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本日の生存確認。 1~3枚目:TESOの小説(と呼ぶにはでかすぎる何か)と米マックスのDVDきたぁ!!! 夜明けの時代はトカゲの挿し絵から始まりそれだけで充分ほくほくです\(^o^)/ 4枚目:原稿…やってますよーの報告 こんなこと本当はする必要ないのかもしれないけど、なんかこれは上手く撮れたので 5枚目:今日の夕飯。 わだじのどごだげぴぃぃぃいいいぃぃいぃまぁん!!!!(大泣)

Here’s a view from the Very Large Telescope (VLT) control room’s window at night.
For the astronomers, a sight like this means that good data is on the way due to the lack of polluting moonlight. In order to help keep the sky as dark as possible, any lights within rooms not currently in use inside the control building are turned off. Astronomers walk outside only with the aid of torchlight.
The strange object outside the window is part of the control building which is located on a “shelf” below the main observing platform at the top of the Paranal Mountain.
credit: European Southern Observatory/Yuri Beletsky (LCO)