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Will the humans of Black Marsh ever be expanded on, you think? I'd love to learn more and experience the kothringi and orma and others personally, they sound fascinating.

ESO’s featured the Kothringi already (albeit in undead form), so I expect them to at least reference the others as well. The Murkmire DLC (Q3 of this year, if I remember right) would be the place to look out for that. Outside of that there’s always a possibility of a new book from Bethesda, but I think ESO is likely to be our only source of Black Marsh lore for a good long while. 

(Chieftain Suhlak, via Legoless of the UESP)

Day 1.

We just arrived in Coldharbour.

I am writing this in part to keep my thoughts in order, but more so that any who may find these pages might be able to followthe trail I leave.

I am not sure if this is the nature of my soulless form, forged here in Coldharbour’s icy flames, that led my transit through the portal astray. All I know is that I have landed far from where I was once contained, and so not even my most bitter of memories prove userful.

The air is every bit as thick with suffering and sorrow as it is with cold ash and rot. It’s hard to re-acclimate.

I should keep moving, lest I continue to reminisce. there will be allies attempting to find me, but they are not the only ones.  Still, I draw some mild comfort from the thought that their focus on me may spare a friend.
They have already taken my soul. They cannot hurt me in any ways  that are not familiar. 

Azaryne Redoran

Both main ESO RP characters at their proper heights (in regards to each other)!
Mirheksa is a Clanless Reachwoman currently staying in Wayrest; Ceigma is
a Reachmen-raised Dunmer, picked up when she was roughly 4-5 years old,
and works with a band of outlaws.

Someday I may make a non-Reachmen related character.
Today is not that day.

At Starbucks:

Cashier: *To another worker* Can’t wait to play Elder Scrolls Online when I get home. *Goes back to attending to me*

Me: “So… which faction are you in?”

Cashier: “Just got the game, going for Daggerfall Covenant”.

Me: “I’m more of a Dominion guy—”

Cashier: “DIRTY ELF!”

Me: “This one is a simple Khajiit forced into this perilous and unending war!”