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So we know the Clockwork city is actually miniscule, like about the size of a soccer ball, what if you just fucking kicked it across Morrowind. SEE YA SEHT THANKS FOR NEVER RETURNING MY CALLS

One of the things I love about Elder Scrolls Online is that everyone gets to be the Chosen One and its canon. This is true of every single Elder Scrolls game. Every player who ever played the game and every character they roll up (including those they don’t finish the game with) are canon. All the endings are canon. The only difference between ESO and a regular Elder Scrolls game is that you get to see the other players, because Meridia is less subtle then Azura. The Wayshrines are you moving between different fractured pieces of reality finding the one that fits for you.

It is canon that not only did the Vestige punch Molag Bal in the face to get their soul back, but a hundred thousand Vestiges punched Molag Bal in the face a hundred thousand times.


Game canon is that a god smashed her foot into reality and fractured it into itty bitty pieces to bust up the plans of another god.

The only difference between this and another Elder Scrolls game in terms of lore is that you get to see the other versions of the Vestige free roaming, and team up with them to punch Molag Bal in the face.

Dear people from USA and other countries

We all know you are excited, happy and lucky that you have already seen IT in the cinemas.

But, could you please stop posting videos and pictures taken with your cameras from the movie?

First, it is a crime in many countries. You can go to jail for 1,2 or 3 years (Go and find by yourselves).

Second, it is pretty disrespectful for everyone involved in the production of this movie. Including the actors. So how can you call yourselves fans?

Third, there are contries where the movie has not been release until the end of september, october and even november. Many people have said thing like “It is based on a book, you already know what happen at the end” “If you don´t want spoilers, don’t enter to social media” “It’s my phone and I do whatever I want” “It’s a free country and I comment whatever I want”

But as you already know, the movie is not 100% equal as the book. Muschietti made many changes to IT but keeping the essence of the story.


And the most important thing, please let the people enjoy the screening at their personal way. We want to discover the movie like a child discovering something for the first time.


I have said since the release of the trailers and tv spots that they were too much. Personally i have only watched the trailers and it is enough. I have written to Barbara Muschietti about it. She only liked my comment but nothing else was made. I have been avoiding all the spots, leaked scenes and everything but this situation is out of control. Especially now


Real movie fans or cinephiles (in my opinion) want to experience the movie without spoilers (even though we already know the plot)


So please stop being so selfish and NO MORE SPOILERS PLEASEEEE!!!!


Thank you…


You dummies

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Things I Learned Playing Elder Scrolls Online

- Molag Bal is still a fuckin asshole

- Sheogorath has too much free time

- I’m probably Sheogorath’s least favorite champion because I refuse to entertain his antics

- Sheogorath’s voice is changed and that upsets me

-Cold Harbor is actually kinda pretty

- It’s fucking Meridia

- Molag Bal is an equal opportunity employer and a family man

damn, i just realized that the malacath origin of lie rock casts the dlc’s main quest in an even more ridiculous light.

like, without even exaggerating, it’s a questline about saving vivec from the orc turd threatening to finally impact hir pate, which ze can’t prevent hirself due to divine impotence inflicted by a dog.

eso main questline spoilers i suppose

i’ve been playing eso again and i just cannot get enough of that moment where a comically giant projection of mannimarco explains his Evil Masterplan to the protag. and as he’s explaining that he’s gonna outsmart and then soultrap and replace molag bal, he just… creates a projection of molag bal that’s really small compared to him, and zaps him. that’s it that’s his Evil Plan. to become really big and make molag bal very small in comparison and then zap him