I had a dream a few nights ago...

…that I was with my friend and we called a cab to pick us up the morning after a night out. When the cab came, the driver said he had a pickup in London, and asked us if we minded. We were ok with it, as neither of us have been to London for some time.

We drove past Anzac Avenue and through some kind of portal wall, when all of a sudden we were in London, going through a small tree-lined street. We turned up at a house/apartment/something, and it was the abode of #esohex - I don’t know how I knew, but I did.

She wasn’t home, but her housemate was. We went through her place to wait - it was a pretty magical looking place. It was NYE in London, and there were lots of dressed up people walking down the streets on their way to parties, with champagne, party horns (like you get at kids parties), etc.

After a while, she got home, apologized for the wait, and said she wouldn’t be long. She curled her hair while we listened to music, we hung out and did a few shots (somehow my friend and I went from looking like morning-after banshees to looking glam again). Eventually we all jumped in the cab, then I woke up.