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Hello everyone! As promised, I am here with a new 30-day challenge. It’s focused on introspection and geared towards self-exploration. But wait, there’s more! It’s designed for witches who are just starting out in their exploration of witchcraft. 

You can do this challenge regardless of your length of time practicing, but it’s likely to be most useful for people who still feel that they’re just getting started. I wanted to create this so that witches could answer it as they begin their Craft, then (hopefully) look back on it later and see how (and if) things have changed because of their magical work! 

it would be really great if those of you doing this would tag the posts with #rootsofcraft so I and other witches can read the responses easily, compare, and learn more about how diverse our community can be. As noted, I designed this to be highly introspective, and I do hope the questions inspire a lot of thought!

In a few days, once I’ve typed it up, I’ll be posting a second challenge, called Fruits of Your Craft, designed for those who consider themselves more experienced witches. 

Neither of these are really confined to any skill level or number of years/months spent practicing; it’s just a matter of how you, personally, feel about yourself. Do you feel that you’re beginning, or more experienced? So, feel free to do this, or the next one, based on that rather than the amount of time spent. 

Enjoy, and I look forward to reading responses to the questions!

Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge

  1. Divination. Does it work? Would you use it? What do you think of those who do? Why?
  2. What do you think Magick actually is? What is the power or force behind witchcraft?
  3. How powerful do you believe Magick to be, and why?  
  4. What are your beliefs about ethics and morality? Do you think practicing witchcraft will change your views? If so, how?
  5. Do you plan to be open about witchcraft to people you know? Why or why not?  
  6. What kind of belief system were you raised with? Do you feel it suits you, or are you making a change?
  7. What was your earliest memorable exposure to the concept of witchcraft? How did it influence your interest in it?  
  8. Do you think you will work with or worship deities as part of your Craft? Why or why not?  
  9. Was there a tipping point that convinced you witchcraft was worth practicing? What influenced your desire to learn more and why are you learning about it?
  10. What kind of witch do you want to become?  
  11. What kind of witch do you believe you will become?
  12. What do you think your life will be like in five years, magically speaking?
  13. What worries you most about learning witchcraft? What might be a risk?
  14. What excites you most about learning witchcraft? What might be a reward?
  15. If you could list one thing that you hope to gain from practicing witchcraft, what would it be?
  16. Which of the four classical elements best describes you at the beginning of your journey? (Earth, Wind, Air, or Fire)
  17. If you’ve practiced spellcraft, what was the experience of casting your first spell like? If you’ve not yet cast one, what do you think your first spell will be and why?
  18. Are there any witches or magicians in fiction or history that you particularly admire? Why or why not?
  19. If you were to think of your beginnings in witchcraft as a certain color, what color would it be and why?  
  20. What are your general thoughts about newer magical traditions such as pop culture spells, and technowitchery?
  21. What are your general thoughts about older magical traditions such as rune Magick, kabbalah and esoteric eastern traditions?
  22. Do you think that tradition is important in witchcraft? Why or why not?
  23. What role do you think dreams play in magical life, if any? Why or why not?
  24. Are you more aligned with chaos or order in terms of the Magick you have or will practice? What do you think Magick itself is more aligned with?
  25. Curses. Do they work? Would you use them? What do you think of those who do? Why?
  26. Blessings and protective Magick. Do they work? Would you use them? What do you think of those who do? Why?
  27. Do you have an affinity with an animal or type of animal? What does it mean to you? If you don’t, but had to have one, what do you think it would be?
  28. Do you think that there is any potential in utilizing certain ritual places or “ley-lines” between ritual places? Why or why not?
  29. What role does the archetype of death play in magic to you, if any? Why or why not?
  30. What do you think of practicing magic in a group setting? What about practicing alone? Why?
Clues To My Heart - Jughead x Reader

Here you go! It’s slightly longer than usual!
I tried my best to make it as sweet as possible without it being overly sappy for someone like Jughead :)

“Jughead,” you seeth, eyes ablaze, “Get the hell out of my sight,”

He rolls his eyes and shakes his head in what looks like to be disappointment, his eyes filled with hurt and anger, but turns around and leaves anyway. You deflate a little, the argument that just happened sapping the energy out of you and you collapse onto a nearby park bench. It started innocently enough but it somehow just grew out of proportion, and into one of the worse fights you’ve ever had before. Tears prick at the corner of your eyes and you stubbornly wipe them away, unwilling to let your emotions get the best of you as the words he said to you echoes in your head.

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Concerning house stelliums; I believe one of the most important yet non-referred to sides of a house stellium needs to be brought to attention.  I’ve seen many questions on the dashboard lately with I believe to much “surface level explaining” and not enough deeper waxing to bring out how a stellium truly shines.

When you have a house stellium every planet in that house is responsible for ruling another house.  What makes a stellium so strong is that every house a planet rules from that stellium draws the ruled house’s intent toward the stellium house. In a sense every planet in a stellium is kind of a guide, repairmen or light worker (for you esoteric types) showing the way for the affairs of the rule’d house.

So how does this work in reality for us as people?  Usually we don’t look at the affairs of a house unless it’s natural (natal to us,) brought up in transit, progression, activated in synastry or something plain goes wrong where the house needs repair work.  The stellium house becomes where we turn too for all of the responses in answer.  The universe asks a question, we answer through the stellium because it’s where our energy is focused.

So say you have a 4th house stellium with the planets ruling the 2nd and 8th house within.  When you have issues with money or what you value you may turn to your mother to help you with them.  If you have a 5th house stellium with planets ruling the 7th or 11th houses, you may turn to partners or friends for creative inspiration.  Another possibility is the 12th house stellium with planets ruling the 1st or 6th house.  Every time something goes wrong with your own efforts you may turn to self undoing natures because of stress.  When things don’t go rite at work you may isolate yourself an either meditate or escape from reality to deal with it.

anonymous asked:

Good morning. I noticed that Harry's album was recorded with split audio - different audio in the left and right. Sorry, I don't know the technical term for it. I know this was very common in the 60s & 70s, so not surprising he would use the technique, but it it used commonly now it is this unique for the time? Thank you for your insight. 💖


I haven’t had the chance to listen carefully with headphones, so I can’t tell you what I hear on specific songs, but here’s a brief answer, and I will come back again once I’ve heard the songs on headphones.

So, in audiophile terms (at least from my limited knowledge), the reason for splitting the sound between right and left is to image the sound.

High fidelity equipment, with high fidelity audio playback equipment, needs to have the proper room diffusing/ insulation and the proper speaker placements. When one plays the music recorded in a live venue, and with split audio, one can hear the music as if it’s being played in a three-dimensional space. The physics take a bit of time to explain, but it has to do with the pure diffusion of sound from dipole speakers and the way sound waves propagate and cancel each other out in an insulated space. When you go to concert halls and see baffles hung from the ceiling or walls, they are diffusing the sound.

You can actually hear where each musician is standing in the room, like ghost images. Harry in front, guitarist to the right, drummer in back and so forth.

It’s actually eerie to hear music played back like that– like you are in the room with the musicians. It’s a sound hologram– almost as if you can touch them.

Pop is almost NEVER recorded like this. First, the voices are often recorded on a separate track, tuned and then mixed back with the instrumentals. Second, pop uses a lot of electronic effects that are not recorded acoustically but are produced digitally. EDM is almost all digital sound effects. Digitally recorded sound are not placeable, because it isn’t mic’d and doesn’t obey the physics of sound. Listen to any 1980’s Madonna recording and you’ll hear how flat it is.

Jazz is almost always recorded like this. Jazz is recorded as an acoustic ensemble with usually two or three microphones, and imaging can be amazing.

Imaging is best with music that uses little electronic processing– songs with acoustic guitars will image better than songs with electric guitars, for instance.

To get the best sound, you want the best recording medium.

Audiophiles argue, but it’s now agreed that SACDs (high memory capacity CDs) have the same ability to capture high fidelity sound as vinyl. But for decades, vinyl was the medium of choice because most CDs compressed sound (to fit data onto discs). There’s also something about vinyl sound that is warmer and rounder than digital sound, although I’ve done a few blinded hearing tests with high fidelity equipment that showed no difference to me.

If you have the luxury of a high fidelity system, play your vinyl record, and then find the sweet spot to sit and listen (usually in a room, there is only one sweet spot). Again, this is my limited experience.

One way you can do this is to bring your CD or vinyl to a store that sells hi fi equipment– find a store in a big city that has an insulated auditioning room with speakers that cost $10,000 per pair and up. That’s the kind of snobby, esoteric store you want. They will have a system that costs over $50k, and then you can ask to pop in your Pink Album (these stores sell $3k CD players and turntables with cartridges that cost more than $3k, so your CD or vinyl will be well cared for). These rooms sound as if you’re dead, because you literally cannot hear any echoes. The sales people are usually pretty nice. Ask to sit or stand in the sweet spot; they’ll know what you’re talking about. Then enjoy to your heart’s content. You might have the perfect listening experience, Harry and his band playing for you in a private performance, close enough to touch.

Addendum: I will add if I hear specific details about the songs. A friend told me that “From the Dining Table” has Harry singing from two different locations, right and left. I’ll have to listen for the artistic reason for this choice. Thanks.
The necessary premise is that a person is somehow more than
his or her “characteristics,” all the emotions, strivings, tastes,
and constructions which it pleases us to call “My Life.”  We have
grounds to hope that a Life is something more than a cloud of
particles, mere facticity.  Go through what is comprehensible
and you conclude that only the incomprehensible gives any light.
—  Saul Bellow
Each star is a mirror 🍒

exoteric ruler: mars
esoteric ruler: mercury

i am not burned to death by the flame, the fire burns me alive, i am always fighting for my life

exoteric ruler: venus
esoteric ruler: vulcan

i am the mother of all form and beauty, but i know too that mortal and sting of earthy pain, i am so invoked in this world

exoteric ruler: mercury
esoteric ruler: venus

i started thinking the moment i was born, i do not possess my thoughts ~ my thoughts possess me

exoteric ruler: moon
esoteric ruler: neptune

i am the golden thread that connects the world to the mother goddess, from inside the water globe i give life and glow

exoteric ruler: sun
esoteric ruler: sun

i am god singing himself to sleep as the sun falls from the sky, when i open my heart, the world is given life 

exoteric ruler: mercury
esoteric ruler: moon

i harvest inside me shadows and poetry that make only orderly sense to me, my ingrediants are my hands, mind, and empathy, opening my heart to serve will unfreeze me

exoteric ruler: venus
esoteric ruler: uranus

love maple glistens against my body like shimmering glass across aphrodite’s sea. i am you, you are me

exoteric ruler: mars and pluto
esoteric ruler: mars

i can baptize people with my gaze, sink them into the soul with my embrace, and heal with my hypnosis, when i direct my power higher, i become a sorcerer

exoteric ruler: jupiter
esoteric ruler: earth

my love affair with the earth is my greatest romance, i am the kiss of the wind, my soul is satisfied with flowers and fruit

exoteric ruler: saturn
esoteric ruler: saturn

even in my darkest moments my bones won’t allow me to collapse, i am iron, hyrogen, and crafted in a moment of god’s sheer inspiration

exoteric ruler: saturn and uranus
esoteric ruler: jupiter

you could see my thoughts from space if you tried, zigazzging across the globe like neon electric lights, kissing salvation into the mind

exoteric ruler: jupiter and neptune
esoteric ruler: pluto

i live in a dense and dreamy sea, i am open and boundless, but nothing can truly hurt me, i have stood on serpants in lives before and my spirit is sheltered and holy


The Vertex in Astrology, Part 1

The Vertex is the point where the Western Horizon (where the sun sets in the 7th house) and the Ecliptic (the constellations) intersect. Visualize a birth chart as an overlay to these images. The Vertex is always in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th house, as this is the Western Hemisphere of the chart. The AntiVertex is always exactly opposite your Vertex, so the AntiVertex can be in houses 11, 12, 1, 2, or the 3rd house, as this is the Eastern Hemisphere of the chart. For example, I have my Vertex in the 8th house and the AntiVertex in the 2nd house. The AntiVertex is where the Eastern Horizon (where the planets rise in the 1st house) intersects with the Ecliptic.

This picture above looks like the chart would have the Vertex in the 5th house and the Anti Vertex in the 11th house.

To discover your Vertex, go to, place your cursor on “Free Horoscopes”, then click on “Exteneded Chart Selection”. Under “Additional Objects, you’ll find the Vertex. This is the luxury of modern day astrology, computers do the nitty gritty work for you.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these images, found them on Bing.

This picture below looks like the Vertex is in the 8th house and the Anti Vertex is in the 2nd house.

As you know, the Earth has tilted 23.5 degrees on its axis, and that is why there has been this propaganda about “The Constellations have Shifted…” Back in the days of the Babylonians, the constellations lined up with the seasons, but now they do not, so astrologers choose to either be Sidereal/Vedic (constellation based) or Tropical/Western (season based signs). Ptolemy was well aware that the constellations move one degree every 72 years, he didn’t know that one day Astronomers would use this fact to falsely disprove the zodiac. I don’t feel a connection to the constellations, in my opinion it’s totally weird to look at clusters of stars and think, “that’s a goat” or “that’s a crab”, etc. but that’s another conversation entirely, you can check out my post “Why it Does Not Matter to Prove Whether Astrology is “Real”. To me, seasons hold more tangible insight than constellations, that’s why I’m a Western Astrologer!

AntiVertex in the 11th house, Vertex in the 5th house: By finding the truest friends (11th), you will reach your greatest creativity (5th). Many introverted types tell themselves they don’t need more people in their life, that they enjoy being a loner; the truth is, we all innately desire a sense of community (11th) in order to feel genuinely fulfilled (5th). Being part of a group will inspire you, and finding the right one, where people share your ideals (11th) will lead you toward soulful self expression (5th).

AntiVertex in the 12th house, Vertex in the 6th house: You need other people to help you help you understand the depths of your subconscious mind (12th), so that you can be the most productive worker (6th). Other people bring you away from self harm (12th) and you develop competency at dealing with daily life tasks (6th). By uncovering your inner baggage, working thru your inner complexes (12th), not letting your deep seated wounds affect the way you treat others, you will become a highly functioning (6th) individual who is healthy mentally and physically (6th).

AntiVertex in the 1st house, Vertex in the 7th house: You attract people who influence your image (1st), because you are often finding yourself in others (7th). You’re more of a people person, averse to being alone. Your soul came into this life agreeing to learn to be less self centered, to focus your energy on being present for others.

AntiVertex in the 2nd house, Vertex in the 8th house: You attract people to help you with pragmatic stuff, so that you can focus on Esoteric subjects. Others around you have money and are more organized (2nd), while you are more of a soul searcher (8th), enthralled by delving into mysterious topics.

AntiVertex in the 3rd house, Vertex in 9th house: You attract people who take care of remedial thinking, such as mundane paperwork, daily details of life, logistics, etc., so that you get to focus on higher learning. You are more drawn to philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and various ways of life than trivial knowledge. You may feel like the way history, math, English, and science are taught in schools is dull and you strive to learn them your own way, you’d rather explore than do things “by the book”. Disheartened by academia, you have the potential to be a grand intellectual once you have time to pursue your own studies and no longer be concerned with ordinary mental tasks.

I offer classes to learn astrology, if any of you are interested, message me!

I also love giving readings. Sellieve Neptune, professional astrologer. You Can Check out:

Stay Tuned for Part 2, where I will discuss the SIGNS of the Vertex!

that sits
hardening on my chest
to breathe, yet I do
This melancholy not mine
This inexplicable torment, lament
Not born of my own psyche
It’s yours and I know it
I should shrug it off
Yet I bear it, I carry it with me
In the hopes it eases off you
This esoteric bloodletting
I’d be happy to be burdened
If it means, if it transcendentally applies,
you can breathe just a bit better tonight

Looking for blogs to follow!

I’m new to this side of tumblr and so excited to join the community!

Basically I have nothing on my dash, so I’m looking for blogs to follow that post about tarot, crystals, astrology (preferably nothing too pop-y), wicca/paganism, alternative or traditional spirituality, cryptozoology, etc… basically any & all of that holy esoteric goodness.

if you work with plants/herbs in your practice or as a hobby or anything, i would LOVE to follow.

 must be queer / trans friendly blogs (not necessary to have queer/trans content, just no hate.)

Thanks for existing and being here!


Popularly, Amitabha is somebody else. He is some great compassionate being who looks after you.
Esoterically, Amitabha is your own nature; Amitabha is your real self, the inmost boundless light that is the root and ground of your own consciousness (Buddha-nature).
You don’t need to do anything to be that. You are that, and saying Nembutsu (Namu-Amida-Butsu) is simply a symbolical way of pointing out that you don’t have to become this, because you are it.
—  Alan Watts

you capturing in the net of your mind
the elusive figment in the sea of stories 
I divining intangible depths –
the way paint sticks to canvas;
that phenomenon of being magnetically pulled,
inclined to see the blades of grass 
within the sun-ravaged moors,
inclined to take notice by
existing between the seconds
like motes catching sunlight;

look out the window of your consummated creativity attic
see me levitated on the arctic exploration of thought –
this is where we come together
to mull the mulled wine poured
how it flows, pools, becomes, renders;
dispensed, words are images:

this conversation is a jar of honey
we dip our fingers in and that textured touch
appealing to our ravenous intelligence;

We are cut from similar sentient fabric 
our threads knotted into a universal quest
to lasso the entirety of the cosmos within us
then quietly, subtly, succinctly reveal its secrets esoteric. 

Psychosis Day 51

I’m stumbling, running wheel.
I’m crumbling, is this real?

I’m esoteric.
{You wouldn’t get the joke.}
But I hope you find
{You probably won’t.}
A message in this madness
{Because I don’t}

This is the one night stand of
Depressive breakdowns.
{Or so I’m praying}

So what I’m shaking,
In the corner
the hamster’s
Eating a waifer

Sorry lil flower.
{It’s probably dead already}.

~deAngelo // nonsensical?