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PV of the Japanese production (by Gekidan Shiki) of the Hunchback of the Notre Dame musical. It looks jaw-dropping incredible, I wanna see it so bad. The part where Frollo sang Hellfire was monstrously stunning,  it gave me goosebumps.


Got to pull out my Male!Esmerelda at Denver Comic Con since my friend wanted to do a completely genderbent Hunchback group. Didn’t my Quasimodo turn out so cute? Her cosplay page is HopeFully Cosplay - check her out! And while you’re at it, check out Nlightened Designs as well!

Headcanon #85

Esmeralda and Clopin are siblings, and Quasimodo is their half-brother. Clopin, who was fifteen when his mother was killed, was able to take her jewelry before the body was buried. He sold most of it, but kept her earrings, and gave them to Esmeralda (who was three at the time). When his father was hung for being a gypsy, Clopin was able to bribe a guard into letting him keep his father’s earring, which he personally began to wear. Esmeralda, who barely remembered her parents and didn’t feel as sentimental about the earrings as Clopin did, used one of her earring to tag Djali as her goat, in case some one tried to claim he was theirs. Quasimodo looks so different from the two because his father was a white man. Their mother worked as a “lady of the night” when money was hard to find, and Quasimodo’s father was one of her clients. Clopin eventually found out where Quasimodo was, kept an eye on him as best he could (which explains how he knows Quasimodo’s backstory), but he never told Esmeralda their younger brother was still alive. He figured she’d try to get in touch with Quasimodo and, since he had been raised by Frollo, Clopin wasn’t sure the hunchback could be trusted not to betray the gypsies.

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Want to hear a joke?

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame” got a G rating from the MPAA. Because, ya know, killing somebody on the steps of a church, raising their child to believe they’re ugly and a menace to the world, trying to kill a whole race of people, and lusting after/wanting to kill somebody is COMPLETELY okay for children as long as there are fun, goofy gargoyles.