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On one hand, people have already pointed out good reason for Sotha Sil to be so unwaveringly anuic. On the other hand, it does seem to stem from a bit of Poor Writing Decisions on the ESO team’s part, and the amount it contradicts what we know crosses from the realm of “This expands my consideration of this material” and into the realm of “Well that just seems unlikely.”

So I have to say I’m not entirely sure where I stand in terms of Sotha Sil’s sermons.

One of the things I love about Elder Scrolls Online is that everyone gets to be the Chosen One and its canon. This is true of every single Elder Scrolls game. Every player who ever played the game and every character they roll up (including those they don’t finish the game with) are canon. All the endings are canon. The only difference between ESO and a regular Elder Scrolls game is that you get to see the other players, because Meridia is less subtle then Azura. The Wayshrines are you moving between different fractured pieces of reality finding the one that fits for you.

It is canon that not only did the Vestige punch Molag Bal in the face to get their soul back, but a hundred thousand Vestiges punched Molag Bal in the face a hundred thousand times.


Game canon is that a god smashed her foot into reality and fractured it into itty bitty pieces to bust up the plans of another god.

The only difference between this and another Elder Scrolls game in terms of lore is that you get to see the other versions of the Vestige free roaming, and team up with them to punch Molag Bal in the face.

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i’ve been playing eso again and i just cannot get enough of that moment where a comically giant projection of mannimarco explains his Evil Masterplan to the protag. and as he’s explaining that he’s gonna outsmart and then soultrap and replace molag bal, he just… creates a projection of molag bal that’s really small compared to him, and zaps him. that’s it that’s his Evil Plan. to become really big and make molag bal very small in comparison and then zap him

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Aqui es cuando nos damo cuenta que no importa que pienses.... si alguien te dice que te van a dar duro... te van a dar duro.... (El poema te llego al corazon? Ok no xD)

Por culpa de ustedes…. Volvi a soñar eso .///////. OMG! FRESH!! ¡¡MI HUSBANDOOO!! ¿¡QUE TE HE HECHOOOOO?! D////8

Pura Joda mas diversión XD O sea, hasta donde yo se o3o

Eso es Spoiler bien feo de underLOVE Papuh~ <3

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#AskLosSignos Capri-chocolate~ siempre estuviste solo en la Tierra? (antes de conocer a Escorpio) No te aburre la soledad? Es her-mo-sa , lo se , pero ... Igual c:

Capricornio: Bueno-

A-ya: ¡Te prohíbo responder eso, por que es spoiler, y no puedo dejar que respondan spoilers!

Capricornio: Lo siento, no puedo contestar eso. La soledad no me aburre, es mas entretenida por que puedo leer libros y tomar cafe. 

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Juter! Una amiga (estrellita) que no sabe usar Tumblr me mandó preguntarte: "Ya que estoy armando el whatsapp que esta basado en el universo de MB... Las estrellas pasan a ser alumnas normales... Y si es así, Orión tiene alguna relación con ellas. ? Digo, por el cargo de Orión que es cuidarlas... Por que veo a Orión con un grupo fangirl detrás(?)" Eso sería todo, bai ❤️

Las estrellas no existen en MB~ Ya que este es un mundo normal~

Lo cual significa que Orion no tiene relacion con ellas, de hecho en MB ni siquiera va la escuela de lo chicos hastaaaa…a no eso es spoiler~ 

˗ˏˋI will always be your father, your brother, your soulˎˊ˗

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