esmifrada  asked:

hey i know i've been following you for just a little while but i just wanted you to know that i think ray is a beautiful piece of sunshine!! silly haters let him smooch that piece of hot mustachio mage and be happy!!

Thank you! <3 Seriously, that means a lot to me. :)

And honestly, I think I have showed before that I’m powered pretty much exclusively by spite, so really all this bullshit is doing is making me more adamant about my own game. All they’re doing by bugging me is generating more motivation to create content, so hey, part of me feels like I should thank them? I mean, not really, because seriously fuck the backwards-ass logic they got going on, but in a metaphorical way, I guess there is a part of me that feels an equally backwards sense of pride.

Like… hell yes, I actually made something so prominent that its presence annoys people who don’t like it. That oughta amount for something.

Plus, this is a very small side note, it strikes me as kind of ironic that people claiming to be his fans wouldn’t hesitate to try and moderate Dorian’s love life, when his entire narrative is about him rejecting those who try to tell him how to live his life, and specifically who to love. But, yknow. ☕🐸