Hello, friends! This is my updated commission info post, now with fancy graphics for the pricing of my work. I’ve stepped up my game after a successful month of full time commission work and have added an extra slot, but am still just scraping by. 

So here’s what I propose:

If this post hits 500 notes by the end of February, I will choose one person who reblogged at random to receive FREE FULL COLOR FULL BODY COMMISSION. That’s a commission worth $150 dollars for free.

You can see more examples of my work HERE and check my commission status HERE~!

Thank you for your continued support and I appreciate your help in sharing this with your friends and mutuals <3

Both main ESO RP characters at their proper heights (in regards to each other)!
Mirheksa is a Clanless Reachwoman currently staying in Wayrest; Ceigma is
a Reachmen-raised Dunmer, picked up when she was roughly 4-5 years old,
and works with a band of outlaws.

Someday I may make a non-Reachmen related character.
Today is not that day.

At Starbucks:

Cashier: *To another worker* Can’t wait to play Elder Scrolls Online when I get home. *Goes back to attending to me*

Me: “So… which faction are you in?”

Cashier: “Just got the game, going for Daggerfall Covenant”.

Me: “I’m more of a Dominion guy—”

Cashier: “DIRTY ELF!”

Me: “This one is a simple Khajiit forced into this perilous and unending war!”