I’m going to skip any friendly introduction to my blog and just jump right in to the first post!

As many of you probably already know, Angela is a huge fan of Miley Cyrus. So it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise that Angela has written quite a few posts comparing Miley and Selena talent-wise.

But that’s not what this post is about.

It’s no secret that Angela loves making Selena look bad any way possible, so of course when the opportunity to make Selena look awful and Miley look brilliant arose, she took it, wrote a post about it and posted it for all to see.

What was the topic? The Niley/Nelena situation.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, basically, back in 2006 Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas began dating, Aka; Niley.

They were basically the “It” couple of Disney. Everybody loved them and they still have a hardcore fanbase to this day.
They then broke up in 2007, I think.

Now, if you believe Angela’s lies, then you’d believe that Selena kissed Nick whilst Niley were still together and then Selena told Miley and Miley believed her.
I’m gonna call bullsh*t here.
Obviously I don’t know Miley or Selena or anyone close to them, but I don’t think Miley and Selena were ever “friends” maybe they hung out sometimes with their mutual friends, but they themselves were never friends.
In fact, if you google their names, you either get manips or pictures of them with other people, with the exception of the following: 

This picture is obviously from the first Hannah Montana episode that Selena was in.
I think it’s obvious that Disney wanted to mix the two starlets so that the ratings would improve, and I imagine they did.
I highly doubt it was the girls decision, seeing as they’ve never hung out together alone(to my knowledge).

Anyway, back to the point of this post.
Angela claims that Miley believed a lie that Selena told.
But… why? Why would she? Selena and Miley weren’t close so why would Miley believe something that someone she barely knows said about her?
I don’t think Miley would be that stupid to believe something someone she doesn’t really know said about her boyfriend.

Also, even if it was true, I imagine that Nelena rumors would have started up instantly. But they didn’t until 2008.
Despite what Angela says:

Oh… um… psst! Angela! That picture is from 2010, hun. Might wanna change that to a 2008 one… except there aren’t really any because they dated for like a month.
The only real proof we got of Nelena happening shortly(a year) after Niley’s breakup was the Burnin’ Up video.

Yes, it did look like Nelena went on a date in 2010, but you know what else happened in 2010?

So, sorry, Angela, but to me not a single part of your Niley vs Nelena story adds up.
Props for keeping it up and not editing it, though!
As for anyone else reading this, thank you!
Let me know what you think and whether I should make another post?

Additional notes:
Some of the information posted here came from this post, so shout out to them and go read their post on the whole Niley/Nelena issue!

Alison, famous source, or just another lie?

If you saw blog called ‘exposingsmg’, you know that she has her 'source’ named Alison. Alison is apparently the best friend of a cousin of Selena. Lol, we never heard the name of her cousin. Ok, so moving on, 'Alison’ or should we say someone close to Angela? is 'exposing’ Selena, because she is not as-sweet-as-you-think. Well, why would someone tell those informations to some tumblr blog? C;mon don’t be delusional, if there was some Alison out there she would sell stories about Selena to TMZ. 

Also, I read something like “Demi, Miley and Justin knows about esmg blog”.

I just peed. If Justin knew about her blog, she would be long gone (behind bars). Well if she is legal ofc. Up to the next one, the only 'proof’ we get is convo between Angela and her 'source’.  You don’t even have to be a pro in photoshop to make that up. 

Also what have we learned from Angela? Hmm, maybe to steal pictures:

And what is her excuse? 

Haha, can’t wait to see that one! 

Ohh, we almost forgot about Selena’s non-famous 'bf’ aka Nate. She 'has’ a photo with Selena and 'Nate’, but she can’t post it because she doesn’t know how to blur him. Or maybe because it doens’t exist lol. 

I’m going to write more about 'Nate’ in one of the upcoming posts.

Now we have all agreed that Alison is fake. 

Kisses for y'all. And for you haters we’ll just say: Stay delusional.

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Angela's Double Standard When It Comes To Selena's Friends and Justin's Friends.

So, as you all probably know by now, Selena has befriended a couple of A Listers, the most popular being
Jennifer Aniston:

Paul Rudd:

William H Macy:

External image

Adam Sandler:

External image

The list honestly goes on.
Angela of course had something to say.

External image

Funny, most of those people are co-workers, of course when working together you’re going to become friends, so she’s going to hang out with them.
And as for Jennifer, well, Jennifer is just a complete sweetheart who I don’t think would hang out with someone you describe.

But, as usual, Angela has a double standard.
She called out Selena for hanging out with people whilst Justin is hanging out with Kendall Jenner, I don’t think she counts as an A Lister but she’s pretty famous, Nash Grier and Curtis Lepore, famous viners.

Now, let’s go all Angela on this, shall we?

It’s no secret that Justin is a fan of vine, in fact he’s made many himself, so it should come as no surprise that he’s been hanging out with two of the most famous and popular viners, Nash and Curtis.
Oh Justin, at least try and not make it so obvious that you’re desperate for views on Vine!!1!!!1111!!!

Also, why isn’t Angela shitting all over Justin for hanging out with a known rapist!?!?!

Had Selena done it she would have jumped at it, but since it’s her fave, Justin, she ignores it.

Yeah, Curtis Lepore is a rapist:

He’s a vile piece of work, tbh.
But by all means pick on Selena who hangs out with her co-stars and some really sweet genuine people.


I feel like Angela feels like she’s all high and mighty because some of the things she posts are difficult to expose or debunk or prove wrong.
I’d just like to say, it’s not because she’s right, but it’s because it’s something that nobody, maybe not even Selena or her family, can prove wrong.

For example:
Angela claims that Selena is a heavy smoker and has been for years.
She used a picture of Selena, age 14, with an ashtray in the background.
That picture can be debunked, many hotels have ashtrays outside because a lot of people smoke and it’s easier to just put ashtrays in all hotel rooms than to place them into the rooms of smokers. If a non-smoker were to stay in the room an empty ashtray wouldn’t get in their way.
That’s it, that’s all there is to debunking that picture.
But that doesn’t debunk her story.
To debunk her story Selena would have had to have had her entire life filmed.
Nobody is with her 24/7 so her mum or someone like that can’t say “She doesn’t smoke” because people like Angela would either claim she’s lying or say that Selena is sneaky and does it without her mum knowing.
Also, were we to find a video of Selena outside with her friends or someone she knows smoking when Selena wasn’t, people like Angela would say “She knew she was being filmed” or “She’s trying to cut down”

This is one of the reason’s why I haven’t been posting so much.
I feel like Angela knows what topics she can post that will be almost, if not completely impossible to debunk.

Angela picks topics that are near impossible to prove wrong, and that’s why she’s “successful”.
Not because she’s right, but because unless you film Selena 24/7 or are with her 24/7 you can’t know for sure.
I’m not saying Angela is right, in face I’m fairly certain she’s wrong about so much, I’m just saying she’s quite smart with the topics she chooses to “expose”.