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“So we didn’t get our act together in time to make a video for the song, but then, with friends like you all, we might’ve known we didn’t need to. 3 hours after it’s midnight release, we found that a music video had somehow already been made by someone. I was exhausted, laying in darkness, but decided to take a look – and I couldn’t stop. It completely entranced, and seemed possessed of some kind of genius. It has this ability to make me feel within myself, perfectly mimicking the perverse repetitions of thought. It tells some gap-filled journey that compels me to jump my mind in and participate, to fill in the gaps, to understand it into completion.
(Hot Coals, to me, are memories. And this video seems to sense that.)
And this is just another reason we love you all – you all are creative, courageous, imaginative, and straight up brilliant. We are happy to re-present this strange little visual gift we received.”


every part of you is just another part of me.