“And if you’re upset because I put gay characters and a gay protagonist in the book, I got nothing for you. Sorry, you squawking saurian — meteor’s coming. And it’s a fabulously gay Nyan Cat meteor with a rainbow trailing behind it and your mode of thought will be extinct. You’re not the Rebel Alliance. You’re not the good guys. You’re the fucking Empire, man. You’re the shitty, oppressive, totalitarian Empire. If you can imagine a world where Luke Skywalker would be irritated that there were gay people around him, you completely missed the point of Star Wars. It’s like trying to picture Jesus kicking lepers in the throat instead of curing them. Stop being the Empire. Join the Rebel Alliance. We have love and inclusion and great music and cute droids.”

-Chuck Wendig, author of Aftermath (x)

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“Her sister, Esmelle, and Esmelle’s wife, Shirene”

“His two fathers”

“Esmelle’s wife, Shirene steps in. She secures Esmelle’s elbow with her own, giving the woman a kiss on the cheek. ‘Esme, how about a hot tea? I’ve left a thermajug on the stovetop in the kitchen.’ ”

-Star Wars Aftermath

We need more complex characters as representation, but the little things are nice too.

New characters added to our “canon” page

(Link to canon page)

The new additions are:

Sinjir Rath Velus from the novel Aftermath is gay. Sinjir is an Imperial defector who becomes involved with the Rebel Alliance on the planet Akiva. Aftermath is the first of a trilogy, and the author Chuck Wendig says that Sinjir’s orientation will be explored further in the rest of the trilogy.

Also in the book Aftermath are Esmelle Susser, and her wife Shirene. Esmelle is the older sister of one of the books protagonists, Norra. Esmelle and her wife took care of Norra’s son while Norra was off fighting with the Rebellion. Esmelle is described as “thin, reedy, pale as a ghost… Esmelle’s [hair] is long, a silver cascade down her back.” Shirene is described as “rounded, pillowy, skin as dark as a handful of overturned soil. Her hair is short and curly and close to the scalp.”

(Note that at the time of this posting none of these three Aftermath characters have Wookieepedia pages. If you’re a Wookieepedia contributor please create pages for them.)

Ferus Olin, from the Jedi Quest and Last of the Jedi chapter books was recently confirmed by the author of those series to be gay. He also appears in several of the Rebel Force novels by Alex Wheeler. Ferus was a Jedi who left the Order shortly before the beginning of the Clone Wars. He then befriended Roan Lands, whom he became very close to, and started a business with. With the confirmation that Ferus is gay, and the closeness between them, it can be assumed that Roan was his romantic partner. After the fall of the Republic, Ferus started a rebel organization, and eventually became involved with the Rebel Alliance. He then took the role of watching over Leia Organa on Alderaan, just as Obi-Wan watched over Luke on Tatooine.

-Mod K
'Star Wars: Aftermath' introduces a new gay hero to the galaxy
Take one look at the ragtag Rebellion or walk into any cantina and it’s clear the Star Wars galaxy is packed with the full spectrum of many types...

Thank you sammyknapp for sending us this link!

I’d heard that there was a major gay character, and two more minor characters who are lesbians in Aftermath, but I haven’t gotten to that part of the book yet myself. This article sums it up well while avoiding any major plot points that I know of. I’m not going to discuss anything else here yet because the book has only been out for a day, so I don’t want to go too far into spoilers. We’ll start posting more about this soon, so if you don’t want to see spoilers, blacklist “#Aftermath spoilers,” now.

If you make any posts about this book that you’d like us to see/reblog, make sure to tag us as #queeringstarwars, or #qsw. We’d love to see your meta and fanworks about these characters, as well as the other character who was confirmed to be gay this week, Ferus Olin.

I really hope that having three canonically queer characters in one book is a sign of more good things to come!

-Mod K