise when presented with new situations during the course of life. Periods of confusion can be expected, much in the same way that each day transitions through twilight into night. It is the goal of the Taoist, however, to keep his twilight — his period of confusion — as short as possible. As in nature, twilight does not last 24 hours.

Some people seem to embrace confusion, chasing the twilight. They fear decision-making because it carries responsibility for action. For these people, the line between yin and yang is blurred as they remain passive in ambiguous periods. Taoism’s strategy, instead, is to gain clarity and not stay in the middle. Sometimes this can be hard as decisions to achieve clarity may involve uncomfortable conversations followed by tough action. For example, not confronting a dysfunctional and unclear relationship — both personal and professional — comes to mind.

It is equally important to distinguish clarity from purity. A clear vision of the world and decisive navigation throughout life should not be based upon unrealistic expectations of purity. The futility of searching for absolute purity is illustrated by the small white dot in the black area and the small black dot in the white area of the yin/yang symbol. For example, one has no trouble distinguishing day from night, and yet there is not pure darkness at night — there is still some light from the moon and stars. Similarly, when an accomplished artist paints a tree leaf, he mixes in a little brown and yellow paint with the green to achieve a natural, lifelike appearance; a child painting the same leaf would use pure green, which appears artificial and unnatural.

Embracing the power of opposites is necessary for most phenomena to function correctly. An athlete knows muscles grow only if intense physical training is followed by a period of relaxation — otherwise over-training results in damaged muscles. A military officer cultivates tactics for aggressive attack, but also understands how to retreat. Lao Tzu emphasized this inclusion of a small component of opposites, warning that the male part of any phenomenon should “embrace the female.” Thus a natural path does not seek unrealistic purity, but rather a harmony of opposites. If only history’s fanatics understood such a concept!

So with the philosophy of the yin/yang symbol understood, how can it be applied? Given the unity of Taoism, there are applications in the physical, mental and metaphysical realms.

The yin/yang symbol is a circle and not a square; there are no straight lines in nature. In fact, any dynamic motion is more efficient when following a trajectory similar to the yin/yang contour. Thus, the physical motions used in Tai Chi and Chi Quong are circular and not straight in order to better accelerate the body’s natural energies. Martial artists develop increased power by using yin/yang circular motions that are anatomically correct and optimal accelerators.

In the intellectual realm, the yin/yang’s symbol offers a valuable tool for sorting out life’s priorities and making difficult decisions. It turns out that it’s easier for the mind to comprehend what is not wanted, rather than what is desired. For example, if asked what a person wants out of life, there is often confusion and bewilderment. However, by mentally exploring what is not wanted, the desired aspects become clearer and clearer. It turns out that investigating the opposite side of any phenomenon often provides an easier path to enlightenment than the more direct approach. This is a valuable technique that can be immediately used without specialized training.

Death haunts us. Its inevitability is one of the most important driving forces in life. Its uncontrollable arrival is feared and the loss of loved ones lamented. However, the yin/yang symbol illustrates a profound philosophical view that provides comfort. It turns out that the symbol’s rotation of colors represents the journey of the soul and prompts this question: If you fear what happens to your soul after it departs the dead body, shouldn’t you wonder where it came from when it entered the body? That is, the soul goes somewhere at the time of death, so it came from somewhere at time of birth. The realization that death is that time when the soul returns to its home is reassuring. It also carries profound implications about the purpose of life.

Symbols are important: countries have flags, companies have logos, and religions have icons. Taoism’s yin/yang symbol is remarkable because it represents the faith’s cornerstone principles for immediate application in handling life’s big challenges. Indeed, for Taoists, the yin/yang symbol is its Rosetta Stone.

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There seems to be lots of confusion about this symbol. This is the pentacle, and it is a sacred symbol of Wicca, and it holds a ton of esoteric symbolism.

First, the difference between a pentacle and a pentagram; A pentagram is a star. Just a five pointed star. A pentacle is a star encompassed in a circle. The orientation of the Wiccan pentacle is upright, with one point up and two points down.

This symbol has been found in many cultures, perhaps the Romans first. This symbol was associated with the goddess Venus, because it was observed that the planet moves in a lazy star in the sky, and the circle was the horizon.

It was studied by European alchemists and was deemed a “perfect symbol”, each line being intersected twice, dividing itself into three segments. The segments were the perfect length to fit inside the parent pentagram, then representing infinite, and the perfect ratio.

It was adopted into the pagan community, and encircled, because its five points were perfect for representing the five elements of Paganism - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. The circle representing the union and interconnectedness of all the elements.

It was inverted, and superimposed with the head of Baphomet on the center, and became a pseudo symbol of satanism. This pentacle typically has the points laying outside the circle. It was perverted, much like the inverted cross, as an object of rebellion. Something holy and pure is inverted, and it’s meaning becomes the opposite of what was intended. It has since been largely abandoned by satanic cults, because of the vast number of opposers.

The symbol now is most prominent in the Wiccan community. Representing the 5 elements, and the Self at the center, it symbolizes the Universe, and the perfect balance of all the elements, and how one cannot exist without the others.

It is a symbol of balance, harmony, love. It represents peace, The Universe, and the Old Religion as a whole. The symbol is not evil or bad. It is not used to conjure the devil, or evil spirits, and is not used as a hex or curse symbol.

It is to be respected, just as the Cross, the Crescent, or the Star of David are.

Special Delivery

Two figures stand in an expansive, largely-featureless chamber. Aside from an overhead lamp sitting above a metal rectangular table, no other features of this room can be discerned. Though the nature of the room itself is nebulous, its occupants are not. Professor Littleford and Professor Cain stand side by side on one side of the table, their attention directed to a heavy metal trunk sitting upon it. The trunk is exceptionally heavy, clad in steel along its exterior, with a complex clockwork locking mechanism keeping it shut. Several brass bands wrap around its outside, esoteric runic symbols engraved into the metal.

It had been delivered just a few hours ago. As with many things that sat enclosed within Anomalous Research’s walls, the contents of this container demanded absolute secrecy from all except those who had been charged with what is perhaps one of the most dangerous professions of the modern world.

The research of the theoretical. The exploration of the unknown. The pursuit of understanding phenomena long considered strange and alien.

This institution existed precisely for that reason. In a world as fascinating as Runeterra, rife with people, places and things whose behaviors defied conventional understanding, there soon became a need for an organization responsible for unraveling the mysteries behind these phenomena that threatened to jeopardize normalcy.

Ever since the collapse of the Institute of War, the many relics that had once found use in the hands of the Champions on the Fields of Justice had been scattered across the realm, finding their ways into the hands of those who would seek to gain benefit from their astounding properties – whether for virtuous or unscrupulous reasons.

Anomalous Research had run afoul of several of these items already. The Bloodthirster, kept under meticulous lock and key, lest anyone succumb to its mind-altering bloodlust. The Hextech Revolver, a curious Zaunite firearm that the Piltovians had the brief luxury of studying before being made to return it to its rightful owners. Many more mundane items sat within Anomalous Research, hardly of the same caliber, kept from the world simply to avoid any potential misuse people might find for them.

But today marked a very special delivery, indeed.

Another item, formerly from the Institute of War, had found its way into their hands. How it had been acquired, the two scientists neither knew nor cared; what mattered to them is that they had this treasure and no one else.

“Well?” Tangent asks a little impatiently, turning to his colleague. “Are we going to stand here gawking at a metal box, or are we going to open the damned thing?”

Trisha huffs bemusedly out her nostrils and reaches into her coat pocket, withdrawing some unusual contraption vaguely resembling a key. A long rod, studded with rectangular metal teeth of varying lengths extending out perpendicular to the key’s long axis. “Aye, aye, keep yer plates on, ymennydd metel,” she says, glancing aside at him expectantly.

Tangent reaches into his dark, electroluminescent coat, withdrawing a similar implement. Two apertures were present on the trunk’s front, where the lid met the rest of the body. Both keys would be needed to reveal the prize.

Glancing aside at one another, both keys are inserted simultaneously, and turned. A host of mechanical clicks, ratchets, and hisses spring from the box as impossibly-complex clockwork, concealed from prying eyes behind the walls of the trunk, are twisted aside and pulled back, allowing the locking mechanism on the outside to rotate 90 degrees and split into two. The two are unmoved by the display. This very procedure had been repeated many times before, for many other items.

Tangent reflexively draws his hand back as the locking mechanism parts, allowing the trunk to finally be opened. Trisha knows all too well of Tangent’s excitement and apprehension – this particular item is one Anomalous Research has sought to get ahold of for quite a long time.

Trisha offers him a sly, teasing smirk. “Oh, come now, boy. Don’t tell me that after all this yer afraid’a the damn thing. Stick yer hand in! It ain’t gonna bite ya.”

Tangent’s antennae bristle as he glares aside at his “mother.” As much as he respected… well, everything about her, there were times when he wished she would take things a bit more seriously. Drawing closer to the box, he gingerly pushes the lid open, peering inside.

Set into a rectangular foam cutout is an ornate mahogany box, roughly two feet in length, ten inches wide and four deep, adorned with all manner of decorative accenting and symbolism, carved into its surface. What exactly it means, or where it originates from, is not immediately clear, and no doubt something the researchers would investigate later. The box is kept locked by a simple, if similarly-ornate mechanism: a mere brass latch.

Trepidatiously, the robot sets both hands into the trunk, gently coiling his fingers around the wooden box and lifting it out. The box is unsurprisingly heavy, given its composition. Pushing the trunk aside, he sets the box down onto the table, and flips the latch back. Trisha draws closer, almost leaning on him, eyes glued to their prize.

As he flips the lid up, they first see the opulent purple fabric that lines the inside. Doubtless this item once belonged to royalty, who could afford such an indulgence of satin for a mere container.

Though the container’s contents were the true reason behind all this rigmarole. 

Folded neatly end over end, resting atop the satin cushioning, was something exquisite. A long, narrow length of fabric, clearly designed as some sort of belt or waist garment. It shines under the light in a magnificent silver sheen, like a mirror, threatening to utterly put to shame the natural gloss of the robot handling it. Delicately, like mother carrying a newborn, he lifts the sash out of its container, letting gravity unfurl one of the folded-over lengths as he holds it vertically for his colleague to scrutinize. She sees his expression – one of awe, one of profound fascination. His eyes twitch subtly, perhaps trying to discern any imperfections in the sash’s weave that were painfully absent.

He was enraptured by what he held in his hands.

Trisha draws closer, staring quizzically at her muted reflection in the silver threads, whispering quietly as though her voice would disturb the garment’s perfection. “…Tangent. We have it.” She glances up at him, the slightest hints of a dumbstruck grin on her face. “…We fuckin’ have it, Tangent.”

“The Quicksilver Sash…” Tangent whispers back, still staring at his prize. “…Rumored to have once belonged to an ancient king.”

“He wore it every day of his reign,” Trisha responds, continuing his diatribe, “its protective magicks shielding him against what his guardsmen couldn’t.”

“…It must be millennia old,” he adds, pressing his thumb into the weave, only to have it be just as immaculate as before when he pulls it back. “…Yet it looks like it came off the loom yesterday.” He finally manages to peel his eyes away from the garment, glancing past it to her. “…Mother, imagine what we can do with this.” He spreads it out for her to see, perhaps to more fully appreciate its beauty. “This… this right here? This will change things, Mother.”

Trisha stands back upright, meeting his eyes with her own. “Aye, if we can work out its enchants and reproduce ‘em, yeah…” She folds her arms, habitually biting her lip as she mulls over the challenges they now face. “…They don’t make ‘em like they used to, Tangent. If this thing’s as old as we think it is, the details of the enchants may’ve been lost t’time.”

“We have many reference materials,” he assures her. Anomalous Research’s library was one of the most well-stocked in the world, containing one-of-a-kind tomes, scrolls and manuscripts that, like many other things within the institution’s walls, were kept from the outside world because of the inherent danger their teachings could carry if misused. “We can unravel this mystery, as we have every other,” he says, a resolute ring to his voice. “Especially this one,” he adds, clutching the sash in his hand. He gently places it back in its case, finding that the sash compliantly smooths out when pressed, precluding any wrinkles such garments should inevitably have. “…This magic has applications unlike any other. Medical, municipal, military…” He pauses, perhaps struck by another insight.


Trisha takes a deep breath, trying to keep herself from all but bounding around the room. Her mind raced alongside his, lost in a whirlwind of potential and possibility, entangled in countless fantasies about how this one item could introduce a host of revolutionary improvements to the lives of their countrymen.

But first, it had to be cracked.

Thankfully, at least in their minds, there were no individuals better-qualified.

@tiferettarot Photo Challenge, Day 3 Tarot Book ~ Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

What I regard to be the “Bible” of #Tarot. If you want to learn the ancient esoteric symbolism of the cards, read this. 📚

“And the little fairy , sat in the flower and mourned and mourned , so deeply that it feelt like here heart was going to break in billions of small stardust-pices☆ and she sang here sorrow so loud, that the stars in the sky started crying and felt so sorry for here , that they made here another fairy, just as sad as here self, så she could met herself (or as I prefer more correctly -her elf )for the hundrede time , since she still hadden found the magic keys she needed to get futher on the long way home ♥ "And that is how it goes .. as you see~ not every fairytail endes well ~ , but on the second hand, she didn’t exectly now how farytales shoud suppose to be in reallife after all ♡ ☆ ~ ~” #storytelling #fantasy #symbolisme #symbolism #magic #esoteric #surrealisme #abstract #art #artistic #farytale#symbolism#symbolic #mindoverbody #mindovermatter #storyteller by always_walking_in_my_mind_

Ancient sacred languages, music, human anthropology, ancient philosophy, esoteric teachings, arcane art = my life. “E ENGURRA, abduct my spirit and bury my will in spacious beyond that human thought can never reach. Alight upon the earth, and consecrate my engines of life”

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Manly P. Hall - Playing Card Symbolism

Manly P. Hall – Playing Card Symbolism

Manly P. Hall gives an esoteric lecture on the symbolism of playing cards.

From psychic and tarot card reader Shawn Cohen:

Did you know that the “playing cards” actually come from the Tarot and in fact, during the Renaissance was when this occurred. You can still see the cross over on some playing cards in Naples, Italy as the Kings, Queens, and so forth represents the Kings,Queens etc. in the…

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#RA is the ancient #Egyptian #solar deity. In later dynastic times, Ra was merged with the god #Horus, as Ra-Horakhty (“Ra, who is Horus of the Two Horizons”). The cult of the Mnevis bull, an embodiment of Ra, had its centre in Heliopolis and there was a formal burial ground for the sacrificed bulls north of the city.🐂 #heffer #bull #worship #Spells #occult #occultism #occultsymbols #Esoteric #hypnosis #masshypnosis #illusoryMatrix #illuminati #witchcraft #witch #magick #media #symbols #sigils #everydaylife #youaresleeping #wakeup