Got back into ESO tonight… I think I’m going to ignore crafting mostly like I did in Skyrim, and try to actually play instead of “Ooo a flower!” every five seconds.

This is me in Mines of Khuras about ten seconds before a goddamn zombie respawned. Really super pretty, but unfortunately like most MMOs, the more players in an area, the faster the bad guys respawn, and there was like 15 people running around these mines, so mobs were spawning super fast. I think that’s something I’m probably not going to be able to get away from in regards to caves, mines, dungeons, etc, but I seem to be pretty alone in just wandering around outside.

CR7 -  The brightest Galaxy in the early Universe

These massive, brilliant, and previously purely theoretical objects were the creators of the first heavy elements in history - the elements necessary to forge the stars around us today, the planets that orbit them, and life as we know it.