Comparison of Oannes/Anunnaki symbolism/sigils in Benin and Mali

1) wiki says about this one: Veve of Ayida-Weddo(=Ninhursag*) and Damballa (=Enki*), always depicted together. It acts as a “beacon” for the Loa, and will serve as a loa’s representation during religious rituals.

2) and 3) These are well known Nommo(s) depictions/symbols from Dogon tribe in Mali. To me it is interesting that they placed snakes instead of hands, and not on the place where the legs should be - like other cultures did.. Therefore I assume that these Dogon pictures are not trying to depict visually what these people seem to experience, but what we have here is rather the same as Benin sigils: a religious-evocative-magic symbols, an artificial intellectual construct for easier and more practical usage and remembering. This way they created a sigil of entity exhibiting a fish-type nature, and also entity connected to serpents/tentacles - at the same time. Maybe for a shamanic contact with the Nommos..

What is also interesting, is that wikipage of the Benin Veve symbols shows more of these sigils, and one of them, named Veve of Ayizan perfectly matches the sigil of Saturn, or the Solomon´s seal. The Benin tribes definitely knew how to cooperate with intelligences known as Jinn and how to practice a black magic of voodoo.

* = notes by uploader


“One ought to leave no form of energy to rust. Every particle of one’s personality is a necessary factor in the equation, and every impulse must be turned to account in the Great Work.“ ~ Aleister Crowley: Magick Without Tears

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#MichaelMaier - #Symbols of the Synthesis of the Great #Alchemical Work, “Tripus Aureus“, 1618.
4 Sides = 4 #Elements
3 #Serpents = Tria Prima (Sulphur, Salt, #Mercury)
2 Circles = Masculine and Feminine Properties
Circle attached to the Tube = #Hermetic Vase.

On February 5th four #planets are coming together in the sign of #Sagittarius. The planetary cluster comprises of the #Moon, #Venus, #Mercury and #Pluto. This is an important conjunction and interestingly the planets involved are all considered to be a natural benefic. The ruler of the sign Sagittarius is #Jupiter who is also a powerful planet that usually bestows multiple #blessings on people. Usually a conjunction of 3 or more planets lead to some sort of chaos and disagreement but in this case the concerned planets are all friends or at least neutral to one another so it is a time with huge potential for something positive to happen. The involvement of the distant planet Pluto however adds an interesting twist because it is planet which hardly ever influences anyone in a normal or rather conventional way. #astrology #vedic #vedicastrology #cosmos #esoteric #occult #occultism #occultart #philosophy #rituals #spiritual #illustration #blackandwhite #witchesofinstagram #witches source: chaosophia218
Not legendary, but mythical: David Bowie joins pop's most exclusive club
Elvis and the Beatles have their own myth systems, the Stones and Morrissey don’t. Despite his vast, influential output, David Bowie had to die to achieve his own
By David Bennun

This reshare, partly to capture pic in the link for posterity, is key and crucial reading to understanding esotericbowie and our explorations here.

I’d add only this: Myth is myth. But the kernel of the myth matters. What, at last, is being embodied and transcended? To what purpose? In the case of Bowie Stardust Blackstar, it is a self-secret(*) teaching about the very role and purpose of (y(our)) ★rt.

If what you make and do might live forever, then of a sudden your purpose matters. The purpose of ★ was (perhaps, in part) to pass on a hidden secret inspiration, always ready to reflect and be reflected in upon itself and all its purposes, on and on and inwards and outwards, forever and ever.

Something here has been gifted. Something here has been achieved.

It is up to the future (in us) to determine just what.

(*) Self-secret is a concept drawn from Tibetan Buddhism, and it means that some ideas are approachable only precisely when ready, and so may be shared and spelled out in the full light of day, as they remain inscrutible and impenetrable until a moment, the moment of readiness, at which they become utterly transparent.
The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar" - The Vigilant Citizen - Understand the Occult Symbolism in Pop Culture
In the wake of David Bowie's death, his last album, "Blackstar", is his swan song, an enigmatic conclusion to a career punctuated by otherworldly alter-ego

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